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Nov 12, 2015

Swing Voters Don’t Exist - Why Are Dems Moving To The Center? - video (w Astrology)

Now here is a good question for Democratic candidates who drift toward 'the middle' where they imagine conservative voters graze along with answers from Mike Papantonio:


Related is a previous post displaying the natal Horoscope of the Democratic Party circa February 17, 1801 1:00 pm LMT Washington DC with a few chart details penned on the image. Source: the letters of Thomas Jefferson via Bill Sellers.

You'll note 2Can29 rising with US natal Venus (3Cancer), then our natal Jupiter and Sun (5-14Can); MC 10Pisces (compassion?); Sun @28Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon = mummy, daddy, and 'the nanny state'), and Moon @27Aries (Aries = I AM; Moon = the people). Perhaps we see here the traditional link from labor unions and other US workers to the Democratic Party along with what are supposed to be the 'democratic ideals' of Thomas Jefferson. So the Democratic Party is more of a maternal common good organization while the Republican Party is paternalistic and more severe.

You may also note on the chart that 1:00 pm LMT is during a Jupiter Hour with Jupiter Rx @25Cancer conjunct US natal Mercury Rx = large plans, plans for expansion, over-promising, idealism, broad vistas which we now see in motion across the globe with America's 'exceptional' imperial growth of 'boots on the ground' of sacred sand where westerners Do Not Belong. Dem Party Jupiter is in the party's 2nd house of the National Treasury showing how costly and resource-depleting America's misadventures abroad were and are even with Democrats in charge.

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