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Aug 9, 2016

If Trump Quits, Would His Replacement Be Even Scarier? - video

Thom Hartmann poses an interesting question and so close to the November 8th election: who could (or would) replace 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump on the GOP ticket and how awful would this be?

And may I say that as a *child of the Revolution, I deeply resent how the political establishment has gone along with the power elite who have provided the American people with a rock and a hard place in the 2016 selection of the next president (as if our votes matter) and yes, I believe this was done on purpose precisely at this time to further the instability and disintegration of the US government and the other institutions we have traditionally depended upon. As I've blogged for years (as have others), forget the Rs vs Ds/cons vs libs ploys--this is class warfare of a most vicious kind.

Here's Thom:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism; replace 'Statism' with Nationalism and you have Mr. Trump, the Mussolini wannabe.


*My occasional reference to A Child of the Revolution is due to ancestral participation in the fight for independence, yes, and to the '30 Cancer' Sabian Symbol which is the Illumination Point of my natal Mars @30Capricorn. I dissent from the destruction of all that they fought, sacrificed, and died for--and reserve the right to do so on behalf of my country. jc

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