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Jul 16, 2017

Paul Manafort: the Ram and the Bull

Mr. Trump's associate and former 2016 campaign manager and, for years, partaker at the Russian and Ukrainian troughs Paul Manafort was decidedly born on April 1, 1949 when the Tropical Sun was in Mars-ruled Aries, the ram, and the Moon floated through Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of the bull for the entire 24-hour period. This reliably provides a Sun Aries-Moon Taurus personality blend to consider even though Mr. Manafort's birth time is apparently not to be uncovered.

See Paul Manafort international 'gun for hire', and here's a March 2017 news clip of Manafort struggling to deny Trump-Russia ties.

The Fire-Earth combination of energies is sometimes known as 'the bull dozer'. Here's a famous quote by one who was also born under a Fire-Earth blend, J. P. Morgan Sr (Sun Aries-Moon Virgo), "I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do." This demonstrates, among other things, the massive Fire-Earth ego, certitude in their 'rightness', and a tendency to become dictatorial.

As the Bull Snorts

Paul Manafort's Sun Aries-Moon Taurus combo of conscious-unconscious energies suggests one who can be diplomatic or tactless, intuitive yet pragmatic, and is ambitious and possessive. Smoothing ruffled feathers has probably been part of a job description for him and making his mark upon the world is a goal. A lover of luxury, Mr. Manafort is great company and has a bawdy sense of humor. My guess is that the off-color Trump appreciates Manafort's sense of humor. But there's that massive ego which can get in the way of cooperation and teamwork--actually, another trait the two men share.

Magnetically charming, Mr. Manafort is a self-centered man who uses a stop-and-go approach (that can be annoying to others) and has an inclination to sulk and brood (can he also pout? I'd buy a ticket for that!) when thwarted or ignored. And that may be the moment when snorting Taurus the bull shows up to throw his weight around the barn or command the ring with a loud bellow or two.

Let's close with this blend's two Images for Integration from the Harvey's book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, one of which may strike you as--well, there's no other word for it--political:

"An explorer practices his violin in a jungle clearing...Having won an arduous race, the champion sits down to a gourmet meal."


Now this sounds as if it might be good news and with more improvement to come: Robert Mueller is already changing Washington's lying ways. And if you've read SO'W before, you know what this will mean: that after 12 years I'll be changing the 'blog description', above, from "Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them..."

Nah! Places of easy money will always attract criminals and their entourages while grasping the reins of power is some folks' obsession based on desperate attempts to gain safety and status for themselves as they step on and over others, if that's what it takes to 'win'.

What has America become?

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