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Nov 6, 2015

The Jupiter-Neptune Financial Travails of Marco Rubio

Astrology and the 2015 Campaign Pitfalls of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

by Jude Cowell

One of the stories that has gained traction in the news concerns 2016 candidate Senator Marco Rubio is his financial past deeds or misdeeds. It is told that he was in possession at one time of a party/corporate charge card which he used and when the bills came in if charges were his, he paid them (see video link, below) although, in spite of his opponents remarks, this is not an unusual arrangement. Helpfully a few hours ago, The New Yorker Magazine published a Guide to Marco Rubio's Messy Personal Finances for our consideration.

Yet without even a peek at their Guide, astrologers know that a man such as Marco Rubio, born May 28, 1971 in Miami, Florida, manifested upon the earthly plane under the speculative auspices of a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which tends in one realm to provide its native with grand plans and possibly a grand spirit. Before we thud to the earthly plane for Jupiter and Neptune, let's note the year 1971 and the three great Conjunctions of money planet Jupiter and nebulous if not fraudulent Neptune:

1. February 1, 1971 @2Sag47

2. May 22, 1971 @1Sag44

3, September 16, 1971 @00Sag37

As you see, 00-3 Sagittarius is where Saturn has recently trod and is still within orb--Saturn to Rubio's natal Jupiter (00Sag55) is the 'time to give back' transit; Saturn to natal Neptune is the 'dream come true vs grim face of reality' transit--perhaps both, if you're running for president.

Also note that the last and current cycle of Jupiter and Neptune, the one we're now influenced by, began in 2009 and is imprinted upon the presidency of Barack Obama and the American public because the dreamy, unrealistic pair conjoined upon US natal Moon (We the People) in the range of 24--27 Aquarius and describes such events and conditions that year and the next as: a new "yes we can" presidency and its glowing promises, financial fall out from Crash 2007/08, the corporate welfare of bank bailouts, the ACA (Obamacare), the SCOTUS ruling of Citizens United in which corporations--Jupiter--are people, too. Therefore, they must be jailable, right? Puh! Year 2009 was full of a lack of realism and fluffy illusions on steroids! Anyway...back to Marco's Jupiter-Neptune...

With a natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, excess and inflation are key concepts and as you know, Saturn is a karmic planet that insists we reap what we've sown. So as transiting Saturn (today @4Sag47) has hit Rubio's natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction there have been accountability issues to deal with, potentials for false hopes to be stomped, loss, disappointment, and plans which come to nothing. If Senator Rubio drops out of Campaign 2016 it probably has much to do with the establishment (Saturn) restricting his grand plan for higher office. Actually I've already heard pundits flying the 'he's not ready' flag, haven't you?

The Jupiter-Neptune influence also tends toward political conflicts, scandals, idealism, and a tendency to make the wrong diagnosis (Ebertin.) Facing hard realities is not a strong suit with a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and Senator Rubio would do well to take heed of those who promise too much, pitch 'get rich quick' schemes to him (or 'get elected easily' schemes?), and who prove to be unworthy of his overly trusting nature.

On the positive side, he possesses a spiritual understanding of his social obligations and that is a missing trait in most self-serving politicians of our day. And with natal Saturn in late Taurus, there is fear of not gaining enough resources and possessions, plus, his Saturn widely conjoins natal Sun (6 Gemini) which gives him the capacity to handle responsibility. It also indicates that Marco Rubio learns from experience and has had to mature quickly. His Sun-Saturn conjunction shows in his recent answers to financial questions when he complains about wealthy candidates making a big deal about his financial struggles--struggles that all Americans have faced. Well, he's correct about that!

Now in case you missed it, ABC News' GMA recently conducted an interview with the candidate in which he answers his opponents' charges.

Before I close this Jupiter-Neptune post, let's add Rubio's natal Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Neptune oppositions for they have something to say about his current travails.

A natal Sun-Jupiter opposition denotes one who is enthusiastic and is able to put his best foot forward in his search for recognition and achievement, a good aspect to have in public relations. Charm is noticeable though there may be a certain lack of honesty that others detect--probably because he isn't always honest with himself. Jupiter expands and Sun is ego so a tendency to make glowing promises may become a problem when others end up feeling let down and this outcome may be more pronounced due to his inflationary, bubbly Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Pomposity and overindulgence may also be a personal issues for the senator in various departments of life ("living beyond his means," said Donald Trump); weight gain may be a challenge.

Marco Rubio's Sun-Neptune opposition indicates strains in relationships caused by an inability to perceive genuine obstacles so that misdiagnosis can occur and solutions are off the mark (as with Jupiter-Neptune, noted above.) A misunderstanding of authority in his early years may continue to haunt him now and I believe this is seen in his Republican charge card/personal liability situation--were proper boundaries honored? Plus, he may not always see obstacles as opportunities as quickly as others do (ex: Donald Trump who won't take No for an answer) and more awareness of his talents has been necessary in order to achieve his goals.

With a Sun-Neptune opposition Senator Rubio may bring out the best or the worst in other people. Possessing a suspicious nature, his level of maturity and a determination to face reality will aid him in his search for authority, recognition, and approval--and he'll need that aid if what even half of this Ring of Fire report from May 20, 2015 says is true!

An untimed natal horoscope may be seen at with Sun in Taurus and Moon in either Cancer or Leo. One obvious trait of a Leo Moon is the 'reigning need' (Tyl) for approval and applause which may suggest more closely a political career than with a subjective, self-protective Cancer Moon.

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