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Mar 30, 2017

Major Earthquakes Related To Fracking Continue to Climb - report

Among other things, astrological Neptune rules mystery, secrets, chemicals, toxins, poisons, water and other liquids. Now during Neptune's slow float through its own secretive, oceanic sign of Pisces the news is full of references to Neptunian conditions and Neptunian mysteries--such as secret fracking formulas that oil companies use to force oil into their maws while poisoning the environment, plundering natural resources, and harming the people of the United States.

Here is Mike Papantonio reporting for The Ring of Fire Network as the future of the Environmental Protection Agency teeters upon the precipice of Republican ideology:


Dec 1, 2016

Papantonio: DNC Stupidity Continues w/ Pelosi In Charge - video report (w/ Eclipses)

Yes, Nancy Pelosi raises lots of money for Washington Democrats but is that a good reason to retain the one who was in charge during the 2016 Election/s?

For more reports, bravely step into The Ring of Fire.

Now let's allow Astrology to chime in with a link to Nancy Pelosi's X-rated natal chart set for March 26, 1940 Baltimore, Maryland. Appropriate for her being 'retained' in her congressional role, her chart shows an abundance of stubborn Taurus, a money sign of growth and preservation. Mrs. Pelosi's birth time is unknown, hence the X rating but since her natal Moon remained in Scorpio for the 24-hour period we know her personality blend is a Fire-Water Sun Aries-Moon Scorpio combo which we already discussed some time ago.

Happily we need no birth hour to check out the Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series into which she was born--the 14 South (18Lib36) which last repeated in November 2011--November 25, 2011 @2Sag36, to be precise. This 'peculiar' eclipse of 'unexpected happenings in finance' (Brady) brought the American people an ill-titled 'Super Congress' whose members obscured the blame for financial difficulties and created Sequestration across the board (but not so much cutting of black-ops, surveillance, and military expenditures, of course, since the Utopian dream of conquering and occupying the entire world is very very costly-for citizens).

Here's more on the sinister Sequestration Solar Eclipse of 2011 (DC horoscope shown).

Wonder how Pelosi's natal Mercury-Neptune opposition (on the Virgo-Pisces axis) will stack up against Donald Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square (Cancer to Libra)? Both aspects between the planet of thinking processes, communications, and comprehension and deluded, deceptive (if inspirational) Neptune are problematic though as always, the development of maturity and ethical standards bring more positive results. Mrs. Pelosi's opposition denotes one who can trigger destructive qualities in others, a tendency toward scheming which causes others to distrust her, a suspicious nature, and telepathic ability. Mr. Trump's square indicates issues with distortion of facts (misconceptions and indiscretion), unintentional unreliability, a tendency to make errors when the unconscious mind plays tricks on the conscious mind, and occult interests.

Both the opposition and the square between Mercury and Neptune suggest that both Pelosi and Trump have problems keeping secrets; either aspect may indicate a cunning nature that uses underhanded ways of disclosing confidential information although other chart factors may mitigate this unfortunate tendency.

Nov 19, 2016

Papantonio: What Was Missed About President Trump? - video

Q: Are you ready for the US 'total awareness' surveillance state to be handed over to vengeful Donald Trump?

The Ring of Fire.

Sep 16, 2016

By Opposing 9/11 Liability Bill, Obama Is Protecting Big Banks - clip

Since President Obama has followed Global Government instructions to protect and favor Big Banks for the duration of his presidency, can his veto of the bill allowing 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia surprise anyone? What a presidential pickle! 9/11 families vs the Big Banks!

Thom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio discuss:

As Mussolini said, Corporatism + Statism = Fascism

Aug 14, 2016

Cowardly Republicans Have Allowed "Hate" to Become Their Brand - clip (plus, Pluto)

The Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio really gives the Republicans what's what in this brief clip which reminds me a lot of the *realism and tackling the truth themes of the acting early September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse followed on September 16th by a Lunar Eclipse in Mystical Pisces, sign of illusions and deceptions. And Spirituality. And fish. Plenty of sea creatures and fish.

You know how stealthy, powerful Pluto in Venus-ruled Taurus triggers intolerance and excessive greed for gaining possessions and wealth? Astrologically speaking, Pluto was plodding through zodiacal Taurus (the bull of Wall Street; golden calf worship) when the Republican Party formed on the coattails of the Lincoln election. Or at least that's what my pappy always told me.

And now a few choice words from Mike Papantonio concerning the current activities of the GOP:

Apr 8, 2016

Hillary’s Campaign Chooses Nuclear Option: Bill Is Becoming Unhinged - video

You saw the clip this week of Black Lives Matter protesters giving Bill Clinton the squeeze as he stumped for Hillary, right? To me it looked as if Bill wasn't accustomed to being interrupted much less disrespected. And it seems to have been a real-world demonstration of blow back from past political policies that forced negative results upon 'the little people'. And the protesters relished an opportunity to shove it back at its presidential instigator.

Well, I say, boo hoo for Bill:

Feb 24, 2016

Ring of Fire On Free Speech TV: Episode 250 - Supreme Limbo

Feb 24, 2016: Mike Papantonio hosts as 2016 candidates' chances for victory are discussed along with the iPhone vs Govt situation and the make-up of the Supreme Court bench now that Justice Scalia has gone and turned over the conservative fruit basket for the Republicans:

Previous post: Impeach Justice Roberts Over Citizens United? with a small measure of astro-notes concerning John Roberts.

Dec 8, 2015

Republicans Playing Santa For Corporations; Bloodsucking Corporatocracy - video

Are you too busy with holiday preps to keep a close eye on current bills passing through Congress? That's what Capitol Hill politicians are counting on! And that's how they slipped the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 into being as they absconded from Washington for their ill-deserved holiday:

Nov 12, 2015

Swing Voters Don’t Exist - Why Are Dems Moving To The Center? - video (w Astrology)

Now here is a good question for Democratic candidates who drift toward 'the middle' where they imagine conservative voters graze along with answers from Mike Papantonio:


Related is a previous post displaying the natal Horoscope of the Democratic Party circa February 17, 1801 1:00 pm LMT Washington DC with a few chart details penned on the image. Source: the letters of Thomas Jefferson via Bill Sellers.

You'll note 2Can29 rising with US natal Venus (3Cancer), then our natal Jupiter and Sun (5-14Can); MC 10Pisces (compassion?); Sun @28Aquarius (conjunct US natal Moon = mummy, daddy, and 'the nanny state'), and Moon @27Aries (Aries = I AM; Moon = the people). Perhaps we see here the traditional link from labor unions and other US workers to the Democratic Party along with what are supposed to be the 'democratic ideals' of Thomas Jefferson. So the Democratic Party is more of a maternal common good organization while the Republican Party is paternalistic and more severe.

You may also note on the chart that 1:00 pm LMT is during a Jupiter Hour with Jupiter Rx @25Cancer conjunct US natal Mercury Rx = large plans, plans for expansion, over-promising, idealism, broad vistas which we now see in motion across the globe with America's 'exceptional' imperial growth of 'boots on the ground' of sacred sand where westerners Do Not Belong. Dem Party Jupiter is in the party's 2nd house of the National Treasury showing how costly and resource-depleting America's misadventures abroad were and are even with Democrats in charge.

Oct 23, 2015

Papantonio: The Shadow Government That Runs Washington - video (w/ Saturn-Neptune)

Considering the rather frequent mention on Stars Over Washington of the longstanding Saturn (government; management)/Neptune (secret; invisible; shadow) influence upon the July 4, 1776 natal chart and leadership of America you might think that the following video would have been posted here about a year ago so, a year late, here it is:


The Thesis-Antithesis of Saturn-Neptune in Political Astrology

You may find many a close description of our nation within the following potentials for expression of the Saturn-Neptune pair of energies when they combine. And in the country's late afternoon natal chart/s (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Saturn exalted at 14 Libra in 10th house and Neptune at 22 Virgo in 9th house snug around the Midheaven (MC), the Goal Point of the chart denoting America's aspiration in the world.

An angular midpoint picture is thus formed which perfected in 1778/9--Saturn-Neptune (3 Libra) = MC (00-1 Libra): using shortened, inefficient methods when tough, dedicated, and completed work is needed (*MM); wavering between materialistic and idealistic inclinations; a peculiar character (Ebertin.) The typical old Capitalism vs Socialism vs Communism vs Bolshevikism vs Marxism vs Zionism ideologies are suggested though -isms also fall under the exploitative, violent Pluto-Chiron pair of energies which add and identify Plutocracy vibes.

Saturn-Neptune potentials for expression in political and societal realms include:

Thesis: delusions among the real leadership (aka, the shadow government and the aims of their misguided ideologies); efficient use of expert advice; mistaken religious leaders; long lasting programs that have no real purpose; misuse of law officers; policies which restrict spies.

Antithesis: leaders deceive about the exercise of control; respected people involved in questionable practices; a leader capitulates; deficient business practices exposed; reliable equipment failures (perhaps we should include the US Congress in that last one.)

And perhaps the ultimate goal (MC) of all: control (Saturn) of the masses (Neptune)...the global masses.


*Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets by Michael Munkasey, and The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Oct 7, 2015

Campaign 2016: Hillary Gets Berned - video

The following discussion between Thom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio was posted to YouTube on July 16, 2015 and contains a helpful political analysis of Campaign 2016 Democratic and Republican candidates: