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Jan 5, 2016

Donald Trump's 2016 Campaign New Moon June 16, 2015

Brief Astro-Notes on the 2016 Candidacy of Donald Trump

by Jude Cowell

2016 Republican candidate Donald Trump announced his bid for nomination from Trump Towers, New York City on the morning of June 16, 2015 under the auspices and influence of a New Moon in Gemini (25:07), the communicative sign of announcements, messages, voting, voters, and fluctuations. Perfecting in conjunction with Mars in Gemini, a New Moon phase is as always indicative of a new cycle of activity. Having warrior planet Mars nearby, Mr. Trump's rising planet in his natal chart, seems appropriate as we look back over his candidacy so far with his 'hit back if provoked' stance. And yet that is what his natal chart cautions against with royal Regulus rising along with his Mars in proud, egoistic Leo: success if revenge is avoided. His candidacy has shaken up the Republican establishment, as you know--quarreling Mars the activist stirring things up!

Of course, avoiding vengeance against opponents is a tall order with testy Mars in the royal mix! And it isn't that success won't occur (he's proven that many times over in real estate and on TV) but if revenge is resorted to, one will ultimately lose all that has been gained. Wonder why I have the feeling that the horse of vengeance left Mr. Trump's barn of success long long ago?

Related: a horoscope of the July 2016 RNC Full Moon in Capricorn which conjoins US natal Pluto and hints at a brokered convention, which would be another disruptive Mars occurrence for the Republican hierarchy.

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