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Jun 9, 2020

Has America's Policing 'Style' Run Its Course?

Astrological Mars in the US: Masculine Planet of Police and Military Forces

by Jude Cowell

June 9, 2020: Readers of Stars Over Washington may recall mentions of America's natal Mars (22Gemini) turned retrograde (Rx) by progression since 2006, the exact date dependent upon which founding horoscope one uses for America. Since yours truly tends toward our July 4, 1776 charts (whatever hour) this gives US Mars Rx @18Libra (conjunct Trump's natal 2nd house Jupiter stationary with US natal Mars conjunct his 10th house Sun-NN-Uranus trio in Gemini; plus, his Mars rising @26Leo opposes US natal Moon--these are some of the cosmic conditions that caused me to warn against him in 2015/2016). And as you know, his Mars-infused aggression and oppression of We The People has only gotten worse, as predicted.

Simultaneously, the inward turning of testosterone--driven energies and motivations upon the populace (symbolically via SP Mars Rx) is seen through current police brutality against our citizens, and has been seen in our returning war veterans with broken bodies, hearts, and minds. America's Mars is weakened: Gemini Mars is ready for action while actions of a Libran Mars depend upon feelings and emotions often with a focus on what's fair and equal). How long will our Mars be Rx by progression? Approximately until year 2086 (2006 + 80).

And yet there is good news for American society!

For a re-invention of US police forces resonates positively with our SP Mars Rx. But let this particular Southerner say this: the disbanding and/or de-funding of US police departments in whole or in part would create just the anarchy the Utopian saboteurs and zealots have always wanted and are now working toward. So let's not hand it to them! Better to makes changes that directly address issues and solve them rather than scattering energies, missing the mark, and worsening negative conditions. A better change is to jettison the brutal officers who have been excused and sheltered by fellow officers and higher-ups for too long. They can usually be recognized by their slave patrol attitudes and cruel actions.

For more info, here is a June 8, 2020 segment from Thom Hartman asking, Should We Re-Invent or Disband America's Police?

And for even more info I recommend an overview of modern-day American police practices by certain officers with a 'rounding up runways slaves' mentality via a Bloomberg News op-ed by law Professor Stephen L. Carter, published October 29, 2015 asserting that, The debate on racism and law enforcement follows a clear line back to the antebellum South. Surely everyone in the whole wide world is aware of this! But Professor Carter's op-ed clearly lays out the history of the line, slave patrols and all. And naturally, some fault may be laid at the doorstep of the first slave trade of Angolans kidnapped and transported to Jamestown Colony in 1619 but that lies beyond the scope of this post.

Mar 28, 2019

How the Pentagon Blew 700 Billion Dollars (w/ Matt Taibbi) - clip

Here is an informative segment from March 22, 2019 (the 16th anniversary of the Iraq War) between progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann and journalist Matt Taibbi, author of Griftopia and Hate Inc.: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another:


Related posts include: a view of the Pentagon's natal horoscope which shows a revealing midpont picture of potentials with the Pentagon's natal Mars (the warrior) as apex planet: Neptune-MC (Utopian ideas; crooks or swindlers) = Mars: 'the tendency to act without clear understanding or purpose; desire to bring the wrong ideas into realization' (like policing and subjugating the globe at US taxpayers' expense? like depopulating the planet? - jc); 'a desire to harm other people' (as you know, war and perpetual wars always do this - jc); (midpoint picture potentials from Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences (#ad); any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits, progressions, and directions.).

And of course, US natal Mars turning retrograde by progression in 2006 (during Bush-Cheney's Iraq and Afghanistan wars) adds its self-defeating yet weakening fuel to the Death Star's vicious fire (often misdirected---US Mars squares foggy Neptune, Gemini to Virgo) and accounts for much of the violence against ourselves that Americans now experience (exs: mass murders; sad uptick in suicides), plus, it provides a difficult cosmic picture of our returning veterans. As for financial issues including the current military budget, a major influence is that US natal Jupiter turned retrograde by progression in 1905 @15Cancer--conjunct the Pentagon's natal Ascendant and in plenty of time to lie the American people into World War I - what some call, a ritual sacrifice instigated by decrepit old warmongers and profiteers (big bankers) against our younger generations who suffer so 'the elite' don't have to.

Nov 19, 2017

Army Lifts Ban on Recruits with Histories of Self-Harm, Depression - TYT

In the annals of Bad Ideas, this particular military reform is one of the worst--but the Empire's war machine needs more fodder:

The Young Turks Network.

Once again America's natal Mars (males; the military, police officers; warriors, weaponry), which turned retrograde by progression in 2006, expresses himself rather wimpily in the realms of the inept, its energies and motivations perverted, misdirected, and weakened. Meanwhile in the Zodiac, Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter @17Lib27 Station Direct receives US SP Mars Rx dashing hopes for modest plans, or at best, delay or plans placed under review.

US employment numbers are up so it seems that this is the idea the Pentagon came up with for gaining higher recruitment levels.

Is someone in power revealing that they're eugenics-minded?

Jun 23, 2017

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2017 (Libra Ingress)

Autumn Equinox 2017 September 22, 2017 4:02 pm edt White House Washington DC with Capricorn, transit Pluto, asteroid Nemesis, and US natal Pluto rising (and US natal Mercury Rx setting). The chart and season are ruled by the 11th house Saturn @21Sag49 (alliances with senior and/or mature people) which again conjoins the natal Moon and South Node of Mr. Donald Trump, as we've discussed previously. The star of the show, the Sun 00Lib00:00 is in the 8th house of Corporatism, Insurance, Debt, Credit, Shared Resources, Legacies, the Occult, and Transformation (including Death).

Obviously, early on such issues as control, surveillance, coping, government systems, government, legal, and business concerns, plus, other Capricornian things will need dealing with during the autumn season along with issues of violence and war.

Saturn as chart-ruler makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a trine with quirky anarchist Uranus, the leading and oriental planet of Donald Trump. This trine has been in effect for some time and here hints at how things will proceed from Autumn to Winter Solstice 2017. And there's an important factor that occurs prior to Autumn 2017 which is The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North Saros Series which last manifested on August 11, 1999 @18Leo and is the famous 'King of Terror' Eclipse (aka, the Mother of All Eclipses) seemingly predicted by Nostradamus. This is why I penned "A 'new war on terror'?" on the chart for such propaganda is already being heard in the public discourse, thanks to pundits and reporters who shill for the Deep State and other corporate masters, international banking cartels, and crime syndicates. Perpetual war is their game.

Now as you see, The Moon (We the People) has left her conjunction with planet Jupiter (26Lib15) who can play roles such as The General, the politician, the banker, the broadcaster, the CEO, the religious leader, the thespian, guru, professor, and wears many other faces. Their conjunction is posited in the 9th house of Philosophy, Legal Affairs, Foreign Lands, and Travel (Jupiter's home territory) while asteroid Eros (the piercing) conjoins the Moon @1Sco24 which is the Sun's position in the Oct 24, 1993 'new world order' natal chart. Is such a piffling synchronicity a factor in light of the current Trump vs Deep State and other battles occurring during the first year of a Trump White House?

Most crystal balls would probably say, it's too soon to tell.

But besides a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and the America-splitting Total Solar Eclipse noted above, there are various other cosmic events manifesting in August 2017 which must be navigated by the American people, Washington DC, and by Mr. Trump whose third of three Jupiter Return/s completes on August 4, 2017 (@17Lib27--conjunct US Progressed Mars Rx = militarized police, expanded gun carry laws, criminality, wounded veterans, etc) and whose next Mars Return (@26Leo and rising just before royal Regulus) begins a new (2-year) cycle of activity on August 31, 2017. All of Mr. Trump's Mars Returns are made more prominent due to his contentious Mars-the-warrior rising in dramatic, egocentric, often pompous Leo.

Related posts include: The 'Cosmic Blinks' of Donald Trump and Trump Tower (eclipses); Donald Trump is an Eclipse Baby!; and Eclipse Notes on Trump's Current Saturn Return (Saturn, planet of realism, truth, authenticity, accountability, and honesty!)

Nov 2, 2015

The Problem with "Good Guys with Guns" interview - video (w US Mars Rx)

David Pakman conducts an informative interview with Ladd Everitt regarding gun violence, gun safety regulation, and the NRA:


US Mars: Guns Against The People: From Gemini Direct (1776) to Retrograde (2006 - 2086)

As you know, America's progressed (SP) Mars symbolically turned retrograde during Summer 2006 and is visiting its thwarted, frustrated energies upon home soil while being only partially successful in the wider world. Our SP Mars continues to represent police state violence against the public, mass protests on various issues, gun and other violence against the innocent including children, veterans' health problems and lack of timely care, distorted actions and motivations at home and abroad, and many other events and conditions we both could name.

Mars the Warrior Planet

During the Bush administration I blogged here and possibly elsewhere that US Mars turning Rx in Summer 2006 symbolized on one level Washington's misadventures and misguided interventions in the Middle East and US troop re-deployments and over extensions--that Bush had 'broken' the US military as shown by our Rx Mars, planet of soldiers, troops, and war. This was simplistic of course since W. Bush (and Jeb who signed on for the Iraq War even before his brother did) was in league with certain shadowy elements who control the US government and determine who is nominated and subsequently selected to play the role of 'US president' and who decide our war waging abominations. President Obama would not be president if he were not in league with 'higher forces' as well. You may naturally disagree but there it is, and it is the reason why Senator Bernie Sanders will never be president though you may have read or heard lately that it's because he is Jewish. In spite of that, unless the senator falls in with the supranational-global-conquest narrative, he will not be the Democratic Party nominee--though thankfully his #FeeltheBern platform places many of our most dire issues into the public discourse and under Hillary Clinton's hawkish nose.

As for the above interview (very informative I might add), we find our Mars Rx being discussed whether David or his guest, Ladd Everitt, know it or not. Astrologers know it for the ancient art of Astrology is an excellent tool and language with which to understand events, conditions, and people on a deeper level. And of course Astrology has the advantage of adding the element of time to any analysis so unfortunately we must see the 80-year retrograde period of Mars as a long slog, a time when the US government should reign in its global conquest urges rather than attempting to expand US influence in the world.

This need to reign in US power in the world is also shown astrologically by America's SP Full Moon of December 2008 (horoscope with Dec 2008 transits shown) which was spotlighted in the Financial Collapse of 2007--2008 (aka, the Great Bush-Cheney Heist.) Sadly for the American people (and the world) the US government, its minions in Washington, and its supranational bosses did not heed that call for limitation and moderation either and such irrational hubris will eventually lead to more hardship than we've already experienced along with what many people, non-astrologers included, recognize as the dissolution of America in preparation for global governance, aka, as a "new world order". This leads me to believe that the 'power elite' in charge, the shadow government, never intended to reign in US dreams of eternal glory at all because collapse and dissolution of America was and remains their devilish goal.

Related: Thom Hartmann on Why the Crash of 2016 Will Happen (with notes on Antares added by yours truly.)

Please note that the above dates for US SP Mars Rx issue from our natal horoscope of July 4, 17776 5:10 pm LMT with Mars @22Gemini and are based on an approximate Rx period of 80 years which began in Summer 2006 (US SP Mars now @18Libra.) Also note that recent news items concerning the 'Shemitah reset' spotlight 'exceptional' America and its refusal to moderate its activities such as reigning in usury interest rates, corruption, military invasions, etc--much of which is timed by Bush's theatrical bullhorn performance atop WTC rubble--the wrong response to a critical evolutionary lesson brought by the attacks of 9/11/01. However, current releases from the US prison population actually do resonate with Shemitah imperatives. Hopefully there will be adequate follow through to welcome those released back into society with jobs and places to live as they begin their lives over.

May 10, 2015

Texans Think America Wants To Go To War With Them: Ring of Fire broadcast

#Texas #PoliceState #America #ConspiracyTheories #War #USmilitary #Pentagon #RingofFire

When I heard about the large number of troops recently sent to Texas for training exercises and the Texas State Guard ordered by Gov. Abbott to "monitor" them, I naturally thought of US natal Mars, the warrior, in its retrograde condition since 2006 and how Martian energy (military, police, etc) is in process of being turned inward toward American citizens. But the current #JadeHelm15 scenario sounds more paranoid (Neptune now in Pisces) than even I can entertain though it does seem that something shady is going on in there an attack upon the US expected from that direction?


There are a few dates important in the establishment of the Republic of Texas beginning with its break from Spanish rule and American colonization which started in 1821. Rebellion in 1836 resulted and the Republic of Texas proclaimed independence on March 2, 1836 in Washington, TX. Independence was established by the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 and the anniversary of this date was celebrated on the opening of the Texas Commission in London in 1986.

The US government annexed Texas on February 19, 1846 and this is why we call Texas a state. When we do.

Texas data from: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion.

Apr 29, 2015

US Police Forces: thwarted and distorted by Mars Rx

Depending on which of several horoscopes we use for America's founding and its hour ascending (Sag ASC in the 5:00 pm range, Scorpio rising in the 2:22 pm range, July 4, 1776 = Independence) we find our national Mars (police, military, males in general, etc) turning retrograde by Secondary Progression in 2006--in July or September of that year. This inward-turning, distorted condition for our Mars, warring planet of energy, action, and motivation, will continue for approximately 80 years, or, 71 years from 2015.

Note that the same progressed condition of natal Mars occurred for Germany in years past.

Here is master astrologer Maya Del Mar writing on US progressed Mars Rx (Part II) with a link to Part I of her article included. Maya's expertise is often missed these days yet the archive of her insightful articles, many of which have been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine over the years, is a fantastic resource for all astrologers.

Now an SP Mars Rx is full of frustration, tension, and authority issues and denotes revolutionary actions such as riots, protests, and attacks on US soil, curfews and police and National Guard forces employed to control a discontented public and the few violent actors (some of whom may be 'plants' or 'black shirts' paid to discredit peaceful protesters and their causes and divert from real issues), self-directed mayhem such as committing arson in one's own neighborhood (ex: Baltimore), the famously touted concept of "black on black" crime, the Pentagon supplying America's police departments with military-grade weapons and equipment to use against the populace, the massive incarceration of American citizens for non-violent crimes, a lack of arrests for white-collar power elite crooks, and other conditions, situations, and bad ideas that I'm certain you can name.

Now as you know, America's natal Sun @13Cancer has progressed into murky Pisces and will in a few years be opposed by US SP Mars. Challenges to authority will increase around that time, not lessen, so it's important that the American people address Martian authority issues such as oppression and power abuse as soon as possible--and hold politicians accountable for their actions or lack of action where needed. We've become the Prison Planet some folks have warned about yet We the People cannot expect much if any help from the ruling class since most if not all of them are desperate to protect their cushy positions (and posteriors) from public pitchforks in the streets. Personally, I prefer figurative pitchforks because acts of violence only reduce We the People to the level of criminals and barbarians--and it's what 'they' want: an excuse to use all that military equipment against us. So let's not give them an excuse.

Blending its energies with the US SP Mars Rx condition is our nation's Mars-Neptune square of 1776 and its misguided/misdirected actions, muddled/confused motivations, deception as a tool, the 'fog of war' implications for warrior Mars and Neptune of the masses and the media that propagandizes all issues. These issues very much include racism and 'the powers that think they be' always know they can use racism as a social 'wedge issue' to keep the American people from realizing and acting as One using our true strength--in numbers.

Yes, everyone of every stripe possesses unconscious racist attitudes and this the power elite have known since Psychology (subversive Pluto) told them so. We the People have been studied from the start and from every angle and now they want deeper information on the internal workings of our brains! Guess the chemical soups they've contaminated us with through the years need more study so that total control may be's kind of the human genetics model of social engineering toward more docile slavery and a weeding out of 'the fittest'. But it isn't as if we've not been warned for decades now in entertainment venues such as movies, books, music, and TV, right? Transhumanism is said to be the latest thing, corporations are people, and it's no longer good enough to simply be a human being.

Well, I must dissent from all such poppycock along with the globalism-is-good crap they sell for globalism only benefits plutocrats. The current TPP trade deal is a blatant attempt to unite the world under a Corporate banner of total control and it's being promoted by those who would run it totalitarian-style. Meanwhile, current enablers of The Plan think they will remain in charge and will prosper by new developments but I beg to differ because evil cares nothing for its human tools and shills though a good facade may be employed until such time as lower-rung individuals are not useful anymore. Then they will find themselves in the same soup as those of us who decried their masters' Utopian ideal to destroy all civilizing institutions such as Familial, Religious, Social, Financial, and Political systems.

Get to Know Albert

For more info on the power elite ('NWO') agenda we see being implemented right under our 2015 noses, you may wish to view a previous post concerning Albert Pike, a major 19th-century promoter of the Great Plan. The post includes a video explaining who Pike is plus a few astrological notes on his natal horoscope for as you know, he is the only Confederate General to have a statue within the District of Columbia and some say his remains are interred in a vault or crypt inside the Scottish Rite Temple a few blocks from the White House. Coincidence?

Aug 19, 2013

Was CIA Chief behind Michael Hastings' death? (video)

If you've had your suspicions about the fiery car crash that (conveniently for The Empire) killed journalist Michael Hastings (who is said by his wife to have been working on an article about John Brennan), here's a 5-minute+ video with just such a theme:

And if you haven't seen the 'car crash' horoscope, click here but a warning: video taken just after the crash is included in my post.

You'll notice in the horoscope that America's natal Uranus @8Gem55 is rising as is warring activist Mars in transit. Also, restrictive authority Saturn @5Sco07 Rx conjoins the Vertex, a point of fated encounters which may include death and sudden endings, plus, the Moon @18Lib59 reflects US SP Mars, retrograde by progression since Summer 2006.

Aug 30, 2007

Auriga, the Charioteer cometh

Space Weather News for Aug. 30, 2007

WEEKEND METEORS: On Saturday morning, September 1st, a flurry of bright and colorful meteors might come streaming out of the constellation Auriga. The source of the shower is ancient Comet Kiess, which has laid down a trail of debris that Earth will cross this weekend.

But will a shower really materialize? Forecasters are divided. Some expect a brief but beautiful display rivaling the Perseids. Others say the debris stream is too empty for significant fireworks. Either way, the peak is due around 4:30 a.m. PDT (11:30 UT) on Saturday morning. This timing strongly favors sky watchers in Hawaii and western parts of North America all the way from Mexico to California to Alaska.

Spaceweather's full coverage of the Aurigid meteor shower begins Friday, Aug. 31, with links to live audio from a meteor radar, which will monitor activity throughout the weekend.

Sky maps and more information are available now at

The constellation Auriga, the Charioteer, is the harnesser of the horse (Sagittarius.) It is the next cluster out from the North Pole and is associated with the beginning of cultivation and the domestication of plants and animals.

Various images have been used in different cultures for this constellation from a man holding a whip and reins to a man riding in a chariot with a goat slung over his left shoulder. This image is believed to have originated in the Euphrates River region centuries ago.

Some myths have crippled Hephaestus as the chariot-maker and the rider being his deformed son, Attica, whose coils-of-snakes-for-legs were hidden within the chariot.

In Biblical times it is linked to a shephard watching over his flocks and so is linked to Christ, the Good Shephard.

Macha, the great Celtic goddess, is referred to as the Charioteer and brings a nurturing flavor to the Auriga myth for she is nursing twins. Another Celtic figure is Arianhrod, the goddess of the star-wheel, the wheel or chariot in the sky who gave birth to twins as well.

Macha has always resonated with me personally because the myth addresses the line between the patriarchal and matriarchal in Celtic society. Whether or not this meteor shower amounts to much visually, the archetype has been brought into the collective's consciousness, hasn't it? Macha's pregnant condition was disrespected when she was ordered to race in spite of her condition--she won, but with great pain and difficulty, giving birth in the middle of the road.

I don't know too many women who can't identify with Macha in some way!

Auriga symbolizes the fertile horse goddess who, as Macha, cursed the men of Ulster because of their lack of respect for her. She is still honored in Ireland today as a living memorial existing in the history of Ulster and Northern Ireland.

The brightest star in Auriga is Capella which may bring honors, wealth, and renown. There is a love of learning, curiosity, and ambition if this star is linked to your natal chart, yet others may consider you 'odd.'

Capella gives a nurturing but free-spirited quality and the horse embodies a love of movement and of action. Amelia Earhart has this star connected to her natal Venus...her airplane was a modern-day chariot. Her love of speed and flight is shown with Capella.

Freedom and independence tend to be expressed in a non-threatening way with Capella and one may have reason to wonder if the myth's above-mentioned association with patriarchal-matriarchal themes will express in US society bwo a woman being installed in the Oval Office--and supported by the US natal Mars gone retrograde by progression!

But hey--it's only a possible meteor shower...right? ;p

star lore: The Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady