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Aug 7, 2016

Is Donald Trump capable of being Presidential? Vibrational Astrology weighs in

August 2016: in the video below, David Cochrane demonstrates the use of Vibrational Astrology (aka, Harmonics) to answer questions such as, Is Donald Trump capable of being presidential? This presentation is timely because Mr. Trump's remarks have grown steadily more inflammatory and ill-advised in recent weeks and there is much discussion about his "temperament" being unfit for the Oval Office.

In his presentation David 'goes out on a limb' to predict the 'turning of a corner' around August 24th and 25th when transit Saturn and transit Uranus trigger Trump's trio of Sun-Pluto-Mercury in his 23rd harmonic chart ('H23', I call it) which shows his strong views, his obsession with taking risks, his inability to listen to anyone else, and his refusal to back down but instead to 'double down'.

So August 24/25 is likely to bring a big decision either by Trump (to abandon his presidential bid and quit the race? to soften his rhetoric and get in line with the aims of the GOP?) or by the party hierarchy (an ultimatum for Trump? a permanent separation?) for as you know, Saturn to Sun is a time when decisions have to be made, and/or something must be defined; Uranus to Sun denotes a surprising or disruptive event, and/or a completely new element entering the picture.

Actually, both ears perked up as I listened to David's H23 information (recorded in July 2016) about August 24th and 25th for it happens that a conjunction of two malevolent planets occurs on August 24, 2016 which hits one of the royal stars, turbulent Antares. A conjunction always times the beginning of a new cycle of planetary energies and these are destructive energies which last conjoined in Scorpio--now in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius which gives an ideological or religious tone to the proceedings. Naturally, war activities cannot be ruled out and some folks will simply have an active time of it though schedules may not coordinate as well as they should.

David Cochrane:

For more videos by expert astrologer David Cochrane search for him on YouTube or check out the featured Astrology videos on my new Astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology where no Politics or politicians shall enter the gates!

If you wish, view the August 23rd triple conjunction horoscope with details in a previous post with the chart set for Washington DC, as usual.

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