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Aug 14, 2015

Sen. Sanders' consistency - Rachel Maddow's 'Tale of the Tape' (her Sun Aries-Moon Pisces!)

Oh great! I was hoping a clip from MSNB's Rachel Maddow Show last evening would be available for sharing on Stars Over Washington! Last evening (August 13, 2015) she showed Democrats as they were before their 2016 presidential campaigns, or you could say, what lead up to their 2016 bids. Tonight Republican candidates will be featured in the segment, Tale of the Tape:

A Brief Astro-Peek at Rachel Maddow, My Personal 'Splainer-in-Chief for Complex Topics

News reporter Rachel Maddow was born on April 1, 1973 at 12:23 pm PST in Hayward, California (RR: AA, BC/BR in hand, collector: Taglilatelo.) This gives her a Sun Aries-Moon Pisces personality blend and a Moon-ruled Ascendant in late Cancer (she loves to fish and has a 4-degree orb between natal Moon @20Pis29 and Mercury (16Pis21). A Pisces Moon gives empathy and compassion for others, traits that are also seen in a dynamic T-Square pattern involving her Saturn-Neptune (weak, ill, poor people) opposition pointing to communicating Mercury, planet of journalists, reporters, speakers, and thought processes.

Natal Sun in Mars-ruled Aries, sign of 'the pioneer' along with her soft Pisces Moon is a Fire-Water live wire combo of one who lives at a fast pace and with a hint of moralism attached. This blend indicates that Rachel Maddow is a Utopian idealist and visionary (Harveys, see below) whom her Rockefeller colleagues and bosses use to good advantage (to make the public feel that someone cares about the Common Good?) A Rhodes Scholar, Ms. Maddow's Mercury in murky Pisces doesn't seem to have interfered much with her ability for clarity of thought and facility with language but supplied a broad vista for her talents--the 'big picture', as they say, with her reporting putting things into historical context really well.

The Sun Aries-Moon Pisces blend denotes one who can be a restless worrier, single-minded yet dreamy, a kind-hearted maverick, ambitious in career, and a romantic. Possessing an off-beat style, Rachel can be moody yet can act as 'a powerful force for good in the world'. Being intellectually and emotionally true to herself is of utmost importance.

Well, this is a very brief astro-portrait of a complex lady! For a fuller picture, check out her bio and natal horoscope here and catch her Tale of the Tape show tonight if you can!

Related: you may wish to review her presentation in 2013 of 'Hubris: The Selling of the Iraq War'; included are a few war astro-notes.

For more info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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