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Aug 5, 2015

"Americans are hungry.." for Government that Works for Every Citizen

"Americans are hungry, indeed starving, for candidates who will take action to ensure that government works for every citizen, not just those who are able to write big checks to candidates, parties, and political action groups." — Miles Rapoport, Common Cause

The above excerpt is from Facing $5 Billion Campaign, Hunger for a '21st Century Democracy Agenda'.

Pathethic, isn't it? That the democracy, the republic, and the Enlightenment principles our ancestors fought and died for have been under attack from usurpers whose goals include a dismantling and collapse of all civilized institutions, a "drowning" of the US government, and the anti-constitutional establishment of a draconian global government where freedom, independence, liberty, human rights, and personal conscience dissolve as an anti-sovereign regime grasps power in its hot little claws.

Many people feel it these days especially with *Pluto in process of returning (in 2022) to its July 4, 1776 degree in late Capricorn: that powerful transnational entities have grown tired of the Novus Ordo Seclorum--the new order--of 1776 and presume to have the right to replace it with a crabbed plutonian model of their own design!

If you are an American by birth or by inclination, do you beg to differ?


*One of the roles of Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator (Ebertin.)

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

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