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Mar 19, 2017

Fair Tax Act? The Unfair Tax Act

Astrologer Kevin Estes writes from California regarding the GOP's Fair Tax Act as Pluto takes a bow:

Fair Tax Act? The Unfair Tax Act

by Kevin Estes

The "Fair Tax Act" has recently been proposed by the House of Representatives. If it's approved, the income tax would be abolished and replaced with a 20% sales tax on all taxable items. Sounds good, but when you do your research, it's really UNfair.

With this plan, everybody would be paying the same amount of sales tax. This means that the person on disability would pay the same amount of tax as Bill Gates, the person on Social Security would be paying the same amount of tax as the Koch Brothers, etc. Basically, the "Fair Tax Act" is a punishment for not being rich, as this would give the wealthy way more to spend, while actually raising taxes on the working class and making the poor actually have to pay tax they can't afford. For something worth two dollars, an extra 20 cents would be added, along with the already prevalent local and state sales tax. For something worth $40, two whole dollars would be added to the overall cost. And considering that states will still have their income tax, this would be something that half the population cannot afford.

As the research in this blog shows, quite a few Republicans are secular or "Ayn Rand" Republicans, meaning that they vote Republican for their tax cuts, while being socially liberal. This tax plan would alienate them, as an even bigger portion of their money would be taken by the government than there was under the last Democratic president Barack Obama, who kept the Bush tax cuts intact for the middle class and lower classes, while only raising taxes on the upper middle class and wealthy. These people would likely become independents as a result if this gets passed.

The tax system, while in need of reforming, would be better off not existing at all. After all, the federal government we send our taxes to every year does not represent us, but rather themselves, and the corporations that enrich them and fund their campaigns. We're basically paying our government to screw us. But how will the government be able to operate without taxes? Well, it operated without an income tax for years, until the income tax was established during Woodrow Wilson's presidency. To go even further, how will we survive if we're not economic "wage slaves"? Imagine a world where everyone had a set minimum amount they make every month, and can pursue the career they want. Or a world where everyone had guaranteed employment, in a field that meshes with their innate astrological nature. Or to be even more extreme, a world where there was no money at all, and thus no way for elites to use the lower classes for their best interests. We need to be united, not divided, and classes are just another method of division, that aren't innate, like our skin color, sexual orientation, gender, astrological signs, generational characteristics, and even political viewpoints are. Economic classes are man made, and not in our best interests, as the lower classes will inevitably be serving the upper classes.

Pluto, the transformer, will be in Capricorn, the sign that represents federal systems, until 2024, when it goes into Aquarius, the sign of freedom. The income tax is one of those systems, along with the financial system, the education system, the political system, the media, religion, the entertainment industry, etc. The first six are not in our best interests, as they're all clearly in place to keep humanity enslaved to the elites, and the entertainment industry, while it does keep us entertained, has a long history of predictive programming (9/11 hints were given as far back as 1979, in the cover of progressive rock band Supertramp's Breakfast In America album! And the film "The Matrix" was a subtle way of telling us the reality of our system).

All of those systems will have to be transformed in humanity's best interests, as the systems that were in place during the last Pluto cycle, which started in 1777, are losing relevancy during the final days of Pluto in Capricorn.

And while fairness is good, it must be in the best interests of everyone, or else it isn't really fair at all. Giving the poorest and wealthiest Americans the same tax rate isn't fair, as it's not in everyone's best interest, but only the best interests of the corporations that own our elected officials, which is why political and ethical indicators in astrology need to be known by everyone, in order to elect people who will serve in humanity's best interests.

This post originally appeared on Left Wing Astrology on March 17, 2017 and is published here by author's permission. jc

Thanks Kevin!

In case you missed it here's Kevin's article Divide and Conquer: The Illuminati Agenda.

A Fair Tax Note: the Republicans' Fair Tax Act of 2017 was referred to committee on January 3, 2017 (the day the 115th Congress convened) and has about a 1% chance of passage. Tap or click to read the bill (S. 18).

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