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Mar 8, 2017

DC Horoscope: Saturn-Pluto Conjunction January 2020

Here is the horoscope set for Washington DC of the Great Conjunction of restrictive Saturn and powerful Pluto @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020; Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius are both unaspected and the Hour belongs to a Capricorn Jupiter strong in its natural 9th house of Philosophy and Foreign Travel:

Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the publicly visible 10th house of Public Status and Career with authoritative Saturn ruling 10th house (MC 18Cap06) and Pluto's Scorpio on the Descendant of Partnerships. The Aries-Libra axis is intercepted suggesting something hidden or karmic in the realms of the 6/12 polarity in relation to alliances, diplomacy, war, police/military forces, and/or health and civil service issues. Chart-ruler Venus makes no applying (or waning) aspects at all so her house and sign positions are emphasized and you see by her degree (28AQ) that US natal Moon in Aquarius has been conjoined recently by Venus which suggests a harmonious period when intuition leads and the cold, hard facts are ignored or bypassed. But with the January meeting of Saturn and Pluto, 2020 will be a year when cold hard facts cannot be ignored or denied and may be forced upon society.

'Facing hard facts' relates to the crisis-ridden 'YOD' (not exactly one since the MC is part of it) that points toward an unaspected Moon @17Leo13 in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, Creative Pursuits, Romance, and Children. Strain (inconjunct) is upon the people (Moon) and issues from the Neptune-MC sextile which indicates those in authority who influence people and public policy in subtle ways in order to gain their acquiescence and avoid opposition (like they've practiced against us for years with varying levels of success). The Saturn-Pluto conjunction may be the catalyst that further solidifies global corporatists' totalitarian power with Pluto in Capricorn as the dictator, according to Reinhold Ebertin, and of course, Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is extremely strong but times financial difficulties--though not necessarily for the win-win types). And we have America's first-ever Pluto Return coming up in 2022 to cement the Saturn-Pluto deal of 2020.

As for the Moon as Bucket handle this denotes some level of inspiration and zeal coming from the realms of Leo and identifies those who adapt allegiances where they can count for the most (Jones). A Bucket pattern suggests a cause or a mission to fulfill but is the Moon-as-handle advocating the cause or playing a different or an opportunistic tune? Saturn-Pluto likes to use secret police and military agencies to dominate the public and creates turmoil in traditional institutions especially if they're resistant to change. The duo's affairs are not open to public scrutiny as governmental checks and balances are upset (they already are) and secret preparations are being made for more restriction in the future which is underscored by the chart's Aries-Libra interception with its hidden, secret, or karmic (reaping what was sown) quality.

Upper right is a list of Jupiter's conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto, all in 2020; this chart's Saturn-Pluto conjunction is the first of them and denotes bleakness, brutality, and hard hard work. Also in the 9th house is penned the Pre-Natal Eclipse of this conjunction which occurred on December 26, 2019 @4Cap06 in the 3 South Saros Series (see lower left). 3 South themes are: traumatic transformation via news received or a short journey taken; sudden endings of relationships, possibly with a young person; this series is deeply emotional with Pluto involved (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Perhaps you recognize this eclipse from the last time it manifested on December 14, 2001 when 'mastermind' Osama bin Laden was (allegedly) tracked to the Tora Bora Caves by the US military, then pouf! he mysteriously disappeared as if he'd never been.

3 South is the Pre-natal Eclipse series of the Discovery of Pluto (Feb 18, 1930) and of the Republic of China. This chart's Earth-Fire (scorched earth!) Sun Cap-Moon Leo blend is shared natally by China's Mao Tse-tung and America's Dolly Parton so let's close with Mao's famous quote:

"Wherever we go, we must we must unite with the people, take root, and blossom among them."

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Bucket info from an old copy of The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation by Marc Edmund Jones.

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