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Feb 8, 2016

How Billionaires Built The Radical Right! - Thom Hartmann w Jane Mayer (Pluto!)

Here Thom Hartmann interviews author Jane Mayer whose book Dark Money: How Billionaires Built the Radical Right is a direct uncovering of a group of wealthy anti-governance types who felt threatened in 2009 by the presidency of Barak Obama and set up a "permanent campaign" to "nullify and obstruct" anything he proposed to do as a victorious politician who had run on 'Hope' and Change' (Jupiter and Uranus).

Mayer identifies The Koch Network, men who are neither Republican nor Democrat but are determined to use their outrageous personal and corporate wealth to subvert the democratic process and impose their will upon the US populace. This is one main reasons why most Americans have felt in recent years that their needs and interests no longer matter in Washington--to these high handed, amoral Plutos-behind-the-curtain--they don't:


And here's an astro-note from the Inauguration 2017 horoscope as transit Pluto in Capricorn continues creeping toward the Midheaven Point (Aspirations; Career; Public Stage; Reputation) of recent January 20 noon charts (26 Capricorn+ but progressing every four years toward US natal Pluto @27Cap33): at noon on January 20, 2017 Capitol Hill, a midpoint picture is formed which involves and is activated by draconian gold-hoarder Pluto, the saboteur and manipulator (17Cap36/9th house) and contains the following potentials:

Moon-Mars = Pluto: fanaticism; one-sided outlook; a woman who stands alone (Hillary?) (-Ebertin.)

And here I shall quote Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets on the Thesis and Antithesis of the Moon-Mars combination of energies which on a more personal level tend toward anger and upset and in Politics, a public mood of protest and rage at Democracy morphed into Plutocracy:

"Thesis: Leaders who show concern about the welfare of others but who don't necessarily follow through with relief; using or developing metal or mineral resources; energy usage for agricultural or land development.

Antithesis: Farming activities which do not receive sufficient support from the leadership; a military hierarchy which fluctuates in its effectiveness; commercial uses of land resources for military or business activities."

Munkasey then adds the Pluto potentials to Moon-Mars: "Eliminating the anger or irritation which accompanies complaints; intensified defiance during periods of uncertainty; troubles which arise when your imagination is over stimulated; wasting common sources of energy." (Any, all, or none are possibilities as are those of the 1993 (Clinton era) Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s @17/18 Capricorn (Global Government/NWO = strong-armed paternalism) which is now in orb of activation by Pluto into: extreme destruction, great losses, and calamities, all of which would be the outcome if a Republican grasps the White House and they and The Koch Network (and its foreign overlords) finally get their wish to dismantle social safety programs such as Social Security--and Veterans Healthcare is also on their privatization to-do list. Faithless plutocrats!)

So it's the resulting Synthesis of these plutocratic potentials we must be concerned about and the too-similar corporate neoliberalism of the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party which, as Benjamin Studebaker so ably asserts, began in earnest with the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Now in 2016 we find that the Democratic Socialism (a la FDR and LBJ) of candidate Bernie Sanders is the only antidote to Plutocracy we have left to us as long as Bernie's 'Political Revolution' comes to pass via a landslide voter turnout in November--otherwise, America's debilitating Income Inequality will be our generation's legacy to future generations.


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