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Jan 29, 2019

When will the GOP cave on Trump? - Revealing Light Tarot

January 29, 2019: for several weeks now I have been appreciating the informative, intuitive Tarot readings on politics by Mary Ann's Revealing Light Tarot channel either via fire tv or YouTube. Below is a recent reading which blends Mary Ann's previous experience as a reporter who worked for the Murdoch empire (she's Australian, you know) with a level of intuition, then asks and answers questions as one who keeps up with US politics--specifically with the current multitude of Trump dramas and issues.

This reading is entitled but is not limited to, When Will the GOP Cave on Trump?, a pertinent question of the day as I suspect you agree! Here's Mary Ann:

One way to support Mary Ann's insightful Tarot videos if you wish is to visit the Revealing Light Tarot Patreon account.

Blog Note: as many readers know I am currently in the midst of packing for a move--and my desktop with Solar Fire astrology software went belly-up last week so no 'new' horoscopes can be generated or published for now. Yet for as long as I can, a post will occasionally turn up here so thanks go to all readers who can be patient for a few weeks until my flagship SO'W is back in full swing! Jude


nightloom said...

Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot has stated in the comments of one of her videos that she did not work for Murdoch, she worked for Fairfax Media.

Jude Cowell said...

Yes thanks! I must've misunderheard her in a video when she mentioned her former work as a reporter and Murdoch in the same sentence. I believe Fairfax and Murdoch's News Corp are the major media giants in Australia. Monopolies I suppose. jc