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Aug 25, 2021

January 6, 2021 Planets link to US 1776 Horoscope

Some Call This a Revolution

by Jude Cowell with Chart Data by Gary Lorentzen

If google would cooperate by uploading the image, below you could view a quick posting of America's 'Powell Horoscope' of July 1, 1776 (inner) with the 2:15 pm est 'Trump Mob Attack' horoscope of January 6, 2021 in bi-wheel form and showing the amazing number of planetary contacts between them which are listed below the image. However, as a work-around the bi-wheel image has been posted to my general astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology so I hope you'll check out the bi-wheel there.

Meanwhile, here's a list of the several planetary contacts between the January 6, 2021 planets and America's Powell Horoscope and naturally you may discover even more! Of course, we might also wish to call these cosmic synchronicities (via the 1/6 transits) 'Tr*mp vs America':

Beginning with the 1776 Ascendant (6Cap07) and first house and moving counter-clockwise:

Sun conjuncts Moon; Pluto opposes Mercury; Mercury conjuncts Pluto (emphasizing an intense double Mercury-Pluto situation); Neptune opposes Neptune; warrior Mars conjunct IC (plus Uranus the zealous anarchist now in 4th house of Homeland and Domestic Scene: a violent pairing); Ascendant conjunct Uranus; North Node conjunct Mars (and points toward the visionary 5 North Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021 - now of influence; Moon opposes Chiron; Venus opposes Venus.

The amazing abundance of cosmic time links between the January 2021 and July 1776 planets makes me wonder if the 1/6 violent insurrectionists and saboteurs sent by Donald Tr*mp to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden were acting under the influence of astrological guidance. Your thoughts?

A related post: Horoscope: US Syzygy Moon @10Cap11 which perfected on the morning of July 1, 1776.

Apr 15, 2021

April 28, 2021: President Biden Addresses Congress

Update April 28, 2021: Advancing the chart below to a 9:00 pm edt start-time puts President Biden's natal Mercury, planet of communication, speeches oration, and messages, squarely upon the Ascendant, raises the Sag Moon closer to the Ascendant, and plops 3Virgo14 upon the Midheaven ('4Virgo' = "A Colored Child Playing With White Children") which spotlights both health and employment matters (Virgo), plus, the racial issues implied by the degree's Sabian Symbol. Compassion will be shown!

Original post begins here:

Astrology's What? (ASC) Where? (Desc) Why? (MC) and How? (IC) Points

by Jude Cowell

April 15, 2021: As you've heard, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has invited President Joe Biden to address a pared-down Congress on April 28, 2021, the day before the end of the President's first 100 days in office and one day after the Full Moon @7Sco06. His address is not being billed as an official SOTU (State of the Union) Address since that's traditionally delivered after a full year in office, but we all know that basically, a SOTU Address it will be. Therefore, I'm labeling his speech as a "pseudo-SOTU."

Below is a speculative 8:00 pm edt DC Horoscope set for April 28, 2021 Capitol Building with an abundance of planetary factors squished upon the chart for those who may care to enlarge the image and read the study notes of a novice astrologer with a lamentable interest in the Politics as practiced in the City where she once resided:

Solar Hour (Sun = the leader), regenerative Scorpio rises (the WHAT? Point), and Sun-ruled Leo at Midheaven (The Goal or WHY? Point) provides us with basic information concerning the address. The Scorpio Ascendant (forceful 'Mars-Pluto') spotlights the "A Drowning Man Rescued" degree which I believe will be one of Mr. Biden's themes of the night involving finances and mask-wearing in order to save lives. And as you see, the "Drowning Man" (ASC) is the apex point of a YOD pattern (highlighted in green = crisis; crossroads; karmic opportunity; special task) formed with a Chiron-North Node sextile at its base. The sextile includes wealthy MIDAS conjunct Node Node in the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, and High Finance, plus, priestly Chiron is the wounded healer, here @"11Aries" = "The President of the Country" (Joe!). Opposite the 8th is the 2nd house of the National Treasury with Nemesis Rx (an unbeatable foe) pushing into the proceedings via the separative South Node, a (neurotic) Saturnian point of 'methods that worked in the past but now do not'. I'm counting this 3rd house Saturn @13AQ02 as 'conservatives' and obstructionists such as Republican opponents who work hard to block Biden's progressive, more liberal plans as seen in the Saturn-Uranus square (2A27; highlighted in blue at the bottom of the chart).

For as you know, Saturn-Uranus is the 'old order vs new order' pair of planetary energies. Yet confounding GOP efforts against him is the fact that their old friend Joe Biden is a liberal with conservative leanings so he can be signified by 'old man' Saturn in futuristic Aquarius. Notably, an apt midpoint picture reveals plutocrats who crave power - Jupiter-Pluto - conjunct restrictive Saturn so that 'the big picture must be adjusted to meet with more convention' and 'strategy becomes necessary' (Tyl). This would apply to the Biden administration and Democratic Party as well as to the GOP. As practiced, US Politics is always a high-stakes game and curiously, the public Moon at "6Sag" = "A Game of Cricket': 'exceptional competency in crisis' (Jones).

Also in 2nd house of Money and Values is the current Solar Eclipse which perfected on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 (Electoral College Vote day) in the difficult 4 South family of eclipses. You know 4 South's sour themes: 'strong emotions over money and/or relationships; blockages and frustrations; relationships suddenly ended; a sense of fated events beyond personal control' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). Hopefully, the former guy's belly-aching and malicious schemes concerning his 2020 Election loss will continue to fade away or perhaps come to a screeching halt under the milder influences of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse @20Gemini as it bestows the better themes of 5 North ('prophetic dreams and visions').

Someone's Mars Is Rising

Now President Biden's first natal planet to rise in this chart is his unaspected Mars @12Sco35 ("13Scorpio" = " An Inventor Inventing") which can act directly, free of interference or influence; by 9:00 pm edt, ASC = 22Sco08 along with Mr. Biden's natal Mercury (21:32), the messenger. Meanwhile, 8th house Mars @3Can20 is out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane and off attending to who-knows-what - perhaps additional plans to undermine the Biden administration and delay improvements for the American people? Well, as you know, activist Mars when in Moon-ruled Cancer is impulsive, moody, resentful, and subject to angry outbursts, even arson. Add to this an inconjunct from Mars to the public's Moon (@5Sag12 and rising in 1st house: happy mood) and a cosmic picture forms of hotheads (Mars) who lack self-control, tend to misjudge others, and form alliances with, and allegiances to, the very people who exploit them. In general, a Moon-Mars inconjunct is an aspect of nervous irritation and emotional anxiety which describes most of us these days. Yet Mars @3Can20 conjuncts US natal Venus so cooperation is needed for best results. But that would favor Joe Biden, whine the Republicans! As would wearing masks (see the IC's Sabian Symbol conjunct the HOW? Point) and the WHY? Point with "A Chemist Conducts an Experiment" upon it suggesting vaccines created to fight against the Covid-19 contagion and President Biden's inventive plans to rescue the US economy, with a tip of his hat to FDR's New Deal programs.

Also notable are the Sabian Symbols for the North Node ("12Gemini" = "A Black Slave Girl Demands Her Rights From Her Mistress" - will he mention America's killer cop trials? And perhaps reparations?). Then there's orating Mercury @"21Taurus" = "Moving Finger Points to Significant Passages in a Book", possibly a reference to the Bible, or to the secret book all presidents are said to follow. Or, it's simply an echo of the YOD pattern noted, above. Thing is, orating Mercury in Taurus opposes Mr. Biden's natal Mercury in Scorpio, a perfect cosmic picture of the disagreements and diverse opinions his pseudo-SOTU 2021 will activate, or aggravate.

Now in closing, we may wish to consider the cosmic weather of the evening via its Sun Taurus-Moon Sagittarius pairing, an Earth-Fire blend of conscious and unconscious energies ruled by the popular Venus-Jupiter combination. This 'dynamic duo' wants to make a contribution to the world via a stable economy and suggests common sense, inventiveness, and doing things on a grand scale which may refer to President Biden's visionary plans which must be large enough to make a difference in spite of opponents who, by harming Joe Biden, also harm the American people.

Well, there are many more factors of interest in this speculative horoscope of Biden's pseudo-SOTU Address 2021 so check them out if you wish. And if inspired, leave an on-topic comment! jc

(For more details see Sun Sign Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad)

Sep 8, 2016

Snit of Miffdom presents: the ACA, Cleopatra, and Dracula

The Following fuss is a re-publish from *Jude's Threshold a while back and it must have been written when I was in a definite snit of miffdom over something; a few edits have been done:

Is the Health Care Reform debate 1993 revisited?

Sometimes history repeats like reflux, thanks to Washington politicians using the same anti-societal tactics that worked for them before. Often it's more like a rhyme but with different or new components and my suspicion is that these days, the ruling class' contempt for the masses--individually or clumped together--has grown, not diminished.

Here and elsewhere I have complained that 2009’s Health Care Reform bill (ACA) is being opposed if only to undermine a Democratic White House, and I wasn’t even considering Republican actions and the factions of 1993. Was I wrong?

Never mind that Democrats have a mandate from We the People, many of whom need relief from a costly run-away health care system that intends only bankruptcy for you if you should find yourself in a bind. For in Darwinian America of the New Millennium, you have to be fit to survive, otherwise it’s buh-bye, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Maybe we need a dose of that oft-touted “compassionate conservatism” we once heard so much about. That and ten dollars might get you a fluffed-up pillow in a sparsely-appointed emergency room somewhere in America.

Meanwhile, Washington pols work tirelessly to protect corporate profits and keep their own stock portfolios fluffed up with med and pharmaceutical returns while insurance companies chortle on their way to open their next offshore account.

Meanwhile, Beltway Brigands give the old “fox guarding the henhouse” truism fresh meaning with every secret deal they make at our expense, every bribe they take, every fraud they make.

Now I ask you: if a loved one suffers and dies for lack of treatment based on an insurance company's concerns for their bottom line, would you really care which party inhabits the White House – or whose prospects are better for the next election?

This fussy snit was written by yours truly, Jude Cowell, typing at you from North Atlanta in the Kennesaw Mountain area. Okay, I take back all the mean things I've typed about the City of Atlanta, let bygones be so. I'll leave Atl alone and hope that it will leave me alone. jc

Notice: one of my other blogs *Jude's Threshold will be sleeping with the dodo birds on or about October 11, 2016 so if you think you might want to read anything thereupon, please sashay over when you can. Articles include: Dracula's Natal Chart, Cleopatra's Natal Chart, Saturn and the Moon's South Node, the Wedding Day Astrology of Bill and Hill (and one on Chelsea and Mark), and more, plus, wonderful re-blogged articles by my favorite online authors and researchers!

And please note that some of my previous Jude's Threshold articles shall appear on my latest blog Jude Cowell Astrology so drop in at your leisure.

Sep 5, 2016

Washington DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2016

Here they are! The horoscope and season few have been waiting for: Autumn Equinox 2016, chart set for the White House, our national Masonic lodge and main beehive of activity nestled in our nation's Masonic capital! Admire its chart-ruler Mars in 2nd house of National Treasury and applying to a square with Jupiter the General, financier, politician, and/or religious guru @2Libra49 in 11th house with the Libra-ingressing Sun!

As is the case annually (and though many astrologers prefer a different rising sign such as Scorpio), the Sun conjoins US natal Midheaven in the Sibley chart of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm, MC = 00Libra53, a Cardinal World Point) and as you see, transit Jupiter tops the US natal chart, a time of optimism, promotion, and possible rewards; important changes are occurring, not the least of which will be a new president. Of course, with Sun-Jupiter we can expect extravagance and overestimation of worth, strength, and/or ability but I'll let you decide whether this describes the US government, a particular politician, and/or a presidential wanna-be. This equinox chart covers Election Day 2016, as you know, until Winter Solstice 2016 which will relate to Inauguration 2017 (Winter Solstice 2016 post coming soon-ish).

Of, by, for...

General Blogging Note: please pardon that mockery is often involved in my posts for we may owe it to ourselves to ridicule Washington DC politicians and their enablers every chance we get since they purposefully dropped the ball on what was set up as 'our' democratic republic of America--in breach of the public contract and trust are the Utopian zealots and have been for decades (centuries). Some politicians pretend in public that they are not Utopian zealots but they are and personally, I consider them to be infiltrators infesting our country and capital as you can plainly read in the description of Stars Over Washington (underneath the title, above). It isn't our form of government that's the trouble, but we do need all termites, moths, and socio- and psycho-paths kicked out or locked up.

Enlarge the following image to read my notes on the chart, if you wish. You see the T-Square of tension between the Mercury-Neptune opposition pointing toward Saturn which denotes potentials for pessimism and gloomy reactions which may not be valid (Tyl). And since Donald Trump is the candidate born with the fantastical Mercury-Neptune square (Hillary has a Mercury-Saturn square, as you remember, a policy wonk is she), the tension and gloom could be primarily a side dish on Mr. Trump's plate for Autumn 2016.

Update Sept 6, 2016: okay, I'm ending this post now without the chart notes I meant to type for the original post but the hour grows late and I should publish this now because I want to link the Autumn EQ 2016 chart to the article I'm writing today for Jude Cowell Astrology, my latest foray into the wild west cyberworld of astrology blogging. If you're curious, the article is about transit Jupiter entering Libra during the 2nd week of September and about the Libra New Moon of Sep 30, 2016 and it includes a bracing video presentation concerning these cosmic matters and others by Astrologer Patricia!

Aug 14, 2016

Cowardly Republicans Have Allowed "Hate" to Become Their Brand - clip (plus, Pluto)

The Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio really gives the Republicans what's what in this brief clip which reminds me a lot of the *realism and tackling the truth themes of the acting early September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse followed on September 16th by a Lunar Eclipse in Mystical Pisces, sign of illusions and deceptions. And Spirituality. And fish. Plenty of sea creatures and fish.

You know how stealthy, powerful Pluto in Venus-ruled Taurus triggers intolerance and excessive greed for gaining possessions and wealth? Astrologically speaking, Pluto was plodding through zodiacal Taurus (the bull of Wall Street; golden calf worship) when the Republican Party formed on the coattails of the Lincoln election. Or at least that's what my pappy always told me.

And now a few choice words from Mike Papantonio concerning the current activities of the GOP:

Aug 7, 2016

Is Donald Trump capable of being Presidential? Vibrational Astrology weighs in

August 2016: in the video below, David Cochrane demonstrates the use of Vibrational Astrology (aka, Harmonics) to answer questions such as, Is Donald Trump capable of being presidential? This presentation is timely because Mr. Trump's remarks have grown steadily more inflammatory and ill-advised in recent weeks and there is much discussion about his "temperament" being unfit for the Oval Office.

In his presentation David 'goes out on a limb' to predict the 'turning of a corner' around August 24th and 25th when transit Saturn and transit Uranus trigger Trump's trio of Sun-Pluto-Mercury in his 23rd harmonic chart ('H23', I call it) which shows his strong views, his obsession with taking risks, his inability to listen to anyone else, and his refusal to back down but instead to 'double down'.

So August 24/25 is likely to bring a big decision either by Trump (to abandon his presidential bid and quit the race? to soften his rhetoric and get in line with the aims of the GOP?) or by the party hierarchy (an ultimatum for Trump? a permanent separation?) for as you know, Saturn to Sun is a time when decisions have to be made, and/or something must be defined; Uranus to Sun denotes a surprising or disruptive event, and/or a completely new element entering the picture.

Actually, both ears perked up as I listened to David's H23 information (recorded in July 2016) about August 24th and 25th for it happens that a conjunction of two malevolent planets occurs on August 24, 2016 which hits one of the royal stars, turbulent Antares. A conjunction always times the beginning of a new cycle of planetary energies and these are destructive energies which last conjoined in Scorpio--now in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius which gives an ideological or religious tone to the proceedings. Naturally, war activities cannot be ruled out and some folks will simply have an active time of it though schedules may not coordinate as well as they should.

David Cochrane:

For more videos by expert astrologer David Cochrane search for him on YouTube or check out the featured Astrology videos on my new Astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology where no Politics or politicians shall enter the gates!

If you wish, view the August 23rd triple conjunction horoscope with details in a previous post with the chart set for Washington DC, as usual.

Aug 4, 2015

C-SPAN is the Outsider Network - Thom Hartmann

Last evening's Republican Forum seems to have inspired the following remarks about C-SPAN and CNN from Thom Hartmann:

CSPAN #Thom Hartmann #broadcasting

Speaking of outsiders! Tune in to The 'X' Zone this Thursday August 6, 2015 at 10:00 pm edt as host Rob McConnell interviews yours truly! Warning: some Political Astrology may occur! Or, if you're agog over watching the Republican 'debates' on FOX in real time on August 6th, you can also catch Rob's interviews via podcasts or previous shows that are available on The 'X' Zone website and on many other broadcast networks.