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Oct 24, 2015

What the H*ll is Wrong with the Republican Party? - video (plus, Pluto in Taurus)

Do you remember that the Republican Party had a Secondary Progressed (SP) *Full Moon a few years back?

Since then the 'light' of the party has been waning in more ways than one for an SP Full Moon phase times when an entity (or person) has reached their limit and extended into the world as far as it/he/she can go. To ignore this natural indicator, this 'life passage', is asking for trouble and we constantly see Republicans in Congress and elsewhere stepping over boundary after boundary--of common sense, of tradition, of sanity, of decency, and more. Not that Democrats don't do this but they're not the topic here; mainly Tea Partisans or 'Freedom Caucus' members (shills for the Koch Brothers) are because they're the trouble making ideological zealots forcing their austerity agenda on reasonable people.

Anyway, I recommend that you check out Thom's remarks concerning the Republican Party as and if you wish:


On October 3, 2013 the party's progressions contained an interesting midpoint picture involving their Mercury, planet of thinking and thought processes, communication, planning, dealing, etc. Curiously, considering how events have gone for the Republican Party this October (2015) we find transit Saturn, planet of conservatism, joining the very midpoint picture at 1Sag13 and this changes things and may shed some light on the current Speaker of the House debacle if nothing else...Pluto-ASC = tr Saturn: suffering from brutal suppression; being subjected to coercive measures; emotional sickness caused by others (Ebertin.) This Saturnian influence was strongest during Oct 1--11, two years after the Mercurial influence blended with ruthless Pluto and their SP Ascendant (the party.)

Well, I freely admit that the 'conservative' antic of forcing government shutdown makes me feel sick.

Since progressions issue from the natal chart I should add that the natal chart I used for the Republican Party is set for July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, MI. Since then I've experimented with a different date for the party's inception: February 28, 1854. Both dates show powerful Pluto in Taurus which keeps the Republican Party's very noticeable streak of intolerance and prejudice intact.

Now here's Thom asking, Is Boehner Using the Freedom Cause to Destroy the GOP?

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