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Jul 27, 2016

5 Stages of Grief: Bernie or Bust - Hillary Gets the Nomination - Randi Rhodes clip

July 27, 2016: As I return from one week of no Internet service, moseying around YouTube and political sites today has been interesting to say the least. Did I miss last week's RNC and this week's DNC? No, because I had other means of following the proceedings, the speeches, the booing, the cheers, the videos, and the nominations.

But since Stars Over Washington for the last year or so has given considerable space to the campaign and the common-good, progressive ideas of Senator Bernie Sanders, and since Hillary Clinton snagged the Democratic nomination in part via the collusion of an allegedly neutral DNC, I searched for a broadcast related to the principled divide within the Democratic Party and what I found is a progressive broadcaster previously unknown to me. Her name is Randi Rhodes and she seems to be a live wire sort of lady (perhaps born under a Fire-Air personality blend!?) who comes to us from Florida and has quite a lot to say about political matters.

Here is Randi Rhodes on the 5 Stages of Grief for Berners, and a few other observations:


As you've heard, tonight's DNC spectacular from Philadelphia will include President Barack Obama speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton who remains for him, one assumes, "likable enough."

Feb 4, 2016

Thom Hartmann: Hillary Should Release the Goldman Sachs Speeches - video

February 4, 2016: here Thom takes a call concerning Hillary Clinton's large speaking fees from banks such as Goldman Sachs (who helped crash the US economy in 2007/08) and then explains the Democratic Party's change to the Third Way Democratic Party we see now via establishment types like Hillary Clinton and husband Bill. With his 1992 election the Party transitioned to taking money from corporations and to becoming wealthy after leaving the White House and this is one of the choppy seas that 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton is attempting to navigate as candidate Bernie Sanders continues to spotlight it:

Well, I'd really like to read the text of her expensive speeches to Goldman Sachs, wouldn't you? In my populist-common good view, the Democratic Party needs to come up with a 4th way that includes the best interests of the American people. Now that would be a sea change worth navigating.

Update Feb 5, 2016: I mistyped above "inauguration 1992" and have edited it to "election 1992" to mark the shift of the Democratic Party toward feeding at the corporate trough. In the video, Thom mentions the year 1988 for the change and of course, with the 1993 Inauguration of Bill Clinton we may choose to time the corporatizing of the previously union-working-middle-class political party which was on display last evening in New Hampshire as Hillary Clinton attempted to deny herself as the "establishment" candidate by touting President **Obama and Joe Biden as "progressives", a part they play on TV. In Mundane Astrology "establishment" and status quo are both in the realms of Saturn and in 1993 the Great Conjunction/s of Enlightenment/Age of Reason planets Uranus and Neptune took place three times at or near 18 Capricorn (POLITICAL POWER: "A British Destroyer...": smug or strong-armed paternalism - Jones).

These days we know the Uranus-Neptune pair as the mark of the New World Order which in US Politics 2016 masquerades as The Establishment so that global government (yes, Hillary's goal) may continue its implementation. Yet Americans are so often apathetic, feeling there is so much to lose. But in 2016 the young people are showing up for Bernie Sanders who is calling for a Political Revolution against this "rigged economy." Wouldn't it be karmic desserts if the very generation born during and around the 1993 conjunction/s were the major force that turned out to vote in November for Senator Sanders and against the corporate New World Order?


**President Obama was born with Saturn in its own status quo sign of governmental Capricorn. Elected under a Saturn-Uranus opposition, there was chatter at the time about whether he was a progressive or conservative; I called him more conservative than progressive though of course progressive issues can be used to hide one's ultimate goal and in this case, it's to keep our nation on the corporate Global Government path it is on. So when a Hillary Clinton campaign promises to continue and expand Obama's policies and programs, we can believe it--they are very very serious.

Jan 30, 2016

2016: a Solar Eclipse and a Message from Peru - audio

Here is a timely message from the jungles of Peru delivered by Max Igan who shares with us the need that we wake up and see the system for what it really is. This message resonates perfectly with the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 @9Virgo with its themes of realism, coming down to earth and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is, not what we thought (or were told!) it was. So from mid-August 2016 until at least the next Solar Eclipse (February 26, 2017), this will be an excellent time for tackling the truth (though for early responders to cosmic messages it can be from now until February 2017!)

And I'm certain that you're noticed the fact vs fiction quality of Campaign 2016 between the various candidates with Senator Bernie Sanders and corporate mogul Donald Trump drawing the largest crowds who come to hear their messages. Well, when it comes to hearing truth and seeing things the way they really are, I admit to favoring Bernie Sanders' messages for he has called out the greedy billionaire corporatists-oligarchs-plutocrats regularly and named them as the society-crashers, saboteurs, and gold-hoarders (my words) they truly are: Pluto's plutocrats.

Ignore the Plutocrats' Divide-and-Conquer Tactic Meant to Weaken We the People!

As you know, 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling for a *Political Revolution in America and if you agree that we as a nation and a society cannot go on like this, perhaps you may take 57 minutes to listen to the following supportive message from Max Igan, episode 248 of Surviving the Matrix...The Revolution Is Now.

Unfortunately, the Max Igan video is no longer available on YouTube so it's been deleted here. You may locate it on Max's Crowhouse website.


*After all, the American Revolution was a Political Revolution so it's in our DNA which on one level can be seen astrologically for those who favor use of late afternoon horoscopes for America's natal chart (July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA). I've tried the various 'birth times' but have returned to using 5:09 pm LMT when the Aries Point crossed the IC, and this is where political, ideological Jupiter and radical, rebellious Uranus conjoined on June 8, 2010 (00Ari18), a World Point of Manifestation, Prominence, and Recognition. This denotes a global awakening (ex: Egypt!) - now if only We the People can stay awake and pay attention long enough to become active and respond to the real world threats that surround us and undermine our very freedom.

Please note that Solar Eclipse themes (19 North) are paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology. 19 North's initial manifestation occurred on July 5, 1331 @20Cancer, a critical or dangerous degree. Therefore, the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer is the security-minded lens through which we may view the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. Both signs are intimately associated with the founding of this nation and the architecture, symbols, and ritual ceremonies of "the Federal City," Washington DC.

A look ahead: The Great American Eclipse of August 2017 (horoscope shown), plus, a few similar topics for the curious.

Jan 19, 2016

The Debate Clips You Won't Hear on Mainstream Media - Thom Hartmann reports

During the Debate of the Democrats on Saturday January 16, 2016, some people were happy to Feel The Bern while others were satisfied to Chill with Hill. Here is Thom Hartmann reporting with some interesting debate clips you may or may not have seen unless you watched the entire show:

Jan 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders Picks up a Couple of Unexpected Endorsements - Thom Hartmann reports

Jan 1, 2016: This Just In concerning Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 Campaign:

Related: Is This the Natal Horoscope of Bernie Sanders? which may or may not be set for his correct time of birth, however, the planets in the chart are based on his date of birth. You'll note that the added endorsements come at a time when the planet of politics, expansion, and good fortune, Jupiter, has been and is within orb of his North Node (a Jupiterian point of public contact; joining) and dreamy, idealistic Neptune in Virgo, sign of The Worker and The Critic.

And I'm sending out a huge Thank You, Everyone, for all your tweets, re-tweets, and shares throughout 2015! Jude

Dec 1, 2015

We Need a Budget for Working Families, Not the 1%: Sen Bernie Sanders - clip

As the senator speaks on issues affecting all Americans, you may hear vibes of Bernie Sanders' Sun in Virgo (sign of health and dedicated work) and Moon in activist Aries (I Am the People)!


A Smidgeon of Astrology

Related: Social Democracy Is 100% American (video), and Bernie Sanders' Sun Virgo-Moon Aries personality blend. Unconsciously I neglected to add that his natal Sun is veiled by America's natal Neptune (22Virgo) which negatively can denote that the public can't see clearly who or what he really is. On another level it can indicate the large audiences (Neptune) he's commanding during the 2016 campaign with Neptune (the masses, the media, photography, films, illusion) clouding or glamorizing his image and/or possibly hiding what his goal actually is (Sun)--or more simply, he shines (is popular) with the public.

How can his motives and purpose be obscure, suspicious astrologer, you ask? It can be if Senator Sanders is running for president in order to be a mouthpiece--to express the frustration so many Americans feel and think about government--while those in charge of counting the votes have no intention of allowing a Social Democrat in the Oval Office--unless he can be used for their purposes to rally the masses into Marxism.

And given current events such as the big 'climate change' summit in Paris this week and the steady dribble of US soldiers now being sent back to Iraq and elsewhere, I wonder how many of us realize that we're seeing before our eyes (though propagandized as something other than what it is) the waging of a World War meant to take charge of the entire planet? Masses of the homeless forced to shift across the globe, hunger that doesn't have to be the case--population control measures are being perfected based on past efforts.

Now I know that more and more people are realizing that the engineered East vs West conflict is more than Washington is tellin' us as of yet and maybe the rest of us will wake up once the 19 North Solar Eclipse manifests on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo with its themes of realism, coming down to earth, tackling the truth, and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is (Brady.) Lied into war is an old situation, isn't it? Aggressors pretending it's the other guy, not us is a tiresome tactic old as the hills, agreed? Wonder if the power elite and their bosses know how transparent their draconian plans have become? Or is the transparency only part of their fear mongering? Such thespian classes politicians must take!

Plus, as you see by the date of the 2016 eclipse, it is the Pre-Natal Saros Series of both Election 2016 (Nov) and of Inauguration 2017 (Jan) which means that its themes will affect both events including the first term or duration of the new presidency (and the second term if there should be one.) Maybe this means that a "truth teller" will somehow land in the White House! Well, at this point "truth teller" seems to refer to either Bernie's mostly unvarnished truth--or Donald's Mercurial-Neptunian flights of fancy mixed with his stark opinions of the stream-of-consciousness variety.