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Mar 23, 2019

March 2019 Full Moon: the Mueller Report is submitted!

Photo: AG Bill Barr (ed: 3/23): The United States Department of Justice [Public domain]

In a previous post we considered the March 2019 Lunations of Crisis including the Full Moon @00Lib09 conjunct US natal Midheaven which perfected on March 20, 2019 at 9:42:45 pm edt in Washington DC. This lunation of culmination, fulfillment, and awareness may be credited with the just-announced last evening (3/22/19) submission of the Mueller Report to AG Bob Barr. At least that's how yours truly looks at the timing of the report we've all been breathlessly awaiting! Follow the link to view the DC Horoscope of the Full Moon, plus, a view of the March 6, 2019 New Moon @15Pis47 conjunct shady, obfuscating Neptune strong in its own sign of secretive Pisces. Of course, astrological Neptune is also the planet of the mass media and the masses, who both demand to see the full report with no edits.

Also note the karmic YOD (Finger of Fate) in the horoscope, a pattern known for timing such potentials as: crises, turning points, crossroads, and special tasks--here, pointing toward the transiting North Node in Cancer which in turn points toward America's natal Mercury Rx--it's Sabian Symbol (25Cancer): "A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder...keyword: DESTINY. Positive expression: some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): "a tendency toward unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.) I leave it to you to decide who this describes in our current times.

And do you agree that the Mueller Report certainly relates to America's Midheaven Goals-Aspirations-Career-World-Status Point? How far-reaching in its effects remains to be seen.

You may wish to see Quartz for The Mueller Report Is Done. What Happens Now?

Perhaps the cherry on top for Donald Trump is that Spring Equinox 2019 has brought contentious Mars in Taurus to Trump's natal Midheaven conjunct vicious Algol for all the world to see his various reactions to the Mueller Report which should be interesting and presumptuous if not very pretty.

Aug 22, 2018

DC Horoscope: Saturn Direct Station September 6, 2018

August 22, 2018: In my last post we made note of yesterday's legal matters in the Manafort and Cohen cases and the fact that August 21, 2018 was the day of the first Solar Return to the horoscope of The Great American Eclipse of 2017 @29Leo which 'eclipsed' the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. And of course, eclipses that conjoin fixed stars tend to activate the gifts or cautions of said star--in this case, royal Regulus which rises in Trump's natal chart. In a sense, he is Regulus.

So on the day that transit Saturn, authority and legal eagle that he is, turns direct and begins moving forward, transit Mercury @00Vir38 conjoins Regulus in the 12th house of Politics, Back Room Deals, Secret Enemies, and Karma, as you see in the following DC Horoscope:

Legal matters should move ahead once Saturn turns Direct yet the karmic planet won't reach his shadow degree where he turned Rx on April 17, 2018 (9Cap08:55) until December 12, 2018 (see chart, lower left). Two days prior (December 10, 2018), transit Saturn makes his third of three oppositions to Mr. Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51) as notated on the chart, lower right and upper right, in blue. Unfortunately, loss-bringer Saturn, when in his own sign of Capricorn, isn't positive for finances or the economy so there could be forward movement in those departments as well with negativity suggested.

These Saturnian oppositions to Trump's natal Mercury began on March 30, 2018 with the second exact opposition May 6, 2018 as listed, chart right. Therefore, Saturn is in process of winding up review mode during which he's been getting his facts lined up (on both sides--Trump's and Mueller's) yet we may not see major developments in the RussiaGate inquiry until December 12, 2018 or just before or after. That's unless Saturn's case is strong enough and helpful witnesses have cooperated to fill in the gaps in the case/s so that the report from Mr. Mueller that we're all waiting for can be finalized around September 6, 2018 or during the month (pre-Midterms 2018!) then perhaps the report will be publicly revealed by December 2018 whether Mr. Trump's 'interview' with Mr. Mueller is accomplished or not. If Trump is deposed, there's no telling how matters will develop...or how they will blow up in his red face.

Actually, transit Saturn opposing Trump's natal Mercury is only part of his ongoing Saturnian troubles because he was born with a fact-challenged Mercury-Neptune square. Here's a previous post with a list of Saturn's affects on both planets in the square and the dates of exactitude when influences are strongest.

As for chart-ruler Mercury in its own sign of Virgo (also ruler of the MC, The Goal Point), two applying Ptolemaic aspects are shown: Mercury trine Uranus in Taurus (1A34; organized groups, beneficial info arrives, larger social and/or tech issues on the menu) and Mercury trine Saturn (1A54; support from authority figures, practical solutions are found). As you see, these three form an Earth Grand Trine, a soothing indicator of protection, stability, persistence, and endurance, yet negatively, 'stuck in a rut' may also describe this conservative, common-sense, routine-loving pattern which tends to shrewdly evaluate matters before making important moves.

Mr. Mueller and his staff come to mind. Mr. Trump and his staff do not.

Now there are multiple factors worth noting in the chart other than the ones noted, above, such as Denebola rising (to go against society), planetary patterns (2 YODs, a Grand Cross), house ruler-ships, a Syzygy Moon in early Pisces (August 26th Full Moon), the Solar Eclipse in force ('The Tower' @18Leo41), the stressed out Sun-Neptune opposition square MC with royal Rigel upon it (to bring knowledge to others), and more. Please enlarge the image to read a few basic notes, aka, my messy scribbles. jc

Very Much Related: Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump?

Aug 21, 2018

Astro-Notes on the Natal Mercury of Donald Trump

The Objective Truth and Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

To my March 2018 post concerning the natal Mercury of Donald Trump and its position of '8 Cancer' in Carelli's Degrees (which is spot-on if you haven't read it), here are some basic facts about Mercury in Moon-ruled Cancer which seem to me to particularly apply to Donald Trump who continues to tease about sitting down for an 'interview' with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the ongoing RussiaGate inquiry. For as you know, astrological Mercury, our mutable and changeable 'tofu planet', rules many things...among them: the mind, thinking processes, teaching and learning, speech, hearing and all the senses, interviews, testimonies, perjury, negotiations, oaths, decisions, news, gossip, tweets and communications of all sorts along with commerce, trade, travel, and theft:

Mercury in Cancer indicates a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns and desires which cause one to look at some facts while ignoring others. This allows bias, prejudice, a lack of objectivity, and incorrect judgments to result. A good memory may be denoted due to the emotional intensity associated with various thoughts and learning often occurs through osmosis rather than by traditional teaching methods. The osmosis accounts in part for his tendency to 'listen to the last thing he heard someone say' and then to spout it as his own thought which can change in a flash due to high susceptibility to the thoughts, opinions, and attitudes of those in his environment (ex: FOX News). Emotional appeals hold particular sway over Mercury in Cancer's thinking with patriotism on the top of the list (Cancer = home, homeland, family, mother, women, real estate, nurturing such as food, comfort, familiar surroundings). As you must have noticed, Mr. Trump exhibits 24/7 the Mercury in Cancer trait of believing that whatever is done or spoken within his environment is directed expressly or exclusively toward him.

Supremely subjective (and with me-first Mars rising), Trump also suffers from being stuck in the past with slights and injuries forever remembered (or imagined) although they may have blossomed beyond recognition into worse than was ever intended; meanwhile, present reality becomes distorted to the point of neurosis and a morbid imagination may be one of the outcomes.

If Mercury in Cancer is negatively afflicted as is his by a square from natal Neptune in Libra, untruthfulness, deceit, and a self-created fantasy world are prevalent such as we see through Trump's Mercury afflicted (squared) by nebulous Neptune, planet of lies, falsehoods, deceit, fraud, loss, misconception, fantasy, tall tales, self-deception, gas lighting, and confusion. These Neptunian effects are made stronger due to the fact that the square from Neptune is his Mercury's only planetary aspect so no other planet adds what could have been a speck of objectivity to his thinking via 'tofu planet' Mercury which soaks up whatever it touches. For Mr. Trump, it only soaks up watery urge-to-merge Neptune!

And as astrologer Alan Oken aptly terms it, a Mercury-Neptune square is an aspect of "The Sneaky Mind" and whether the secretive Mr. Trump tells lies unconsciously or not, Hillary Clinton's natal Mercury-Saturn square in the White House would have been more serious, studious, and fact-based than the morass of deceit, betrayal, and disappointment America stews in now as stirred by Donald Trump--these days always operating in pearl-clutching mode because he can't keep up with all the lies he's told and is afraid to be challenged over his many tall tales.

Recommended Reading: The Astrologer's Handbook by Sakoian and Acker.

Above photo: speedy little Mercury (NASA)

Mar 1, 2018

Manafort Trial Reset for September 17, 2018

By DonkeyHotey (Paul Manafort - Caricature) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Of Kingpins and Squealers

by Jude Cowell

March 1, 2018: since yesterday, word is that the Paul Manafort trial has been reset for Monday September 17, 2018. It had been scheduled for March 15, 2018, a date of cosmic occurrences such as a seed-planting New Moon @24Taurus36--conjunct the natal Midheaven of Donald Trump, and the day transit Uranus enters Taurus, sign of The Bull, though the disruptive planet of chaos will back into Aries once again in November 2018 and re-enter Venus-ruled Taurus for good in March 2019.

A glance at the general transits of September 17, 2018 show an excitable if not explosive and dangerous Mars-Uranus square, tr Mercury (planet of testimonies, deals, and such) @21Virgo and conjoining fixed star Denebola (to go against society; out of the mainstream), and a sobering or depressive Moon-Saturn conjunction in very early Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. And since world events tend to occur when Cardinal World Points of Manifestation (00Ari/Lib and 00Can/Cap) are triggered, we find wounded-wounding Chiron at Aries Point on that day and conjunct difficult fixed star Scheat with its potentials for malevolence of sublime scope, imprisonment, extreme misfortune, murder, suicide (A. Louis, N. DeVore, Ebertin-Hoffmann).

Additionally, transit Jupiter, planet of expansion and increase, sits upon the disturbing degree of 19Scorpio (traditionally an 'evil degree'--Devore, who also says it's a crucial point of Ego vs Supreme Will) so Jupiter may not show the protection usually afforded especially since two malevolent stars inhabit the degree: North Scale with potentials for hasty words that cause problems, tragedy, and violence, and Serpentis (aka, Unukalhai) with vibes of tragedy, misfortune, immorality, accidents, and/or danger of poison. Wonder of Mr. Manafort should use the services of a royal taste tester?!

Also of interest is the fact that moving Mr. Manafort's trial to September places the proceedings into the more difficult August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse Saros Series, the 2 New North, with themes of The Tower that collapses (Brady). This includes plans and lifestyles collapsing and of course, Trump Tower comes easily to mind and although a complete financial and political collapse may be indicated for America (2 New North is the PE of Midterm Elections 2018--and as a POTUS goes, so goes America). However, it's Donald Trump who is closely linked to towers, even imprinting his name on them. Now this cosmic condition may very possibly bode ill for the Trump White House and for all he has gained so far in life because he regularly tends to ignore the karmic caution of his rising star, royal Regulus: success if revenge is avoided. And if it isn't avoided, at some point all that has been gained will be taken away.

Yet if total collapse is on the kingpin-in-chief's karmic agenda, would his Libran Jupiter's motto of "it's not fair!" agree that even a self-exalted, ego-based Mr. Trump must eventually reap what he's sown?

Related Posts include: A Noon Horoscope for Robert Mueller; Paul Manafort: the Ram and the Bull; and Chiron to Aries Point (3x--and please note that on the tri-wheel horoscopes I mislabeled the first conjunction as '2019' though the horoscope shown (April 2018) is correct.

Feb 27, 2018

Horoscope and Astro-Notes on Hope Hicks

Update Feb 27, 2018 6:00 pm est: As expected, Miss Hicks refused to spill the beans on Trump today, thank you very much.

News Update Feb 28, 2018 5:30 pm est: Hope Hicks is resigning as WH Director of Communications after admitting yesterday on Capitol Hill that she tells "white lies" for the White House (Trump).

Original post begins here:

A Brief Astrological Overview of Hope Hicks

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday February 27, 2018: This morning White House Director of Communications and longest serving political aide to Donald Trump Hope Hicks is to appear before the House Intelligence Committee concerning alleged Trump campaign involvement in Russian meddling in the November 2016 election. Her appearance was postponed from last month due to the kerfuffle over Steve Bannon's testimony and Mr. Trump should note that the 'attorney-client privilege' hedge is not applicable in the case of Hope Hicks though whether or not she'll actually answer any questions remains to be seen.

The Wikipedia page for Hope Charlotte Hicks provides a few basic details of her life of 29 years but let's take a brief peek at her natal planets and PE. Sans an accurate birth time we'll look at 'noon' on October 21, 1988 Greenwich, Connecticut but with consideration for the 24-hour range of degrees for her Moon and Sun. Naturally her age implies that a Saturn Return may be in play as she or others are held accountable for past actions but we'll see how close the timing is to today's Capitol Hill appearance.

Horoscope: Hope Charlotte Hicks October 21, 1988 'noon' edt Greenwich, CT:

As you see, 1988's weighty trio of planets Uranus-Saturn-Neptune figure strongly in the psyche of Hope Hicks where transit Saturn, the authority and The Establishment, now plods (Saturn today = 7Cap12). On the chart (lower left) are penned the dates that tr Saturn hits natal Neptune: March 6, 2018, May 31, 2018, and November 29, 2018. As you know, this is the 'dream come true' OR 'the grim face of reality' transit and considering her involvement with the Trump Organization and today's Capitol Hill visit, I'd say it's more the latter than the former for Miss Hicks. And note that monetary matters are suggested by this transit. So I would say that 2018 is a Saturn-to-Neptune year for Hope Hicks. However, the amount of Saturnian honesty, realism, and authenticity may negligible from today's House Intell Committee testimony, because for one thing, Miss Hicks was born with a fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune square as was the truth-challenged Donald Trump! Another of her tendencies toward fact-distortion is revealed by a Neptune-Chiron opposition (0S33) which suggests one for whom the only reality is subjective for she believes that objectivity is an illusion--'there are no facts' (r. Nolle).

Moon-NN, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Rx, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

The Moon-North Node connection relates to her role in public relations and communications, and her unaspected Venus (impaired perspectives, lack of evaluation before taking action; a social 'wallflower'??) is in friendly mutual reception with communicating Mercury in the Venus-ruled sign of lovely Libra. As you see, her Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) @17Lib48 conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter Station Direct. Financial security is a driving force for Hicks (as for Trump) but hopefully, today's House committee members won't be blinded by the obvious beauty of this lovely Libra! Yet trouble in love matters is also shown in her chart (which won't be discussed here except to note that her Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse manifested on September 11, 1988 @18Vir40 in the 8 South Saros series with themes of loss, separation, and partings (Brady). 8 South last occurred in 2006 and will manifest next in 2024 @10Libra conjunct her natal Mercury.

As for active motivator Mars (00Ari09), you see he is retrograde at Aries Point making the achievement of fame, recognition, and fortune practically a given, plus, Neptune in Capricorn is inspired to attain goals by crooked means if necessary. On the right side of the chart you see Mars in Aries and Venus in Virgo listed. Lower right shows her Jupiter Rx in Gemini so we know she relates to others as a Mercury-ruled Gemini (and behaves as a Sagittarian--Uranus in Sag). And of course, Pluto in Scorpio indicates a talent for exercising subconscious suggestions to others, fanaticism, record achievements (her Mars = AP approves!), and having a share in tragic events (Ebertin) which describes for some people the Trump White House.

Sun Libra-Moon Pisces

Now let's take a peek at her Air-Water Sun Libra-Moon Pisces personality blend for which we don't need an accurate birth time since Sun and Moon remained in their signs for the 24-hour period of October 21, 1988.

This blend reveals one who is creative, adaptable, perceptive (even if her perceptions are off-the-mark with Mercury SQ Neptune), sometimes lazy, and talkative. Yet she is also a good listener who demonstrates non-judgmental empathy for others (which is very good for remaining in your job with the flawed and often-criticized Mr. Trump). Miss Hicks is a dreamy romantic who is capable of genteel diplomacy which she must use for advising her emotionally sensitive boss. Plus, her tendency toward vacillating moods is similar to Trump's moody Gemini-Sagittarius morphing ability on any issue. Her changeable Pisces Moon is difficult to pin down and 'diplomatic' answers (Libra) may be all she offers today's committee. Cautions are: a lack of conviction, indecision at crucial turning points, agreement with various points of view (similar to Trump who agrees with the last opinion he heard expressed), and a tendency to drift into new intimacies once the last one becomes boring.

Yes, Hope Hicks is a 'people-pleaser' as identified by Sun Libra-Moon Pisces who can adapt to almost any situation. Note that his personality blend is shared by some illustrious folk: occultist and sex-maniac Aleister Crowley, former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father), and famed playwright Eugene O'Neill who informed us that,

"None of us can help the things life has done to last everything comes between you and what you'd like to be, and you have lost your true self forever."

Let's close with the Sun Libra-Moon Pisces curious Image for Integration supplied by the Harvey's Sun-Sign-Moon Sign book:

"The curtain comes down, the actor takes off his mask and, in privacy, looks into his mirror to find himself as a child of six with his imaginary friend."

Well, hopefully Hope won't have to depend on the unreliable, loyalty-demanding Donald Trump for the benefits of true friendship!

Nov 1, 2017

Transits to the Natal Planets of Robert Mueller

Brief Astro-Notes on Special Counsel Robert Swan Mueller III

Born August 7, 1944 in Manhattan, NYC, New York, a basic biography of Robert Mueller is available at Wikipedia if you're curious. And if you check it out, get ready to read a long list of medals awarded him for his bravery during the Vietnam War!

Image: a speculative natal horoscope for Special Counsel Robert Mueller timed by Moon to Aries Point (AP):

Obviously Mr Mueller was born with Sun in Leo, a proud sign that encompasses lawyers as well as thespians, teachers, and 'natural leaders'. His natal Moon on that date ranges from 21Pis29 (secretive, compassionate Pisces) to 6Ari18 (Mars-ruled Aries, sign of the pioneer, fighter, and activist) for we do not know his birth time. Naturally, the Cardinal World Point of 00Aries00, the Aries Point, is within natal Luna's range and denotes public recognition, fame, fortune, publicity, and/or activity on the World Stage--thus, the speculative horoscope you see here.

Now on SO'W we have already discussed Robert Mueller's Prenatal Solar Eclipse so let's now consider a few major upcoming transits to Mr. Muller's natal planets:

Currently, transit Neptune in Pisces opposes natal Mercury (12Virgo) bringing misunderstandings, confusion, and a potential for error and deceit (or, can indicate his work with people of deceit). It's a period of difficulty for making sense of facts and figures, fanaticism and paranoia may be evident, goals are elusive, and people may disappear (Paul Manafort a flight risk?)

November 2017 also brings a square from transit Jupiter to natal Pluto, a 'goals thwarted' transit that has been afflicting the natal Pluto (10Leo02) of Donald Trump as well. However, Mueller's Jupiter-square-Pluto transit is only one 'hit' on November 18th while Trump's has continued.

In December 2017, transit Jupiter squares Mueller's natal Sun in mid-Leo denoting a phase of 'going over the top' when chasing goals due in part to ego expansion; this is the first of three squares with December 21st the first target date.

January 2018 brings Mr. Mueller a Saturn-square-natal-Neptune (2Lib15) transit of confusion, lethargy, and possible depression; this is a 'once only' transit when withdrawal from the battle field is possible--will his 'Russia Gate' investigation be wrapped up by or around then? Transit North Node (public contact; future direction) conjoins natal Sun on or about January 18, 2018--a public announcement of some kind?

February 12, 2018 brings transit Saturn opposing natal Saturn (5Cancer--conjunct US natal Jupiter), a time when there may be regret over past actions and a demand to correct their consequences; any rewards result in more responsibility, and one reaps what's been sown (karma).

Then, beginning in June 2018, there are 5 'hits' that extend into 2020 from transit Neptune in Pisces (edit: opposing!) natal Mars (16Virgo--Mars conjunct natal Chiron, denoting the 'sacred warrior' archetype of the more bullheaded among us.) This is a difficult transit of unreasonable or misguided ideals and actions and he may be vulnerable to issues of mistrust, deception, and/or scandal. Legal and business transactions are not favored and relationships with males may suffer; energy depletion is a potential. Another possibility is loss of job, position, or status as an authority (April 2019 edit: Mr. Mueller submitted his report to AG Barr March 22, 2019). If Mr. Mueller can hang on to his reputation during this time period he'll be doing well under this difficult transit. The Neptune-opposing-natal-Mars dates (based on a speculative natal chart so the dates may be off by a day or so--this is a general guide) are:

1. June 13, 2018; 2. June 24, 2018; 3. March 15, 2019; 4. October 12, 2019; 5. January 10, 2020.

Please note that this particular transit list is only partial and does not include the more positive contacts from transiting planets to natal planets.

Oct 31, 2017

Paul Manafort hearts Cypress for shady banking

The Tax Havens at the Heart of the Manafort Indictment include the Saychelles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Cypress. Below is the foundation data for the Turkish Republic of Cypress. Anyone think the shady money-grubber, Donald Trump, hasn't used the same banks to launder money?

'As you know, 'tax havens' are used to evade paying taxes. If only Trump's income tax returns could spill the beans! Wonder if Russian hackers have seen them yet?

The Turkish Republic of Cypress was announced at 6:55 am GMT on November 15, 1983 by Radio Bayrack and was made immediately after ratification of the independence declaration by the Turkish Cypriot Legislative Assembly (The World Book of Horoscopes, Campion); chart set for the capital city of Nicosia. In addition, an earlier horoscope may be set up for Cypress: 00:00 hours on August 16, 1960 when full independence was granted from British rule which had begun July 16, 1878.

Ascendant 23Sag49 (where Saturn has visited of late); MC 11Lib53; as you see, the 'lucky break' fortune-hunting pair, Jupiter and Uranus, are in the secretive 12th house of Large Institutions, karma, and Politics:

Sun 22Sco20 11th house

Moon 21Pis03 3rd house

Mercury 1Sag25 11th house

Venus 6Vir08 9th house

Mars 28Vir08 9th house

Jupiter 15Sag25 12th house of hidden activities and strong in its own sign

Saturn 9Sco02 10th house (11th cusp = 9Sco46; soon to receive Jupiter's visit: burdens are partially lifted)

Uranus 8Sag20 12th house

Neptune 27Sag39 1st house and rising; with karmic Saturn coming to call it's 'dream come true' or 'grim face of reality' time

Pluto 00Sco22 10th house (Scorpio, where moneybags Jupiter recently entered by transit; Jupiter to natal Pluto is a time when resources are evaluated and/or distributed.

And we should note that the Sun Scorpio-Moon Pisces double Water combination of Cypress is a Dracula vs Good Samaritan blend that prefers to 'go with the flow'. For more details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Map image, above: Nicosia 1878

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Oct 29, 2017

Oct 30, 2017: Will Mueller Indict Manafort?

On Friday October 28, 2017, news broke (or was leaked) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would make public an indictment on Monday October 30th.

Meanwhile much teeth grinding is afoot in articles such as's speculation about the name/s on top of the indictment: Here's Who Could Receive Mueller's Indictment.

Of course, the easier thing for news hounds like you and me to do is simply to kick back and wait a few hours until tomorrow and see what happens, whether the name is Manafort or not, others' names, or not. This, I am quite prepared to do on this lazy overcast Sunday in Georgia. How about you?

Astrology-related posts include:

Trump Campaign Chief's Strong Ties to Putin Revealed - clip (w Astrology) (contains astro-notes concerning Paul Manafort);

Astro-Notes: Trump Jr's Meeting with a Kremlin Lawyer;

Paul Manafort: the Ram and the Bull;

The Prenatal Eclipse of Special Counsel Robert Mueller;

And check out astrologer Karen Christino's post on the natal chart of Donald Trump Jr (his 'noon' horoscope is shown).

Looking Beyond 2017 Shadows: Winter Solstice 2017: a Neptune and Sun-Saturn Season and Jan 1, 2018: Cancer Full Moon (DC Horoscope shown).