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Nov 13, 2016

Trump Eyes Bush-Era Torture Architect For CIA Head - TYT video report

Trump's White House Preparations in Progress, Cabinet and Staff Members Ready to Serve If Tapped

As feared, a whole crop of old, crooked politicians have started hanging onto Mr. Trump's suspenders hoping to be shoehorned into the back door of the White House once again (that's where the keep the cash cow). Voting for Trump was the same as voting for Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Spit Comb, Rice, Kristol, Ailes, Gingrich, and all the little warmongering Vulcans who not only brought the invasion and costly occupation of Iraq to the world and to the US Treasury, but they also broke America's longstanding political taboo against preemptive war, and palled around closer than ever before with Underworld criminal elements (creepy Pluto, of course, along with Neptune and with Mars to pull the trigger).

And on a different level of reality, these sidewinders are playing a Global Game only they know the rules of...aka, 'a power game with important consequences' (Tyl):

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