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Jan 8, 2017

Big Bankers Behind All Wars (Jupiter-Pluto) - Trump's First Term

And This Includes the American Revolution

As you know, General Smedley Butler is famous for advising us that, War is a racket.

Political Astrology, Jupiter-Pluto, and Plutocracy

For an astrological portrait of big banker plutocrats and the politicians whose actions they control and direct, more than one planetary signature may be employed. The 'Plutocracy' pair of Jupiter-Pluto with its 13-year cycle is a prominent factor worth considering when it comes to financial, political, and militaristic topics.

Where are we now in the cycle? Jupiter Square Pluto

The current Jupiter-Pluto cycle began with their conjunction on December 11, 2007 @28Sag24 (where transit Mercury turned Direct early this morning--Jupiter-Pluto = Mercury: a propaganda campaign; the desire to influence many people - Ebertin). When I think of Jupiter-Pluto, I think of The Federal Reserve Banking System and how its insertion into the US government was secretly planned on Jekyll Island, Georgia in December 1910. Tap or click here to view a horoscope of the New Moon that perfected while the traitors sneakily hunkered down together during the dark of the Moon...Senator Aldrich, immigrant Warburg, Morgan agents, and the rest.

Currently, the off-and-on-again square between Jupiter and Pluto suggests a time when wheeler-dealers such as Mr. Trump are prominent and a tendency toward political maneuvering such as gutting ethics rules oversight is in evidence. As you know, the de-fanging of the congressional ethics office was the very first thing the new Republican-led 115th Congress attempted and they will try again as contributing to questionable endeavors, large-scale enterprises that affect many people, dubious financial schemes, and other exploitative attitudes continue through the first term of Mr. Trump. Under this plutocratic square, large gains will be expected from little effort, although with a square's blocking potential, some measure of disappoint may occur.

Now Sun-Pluto fanatically craves power and Pluto-Chiron certainly signifies Plutocracy, plutocrats, and their centuries-long oppression and exploitation of the masses and this would necessarily include The US Fed and other transnational bankers coup'ing countries across the globe--one of the topics of the above video. Actually, it was the announcement of Fed Head Ben Bernanke on December 11, 2007 at 2:15 pm est (I was watching on Live TV) that perked up my ears since the last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto began that very same day at 2:34 pm with Mr. Bernanke at the podium! I posted on the topic on December 10, 2007 if you wish to view the 2:15 pm horoscope which shows (unsurprisingly!) Plutocracy's Pluto-Chiron midpoint at MC, the Goal Point of the announcement about interest rates.

2017 Jupiter Retrograde: Hold That Tiger

As for the Trump-Pence administration, their first year in office will be imprinted by a Jupiter retrograde period of delay which lasts from February 6, 2017 (@23Lib08 conjunct starry Spica and Arcturus) until June 9, 2017 when Jupiter turns Direct @13Lib13 conjunct US natal Saturn (suggesting a partial easing of responsibilities!), and less than an hour prior to a Full Moon @18Sag53. As you see, an eventful year is promised on many levels and it is directly personalized for Mr. Trump (and thus for the American people) thanks to his being born with a strong Stationary Direct Jupiter @17Lib27. In addition, February 2017's Lunar and Solar Eclipses up the anti and may reveal more inconvenient truths followed in August by two more eclipses--one of which is The Great American Eclipse and its path of visibility which 'splits' our nation from Oregon to South Carolina.

Toward the end of Trump's first term as president, many astrologers including yours truly are concerned about the Great Conjunctions of year 2020. Included are the next conjunction/s of Jupiter and Pluto which perfect on April 5th @24Cap53, June 30th @24Cap06, and November 12th @22Cap52. I intend to post more Political Astrology details concerning 2020 as my schedule permits.

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