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Oct 7, 2015

Brief Astro-Notes and "Fun Facts" about Rep Jason Chaffetz

On October 5, 2015 The Daily Beast published Five Fun Facts about Jason Chaffetz the Newest House Speaker Hopeful which is interesting because Jupiter, planet of hope and expansion, is one of the prime motivators in his natal chart. (See Astrology notes below and get-to-know him.)

Some of the Five "Fun" Facts may be found in the Wikipedia bio of Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz with interesting information concerning his former status in college as a Democrat, his connection to the Dukakis family (political and familial) , and the fact that Chaffetz converted to Republicanism after meeting Ronald Reagan in 1990. Click or tap to read the rest as I switch to posting a few astro-notes on the natal planets of Jason Chaffetz, Mormon and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, a position he ascended to on January 3, 2015 once Darrell Issa cleared his bad self out.

Don't miss the New York Times on Chaffetz's quixotic House Speaker bid and how it's "in character".

Born on March 26, 1967 in Los Gatos, California (birth hour unknown), Chaffetz turns out to have an Aries Sun and his Moon in Libra (ranging in degrees from 7:44 to 22:57 on that date.) Natal Sun conjoins Saturn (2Ari50) making for a conservative outlook and resonating with America's natal Sun-Saturn square. A preference for working in isolation, links to senior folk, delicate health, and difficult advancement in career are often Sun-Saturn tendencies as well. Sleeping on a cot in his office is a well known quirk of Mr. Chaffetz though he may have discontinued the practice of late and I know of no comments from his wife or three children on such a habit with its workaholic flavor. Or perhaps it stems from a deep sense of frugality! Or it could involve the dynamic between his Venus-Mars opposition which tends toward friendship that leads to romance and romance that turns platonic.

First Is Mars, Ruler of his Sun

Now planet of motivation, energy, and initiative, Mars, is strongly posited in one of its own signs, Scorpio, is retrograde (seems to get nothing done and then voila! the job is done) but there's more to Mars than meets the eye for Mars @1Sco07 Rx is completely unaspected. The closest body to Mars is no nobody but a point--the South Node of the Moon which, if we allow a 6-degree orb, adds hints of a loner who disregards the opinions of others, acts on his own, and prefers to be out of tune with the standards of his society. Naturally this causes opposition to his actions, methods, and ideas (and it has) which leads him to lash out in anger, a tendency supported elsewhere in the chart as you'll see, below.

And since Mars rules his Aries Sun, ego needs are are strong in Jason Chaffetz though it certainly isn't unusual for a politician to be self-centered and egotistical--in fact, it seems to be required.

So what happens in the psyche when astrological Mars is unaspected and detached from other natal planets? Glad you asked for I think we've seen some of the Martian results his ruthless grilling of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and other 'investigations' Chaffetz has chaired in his top role on the House Committee. The way he asks question then won't allow the person to answer seems excessively rude to me though perhaps you disagree.

When Mars forms no aspects to other natal planets the warrior operates in his pure form: unencumbered, unhampered, and uncompromising with a one-pointed focus that suggests a non-stop flow of energy. Without other planetary energies to modulate the activities and motivations of Mars and provide constructive limitations on Martian impulses, we find one who can erupt in anger due to pent-up aggression and whose unconscious urges may seem irrational. Lacking the control, reason, insight, perspective, and an awareness of consequences that other planetary contact with Mars can supply, Rep. Chaffetz may be totally unaware of how his aggressive instincts appear to others--but as noted above, his Mars-SN tendencies don't care what others think! (Tierney.)

Add these factors to his Mars sign of Big Business, brooding Scorpio, the investigator, and we have a man who may have missed his era for a time such as during the Spanish Inquisition would have been a good fit for his laser-like drive and determination.

And while we're in Scorpio mode, let's add his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 4 South, and the degree at which it manifested prior to his birth on November 12, 1966 @19Sco45 conjunct reptilian Serpentis! Traditionally this degree is considered problematic, even evil, so perhaps the implications of having a PE in Mars-Pluto driven Scorpio is even more important since much karmic progress may be made as long as the negative traits of Scorpio are conquered in favor of the more positive traits. This would include a strong emphasis on gaining self-control and less focus on the control of others.

4 South (4S) originated on March 19, 1624 @29Pis00 which by degree resonates with the 17 South Solar Eclipse of Spring Equinox 2015 @29Pis27. Therefore, both eclipses conjunct the Cardinal Aries Point of Fame, Recognition, and Prominence on the world stage (00Ari00) and herald the manifestation of large events that affect the masses (exs: increased refugee migration from the war torn Middle East into Europe; the flooding of South Carolina--Scorpio is a Water sign...picture disturbed gravestones floating around suitable for Scorpio's morbid tendencies.)

Themes of 4S, the PE of Jason Chaffetz are: strong emotional feelings regarding money and/or relationships; a sense of fatedness in being caught up in relationship events that are too big to handle; a sudden desire to end a relationship but emotions are blocked or checked in some way resulting in a great amount of frustration; anger or lust; caution: avoid taking rash action until issues simmer down (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

4 South is shared by a variety of people and events that include: the US Mint (1786), e. e. cummings, J. Edgar Hoover, the 33-day Pope John Paul I, the Bush-Cheney Iraq War (2003 -- ?), and Rupert Murdoch. 4S manifested in the years 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966, 1984, 2002 @12Sag (conjunct US natal ASC), and next in December 2020 @23Sag.

Another chart factor of Jason Chaffetz is natal Jupiter @24Can28 which conjoins

Procyon, star of short-lived opportunities. His Jupiter also conjoins US natal Mercury Rx with its mysterious Sabian Symbol of "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (25Cancer) and of course Us Mercury opposes US Pluto (27Cap33). Astrological Jupiter wears many hats and among them are those of politicians and politics. That Mr. Chaffetz's Jupiter conjoins our national Mercury, planet of communications, planning, and news, is significant on several levels but here at Stars Over Washington it seems that Chaffetz on Capitol Hill intends to expand and broaden in the realms of Jupiter such as finances, the military (Jupiter the General), corporatism, religion--who knows what grand plans he has in mind to promote (another Jupiter word!) if given a chance to rise higher in the political stratosphere--but with a contrarian mindset (last I heard he favors keeping government shutdown "on the table" as a strategy to force his conservative convictions on others.)

After all, his natal Jupiter is in a waning (unconscious) trine with nebulous dreamer Neptune which hints at his links to religion (converting to Mormonism from Judaism as previously mentioned) and to harboring such grand plans and he may not always be forthcoming with natal Mercury in shady Pisces. Though it may not seem to be the case, Rep. Chaffetz is impressionable, sensitive, and may have an interest in mysticism. Adding to the complexity of his psyche is a sesqui-square between his Mercury in watery Pisces and Jupiter in watery Cancer with Pisces ruled by Jupiter (I favor Neptune as co-ruler or sub-ruler of Pisces but feel free to disagree.) His Mercury-Jupiter aspect denotes that his perceptions may not always be accurate or well informed and are subject to personal bias. A tendency to be led astray rather easily (Jupiter in Cancer) has probably played in to the relationship and money themes of his Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse (noted above) with self-protective Cancer being a sign of shrewdness in business.

1967 Infused by Uranus Conjunct Pluto in Virgo Vibes; Sun and Moon--Venus and Mars

Rep. Chaffetz was born in a year when the difficult Uranus-Pluto conjunction was still fresh in the Collective Mind with its rebellion-riot-protest-social-change imprint. That their cycle has recently reached a square phase supplies a background influence of a generational clash upon his actions and motivations but is beyond the scope of this post. Needless to say, he embodies the critical faculty inherent in the sign of Virgo quite well along with the pioneering spirit and audacious lust for power that an Aries Sun indicates (we know he simmers with a 'lust for power' because he's a politician operating on Capitol Hill--with Mars in brooding Scorpio!)

That natal Moon is in Airy Libra spotlights the Aries-Libra axis and thus the importance of relationships and alliances in his life. A quarreling nature is indicated but is softened by his Venus-NN conjunction in Venus-ruled Taurus, lover of luxury and possessions. Venus in Taurus lends support to his conservatism and deeply felt emotions; North Node in Taurus (7 degrees--Venus in karmic degree) adds a flavor of striving for advancement with the help of others and provides beneficial support in his alliances and partnerships; attractive contacts with the public is also indicated by Venus-NN though his wide Mars-SN conjunction adds the complexity of a maverick nature.

In addition there's a Mercury-Venus sextile that adds charm and popularity but does not rule out a contrary manner. This sextile denotes an ability to work with others and an urge to challenge complacent people; debate easily turns into bickering though a talent for presenting ideas convincingly may be noticed, however, the ideas may actually come from others which hints at a tendency to plagiarize if he isn't careful. Cultural criticism is also a talent typical of an individual with a Mercury-Venus sextile (The Sextile, A. Epstein.)

As for priestly guru and healer Chiron @26Pis16, a trine to religious Jupiter pegs Chaffetz as "the Seeker who aims to transform the socio-cultural environment in some way, given the opportunity--and it usually is given." (Chiron, Richard Nolle.) Curiously, Chaffetz adopted Mormonism and a Jupiter-Chiron trine is found in the natal horoscope of Brigham Young and this aspect echos some of the reformist traits mentioned here. He may even consider past church figure Brigham Young as one of his mentors (Chiron in Pisces.)

Politics and a Double Quindecile: Uranus, Pluto, and Natal Sun

Now there are two one more chart factors you may find interesting about Jason Chaffetz. One involves his natal Sun (adult self; hero's journey; ego) and the purveyor of power, manipulation, powerful perspectives, propaganda, and wealth--Pluto. Chaffetz has a Sun-Pluto quindecile (165 degrees; 5Aries to 18Virgo54 Rx), an aspect of obsession and compulsion (Reeves.) (Quindeciles resonate with the unconscious indications already mentioned.)

A Sun-Pluto quindecile denotes one who uses intense drive to gain power and control (against the karmic imperative of his 4S PE in Scorpio!) Focusing on success and prominence, Mr. Chaffetz can be ruthless, manipulative, and intimidating (though I don't think Cecile Richards fell for his rude questioning as he tried to intimidate her into playing the scapegoat for his party's political purposes.) Purging is a theme of this aspect via purifying Pluto though ideally Chaffetz must work on himself before he attempts such tactics with others. Time will tell whether his own cupboards are spotless enough for him to act as a stern judge of others. However, we must remember that his Sun-Pluto quindecile echos that of the USA (July 4, 1776: 13Cancer to 27Capricorn.)

Meanwhile, a quindecile between natal Sun and Uranus relates to radical reformist Politics of the zealous variety (anarchist Uranus in workaholic Virgo is a reformer, a rebel who can trip himself up with his tactless frankness and has a good intellect--but focuses on what may be foolish aspirations! - Ebertin.) This aspect identifies Chaffetz as a man on a mission who lives on the edge (of an office cot?!), and believes that "the rules don't apply to me" (tiresomely typical in Politics.) Living for a cause is a tendency of a Sun-Uranus quindecile individual and apparently social wedge issues such as *abortion rights (1960s civil rights movements via Uranus-Pluto) are a part of his urgent 'mission'.

Well, there's my thumbnail astro-sketch of Rep. Jason Chaffetz using chart factors which don't depend on knowing his correct birth time. As such they are incomplete but feel free to share as you wish and post here any links you may have to other astrology articles concerning this man on a mission!

And now in case you missed it, check out a priceless clip of John Oliver featuring Jason Chaffetz and his nonsensical chart that isn't.


*A personal political note: I assume that most readers consider me to be a Democrat even if unofficially. Yet as an Independent, I've been known to vote Republican a time or two through the years of slim pickins'. Yes, I lean toward progressive Democrats and it is my considered opinion that the Democratic Party made a huge mistake decades ago by fully embracing Roe vs Wade and a "woman's right to choose"---not because a woman shouldn't be able to choose what to do about her pregnancy but because politicians and SCOTUS judges do not belong in the examining room.

As is often said, Conscience cannot be legislated for personal morality is involved. And on the question of abortions I think medical justifications are for a woman, her doctor, her partner (if there is one), and her conscience to decide. Yet for me, abortion used as birth control is quite another matter in a legal sense though I have no idea how 'policing' them could be accomplished though with politicians in the mix, I'm pretty certain such efforts would include the injustice and corruption within the US Court System.

So what do American geniuses do instead of directly addressing such a difficult legal issue? Invent go-for-it chemicals like viagra, force austerity measures upon the public which don't provide the needed care for the children who are already born, and limit women's healthcare availability and the very contraception methods that would prevent unwanted pregnancies! Often men keeping their pants zipped would help conditions immensely but as a class, many men tend to think of abortion as only a woman's problem, don't they? Yet often it began as a zipper problem!

So you see, it's the meddling irrationality of politicians and their anti-societal backers that keeps me from posting on the abortion and contraception issues in our society and not for lack of concern. After all, I have to protect my sanity on some level while I write about the pathological politicians who infest America and work 24/7 to ruin my old stomping ground, the beautiful city of Washington DC. jc

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