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Mar 27, 2017

Donald Trump hearts President Andrew Jackson!

A Natal Chart Comparison: Donald Trump's Idolatry of President Andrew Jackson

by Jude Cowell

President Andrew Jackson? Vicious! say his modern critics. And based only on Jackson's instigation of the tragic Trail of Tears, made possible by the imperial Indian Removal Act, I must concur (and having Native American heritage myself as do many 'native' Georgians via Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas).

Mr. Trump wants his presidency to resemble that of 'populist president' Andrew Jackson and of course with Mr. Trump we've noticed a wide streak of intolerance for 'the other' even though he ran for office as 'the other' and 'the outsider' in an attempt to pretend a great chasm exists between himself and The Establishment that permeates Washington DC. So with Trump we have 'the other' hating 'the others', all the foreigners among us as if most if not all of our ancestors weren't immigrants themselves at some point. Ironic enough for us? Then why not consider the two natal charts and planets of these men of power, one a military general born in 1767, the other a real estate mogul born in 1946--and both initiated Freemasons.

Two Versions of Andrew Jackson's Natal Chart

With no known birth hour for Jackson firmly proven, you may wish to check out the two versions shown at astrodatabank of Jackson's March 15, 1767 morning chart and the rectified version set for March 14, 1767 11:24 pm LMT (rectified by Isaac Starkman). Plus, other birth times are noted such as Grant Lewi's '2:00 am' speculation. Both Jackson's charts show a Sun Pisces-Moon Virgo personality blend so we have that goin' for us.

House cusps are different, of course, for Andrew Jackson: the March 15th 'morning chart' gives 25Ari50 rising with quirky genius Uranus (25Ari50) in tow suggesting one with great coping ability. Uranus-ASC describes one who is alert and responds quickly and individualistically to whatever occurs. And of course, Mars-ruled-Aries is the sign of the pioneer and adventurer which certainly describes Andrew Jackson who, as president, embodied the physical implementation of America's much-vaunted Manifest Destiny, the Jupiterian impulse that native American tribes were in the way of. Uranus in Aries is the zealot and anarchist, the Utopian idealist, according to Reinhold Ebertin, and we've certainly experienced this since transit Uranus entered Aries in 2010 (ex: the Tea Party, an early expression in the Collective of this riotous placement.)

Another feature of Jackson's Aries Rising chart is that it places powerful Pluto (11Cap39) at Midheaven (MC), the Goal Point of the chart. Pluto conjunct MC = power, control, violence, plus, more coping ability (Pluto) in the realm of Career and Public Status. Transit Pluto now conjoins this MC and a three-fer Pluto Return occurred for Jackson all through 2014.

As for Jackson's rectified chart with 00Sag54 rising ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"), MC = 12Vir08 where transit North Node pointed in September 2016; his natal Jupiter @17Vir10 Rx and natal Moon 19Vir46 conjoin this Virgo MC from the 10th house side. In political realms, Moon-Jupiter often indicates ineffective leadership which may not precisely describe Jackson's White House tenure and I doubt it could be said to describe his military leadership (ex: the Battle of New Orleans.)

Planetary Links Between Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson

Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946) = '1946'; Jackson = '1767' so let's see if any planetary contacts exist between the two men's natal charts but not including Andrew Jackson's house cusps, Ascendant, etc:

1767 Saturn 13Gem44/45: Saturn is closest to 1946's natal Uranus-NN-Sun political trio but with a 4-degree+ orb, a weak link. 1767 Venus (@11Aries = "The President of the Country"!) is widely opposed by 1946 Neptune (5Lib50 Rx) denoting potentials for strange circumstances to develop along with deception, mistrust, confusion, and a lack of cooperation from others. Neptune opposing Venus makes bankruptcy a distinct possibility (Mr. Trump already has already bankrupted businesses including a gambling casino--how is that possible? no customers?) and naturally false promises and financial schemes are implicated, plus, misunderstandings and disappointments in relationship matters are prominent expressions of this link.

Now with 1946's Mars 26Leo and Ascendant 29Leo (conjunct royal Regulus), we find 1767's Neptune @3Vir15 Rx nearby which creates a midpoint picture of note: Mars-Neptune = ASC which adds an unstable quality to their relationship (and with Trump's tendency to change his mind on a whim or notion, we'll see if his idolatry of Jackson has staying power). Transit North Node @3Virgo now points toward 1767's natal Neptune, a 'lack of community spirit' indicator that may also describe the public's current notice (NN) of Jackson's ideals or ideology (Neptune). Additionally, the potential for misunderstandings is increased by 1767's Mercury @3Ari31 opposed by 1946's Neptune Rx.

Note that 1767's Mercury-Neptune inconjunction of adjustment adds difficult energies to the confused misunderstandings and disappointments of this link while 1946's problematic Mercury-Neptune square contains the probability of distorted perceptions, false promises, overblown fantasies, and falsehoods. Mercury rules rhetoric, while Neptune rules propaganda, the media, and the masses, unwashed though they may be. Add to that the tendency to use others (as illustration, as a behavioral model, etc) and we have Trump using Jackson as propaganda icon for Trump supporters who idolize Andrew Jackson themselves.

Two 'war' and 'violence' links exist between Jackson and Trump: 1767's South Node, a karmic point of separation and neurosis, is conjoined by 1946's Pluto @10Leo02 and of course this occurs in the egocentric sign of the natural leader, royal Leo. The other link is 1767's warrior planet Mars @22Tau23 conjunct the MC (Goal Point) of the 1946 natal chart, not a positive thought at all especially when considering the militaristic Mars Rising personality of Donald Trump with his rising Regulus and the star's caution: 'success if revenge is avoided'.

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