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Jun 25, 2021

December 2021's 5 New South Solar Eclipse: Benefits!

by Jude Cowell

June 25, 2021: Below is a DC Horoscope of the December 4, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 in the 5 New South Saros Series with its themes of 'benefits, good news, peak experiences, joy' (Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

As you see, chart-ruler Venus @22Cap19 conjuncts the IC (Foundation of the Matter) while applying to a conjunction with powerful Pluto @25Cap07. Some consideration may be due to this particular degree range of Saturn-ruled Capricorn since '23 Capricorn' is a degree of governmental authority (N. DeVore) and '25 Capricorn' is, critically, the cusp of the 24th Lunar Mansion. In addition, mercenary star Terebellum (Omega Sagittarius), although faint, is located within these degrees as well. So Venus to Pluto (see lower left) suggests strategic manipulation in order to gain control. Financial matters, even bankruptcy, are also suggested as well as criminal elements having influence. Of course, we don't need Astrology to tell us America has been seriously infiltrated by such corruption.

And for those who prefer a US horoscope with 11--13 Sagittarius rising, this Solar Eclipse hits directly upon the Ascendant of such a chart which then personalizes the 5 New South Eclipse of December 2021 for America and further enhances the significance of expansive planet Jupiter. However, if you prefer a different version (July 4, 1776, or other--) then the eclipse falls within a house other than the Ascendant (1st or 12th house) and affects the activities of that house and the houses also ruled by the eclipse-and-chart-ruler/s.

Now located with the Eclipse in the 2nd hou$e is Mars @23Sco40 as leader of a BOWL shape of planets so here we have an activist or combatant promoting the 'advocacy of a cause' or 'having a mission'. A further identifier is the fact that this Mars conjuncts the natal IC of Donald Tr*mp which may be what I like to call a cosmic peep-eye especially since he is known or suspected to have been born with testy Mars rising in royal Leo.

One more Tr*mpian note is that his natal Jupiter @17Lib27 (at Station on June 14, 1946) conjuncts this Ascendant while Speaker Nancy Pelosi's natal Jupiter conjuncts the Descendant reminding us of their previous political stand-offs. Yet a comfort is always to consider the Sabian Symbol of his greedy Jupiter at '18Libra': "Two Men Placed Under Arrest".

Then with critical-crisis degrees on the security-minded MC-IC, we find one of the Gemini Twins, Castor at Midheaven ('MC') - positively a creative star, yes, but also with its negative potentials for 'sudden fame or loss, murder, mental illness', and/or 'the crippling of limbs' (A. Louis). Everyone knows our society is at a critical stage of development, this is not news!

So here are my final notes: the Moon rises with royal star Antares (We the People feeling feisty!), Mercury @15Sag13 (conjunct Arachne: the internet?) accompanies the Solar Eclipse and suggests the need for logic and reasoning power which emphasizes the sign and portents of this Eclipse: Sagittarius, so that karmic progress can be made by an honest search for truth and by utilizing moral concepts and ethics. However, misplaced idealism, misguided beliefs, and false optimism must be avoided for best results (R. Lineman).

So agree or disagree, I personally feel such uplifting concepts are much more likely to be utilized now that America is helmed by President Joe Biden.

As always, dear reader, your on-topic comments and observations are welcomed as are any kindly Shares! Jude

Feb 7, 2021

March 4, 2021: Trump's "Shadow Inauguration"?

February 7, 2021: How Pathetic Can One Man's Ego Be?

by Jude Cowell

Answer: Off the charts, it seems. One of the oddest 'QAnon' theories of late is noted in a January 2021 article published on vice dot com that: Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 19th president of the United States on March 4, 2021. Might a peek at a speculative (fantasy-based from agent orange's Mercury-Neptune square of deception and misperception) "Shadow Inauguration Horoscope" interest you? Me, too. Besides, everyone is quite familiar by now with agent orange's fantasy-based Mercury-Neptune square of deception and misperception that inspires and generates his tiresome spinning of tall tales and his lamentable inability to deal with, or hear, the truth.

As for setting up a horoscope, the problem is, I've found no hour or location for the proposed ego-laced event so I've set the following March 4, 2021 Horoscopes for 12:00 pm in Mar-A-Lago, Florida (upper right) and Washington DC (lower left) for your viewing pleasure. These locations at noon give us some indication of the March 4th cosmic weather if (or not!) such an event takes place at all. My notes are penned on the image but I'll add a few Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio details below the image because they seem in my opinion to fit the man and the day's conditions quite well.

Mar-A-Lago vs Washington DC

You'll note that in DC the chart-ruler is the Scorpio Moon (changes; publicity) while in Florida it's oath-taking Mercury (also changes, and transactions). As you see, Mercury conjuncts wide-girthed Jupiter at the "A Man Unmasked" degree denoting far-reaching plans of a legal nature (9th house). Plus, Venus and Saturn - together a dissatisfied pair - are the only planets that change houses between the two locations.

With Mars rising in his natal chart, Trump is often associated with planet Mars, and here in 12th house, we have a cosmic picture of a man who deeply feels the erosion of his personal power. Plus, contentious warrior Mars conjuncts fixed star Alcyone which gives him something to cry about. However, for Trump, we should probably add whine to the star's to-do list.

Meanwhile, the Scorpio Moon tilts the rim of a BOWL shape of planets suggesting a self-contained personality focused on ambition and career (10th house is inside the BOWL). People advocating for a cause or a mission may also be indicated although they're working with limited experience of the world.

But note the Syzygy Moon @8Vir57 (the Full Moon of February 27th - disrupts and reveals like a Lunar Eclipse) at the IC (Basis of the Matter) in Washington which, by degree, re-activates the 19 North Solar Eclipse of September 1, 2016 @9Vir21 - the Prenatal Eclipse of Election 2016 and of Inauguration 2017. Cosmically imprinted upon his White House tenure, 19 North themes have remained applicable during the 'Trump era' (which he seeks to expand) and perhaps you remember them: "realism; coming down to earth; becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is; a good time for tackling the truth" (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology) #ad. Perhaps you also remember that transit Neptune, planet of deception, fraud, and grand schemes, opposed the 19 North Eclipse and has managed to muddy every issue possible with lies and fantasies while sojourning in the mid-degrees of Pisces where masking Neptune resides in the Republican Party founding horoscope/s of 1854.

And so in 2021, members of the Republican Party continue ill-advised attempts to "vouch" for arch deceiver and saboteur extraordinaire Donald Trump, no matter what it costs the people of the United States of America.

Now here are dual horoscopes for March 4, 2021's proposed "Shadow Inauguration" of the reviled con man with mobster ties, Donald Trump, an albatross around America's neck if there ever was one:

Now the Double Water blend of Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio (vibes of Jupiter-Neptune and Mars-Pluto) describes an emotionally biased, intensely subjective combination of conscious and unconscious energies. Scathingly critical, this blend suggests those who are ruled by their emotions, opinions, and convictions (if only!), and tend to feel right at home in the underworld. Stubborn and cantankerous, this brooding combo denotes those with vivid imaginations and a dominating personality which relies on sensationalism. Using any manipulation necessary in order to gain and grasp the reins of power, Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio types can be strong in adversity, intensely intuitive, prejudiced, and irrationally suspicious.

This blend is shared natally by author John Steinbeck, and in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys suggest a couple of 'Images for Integration', one of which (you may agree) closely applies to the grudge-holding fellow with the pathetically huge ego:

For it is, "The Grapes of Wrath."

Jun 18, 2020

A Total Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020: Fate Steps In

December 14, 2020 Brings a 'Cosmic Blink' from Above: Fate, Destiny, Karma

by Jude Cowell

June 18, 2020: Many events, changed conditions, and tweets have occurred since last I posted the Horoscope of the 4 South Solar Eclipse which perfects on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 so here's another consideration of the chart with a few hindsight conditions in mind, plus, a nod to the element of fate, aka, destiny:

As you see, the natal placements of Donald Trump are not littering the chart even though his Sun-NN/Moon-SN polarity is involved with the transiting Nodal axis, Mercury (20Sag05), and the Solar Eclipse, primarily because like most people I am truly weary of the blighter. He does figure in, of course, and may be the primary recipient of the 'fate' suggested by the 4 South eclipse themes (see below), plus other cosmic indications in the chart. However, 'wherever Trump goes so goes America' at least for now so mention should be made of the fact that his natal Descendant rises in this chart (Ascendant @29AQ01, a critical-crisis 29th degree). Also rising are two of the eclipse's midpoints: Pluto-Chiron (plutocrats; exploitation; primal violence; racism and other oppressive -isms), and, inventive Mercury-Uranus with little Mercury snugged between the eclipse and the Saturnian South Node (ideas behind or ahead of their time? same old tweeted insults? leaked plans?). Well obviously, technology and communications are suggested by Mercury-Uranus along with a potential for rebellion or riots due to goals not being fully explained or being rejected, plus, accidents via travel are possible, and Trump's past tweets may be spotlighted as they've been before. Yes, tweets (Mercury) from the past (SN) can come back to haunt even the most erstwhile tweeter!

Meanwhile, radical Uranus @7Tau07 lurches through the 2nd house of Earning Ability and the National Treasury and is unaspected (spurt-like energy or intuition from Uranus) and likely seeking 'unusual methods of financing' when in Taurus. This placement also suggests that 'premature action results in failure' (Ebertin) and can result in costly upsets or disruptions of one kind or another such as sudden natural events (exs: tectonic plates shifting--Saturn at a critical 29th degree--storms, hurricanes, and/or tech disruptions). Expect the unexpected.

And yet it's gas-lighting Neptune in her own sign of Pisces that rises in 1st house and denotes potentials for undermining conditions, saboteurs and subversives, events too massive to handle (possibly involving water or other liquids and/or toxins, drugs, oceans) plus, illness, infection, weakness, instability, confusion, fear and paranoia rising. So apparently our current difficulties continue to flow through society while a disinterested fellow with a power-grasping agenda 'mans' the helm of the White House and tweets our country away to the highest bidder.

Then, in 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Legal Affairs is Venus @28Sco44 - a money planet in the business and investment sign of Scorpio. Venus leads the tilt of a BOWL which falls over the 10th cusp of Career and Public Reputation. She's on a mission and is advocating for a cause (BOWL) but is less effective due to her limited experience of the world as shown by the signs outside the BOWL - the realms of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra. To me this indicates missing elements of versatility, nurturance, natural leadership, discrimination, and balance. Unfortunately as 2020 ends, the trio of planets in governmental Capricorn and eroding Neptune in Pisces are outweighing Cancer's natural tendency to nurture and dissolving Virgo's natural function of discrimination - or trying to.

Meanwhile, other karmic or fated conditions are shown by factors such as the interception of the Virgo-Pisces axis across the 1/7 house polarity (including watery Neptune opposing dedicated Vesta). Yes, it's obviously time that America's Virgo-Pisces 'victim-savior' issues be dealt with and these include police brutality, Black Lives Matter, work place ethics (US Neptune in Virgo, sign of work and health), medical matters (exs: Covid-19, hospitals, supplies, testing, death rates), and the current loss of employment, lives, and lifestyles of millions of Americans, under empty vessel Trump.

Heavyweight Planets Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn and US natal Pluto

Naturally a major component in the eclipse chart is the 12th house of Karma, Self-Undoing, Large Institutions, Politics, and Behind-the-Scenes activities and meetings because heavyweights Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, now Direct in Capricorn, are grouped there across the house cusp which also happens to be conjoined by US natal Pluto Rx (27Cap33). As you know, US Pluto always drags along our nation's Mercury-Pluto opposition of surveillance and thought control (propaganda). In fact, the Mercury-Uranus duo includes the interesting potential of 'using propaganda during emergencies'. Ya think? Well, chart-ruler Saturn makes no applying aspects yet Venus does sextile conservative Saturn (a good business sense with a talent for setting priorities) while expansive Jupiter applies to their game-changing Great Conjunction (0A47) @00AQ29 perfecting at Winter Solstice 2020, a cosmic harbinger indicating major changes in society on several levels which we've discussed before (as has every other astrologer!).

Then sneakily, in the 12th house of Secret Deals is karmic Saturn sporting the Sabian Symbol for his rounded-up degree of '30 Capricorn' = OPPORTUNITY: "Directors of a Large Firm Meet in Secret Conference" with the word picture's negative expression: "rampant selfishness and rank exploitation" (Jones). Does this sound anything like a group of corporate executives, financiers, political operatives, and bad faith enablers you know? And maybe a selfish Ayn-Rander or two?

So when we look at the transiting midpoint picture with US natal Pluto as apex planet, what possibilities do we see? Tr Jupiter-Saturn = n Pluto: 'a total reversal of plans; intense business activity; extreme changes or reforms; and, wealthy, stealthy puppet master Pluto 'in control of the situation'. Actually, this midpoint picture is penned in the center of the chart and its potentials may very well relate to the objectives of that secret conference. Alternately, it may describe other players, too.

The Times They Really Are a-Changin'

Yes, change is rather the point of a 'cosmic blink'/'wild card' eclipse that affects conditions and events on Earth much as quirky, shocking Uranus tends to do: with disruption, unexpected events, intervention by a higher power, and possibly a total change of direction as a result. Are we listening to the Voice of a higher power? Well, some of us are! Are you?

Such is the Total Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 which contains themes of 'very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money; a sense of fatedness as individuals are caught up in relationship events beyond personal control; a sudden desire to end relationships or associations; anger; lust; blocked emotions that lead to much frustration. Best advice is to avoid hasty action until issues settle down' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Silent Neptune Undermines and Erodes

In addition, there are squares to the Eclipse/Nodal axis from Neptune - intercepted, as noted - with Neptunian potentials as mentioned, above and below. Foggy conditions, cloudiness, or insecurity may cause eclipse imperatives to seem difficult to understand or manage for the masses, even for the media (Neptune), yet to make karmic progress, clarity and truth must be constantly attempted to the extent that we can, our years of extreme disappointment with Washington politicians notwithstanding. Because feeling Neptunian disappointment in our elected officials is no longer enough to effect the positive changes we need and democracy requires participation.

For Neptunian circumstances squaring the eclipse include delusional leaders, subversives, saboteurs, radical reactionaries, and folks who are out of step with current societal standards and traditions - and all are eager to continue interfering with America's karmic progress for they prefer either the status quo or better yet (they think), the regressive policies of olden days. Why, even Trump's natal fantasy-prone, deceitful Mercury-Neptune square is echoed by this eclipse chart (but from Sagittarius to Pisces instead of Cancer to Libra). This 'square' condition of off-kilter Mercury and Neptune is another way that Trump shows up in the chart along with his natal Sun-Moon-Nodes configuration, and his speculating, transactional Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio in Libra conjunct the 8th cu$p of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Corporatism, among other realms. And as you know, the Nodes of the Moon suggest the fated paths all Earthlings must tread, even scofflaw freeloader Donald Trump.

A Related Post: December 2020 Solar Eclipse a Wild Card for Trump which shows the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope with its 8th house Saturn @23Sag30 - to be eclipsed by the December 14, 2020 Eclipse, plus, it activates Trump's Total Lunar Eclipse (@23Sag)! To me this eclipse pile-up sounds like a whole bunch of fated conditions and events coming due and it may take a huge amount of cheating and bribes to shoehorn his bulk into the Oval Office again. Or am I only wishfully dreaming?

Perhaps so, but it seems to me that this particular eclipse 'begs to differ' with such subversives and radical reactionaries concerning the fate of America because in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, a solar eclipse calls for integrity, honesty, ethical actions and moral standards to be upheld, not disrespected or neglected. Negative expressions such as misguided beliefs, erroneous philosophies, deceit, and fraud will amount to nothing of value under the influence of the December 2020 Eclipse, if karmic progress is to be made by the Collective as we face 2021, and it is extremely important that We The People not scatter our energies. Because as many people have called for lately, Unity is needed - for as everyone knows, there be strength in numbers!

A related opinion: Solidarity Will Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable.

May 16, 2019

The Prenatal Eclipse of Inauguration 2021

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020 11:16:26 am est Washington DC @23Sag08 10th house; Solar Hour; one retrograde planet: unaspected Uranus @7Tau07 Rx in 2nd house of the National Treasury (see chart, center upper). Ascendant 29AQ01, a critical or crisis degree, and conjunct the natal Descendant degree of Donald Trump so his natal ASC conjunct royal Regulus and natal Mars set in this chart. Plus, this eclipse will affect Trump's problematic Moon-South-Node conjunction.

The heavyweight trio of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in governmental Capricorn snug around the cusp of the 12th house (Politics, Self-Undoing; Large Institutions; Karma; The Unconscious; Secret Enemies) with Saturn strong in its own sign and at a critical-crisis 29th degree.

Also in 12th house is the Neptune-MC midpoint @00AQ17, the precise degree and minute of Inauguration 2017's POTUS Sun which creates a midpoint picture penned on the chart, upper right--someone is pretending to be what they are not. My suggestion: POTUS. Neptune-MC also conjoins the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn trio which activates potentials for (more) criminal offenses, pursuit of peculiar objectives, gambling and speculation, putting all the eggs in one basket, insecurity, uncertainty, an inability to get over losses, and/or suffering from the consequences of wrong actions. The Neptune-MC pairing itself points toward crooks and swindlers (Ebertin) and deception, disguise, and/or fraud used in career matters and in public life.

Rising are two midpoints--Pluto-Chiron, one of the Plutocracy/Plutocrat pairings of exploitation, racism and various other -isms, plus, primal violence, and Mercury-Uranus which bestows someone with organizing talent, and the ability to act with prudence or deliberation.

Near MC is the transiting Mercury-South-Node conjunction which shows someone feeling mentally alone, whose ideas or communications are stolen (or, a plagiarist; emails hacked?), and/or, one whose ideas are ahead or behind the times.

As for the BOWL shape of planets led by Venus @28Sco44 in the 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Legal Affairs, the empty houses of the chart identify areas of challenge; a BOWL often indicates a mission to fulfill or a cause to advocate, plus, frustration, uncertainty, and/or vindictiveness that arises from a sense of division are possibilities of this particular 4 South Eclipse season. Here, evaluating Venus in Big Business Scorpio acts as the point of application (Jones).

Themes of a 4 South Solar Eclipse identify it as a difficult eclipse series which will affect or influence events and circumstances leading up to the January 20, 2021 Inauguration, the person who takes the Oath of Office, and thus the next administration to inhabit the White House. We may expect issues such as: "very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money", a sense of fatedness in relationships which are beyond personal control, a sudden desire to end relationships or alliances, blocked emotions that lead to "a great deal of frustration," and a need to "avoid taking rash action until things settle down" (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Well, there are multiple other chart factors of note and I hope you'll ferret them out for yourself if you haven't already for a time of further turmoil approaches and we need all the fore-arming we can get.

Scorpio Girl 2 a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell

Nov 1, 2017

Transits to the Natal Planets of Robert Mueller

Brief Astro-Notes on Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III

Born August 7, 1944 in Manhattan, NYC, New York, a basic biography of Robert Mueller is available at Wikipedia if you're curious. And if you check it out, get ready to read a long list of medals awarded him for his bravery during the Vietnam War!

Image: a speculative natal horoscope for Special Counsel Robert Mueller timed by Moon to Aries Point (AP):

Obviously Mr Mueller was born with Sun in Leo, a proud sign that encompasses lawyers as well as thespians, teachers, and 'natural leaders'. His natal Moon on that date ranges from 21Pis29 (secretive, compassionate Pisces) to 6Ari18 (Mars-ruled Aries, sign of the pioneer, fighter, and activist) for we do not know his birth time. Naturally, the Cardinal World Point of 00Aries00, the Aries Point, is within natal Luna's range and denotes public recognition, fame, fortune, publicity, and/or activity on the World Stage--thus, the speculative horoscope you see here.

Now on SO'W we have already discussed Robert Mueller's Prenatal Solar Eclipse so let's now consider a few major upcoming transits to Mr. Muller's natal planets:

Currently, transit Neptune in Pisces opposes natal Mercury (12Virgo) bringing misunderstandings, confusion, and a potential for error and deceit (or, can indicate his work with people of deceit). It's a period of difficulty for making sense of facts and figures, fanaticism and paranoia may be evident, goals are elusive, and people may disappear (Paul Manafort a flight risk?)

November 2017 also brings a square from transit Jupiter to natal Pluto, a 'goals thwarted' transit that has been afflicting the natal Pluto (10Leo02) of Donald Trump as well. However, Mueller's Jupiter-square-Pluto transit is only one 'hit' on November 18th while Trump's has continued.

In December 2017, transit Jupiter squares Mueller's natal Sun in mid-Leo denoting a phase of 'going over the top' when chasing goals due in part to ego expansion; this is the first of three squares with December 21st the first target date.

January 2018 brings Mr. Mueller a Saturn-square-natal-Neptune (2Lib15) transit of confusion, lethargy, and possible depression; this is a 'once only' transit when withdrawal from the battle field is possible--will his 'Russia Gate' investigation be wrapped up by or around then? Transit North Node (public contact; future direction) conjoins natal Sun on or about January 18, 2018--a public announcement of some kind?

February 12, 2018 brings transit Saturn opposing natal Saturn (5Cancer--conjunct US natal Jupiter), a time when there may be regret over past actions and a demand to correct their consequences; any rewards result in more responsibility, and one reaps what's been sown (karma).

Then, beginning in June 2018, there are 5 'hits' that extend into 2020 from transit Neptune in Pisces (edit: opposing!) natal Mars (16Virgo--Mars conjunct natal Chiron, denoting the 'sacred warrior' archetype of the more bullheaded among us.) This is a difficult transit of unreasonable or misguided ideals and actions and he may be vulnerable to issues of mistrust, deception, and/or scandal. Legal and business transactions are not favored and relationships with males may suffer; energy depletion is a potential. Another possibility is loss of job, position, or status as an authority (April 2019 edit: Mr. Mueller submitted his report to AG Barr March 22, 2019). If Mr. Mueller can hang on to his reputation during this time period he'll be doing well under this difficult transit. The Neptune-opposing-natal-Mars dates (based on a speculative natal chart so the dates may be off by a day or so--this is a general guide) are:

1. June 13, 2018; 2. June 24, 2018; 3. March 15, 2019; 4. October 12, 2019; 5. January 10, 2020.

Please note that this particular transit list is only partial and does not include the more positive contacts from transiting planets to natal planets.

Sep 23, 2017

Trump Inauguration 2017's Solar Return 2018

Although there is some level of uncertainty that Donald Trump will remain in the White House until January 20, 2018, here is the Solar Return 2018 horoscope of his Inauguration 2017 chart showing Sun (POTUS) @00AQ49, its precise position on that presidential oath-taking moment on January 20, 2017 at noon est Capitol Building, Washington DC:

As you see, the Sun returns to its 2017 position on January 20, 2018 at 5:45:08 pm est--not in its oath-taking Angular 10th house position but in the Cadent 6th house position. As chart-ruler (ASC 7Leo37) Solar Return 2018 Sun has no applying aspects which emphasizes its sign (AQ) and house position, the 6th house of Health, Work (Employment), Military-Police-Civil Services, along with Trump's Daily Rounds (of golf?) Venus @3AQ36, Pluto @19Cap27, and Mercury @13Cap43 are in 6th house as well, however, the SR Sun's 6th house position, plus no solar application, suggests a self-contained man which is also shown by the BOWL shape of planets lead by Jupiter @19Sco56--self-contained and feeling 'cut off' from life's experiences. (This may hint that he misses his former life more than ever.)

It seems that the actors (planets) in Return 2018 6th house are 'with' Trump--but are they really?

Well, obviously, a full Return 6th house emphasizes the concerns and topics of this Material house of preparation, fluctuation, and transition via plans which lurk in the background until a later date or come to fruition later--possibly not until the onset of SR 2019 (C. Teal). SR Sun in 6th house spotlights the usual 6th house matters, as noted, above, yet with Pluto in Capricorn there, my suspicion is that the Generals of the Pentagon are closely involved in current and future plans and activities--especially since Mr. Trump basically gave over the commander-in--chief's reins to them from the start of his 'administration'. Another unsettling potential in Return 6th house matters, of course, is whatever foreign dictator (Pluto in Saturn-ruled Cap) is pulling Trump's strings--militarily, financially, or in other ways. Or perhaps the manipulative planet of power denotes a group of foreigner bankers or financiers shown by wealth-hoarder Pluto, 'god' of the Underworld.

Additionally, at the Goal Point of the chart (MC) we see quirky Uranus (radical reformers, changes in the social fabric; Trump himself) and also Cupido, representative of The Family (the Mafia, or religious fanatics), and/or the Corporate Global Crime Syndicate. (You may disagree, but there it is.)

The Solar Return Moon

A Solar Return Moon (SR Moon) in Pisces tells of a year of domestic changes, some sort of weakness or fragility, and possible illness--of Trump, a family member, or even a colleague unable to carry on. This SR Moon reveals 8th house matters such as paying off loans, Corporatism, Big Business, Debt and Credit, Insurance (health?), legacies and inheritance, transformation, death, the occult, etc. Plus, fraudster planet Neptune in Pisces posited in the Return 8th house is of no comfort, is it?

SR 2018 Vertex

We should also note that the chart's Vertex @22Sag57, a karmic point of fated encounter and possible endings, points directly toward Mr. Trump's natal South Node-Moon conjunction where transit Saturn has recently stomped (and stationed on August 25, 2017). This means that the Anti-Vertex conjoins Trump's natal Sun-North Node conjunction which also includes his wild card Uranus that leads all his planets in its oriental condition. Through this Vertex-Anti-Vertex, I suspect that the contentious Mr. Trump sees himself as the Uranus-NN-Sun side of this polarity (which happens to conjunct US natal Mars @22Gemini) but his Moon-SN side? Not so much. Based on his childhood, it seems that he much prefers Papa over Mama.

Task-Master Saturn @3Cap39 in the Return 5th house: Risk-Taking?

Actually, SR 2018 Saturn @3Cap39 (strong in its own sign, planet of karma) is unaspected in this chart indicating working in solitude or feelings of isolation, plus, unaspected Saturn denotes responsible folk who become indifferent or unconcerned about their duties. Organization and self-discipline may be lacking as 'Saturnians' become overly receptive to random influences in the environment. To me, this describes the entire Trump administration from Day One but whether that's an accurate assessment or not, the 2018 Return chart of the Trump Inauguration threatens our nation with lawmakers and others in government neglecting their duties.

Miscellaneous Chart Factors

If we don't mind counting the North Node, we find a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point; special task; spiritual opportunity) with a Moon-Mercury sextile at its base. A Moon-Mercury sextile suggests those who are argumentative with passions so invested in their ideas that their sense of compassion is lost. Bad timing in communications is indicated along with a tendency to placate others (Tierney). At the least, Moon-Mercury-NN forms a midpoint picture suggesting potentials for public contacts and propaganda efforts which relate to Politics and the US Congress via the Moon's ruler-ship of the political 12th house (cusp: 7Can21) of Secret Deals and Large Institutions such as the US Congress and/or Hospitals.

Now since this post is being written in late September 2017, the GOP's attempt to "repeal and replace" Obamacare is in crisis mode for Republicans have until September 30th to bring their misshapen bill up for another vote (they promised Charles Koch, no doubt--and who know who else!) I mention this here because the asteroid denoting health, Hygeia, conjoins the South Node of this chart in 7th house. As you know, the South Node (SN) of the Moon is a Saturnian point of separation where reliance is placed upon past abilities or behavior--which no longer suffice in the present--and this suggests neurosis. Does this mean that Obamacare will be long gone by January 20, 2018? Or perhaps will Republicans make more attempts in 2018 to snatch away health care insurance from millions of Americans? These questions I cannot answer, can you? Yet the GOP's obsession (SN) with blotting out Mr. Obama's signature legislation, the ACA, seems to be partially described here.

Jupiter in Scorpio Leads Them all

Now you may notice that Jupiter @19Sco56, the leader of the planets (Trump himself, on many levels of hugeness, financial concerns, big money from small efforts, boasting and self-importance) conjoins two difficult fixed stars so we should probably mention them: Alpha Serpentis (aka, Unuk) = tragedy, misfortune. And North Scale = hasty words cause problems (Trump's a master at that!), tragedy, violence, but also honors, wealth, and distinction (N. DeVore; A. Louis). DeVore adds that 19Scorpio is traditionally an evil degree, the degree of Self-will vs the Supreme Will. Isn't self-will what the Uranian maverick, Mr. Trump, is all about?

Plus, the 4th house Mars, strong in its own sign of Scorpio (activist, warrior, surgeon, and/or malcontent) has just moved beyond conjunction with expansive Jupiter indicating grand plans and/or those who 'make waves' successfully (Tyl). This can be another hint of health care insurance overhaul--or the lack of it in order to make a political point (ex: Obamacare bad, Trumpcare good).

Another chart factor is the Syzygy Moon (last lunation) prior to this Return chart, a New Moon @26Cap54 on January 17, 2018, conjoins US natal Pluto and Inauguration 2017 MC and denotes new plans being seeded in relation to the power of the presidency and the plutonian Military. I must also direct your gaze to the 2/8 cusps where The Great American Eclipse lurks (conjunct 2nd cusp of the National Treasury; Values, and Earning Ability). On the 8th cusp is the next Solar Eclipse in the 1 South Saros Series which manifests @27AQ08 (conjunct US natal Moon) on February 15, 2018.

The 'hasty energy' 1 South's themes include being flooded with options and enthusiastic ideas which tend to have positive outcomes (Predictive Astrology, Brady). The previous 1 South Solar Eclipse occurred on February 5, 2000 @16AQ01 and has also occurred in the years 1909, 1927, 1946, 1964, and 1982 (conjunct Ronald Reagan's natal 2nd house Sun). So it seems that from this chart, particularly in financial matters, that we must continue to beware 1 North's "info is distorted and possibly false" theme even as we're being flooded with ideas and options during the first half of 2018.

Now as you see, there are several other chart factors worth noting and I trust you to consider them at your leisure. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my scribbles and know that your Comments and Shares are always welcome!

But lest this meager post threaten to become the length of a book, let's close by mentioning the transiting North Node (here, @14Leo55, a positive indicator in any 1st house suggesting new alliances and fortunate encounters) as it continues its winding path toward Donald Trump's natal Pluto (10Leo). This cosmic encounter of Pluto-NN suggests powerful new alliances and/or meetings, catching a tiger by the tail, power plays with others, and/or the common destiny of a mass of people (Ebertin; Tyl). Plus, a midpoint picture of possibilities is formed by the SR 2018 trio:

NN-ASC = natal Pluto: changes in the fabric of society; revenge or retaliation; powerful friends or allies. Any, all, or none may apply.


Since Venus, planet of values, evaluation, perspectives, relationships/alliances, and luxury, rules all US Inauguration horoscopes (ASC 14Taurus since January 1937), Venus as ruler of materialistic Taurus is chart-ruler so any Inauguration's annual Venus Return is important. Trump's Inauguration 2017 chart's Venus Return (to 17Pis44) perfects on February 24, 2018.

Jan 22, 2017

Mr. Trump and the Trails of Jupiter and Uranus

The Current Jupiter-Uranus Opposition Imprints Upon the Trump Presidency

by Jude Cowell

Since the Electoral College's selection of Donald J. Trump to play the role of US president has occurred under the auspices of a Jupiter-Uranus opposition--which usually forms a BOWL shape of planets with CEO-financier Jupiter in the lead--let's consider the trails and conditions of Jupiter and Uranus during Mr. Trump's first term with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition as the cosmic imprint upon his entire presidency.

Now as you know, when planets meet by degree in conjunction, it is the beginning of a new cycle and with Jupiter and Uranus, that new cycle started in 2010 and spread into 2011 with three Great Conjunctions: June 8th @00Ari18 (a World Point of Manifestation), September 19th @28Pis43, and on January 4, 2011 @27Pis02. The Jupiter-Uranus pair represent multiple potentials, some of which are: protests, strikes, unrest, revolution, change for the sake of change, reforms inspired by religious ideals, legal methods utilized against breakdowns in order, legal or religious stifling of justice for the common people, growth following periods of reform, exaggerated disruptions, accepted contrariness, peculiarities, the need to give opinions where little skill or expertise exists, freedom and independence issues, zealous representation of one-sided views, group organizing, magnifying or exaggerating everything, philosophical and political conflicts, fortune hunting, speculation, discoveries, inventions, and/or a sudden release of tension or strain.

Prudence, far-sightedness, and lucky breaks can be part of the Jupiter-Uranus picture as well and concerning events of 2010 and 2011, 'Arab Spring' uprisings in the East and, in the West, the 'Tea Party' formation and its congressmen come to mind. Under consideration now on Capitol Hill for Mr. Trump's Cabinet is Tea Partisan Representative Tom Price, a Republican from my home state of Georgia.

Now here is a chronological listing of recent and current Jupiter and Uranus Stations Direct and Rx--four turning points--across the Aries-Libra axis in 2016--2017:

1. Jupiter Direct Station @13Virgo15 May 9, 2016;

2. Uranus Direct Station @20Ari33 December 2016 (conjunct US natal Chiron);

3. Jupiter Rx Station @23Lib08 February 6, 2017;

4. Uranus Rx Station @28Ari31 August 3, 2017.

A Cosmic Impact on Donald Trump?

One reason I believe the current 'dance' of Jupiter and Uranus is pertinent for our nation in these uncertain days is that the newly-presidented Mr. Trump was born with natal Jupiter @17Lib27 Stationary Direct in his 2nd house of Money, Possessions, and Values (with deceptive Neptune and Chiron) and Jupiter is engaged in a 12-year cycle, a Jupiter Return, to natal position in his chart, usually a fortunate period. We may wish to credit his political 'lucky win' to Jupiter's magic wand. Yet his Jupiter Return 2016/2017 is a three-fer becoming exact on: 1. December 4, 2016; 2. April 13, 2017; and August 4, 2017.

But it's not all Jupiterian roses for the grabber-in-chief since the transiting Cardinal square between radical Uranus and wealthy gold-hoarding Pluto is involved off-and-on: tr Uranus opposes natal Jupiter (misplaced optimism, results of professional expansion are unpredictable and possibly unfavorable, circumstances and people are difficult to manipulate to advantage) and tr Pluto squares his natal Jupiter (exaggerated self-importance and taking himself too seriously can be stymied by those with more power and influence). The Million Woman March across America and the globe on January 21st (the day after Trump's inauguration and his bleak inaugural address) displayed People Power and emphasized the fact that Mr. Trump has No Mandate from We the People.

Let's note that at the age of 70, he may be privileged to experience an upcoming Uranus Return to its natal sign and degree. Natal Uranus @17Gem53 (in 10th house with North Node and natal Sun--a radical reformer and tradition-breaker is he) returns on: 1. August 14, 2029; 2. November 2, 2029; and 3. May 27, 2030 when tr SN conjoins natal Uranus, a very separative condition.

As for the current BOWL pattern formed with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition as its 'lip', we've discussed the pattern in prior posts but let's review since it describes a new presidency. According to Marc Edmund Jones, a BOWL 'holds things' and in a horoscope creates a hemispheric emphasis depending on its tilt. Since this is a transiting BOWL, the tilt varies but we can say that the occupied segment shows activity and organization (from Uranus in Aries to Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Scorpio) and the unoccupied segment (from Jupiter in Libra to Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus) 'becomes a challenge to existence' and denotes where needs exist and are influenced 'constructively or vindictively' by an orientation that arises from division.

Yet there are available planets in the unoccupied signs which have opportunities to fulfill the mission or promote the advocacy of a cause implied by a BOWL shape for in the empty segments (signs) not contained by the BOWL we find Mr. Trump's Sun-NN-Uranus trio in Gemini (he airs dilemmas but can or will he improve them?), his Venus and Saturn in Cancer, and his natal Pluto in Leo and Mars rising at Ascendant in Leo with royal Regulus.

Also in the empty segments of the BOWL we find US natal planets: Venus-Jupiter-Sun and Mercury-Rx in Cancer and US natal Neptune in Virgo. Other planets may also aid in the mission of the Trump presidency and the Republican objectives that lurk behind the new president's populist curtain of campaign promises.

In closing, here are the dates that the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition has and will become exact: 1. December 26, 2016 @20Ari/Lib33 with Uranus Rx; 2. March 2, 2017 @22Ari/Lib11 with Jupiter Rx; and 3. September 28, 2017 @27Ari/Lib22 with Uranus Rx, and Jupiter Direct and headed for the ruthless corporatist sign of Scorpio which moneybags Jupiter enters in October 2017.


Jupiter-Uranus info based primarily on the works of R. Ebertin and M. Munkasey.

Natal data: Donald J. Trump June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY, BC/BR; USA July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA with expansive Jupiter in patriotic Cancer as chart-ruler and Cardinal Points at MC (00Libra) and IC (Aries Point).

Nov 5, 2016

Jan 6, 2017: 115th Congress Counts Election 2016's Electoral Votes as a New Session Begins

Big Picture in Focus: a New President, the 115th Congress, and Jupiter Leading the Throng

by Jude Cowell

Nov 5, 2017: If like me you've been clinging to hope that Election Day 2016 will soon end without causing major mayhem to our nation, perhaps you've had a moment to notice that Wikipedia has the low down on the 115th Congress which extends from January 3, 2017 to January 3, 2019. Electoral votes from Presidential Election 2016 are scheduled to be counted in Joint Session on January 6, 2017 which will hopefully settle the matter. VP Joe Biden acts as Senate President at least until January 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm est when a new White House occupant takes the Oath of Office.

Now since we're about to end 2016 and enter 'Happy New Year!' 2017 with a spiffy new Congress, perhaps you remember the 114th Congress and its cosmically auspicious beginning when an ongoing transit of Pluto opposed America's natal Sun (the president and the leadership of the country), a time of challenges, power struggles, contests of wills, and no-compromise attitudes. All this while Pluto and the January 2015 Sun in Capricorn hooked up and created potentials for displays of aggression, domination, self-interest, and ego-based demands.

And even though it's doubtful that President Obama's Republican opponents needed the synchronicity of a double Sun-Pluto condition (power cravers all!) to continue their sabotage of his presidency (and America with it), that's definitely the theme under which they labored while We the People marveled at how brazenly in-breach of the public contract so many of them were.

And of course, 14 Cancer is the position of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, the Dog Star, aka, The Scorcher. Maybe you agree that Pluto's presence in mid-Capricorn (sign of government, law, business, and authority) has deepened and intensified events of 2015 and 2016 (ex: the insulting Campaign of 2016) so perhaps we should see if anything stellar is occurring over Capitol Hill on January 6, 2017 which will imprint upon political and societal matters during the upcoming congressional sessions and the first two years of a new president's term in office.

January 6, 2017: Well, obviously the Sun is in Capricorn so Pluto's manipulative influence continues but not as intensely (at 9:00 am est, Sun 16Cap26 and Pluto 17Cap08--both in the 12th house of Politics and Karma--chart set for the Capitol Building). The 'new world order' (global government) pair of planets, Uranus and Neptune, are near by Sun and Pluto by degree and in spirit since their 1993 conjunction/s occurred on or about 18 Capricorn, the POLITICAL POWER degree of 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones) which sounds more Trumpian than Clintonian, doesn't it? Unless you think Hillary is a manly woman, that is! ("You're a puppet, no you're a puppet!" - Stephen Colbert on Hillary's and Donald's debate).

Additionally, the overstayed-its-welcome Uranus-Pluto square is involved in something of a Thor's Hammer pattern if you don't mind counting the North Node (public contact; future direction) so we may as well consider the midpoint picture the trio forms: Uranus-Pluto = NN: accomplishing immense tasks through teamwork; sharing upsets or excitement with others (Ebertin). Along with this there's Sun and Pluto at apex of a T-Square between the Jupiter-Uranus opposition (which can become despotic) so we have a powerful amount of far-sightedness and a strong awareness of objectives involved as 2017 gets underway. Jupiter and Uranus also make up the rim of a BOWL shape with Jupiter leading all the other planets--probably alternating his roles as politician, banker, fund-raiser, professor, The General, the priest, the CEO, the actor, the promoter, and other societal roles he likes to play when it suits.

As for We the People, we'll be more than a little riled up with Moon in Mars-ruled Aries separating from rebellious Uranus, 5S42) in the 2nd house of Earning Ability, Possessions, and the National Treasury. Radical reformer Uranus opposes the 8th (corporate) house where Jupiter leads the merry cosmic throng in the cause-advocating BOWL pattern.

Now as you suspect, there are more chart factors of interest but I'm only listing the ones that pop out at me on first glance. We see from this chart and the events it times, that America is not out of her destructive Sun-Pluto phase of forced conquest, and the world remains in the grip of illuminating Uranus-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto with wealth-hoarding saboteur Pluto at apex of 1993's prominent conjunction degree which imprints 2017 and beyond as the 'Big Picture' demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise era (Tyl). Add to that the fact that when the revolutionary energies of Uranus and Pluto clash, we have: collapse of the old order, construction of the new (Ebertin) which for me echoes the far-sightedness and strong awareness of objectives mentioned, above, of a long-range plan for order out of (purposefully created) chaos.

The 2017 Eclipses begin in February and we'll cover those background influences later on. Meanwhile, we remain under the rays of the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse until February 2017 but paradoxically there is transit Neptune (10 Pisces) opposing the eclipse's realism and tackling the truth themes via confusion, illusion, fraud, lies, and deception which muddles things up for some, while others see things more clearly than ever before as Neptune's mirror reflects the degree area of 9 to 10 Virgo. And of course, astrological Neptune also represents the masses, mass delusion, and mass media, the largest propaganda spreader of all.

So with the Electoral Vote Count and a new Congress approaching, we may wonder about the day's Sun Cap-Moon Aries blend of energies, an Earth-Fire combo of 'scorched earth' tendencies that mimic Sirius 'The Scorcher'. This relates to more wildfires, drought, and to more political tactics in Washington by politicians and their backers who'd rather burn the place down than lose a jot of their earthly power and prestige. Actually, Sun Cap-Moon Aries is known for its tendencies toward overvaluing career success, insensitivity to the needs of others, and for an emphasis on crass materialism. Sounds like most pocket-lining politicians to me!

Update Nov 6, 2016: see PoliticusUSA's article that mentions the continuation of Republicans' 'scorched earth' policy toward a Clinton presidency.

And so, as New Year's Day 2017 approaches, yours truly is pre-wishing Joy and Good Fortune to everyone around the world--for the shrivel-hearted rich elites can take care of themselves and are completely insensible to how very very poor they really are.


Recommended books: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology and The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, Marc Edmund Jones; Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl; The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin; Sun Sign-Moon Sun, Charles and Suzi Harvey; Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady; Planets in Aspect, Robert Pelletier; The Secret History of the West, Nicholas Hagger; The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard.

Apr 14, 2016

Washington DC Horoscope of Inauguration 2017

For Inauguration 2017 (January 20, noon EST, Capitol Building), the American people may expect a horoscope and planets that look like this:

Please enlarge the image to read my scribbles of basic information and scroll below for the midpoint picture potentials active during the day.

Providing the cosmic conditions for the 2017 Oath of Office and the 4-year term of the next president is a 5th house Solar Eclipse @9Virgo and if you're curious, here is a previous post concerning this 19 North Solar Eclipse which describes background influences for both Election 2016 in November and Inauguration 2017 in January. According to 19 North it's time to 'tackle the truth' though with our nation's capital city running on lies and deceit we must wonder how politicians will deal with such a frightful experience of the truth getting out. Unless, that is, the presidential victor is one of 'the outsiders' like Trump or Sanders. For my dime I prefer plain speaking Bernie Sanders over showman Donald Trump whose Mercury-Neptune distortions of facts and indiscretion are well known now in April 2016. Plus, Mr. Trump may not make it beyond the RNC 2016 nominating process so we'll see if any other truth tellers come forth for consideration in July and on November 8, 2016. After all, there will be a Capricorn Full Moon during RNC 2016 so facts and secret information may be cast into the public spotlight, and very inconveniently for some.

Another caution in the truth-telling department is that deceptive Neptune @10Pisces is the chart's and the inauguration's final dispositor--everything comes back to Neptune which is not a stable planet--strong and contagious in its own sign--on which to pin our hopes for increased realism and truth. Actually, stark Saturn favors realism, truth, and accountability and there he is in the 8th house of Corporatism near the political asteroid Juno. Conservative Saturn can be quite doubtful and doubt-provoking when in Sagittarius (sign of the truth seeker!) and often describes those with a strong sense of justice, prudence, and possessing legal talents. Will this be enough to satisfy the impetus of the 19 North Solar Eclipse?

Looking back, 19 North is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of America's Great Seal (June 20, 1782), the Republican Party (July 6, 1854), and Inauguration 1981 of Ronald Reagan. Quite a trio! And not necessarily a trio of realism and know.

So as you see in the horoscope, the Oath of Office will be taken during an active Hour of Mars, and there's a Bowl shape to the planets with the 6th house Jupiter in Libra in the lead. This shows a Jupiterian person who advocates for a cause, deals with needs, and is challenged by the empty area of the chart--here, it's Taurus through Virgo which includes America's natal Uranus and Mars in Gemini, our Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury in Cancer, and our natal Neptune in Virgo (sign of The Worker and Critic.) A major agenda has the next president but don't they all? Yet we know that global government types bedevil the American people who prefer the nation-state we're accustomed to! It's a long process forcing something upon people who say, No Thank You, and the Hegelian Dialect has been one of their favorite methods as the power elite 'solve' the very problems they themselves created and engineered.

As for Jupiter in Libra, we know that this placement denotes a strong sense of justice and fair play. An example is Mr. Trump whose natal Jupiter in Libra is quick to shout, "it's not fair!" when things aren't going his way. So we may be tempted to prognosticate Mr. Trump as our next president due to his Jupiter Return/s (17Lib27 Rx) which manifest three times: December 4, 2016, April 13, 2017 (Rx), and August 4, 2017. This should be a time of rewards for him.

However, there are other transits causing frustration such as disruptive, rebellious Uranus in Aries opposing Trump's natal Jupiter (a money planet that also relates to thespians and politicians--his Gemini Sun is an actor and a juggler.) Plus, there's a square from transit Pluto in Capricorn to his natal Jupiter. This imposing square denotes that his exaggerations of self-importance bring obstacles to his political aims and are not favored by those with more power and influence. In short, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square in Cardinal signs has engaged his Jupiter off and on so I'm guessing it's the dynamic T-Square the trio forms which played a part in encouraging him to (finally) make a run for the presidency.

(Jupiter-Uranus = Pluto contains potentials for: far-seeing creative activities; a change of fortune; tremendous drive to success; great gains. On its own the Jupiter-Uranus pair indicates optimism and lucky breaks--but can also involve conflicts, holding one-sided views, and a lack of compromise--Ebertin; Tyl.)

So let's not redecorate the Oval Office in gold gilt just yet! For on the cosmic agenda in 2017 Mr. Trump will experience difficult transits to his natal Sun-Moon opposition: truth-bringer Saturn will conjoin natal Moon @21Sag and oppose his natal Sun @22Gemini during his three-fer Jupiter Return. Ouch! These are periods when one's ego, integrity, leadership, and generosity are challenged by those with more power and seniority, and feelings of emotional deprivation and loss bring worries, depression, and a potential for illness. Now some pundits say that Donald Trump doesn't actually want the job of president and with this doubly difficult transit coming it seems to me that if he's (s)elected, the restrictions of living in the White House and the rigors of the job itself will be greatly disappointing for his nibs--in part, thanks to old man Saturn affecting his natal Full Moon. Personal relationships and family may be affected as well and it will take other more positive planetary input to relieve these stresses along with a letup of Saturnian energies thanks to retrograde periods which will allow some respite.

Now I didn't intend to type this much about one 2016 candidate but there it is. I compose at-keyboard so I'll not delete my Trump remarks now. However, we should consider the applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus @17Pisces, a critical degree, in the wishful 11th house of Groups and Alliances (where 'she' usually is at inauguration time: money/relationship planet Venus is exalted in Pisces, as you know.) There are two Ptolemaic aspects made by Venus in the horoscope that give hints as to how the 4-year presidential term will proceed:

First, Venus squares restrictive Saturn (5A46) which is in a Money House, the 8th, as noted above. This suggests difficulties in cooperative endeavors and in gaining favor and/or material assets, and a preference for isolation instead of attending social events. Legal matters, debates, and taking on responsibilities may not bring satisfying results, or the costs may simply be too high. Rough sailing? Yes, but things can still work out okay in the end especially for the win-win class of power elites.

Next, Venus conjoins Mars (6A37), a transit denoting joint efforts with partners and/or allies are pleasant as is travel--perhaps Air Force One is suggested since luxury travel is indicated and a meeting is in the cards. Is this a lady (Venus) president meeting with the guys? Perhaps. A reporter (perhaps Robert Costas on MSNBC?) said this week that Wall Street titans "are not afraid of what Hillary will do" if she's elected, whereas Bernie Sanders--well, that's a candidate of a different stripe all together, isn't it?!

To close, here are the previously published midpoint pictures for January 20, 2017 noon EST Capitol Building Washington DC; please enlarge the image for reading purposes and note that all, any, or none may apply and are subject to activation by transits and progressions:


Note: the rim of the Bowl, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, is the culmination of their current cycle which began in 2010/2011 with three conjunctions: June 8, 2010 @00Ari18 = Aries Point and conjunct US natal IC; September 19, 2010 @28Pisces, and January 4, 2011 @27Pis02. This marks the period when 'Tea Party' candidates infiltrated the US Congress intent on shaking things up, plus, it relates to the debt issues that Congress pretended to 'deal with' in 2011 so with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition we may expect more financial stalemates and fiscal difficulties as a new president accepts the baton and runs with it, taking We the People into what the transnational Money Trust intends to be a global new world economic order--allegedly legalized on December 23, 1913 with the surreptitious and illegal passage by Congress of the NY Federal Reserve scam.

And with this post and many others since 2005, this American demurs and dissents.