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May 7, 2016

Mr. Trump's Conspiracy Theory of a Saturn-Neptune kind

The ongoing Saturn-Neptune square (*Sagittarius to Pisces) with its realism-fantasy vibes has me thinking about certain conspiracy theories both old and new, and wondering if you've ever checked out Conspiracy Archives, a site where you'll find pages such as 9/11 and JFK, plus, the following quote from Chris Sanders, author of Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors:

"The use of 'conspiracy theory' as a derogatory -- as an epithet almost -- is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it's a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent and other points of view, and information that might be inconvenient for a policy agenda."

Why, even Republican candidate and nominee-in-waiting Donald Trump uses conspiracy theories when they suit his purposes. Like the other day when he tossed out an innuendo about Ted Cruz's father Raphael having his photo taken with Lee Harvey Oswald in Cuba--but was that really a young Raphael in the grainy photo? Donald wasn't certain, of course, but perhaps it could be him...sigh...oh, isn't life simply full of Neptunian uncertainties?

Is it conspiratorial to wonder if there's a link between Trump's Cruz-Oswald photo 'revelation' and the Saturnian fact that candidate Ted Cruz ended his 2016 campaign after his major loss in Indiana and soon after Trump had latched on to the published photo (orchestrated between Trump and the publisher so he could cite it) thus creating a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory? Timekeeper planet Saturn often ends things, plus we're under the influence of the 18 South Solar Eclipse with its themes of endings, partings, and separations. Could it be (and this sounds like a Trump innuendo tactic!) that Raphael Cruz actually does have a secret in his past that must be kept hidden which makes any spotlight thrown upon his Havana days inconvenient?

Well, Mr. Trump may have pulled a little Neptunian wool over the eyes of enough of his supporters in time to influence them away from Ted Cruz, but the Saturnian truth (according to the Warren Commission) is that the photo shows Oswald passing out pamphlets on the street with help from a couple of men he hired out of an unemployment line.

So in this case, truthful Saturn blocked (via the square) Neptune but only after conspiratorial Neptune had done its political hack job for Donald Trump with his reality-distorting Mercury-Neptune square.

Now let's close with an excerpt from a March 23, 2015 post concerning the astrological condition of chart-ruler Mercury in the horoscope of Ted Cruz's announcement of his run for president circa 2016:

I set up the horoscope for today, Lynchburg, VA at the moment the TV time-stamped his actual announcement that he's running for president of the United States (10:46 am edt). Rising 12Gem53 (the Descendant in America's natal horoscope for those who use the 'Sibly' chart for July 4, 1776 5:09 or 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--possibly showing Cruz's Canadian birth as The Other/7th house?) and of course Gemini is appropriate for speeches, messages, and announcements of any kind. Therefore, Mercury, ruler of Gemini (sign of 'good news') rules the chart, the announcement, and the orator so we look to Mercury's major applying aspects to other planets to see how things may proceed from Mr. Green Eggs and Ham's announcement and presidential campaign, or how (his candidacy) will be accepted.

In the chart, Mercury is in the 10th house of Public Status and Career but is rather woolly in the sign of Pisces (16:40). Pisces is imaginative, yes, but is often murky, perhaps a bit confused, or even deceptive--and this Mercury makes not one major or minor applying aspect to another planet in the horoscope denoting that his bid may go nowhere as well. There is a separating sextile of opportunity between Mercury and Pluto @15Cap23 but he would have fared better if he'd not missed its waxing condition.

(A Mercury sextile Pluto indicates a penetrating mind, a need to remain flexible, trying to control the scope or direction of things, and hypersensitivity to criticism to the point that others may not share negative information which makes honest discussion and rational debate impossible.)

So it's fare well for now, ye crusader dueling with shadows...we hardly knew ya but it was too much all the same.

*Sagittarius, sign of the foreigner, is ruled by Jupiter which in mundane charts can play roles such as politician, ideologue, financier, actor, and propagandist, and Pisces is ruled traditionally by Jupiter with inspirational yet murky Neptune as a Higher Octave influence for cosmic Pisces. And of course, Neptune can wear many masks including that of a fraudster, a liar, and/or a crook.

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