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Sep 5, 2019

Exposing the Secret Christian Group Seeking Political Power - Thom Hartmann w/ Jeff Sharlet

September 5, 2019: So glad that Thom Hartmann is again interviewing Jeff Sharlet, author of the best-seller The Family, a book I read in 2009 and was positively chilled by. The group makes a huge pretense of emphasizing 'Jesus' but after that the chills set in. And I do not agree that seeking the 'halls of power' was a teaching of Jesus Christ--in fact, just the opposite. Even their 'National Prayer Breakfasts' held annually on Capitol Hill have always seemed odd to me like a cover for secret goings-on especially since America is not meant to mix religion with politics. And yes, I'm in process of watching the Netflix dramatization of The Family but am finding it somewhat difficult to finish!

Anyway, without further fussin', here are Thom and Jeff:


Theocracy in the White House

Astrologically, we have Uranian planet Cupido (#763) to signify multiple things in a horoscope including The Family, Corporatism, and marriage; Cupido can also represent Art and cultural events. Plus, 'Cupido' relates to Cupid and his Bow, an archetypal cherub aka, Eros with the piercing quality of an arrow or a glance.

Now here's a question for you: do you think this group of slick, secretive 'ends justify means' religionists have any influence over, or relationship with, that White House theocrat, VP Mike Pence? At the very least, Pence must have attended one of their Prayer Breakfasts, don't you think?

A Sun Gemini (like Trump), Pence's Moon is in dualistic Gemini or in tribalistic Cancer (no birth time is known for him, last I heard) but here you can see Trump's timed natal chart with the natal planets of Mike Pence penned around it. Why, they're like 'Gemini Twins' with Gemini being the sign of duplicity. And of course, either or both of them can turn their Mercurial energies upon the other at any time!


patricia neild said...

Sounds like Australia's christian right in government

Jude Cowell said...

Oh yes. They're international. :(