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Feb 4, 2016

Thom Hartmann: Hillary Should Release the Goldman Sachs Speeches - video

February 4, 2016: here Thom takes a call concerning Hillary Clinton's large speaking fees from banks such as Goldman Sachs (who helped crash the US economy in 2007/08) and then explains the Democratic Party's change to the Third Way Democratic Party we see now via establishment types like Hillary Clinton and husband Bill. With his 1992 election the Party transitioned to taking money from corporations and to becoming wealthy after leaving the White House and this is one of the choppy seas that 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton is attempting to navigate as candidate Bernie Sanders continues to spotlight it:

Well, I'd really like to read the text of her expensive speeches to Goldman Sachs, wouldn't you? In my populist-common good view, the Democratic Party needs to come up with a 4th way that includes the best interests of the American people. Now that would be a sea change worth navigating.

Update Feb 5, 2016: I mistyped above "inauguration 1992" and have edited it to "election 1992" to mark the shift of the Democratic Party toward feeding at the corporate trough. In the video, Thom mentions the year 1988 for the change and of course, with the 1993 Inauguration of Bill Clinton we may choose to time the corporatizing of the previously union-working-middle-class political party which was on display last evening in New Hampshire as Hillary Clinton attempted to deny herself as the "establishment" candidate by touting President **Obama and Joe Biden as "progressives", a part they play on TV. In Mundane Astrology "establishment" and status quo are both in the realms of Saturn and in 1993 the Great Conjunction/s of Enlightenment/Age of Reason planets Uranus and Neptune took place three times at or near 18 Capricorn (POLITICAL POWER: "A British Destroyer...": smug or strong-armed paternalism - Jones).

These days we know the Uranus-Neptune pair as the mark of the New World Order which in US Politics 2016 masquerades as The Establishment so that global government (yes, Hillary's goal) may continue its implementation. Yet Americans are so often apathetic, feeling there is so much to lose. But in 2016 the young people are showing up for Bernie Sanders who is calling for a Political Revolution against this "rigged economy." Wouldn't it be karmic desserts if the very generation born during and around the 1993 conjunction/s were the major force that turned out to vote in November for Senator Sanders and against the corporate New World Order?


**President Obama was born with Saturn in its own status quo sign of governmental Capricorn. Elected under a Saturn-Uranus opposition, there was chatter at the time about whether he was a progressive or conservative; I called him more conservative than progressive though of course progressive issues can be used to hide one's ultimate goal and in this case, it's to keep our nation on the corporate Global Government path it is on. So when a Hillary Clinton campaign promises to continue and expand Obama's policies and programs, we can believe it--they are very very serious.

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