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May 21, 2018

A Significant December 2018 Lunation in Sagittarius

May 21, 2018: Just posted to my Jude's Threshold blog on WordPress is a DC Horoscope of the Sag New Moon of December 7, 2018 which, as New Moons can do, may act much as a disruptive solar eclipse--a 'wild card' of the Universe. Noted in the post are brief comments on US SP Mars Rx and the ongoing leaky, scandal-prone transit of watery, eroding Neptune through secretive Pisces for which I chose as illustration my botanical drawing of a False Senator wrasse.

Significant is that US natal Saturn (exalted in Libra) rises in Washington DC along with the natal Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio of Donald Trump (in his 2nd house of Money) with the trio's problematic tendencies toward speculation, fraud, get-rich-quick schemes, and fantasy world whims--the world where his feverish reptile brain lives. Plus, the New Moon @15Sag07 manifests in wide opposition to the guiding planet of Mr. Trump, his 10th house Uranus, shocking planet of chaos and disruption. This may increase the 'wild card' affect of the New Moon and stimulate the whimsical, quixotic notions of his nibs.

Not mentioned in the above-linked post is the culmination-fulfillment stage of the Dec 7th New Moon at the Full Moon of December 22, 2018 @00Can49. This conjoins one of the four Cardinal World Points of manifestation where global events tend to occur, and as you see, the Full Moon perfects very soon after Winter Solstice 2018 which we discussed here yesterday with its Sun Capricorn-Moon Gemini blend of Earth-Air energies.

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