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Jan 10, 2021

DC Horoscope: Biden-Harris Confirmed by Congress

January 10, 2021: It's taken a few days to publish here the DC Horoscope of the Biden-Harris Confirmation for office as declared by VP Pence. Some news sources give 3:32 am ET January 7, 2021 as the moment the 270-vote threshold was reached thanks to the state of Vermont.

Below is a Horoscope set for 3:41 am ET January 7, 2021 Capitol Building, Washington DC as the time VP Pence read and certified the votes and declared Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the USA. Today my blogging time is brief so please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes. For as you see, a dynamic T-Square is in effect including testy Mars and radical Uranus opposing a critical-degreed Moon (29Lib52; anger and aggression). A few potentials of the T-Square are listed, on the chart along with the three applying aspects, lower left, (how things will proceed) of chart-ruler Mars. As you know, #3 culminates on Inauguration Day 2021 with the explosive Mars-Uranus Conjunction @6Tau44.

And as always your on-topic comments and observations are invited, all Shares are much appreciated!

Dec 30, 2020

Astro-Notes: Louie Buller Gohmert August 18, 1953

Image above of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC

A Few Astro-Notes Concerning the Obsessive Mr. Gohmert

by Jude Cowell

If you're curious about the career path of Rep. Louie Buller Gohmert Jr (R-TX) and a few bio details, you may wish to check out his Wikipedia page where you'll see that Baby Louie was born on August 18, 1953 in Pittsburg, Texas but was "raised" in Mount Pleasant, Texas.

Assuming office in the House of Representatives on January 3, 2005, the former JAG attorney seldom ceases to amaze and not often in a good way. A current example is his frivolous lawsuit against VP Pence in an attempt to overturn the 2020 Election on behalf of Donald Trump on January 6, 2021. Glenn Kirschner has the absurd details and his usual measured commentary. Now Mr. Gohmert's lawsuit asserts that gavel-holder Mike Pence should simply 'declare' Trump president on January 6th instead of certifying Joe Biden as victor of the 2020 presidential election. However, VP Pence's position in Congress does not grant him such liberties. Ordinarily. The outcome of their farce remains to be seen and you may want to pop an extra bowl of popcorn on January 6th. (Note: The horoscope is set for 10:00 am est which may be too early for the proceedings but as you can see, the Sun @16Capricorn opposes Gohmert's natal Venus @16Cancer so that relationships, alliances, and legal matters proceed unfavorably for him; however, the Sun conjunct his natal Chiron Rx @16Cap02 so he may feel that he's on the right course to fulfill his life's quest! And his natal Venus-Chiron opposition suggests that a mentor is involved or that he is someone's mentor--R. Nolle.)

A Related Post: Astro-Notes on the 117th Congress.

So perhaps a very brief look at a few of the quirky Mr. Gohmert's natal planets would be of interest to one or two readers:

On August 18, 1953 the Sun was in the proud, vain, dramatic, 'natural leader' sign of Leo for the 24 hours (24--26) while the fluctuating Moon floated from 29Scor44 (12:00 am CST) to 12Sag28 (11:59 pm CST). So chances are good that Gohmert's natal Moon is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius with its 'idealistic thoughts guide action' quality (Ebertin) and this would make him a volatile double Fire personality, so certain of the rightness of his beliefs, rather than a steamy Fire-Water combo that can sterilize or scald.

Louie Gohmert's Solar Eclipse in Leo: For karmic Progress Avoid Egocentricity

His Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Saros Series manifested on August 9, 1953 @17Leo, is also his Syzygy Moon, and contains themes of 'bringing to the surface longterm worries about health or loved ones, or about issues that concern paperwork and/or communications; responsibilities with paperwork could come home to roost, and any news has a sense of fate or destiny attached' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). Note that the last 9 New South Eclipse occurred on September 11, 2007 @18Virgo, the next will occur on September 21, 2025 @29Virgo, a critical 29th degree.

Now in his natal chart and psyche Rep. Gohmert 'enjoys' a few planetary pairs - conjunctions, that is - with the concentrated energies and potentials they suggest: Saturn-Neptune in Libra (21-23) indicates that he's a performer (as lawyers and politicians tend to be); Mercury-Mars in Leo (7-13) denotes strong political opinions with Leonine ego involvement; Venus-Uranus in Cancer (16-21) describes a strong insistence on retaining his freedom and independence, especially within relationships and alliances.

Last but not least by any means is Gohmert's power-craving Sun-Pluto conjunction in royal Leo (23-26) which provides him with intense, obsessive qualities that yours truly would call zealotry.

What would you call it, dear reader?

Aug 23, 2020

RNC 2020 Speaker Line-Up: Quirky or Nice?

Sunday August 23, 2020: This is the fairest way I could think of to title this post and describe the upcoming week's line-up of speakers at the RNC 2020: quirky or nice? Naturally the answer depends on which side of the political spectrum you crouch upon and how strong your interest in what Don Jr, Melania, both Pences (adding their two cents' worth?), Ivanka, and Donald Donald Donald have to say. For even more quirkiness and perhaps a chuckle or a yawn, there may be some odd ducks quacking by such as Kid Rock, the My Pillow Guy, oddball Ted Nugent, plus the 'demon sperm doctor' lady personage. Actually, major popcorn popping may be the activity of the week.

Then on Thursday August 27th, Trump plans to accept his party's nomination, politically a foregone conclusion if there ever was a foregone conclusion especially for those who've heard of what is said to be his nibs' fervent longing for a 'coronation' in January. Expansive, big-headed Jupiterian Trump's royal Regulus rising (with sun god Apollo no less!) tends to give him monarchical ideas for himself but with the caution of Regulus still haunting his vengeful, grudge-holding, petty life, he may not receive the crown he covets with all that revenge and retaliation in his cold heart. Crazy isn't it? To have steaming hot Mars rising in fiery, royal Leo along with royal Regulus conjunct Ascendant and yet your Leonine heart is as cold as ice.

So with the 2020 Presidential Election approaching, let's consider the fact that how successfully a person holds and handles a position of authority has much to do with the condition of her or his natal Saturn. And for additional information on such matters we often turn to Saturn Return horoscopes which are sometimes 'three-fers' due to Saturn's retrograde periods when the cosmic lesson bringer may hit natal degree three times. Here's Trump's current Saturn Return #3 of 3 in case you haven't viewed the chart and the crisis pattern therein with apex Pluto @23Sagittarius, the position of the Total December 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse in the difficult 4 South Saros Series. And with both Saturn and Pluto as planets of karma the 4 South eclipse could be a 'wild card' signal from the Universe that for Donald Trump, his comrades, and yes, for America, it's finally time for Fate to Step In.


Above image: a NASA portrait of Jupiter; I figured you'd rather see the Jolly One than yet another photo of a scowling Trump. Did I guess correctly?

Aug 12, 2020

VP Debate October 7, 2020: Jupiter vs Jupiter!

Astrological Jupiter: Planet of Politics, Finances, Ideology, and Expansion

by Jude Cowell

August 12, 2020: Now that 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden has named Senator Kamala Harris as his VP choice and running mate, we can be reasonably assured that the October 7, 2020 VP Debate in Salt Lake City, Utah will be between Senator Harris and current VP Pence. If this debate is held, and if these are the two combatants, an interesting cosmic event is forecast: the natal Jupiters of Harris and Pence (1964 vs 1959) precisely oppose one another in the Zodiac - hers @24Tau00 Rx (Earth), his @24Sco40 Rx (Water). And as you undoubtedly realize, their Jupiters conjunct the natal MC-IC axis (24+ Taurus/Scorpio) of Donald Trump whose name and antics are likely to come up during the first, and perhaps the only, VP debate of 2020. Not that we need Astrology to inform us of this!

So during their Jupiterian stand-off we may notice hints of Harris' Jupiter in Taurus ('Venus') traits such as 'liberality, generosity, an urge for financial security' (hopefully extended to the American people!), but also possible are 'streaks of wastefulness and overindulgence in the finer things'. Generally, Jupiter in Taurus is trustworthy and as you know, steady, practical Taurus is a sign of preservation, growth, increase, building, and development.

Meanwhile, traits of Pence's Jupiter in Scorpio ('Mars-Pluto') include 'ruthless striving for possessions, materialism, a tendency to overrate oneself, optimism, a craving for pleasure, and an overly pronounced sexual life (oops! does Mother know? It would seem so since he can't be trusted alone with women). And as you know, sexy Scorpio is a brooding, deep thinking sign of such things as Big Business and occult study.

Please note that these Jupiter in Taurus-and-Scorpio indications are from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

(To me the Harris-Pence-Jupiter situation seems a curious cosmic echo of the fact that the natal Jupiters of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump also precisely oppose one another across the Aries-Libra axis. So actually, with both Jupiter pairs (Aries-Libra and Taurus-Scorpio), the degree and its Sabian Symbol for each planet is the Illumination Point of the other!)

Previous posts concerning the two politicians have been published on SO'W if you care to take a look:

Kamala Harris: Peacemaking Crusader with Spunk!, and Trump natal Horoscope with Pence natal planets penned outside. Plus, you may wish to check out Alex Miller's Astrological Profile of Mike Pence using asteroid placements as Alex so ably does.

Above NASA image: Jupiter

Sep 5, 2019

Exposing the Secret Christian Group Seeking Political Power - Thom Hartmann w/ Jeff Sharlet

September 5, 2019: So glad that Thom Hartmann is again interviewing Jeff Sharlet, author of the best-seller The Family, a book I read in 2009 and was positively chilled by. The group makes a huge pretense of emphasizing 'Jesus' but after that the chills set in. And I do not agree that seeking the 'halls of power' was a teaching of Jesus Christ--in fact, just the opposite. Even their 'National Prayer Breakfasts' held annually on Capitol Hill have always seemed odd to me like a cover for secret goings-on especially since America is not meant to mix religion with politics. And yes, I'm in process of watching the Netflix dramatization of The Family but am finding it somewhat difficult to finish!

Anyway, without further fussin', here are Thom and Jeff:


Theocracy in the White House

Astrologically, we have Uranian planet Cupido (#763) to signify multiple things in a horoscope including The Family, Corporatism, and marriage; Cupido can also represent Art and cultural events. Plus, 'Cupido' relates to Cupid and his Bow, an archetypal cherub aka, Eros with the piercing quality of an arrow or a glance.

Now here's a question for you: do you think this group of slick, secretive 'ends justify means' religionists have any influence over, or relationship with, that White House theocrat, VP Mike Pence? At the very least, Pence must have attended one of their Prayer Breakfasts, don't you think?

A Sun Gemini (like Trump), Pence's Moon is in dualistic Gemini or in tribalistic Cancer (no birth time is known for him, last I heard) but here you can see Trump's timed natal chart with the natal planets of Mike Pence penned around it. Why, they're like 'Gemini Twins' with Gemini being the sign of duplicity. And of course, either or both of them can turn their Mercurial energies upon the other at any time!

Jul 27, 2019

Planet Mars on Trump's Mind - and natal Ascendant

July 27, 2019: As the steamy month of August 2019 approaches and transit Mars in Leo nears a return to its position in the natal horoscope of Donald Trump (August 11 @26Leo46), the hazy focus of his nibs includes NASA's proposed Mars Mission which necessarily must include a stop-over on Earth's Moon. Yet Trump wants to go directly to Mars, no stop-overs and no safety measures. If this sounds to you like a brash, impatient dumblehead know-it-all with only a superficial understanding of space travel and the science behind it who was born with Mars Rising, then we're on the same page in the Trump department.

Now as you know, the Ascendant is considered by astrologers to be the most important point in a natal chart and represents the Physical Body and, in a word, The Self. So in the case of Trump, his Self is Mars, the planet of energy, action, motivation, and desire. (Please note that yours truly would be happy to contribute a modest amount to a Mars Mission Fund if it will help send his nibs directly into outer space, and as far as I'm concerned, Big T can claim ownership of the mineral, water, and any other lucrative rights the alluring red planet promises. After all, red ties, red planet here he comes!)

So what does Trump's Mars-Ascendant duo promise its owner and how does he express its combined energies in the external world? Let's see if we can recognize the combative, enemy-seeking Herr Spanky in any of the descriptions below:

In A Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin states that Mars-Ascendant denotes "a fighting spirit." Check! But there's more, both positive and negative, and I quote:

"Psychological Correspondence: + Tendency to force one's own will upon others, ability to lead or guide resolutely, active teamwork. - A fighting and aggressive spirit with regard to others. A quarrelsome person, inclination to become physically violent. C Advancement in life by the use force." Well, yes. No matter what it costs or how much cheating it takes.

Ebertin continues...

"Biological Correspondence: Prone to accidents. A surgical operation. Sociological Correspondence: Colleagues and coworkers. Bullies and ruffians." Peep-eye!

"Probable Manifestations: + Tendency to drive and push others to get on with their work, successful creative activity in teamwork, forceful attainment of success. - Quarrels conflicts, disputes." Constant quarreling and vicious insults! Yet as most people know, cheating isn't actually winning, it's stealing.

Then the fact that Trump was born with enraged star, screaming Algol, conjunct his Taurus Midheaven visibly adds fuel to his fiery Mars-ASC nature of a roaring lion made more vengeful and threatening by his negative, retaliatory use of royal star Regulus rising. Wonder if Big T ever carries a weapon (Mars) on his person (ASC)? No surprise, if so. If not, his mouth is probably lethal enough for most if not all opponents.

So naturally, being easily provoked to anger and having tendencies toward trouble-making and arsonist behavior can be parts of the Mars-Ascendant combination so now let's consider a few of Michael Munkasey's insights into the testosterone-driven pairing for further information:

"In Relationships: How you evaluate others for their ability to keep up with you physically; urge to show anger toward others; an impulsive shifting mental focus from event to event; scattered energies. With Body or Mind: Pressure or heat within the ocular fluids" (staring directly at the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse can't be good for this!); "elevated blood pressure caused by (the) environment." How could it not be elevated at his weight and with his hot temperament?

"Thesis: a well-trained military and an active armament industry; an ability to focus sharply on the business needs of industry" (always transactional!). "Antithesis: leaders who don't have the will or energy to mobilize their resources productively" (troops sent to the southern border? dreams of vanity-inspired military parades? diverted military funds to build a stupid non-effective if lucrative wall?); "a poorly prepared defense or war making capability" (cyber warfare and 2020 election hacking?); "focusing the efforts of an enterprise upon its energy or armament needs." Why, war profiteering is one of Herr Spanky the Martian's favorite cups o' tea!

Now in closing, here's a view of the natal chart of Donald Trump but please heed a small warning: penned on are the natal planets of Mike Pence sucking up around the outside with planetary contacts of the two men noted. Spy more links between them if you dare!

Previously on SO'W: Is There a Silver Lining for Trump in 2019? in which transit Nemesis comes to call upon Trump's natal Ascendant (29Leo) after aggravating natal Mars and goosing royal Regulus and the star's 'avoid taking revenge' caution with a nasty little karmic tickle.

Sep 6, 2018

Astrologers Warned America about Trump's Unfitness

Based on His Natal Chart, Astrologers Warned Against Trump 'All Along'

by Jude Cowell

Yesterday September 5, 2018 was a red-letter day for Donald Trump and the White House as the news cycle was replete with a certain Anonymous NYT op-ed from inside the White House citing a quiet resistance to the worst impulses of the rash, unstable Mr. Trump. Bob Woodward's soon-to-be-released book Fear: Trump In the White House also permeates our air waves with its multiple quotes and observations concerning the quirky, whimsical fellow and the thwarting of his chaotic style of what some call 'leadership' (his natal Uranus in 10th house of Career is oriental, i.e. the inner voice that guides him). And you know how disruptive and shocking astrological Uranus can be so as we see, Mr. Trump embodies Uranus in duplicitous Gemini as he assaults America's traditions, principles, and institutions domestically and abroad.

And as yours truly commented on Facebook yesterday, Donald Trump has no Revolutionary War ancestors which seems significant to me considering his anti-democratic attitude toward our nation, for by comparison his immigrant ancestors were late comers harvesting rewards from our country without sowing the seeds of America's Spirit of 1776. Yes, many American citizens without Revolutionary War heritage are true patriots but I assert that 'reality star' Trump is not one of them. So is he merely posing as "an American" while his heart belongs to his family's fatherland, Germany?

So now, after the release of the NYT op-ed and the coming release of Mr. Woodward's book, use of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office is cited as it was from Trump's early days in office and an inquisition is said to be in play by Trump in an attempt to unmask the Anonymous op-ed writer. And of course, those who have been saying all along that Trump is 'unfit for the presidency' (ex: political pundits) are part of the current discourse yet with absolutely no mention of the many astrologers who warned about Trump--all along--such as his lack of character and low morals, his mob ties, his obsession with dictators, his lack of knowledge and unsurpassed unfitness to serve as POTUS of the United States, and more. Why, Trump's unaspected Pluto in 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals (and Enemies), Karma, and Self-Undoing alone is enough to suspect the rise of the very problems we now suffer. And his rising Mars in proud Leo is in the 12th house, too!

Concerning Trump's 12th house unaspected Pluto, here's an excerpt from a previous post:

"Unaspected Pluto @10Leo02 in 12th house of the Unconscious suggests one who is 'overshadowed by shadows' (Tierney) with Pluto, the isolationist, being the planet of Psychology, Psychiatry, and persuasion. There are subterranean forces within his psyche that are totally fragmented from the rest of his personality and because they are buried, he is unaware of them which gives them even greater primal power. This, I believe, suggests the "he can't help himself" remarks that perhaps you've heard from commentators and reporters..." Plus, 'Pluto of the (Criminal) Underworld' is obviously a description embedded within his psyche--and then there's Trump's natal midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto which this year has been the case overhead by transit with its potentials for brutality, violence, death, and the fury of destruction (Ebertin); this difficult picture is a natal echo for Mr. Trump and is coming to fruition now as promised in his natal horoscope.

Now another prominent chart factor is Trump's Regulus rising which has been noted here multiple times as a marker for the royal star's bestowing of success but with the caution that 'if revenge is taken, all that has been gained will be taken away'. For more info see the recent post Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump? That's the very vengeful Donald Trump who makes enemies of allies but adores America's adversaries--just like Putin would (prefer he) do!

Also of note is the fact that today, Saturn @2Capricorn32 is at Direct Station--'old man' Saturn, the planet of accountability, responsibility, authority, legality, and maturity, something the impulsive, emotional, rage-prone Mr. Trump does not possess. Then once transit Saturn passes 9Cap08, his Rx degree from mid-April 2018, the legal and governmental planet can move ahead more directly with his cosmic imperatives of a karmic nature (as in, reaping what was sown). This will be on or about December 12, 2018. Significant is that Saturn's Rx Station @9Cap08 in April opposed the natal Mercury of Mr. Trump (8Can51; 11th house) and will last oppose his Mercury (thinking, planning, communicating, trading) on December 12, 2018 when tr Saturn reaches shadow degree then heads further into Capricorn on a course for his Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 with karmic Pluto @22Cap46--the degree of the natal Vertex of Donald Trump. Fated encounters.

Curiously, there's another cosmic circumstance on October 27, 2018 when the Tail of the Dragon Smacks the POTUS Sun (@00AQ48 on January 20, 2017) with the Tail being the South Node of the Moon, a Saturnian point of separation and karma, and the Inaugural Sun representing the Office of the Presidency and its figurehead, Donald Trump--unless and until theocrat Pence is installed in Trump's vacated place. Of course, a Pence presidency was probably someone's intention from the start for Pence could never have won the office otherwise.

Then last, but not least, is the recent SO'W post citing the cosmic fact that yesterday September 5, 2018, Mr. Trump's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Moon precisely reached 18Leo41, the precise degree, minute, and second of the current Solar Eclipse--'The Tower' Eclipse--which manifested on August 11, 2018 just after Trump's own Prenatal Solar Eclipse repeated in July @21Cancer with its themes of separation and bad news.

But please don't think I post any of this with glee for as POTUS goes, so goes America, my only nag in the race! PRevious posts have included the wish that Trump would do well in the Oval Office so that our nation would do well yet tragically this is not the case.

So now the world watches and listens as voices rise from inside the White House to speak out against the flawed, compromised, unstable Donald Trump and an administration that could implode and collapse any day--just as The Tower Solar Eclipse theme of 'collapse' informs us. Yet if this must be Mr. Trump's karma, my prayer is that our America will remain standing.


A Related Post with DC Horoscope: Trump Inauguration 2017's Solar Return 2018. And for a general look ahead see The Lunar and Solar Eclipses of 2019 with Themes.

Aug 11, 2018

The Conspiracy Party and its Neptune in Pisces

Are Republicans Drenched by Neptune?

In September 2017, a post appeared on SO'W concerning the fact that the Republican Party is in process of its first-ever Neptune Return, a five-fer return which began on May 17, 2017 with its final exact return on December 29, 2018.

Actually, today is August 11, 2018 so the party's next Neptune Return perfects on October 20, 2018 with Neptune Rx @14Pis01, the party's natal degree of the planet from their founding on March 20, 1854 (6:30 pm LMT Rippon, Wisconsin). Between the five return charts, let's count the last return of December 29, 2018 as the major one you see below, since it must serve the party for the next 164 years (as if). Of course, all five return horoscopes 'count' and perhaps the first one of May 17, 2017 is the most significant. But since it's now 2018, the December chart is shown here and is set for the party's natal location (Rippon, WI) because unlike the December return chart relocated to DC, three planets are angular, as you see:

Please enlarge image to read scribbles! Hour of Mercury which @20Sagittarius conjoins the Party's natal Moon (info, communications, and plans relate to education, domestic circumstances, family and child concerns, real estate sales or property, and/or health issues); Locomotive shape of ruthless success led by the Moon @8Lib51 conjunct MC; Trump's natal Neptune at MC: loss of position or simply more lies and scandals? Chart-ruler Jupiter rising in Sagittarius applies to a square with Republican Party's natal Neptune in Return 3rd house of Communications: details of potentials are penned on the chart; as you see, Jupiter-Neptune qualities infuse the chart and US natal Pluto sits in the middle! Star of extreme misfortune, even suicide, Scheat, @29Pisces conjoins Mars, Chiron, and the Return's IC (The Drain; the Basis of the Matter; Endings). '29Pisces' = "A Prism: VALIDATION"...positive expression: "exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy:; negative/unconscious expression: "fatuous pride of intellect" (Jones). Wonder who suffers from that?

Naturally, there are other chart factors worth your consideration as are several stars that attach to the return's planets such as self-sacrificing Diadem conjunct Moon (the public; publicity) and Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point of all horoscopes; warring star Antares rises with its themes recently expanded by transit Jupiter; Sun @7Cap41 rises with Aculeus (enduring attacks but success) and conjoins Facies while serious Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, rises with Facies (ruthlessness or, the victim). Noted in the center of the chart is the severe Saturn-Pluto midpoint @15Cap47 which by degree points toward the first Solar Eclipse of 2019 @15Cap which perfects on January 6th in the 2 South Saros Series (joining unusual groups and feeling you'll gain a great deal from it--Brady).

Negative Nabobs of Neptune

Now as you know, there are many words and concepts typically assigned to the nebulous if inspired realms of astrological Neptune, with conspiracy being merely one of them. Made more prevalent as it floats through its own sign of tropical Pisces, Neptune also relates to: paranoia, fear, propaganda, fraud, deception, illegitimacy, illusion, veils and cover-ups, secrets, leaks, scams, grand schemes and dreams, erosion and dissolution, insecurity, uncertainty, karmic loss, glamour, disguises, mass media, and the masses--all come to mind as well as oceans, rivers, drinking and other water, gases, floods, epidemics and toxins. In Astrology, expansive Neptune's list is quite endless, or should I say, infinite? For The Divine Source is the highest designation for Neptune so we also find the GOP's association with religion (except that's really codifying Jupiter's domain with Neptune more a marker for spirituality and compassion.) Of course, fear and paranoia are what conspiracy theories are often based upon and are what such fanciful notions are meant to raise through the continual spreading of them.

Worth a gander is a 2013 TYT video segment Which Party Buys More into Conspiracy Theories? (5:58). (Confession: some of the theories mentioned appear factual to me!)

So how appropriate during the Republican Party's ongoing Neptune Return/s of 2017--2018 that various media and entertainment figures have recently called out the GOP as the 'Conspiracy Party' based on what the party has become--especially under the 'leadership' (?) of Mr. Trump, an ace conspiracy theorist in the flesh. 'Birtherism' against Barack Obama is a prime example of a political tactic that Trump based his presidential candidacy on meant to rile up fellow bigots at voting booths and place white supremacists within his administration (as if that's okay but it isn't). Plus, Neptunian cover-ups of domestic and foreign interference methods used in the 2016 Election (and threatening future elections) aided Trump in his quixotic quest for the White House.

Yet as his nibs fears, his is now seen as an illegitimate presidency by a many Americans and even transit Neptune veiling US Progressed Sun (POTUS) in Pisces has not successfully hidden the fact, nor has Neptune managed to hide Mr. Trump's purposeful ineptitude, weakness, financial shortcomings, and basic unsuitability for playing the role of POTUS. Besides, Trump in the White House isn't about playing the role well, it's about collapsing the American system of government and eroding our institutions, traditions, ideals, and beliefs, isn't it?

So in the 1854 founding chart of the Republican Party, let's consider a certain natal midpoint picture involving Neptune...Neptune-MC (goal point) = Uranus in the corporate 8th house: the desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs (Ebertin); and self-righteousness (Tyl). Yet oddly enough 'realization' is a concept belonging to astrological Saturn, planet of reality, form, law, government, business, and The Establishment. And of course, astrological Uranus represents potentials for: revolt, war, shock, disruption, upheaval, radical reform, chaos, and inventive and/or Utopian ideas. Science, Technology, and Progress are also Uranian but these days fact-based systems and progressive social reforms, among other things, act as garlic to the vampires of the regressive GOP--regrettably, and this I type as a Protestant Christian who continues to rely on the natural laws of the Universe set up by our Creator just as our Solar System (The Great Cosmic Clock) was and which makes Astrology's 'As Above, So Below' structure possible for our better understanding of life on Earth.

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin also supplies information on the Neptune-MC blend itself which reveals potentials for: pursuit of wrong ideas; people with Utopian ideas (and plans!), crooks and swindlers, and a leaning toward deception. Does this sound like any politicians, indicted and not yet indicted, you can name? And with transit Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, anarchists, Utopians) we must add to their Utopian zealotry the Sabian Symbol of the Republican Party's Ascendant, the rising point which describes the Party itself, and the fact that America's natal Jupiter in Cancer rises in their chart as well and we have: '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds feathering Their Nests".

Now most everyone agrees that elected candidates of all political stripes go to Washington for one of two basic reasons: either to idealistically represent, as well as they can, We The People (what we once called public service and 'doing the people's business'), or, to create personal wealth within a compromised system based on favors, bribes, pay-offs, blackmail, intimidation...and doing the work of corporations--and nowadays, bowing to foreign dictators. Tragically for our nation, it often happens that the idealists find once there that materialism is the only way to keep their positions and many succumb as party leaders read them the riot act as dictated by un-elected financiers and anti-democratic saboteurs who care nothing for America.

Now in a spirit of disclosure, I should admit that for years I've blogged in dissent against America's role of World Cop for transnational Corporate Crime Syndicates--and have habitually complained against Global Government dissolving America's national sovereignty. But even as campaigning Trump gave lip service to such concerns, his 'walling in' of the American people is not the answer for these issues for I believe that Trump's border wall is more about playing on bigotry for votes, isolating America from her traditional allies and neighbors so that our leadership role on the global stage is reduced to allow authoritarian regimes to take over the reins. Perhaps you agree that China and Russia are the obvious culprits as we've observed foreign agent Trump approving of this radical notion. So often we see that Trump does just like Putin would do! so that his chaotic ways make more sense in such a disturbing light.

So as one of those many Americans with ancestors who sacrificed, fought, and died to help establish this nation--plus, with ancestors of non-Caucasian persuasions--the erosion and corruption of the Republican Party is of no joy to me nor is the corporate corruption of the Democratic Party. The fact that political parties were considered by our nation's Founders to be a negative course for America to take, their forming occurred in the past, a reality long accepted by my fellow Americans and used tactically by Washington DC, my former city of residence. That the Republican Party, said to have been created upon compassionate ideals (Neptune in Pisces) during the slave era, has slipped or been pushed into becoming a ridiculous 'Conspiracy Party' bodes ill for America's future unless and until clear and close scrutiny is performed by those who care and dare. Because even arrogant America, with her exalted Saturn in Libra, must abide by the natural laws of karma via sober Saturn's demands for realism, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and the accountability that Mr. Trump and the Republicans now encounter through the current fact-finding investigations of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the prosecutors of New York.

And speaking of Neptune, a 'noon' natal horoscope for POTUS-in-training Republican theocrat Mike Pence is available for viewing with two suggested rectified birth times and Ascendants--one ASC in Scorpio, one in Aquarius. Striking is his Minor Grand Trine formed by Saturn-Pluto = Neptune (quick decisions made in difficult situations; sudden acts of violence) with Neptune in this pattern alerting and inspiring him to a more objective use of the Saturn-Pluto trine, an aspect of The Magnate (Oken) which gives him an enormous capacity for accumulating wealth and for refining "existing forms of authoritarian institutions" (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology).

Related Posts include: Inauguration 2017 Horoscope in which we see that the final dispositor is Neptune in Pisces (of course it is!); Robert Mueller Appointed May 17, 2017; Reality Is Not What You Think, a Max Igan broadcast via video with his usual intriguing graphics and thought-provoking remarks; Horoscope: a Starry Autumn Equinox 2018; and it's up to We The People to shrug off our apathy and Defend the US Constitution on November 6, 2018 before Neptunian erosion via radical reforms by the Republican Party and their shady enablers change forever the America we've known and loved.

Above NASA photo: Neptune

Dec 5, 2017

Astrologer Kevin Estes: Impeach Donald Trump

Mueller Indictments: Why The GOP Should Impeach Donald Trump

by Kevin Estes

Throughout the last month, the Robert Mueller investigation has picked up some serious steam, first with the Indictments of Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort and Manafort's business associate Rick Gates, and then on December 1st with the indictment of Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn. This will inevitably result in more Indictments, which will likely be Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and son Donald Trump Jr. With the evidence of Trump doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and Russia interfering in the 2016 elections growing more and more each month, Trump is already losing, or has already lost, the independent voters, and with the approval rating of Congress sitting at a dismal 10%, they need to do something to show that they care more about the credibility, as well as the security, of the country more than towing the party line or most importantly, their own wealth. What is that?

Impeach Donald Trump.

What's keeping them from doing this? Not only has Trump likely committed treason, he's also shown signs of racism by not condemning white supremacists (while condemning protesters) while pushing for a deficit-ballooning Border Wall, making minorities scared as a result, as well as being a threat to the 1st amendment, which is the right to freedom of speech, by suggesting that journalists who criticize him lose their licenses and that protesting NFL players be fired on the spot. By impeaching Donald Trump, the GOP would make a big effort to restore its image, and they would remove themselves of an overly authoritarian President. If Trump gets impeached, Mike Pence, a Republican, would become President, and as my astrological analysis shows, he is more of a true conservative than Trump, who represents the 1% that is getting wealthier every year more than anything. So unless certain high ranking Republicans (like Pence himself and even Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, the leaders of the House and Senate respectively) are in this scandal themselves, there is no valid reason whatsoever not to impeach Donald Trump, especially with the midterm elections coming next year - unless they will be hacked as well.

If the GOP fails to stand up for justice and impeach Donald Trump, they risk their credibility being ruined forever, and that might just happen according to Jeanne Mayell's predictions, as the GOP will lose relevance over the next eight years. After all, we are in the Pluto in Capricorn era, where governments (Capricorn) will be transformed (Pluto).

See predictions by Jeanne Mayell.

As you'll see, she has a great accuracy record.

Agreed, Kevin, and thanks for sharing your views! It seems obvious to me that you have higher standards and a deeper sense of justice than the paid-for politicians who now infest our nation's capital and work diligently to sabotage our nation. jc

To read more of Kevin's millennial views, his ethics analyses, and other articles, check out Left Wing Astrology where this post originally appeared. And please share if you care!

May 27, 2017

May 28, 2017: Laughingstock-in-Chief Returns to DC

His Arabian-European roadshow ended, Donald Trump returns to Washington DC tomorrow, Sunday May 28, 2017 as multiple publications across Europe and at home call him a laughingstock who should be impeached.

Astrologically, might we fault transit Saturn now adversely affecting Mr. Trump's Sun-NN/Moon-SN opposition? How about the natal indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square that blabs intel, tweets insults, and forms misconceptions of reality everywhere it goes? Plus, Trump's natal Saturn, planet of authority, authenticity, accountability, and gravitas is in Moon-ruled Cancer, the sign of Saturn's detriment, and is in wide conjunction with natal Venus, a combo of discontent. Neurotic reactions are quite typical for those born under Saturn in Cancer's rays.

Other potentials with Saturn in Cancer include estrangements from relationships, emotional sensitivity, a deep need for respect from others, and attempts to hide inner feelings in order to preserve dignity. 'Aggravating circumstances due to family ties' (Ebertin) may partially describe Trump's return to America under the darkening cloud of his serious Jared Kushner problem and his purported 'private channel to the Kremlin' request to the Russian ambassador.

Saturn in Cancer also suggests defensiveness, need to be taken seriously (calling him a laughingstock won't do it), emotional touchiness, excessive water retention and weight gain, and a strong attachment to material and financial possessions and we have a fit description of an unfit Donald as forces within and without the US government attempt to remove Mr. Trump from office and, one supposes, force upon the American people the theocrat VP Mike Pence.

Jan 11, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump w Mike Pence's natal planets

In this image the natal planets of VP-elect Mike Pence (R-IN) are penned around the outside of President-elect Donald Trump's natal chart which shows a few descriptive links between the men, one born in June 1946, the other in June 1959. Mr. Trump's chart and planets are highlighted in orange, Mr. Pence's planets are in blue-green with no angles shown since I don't have Mr. Pence's birth time; therefore, 'noon' positions are entered on the chart:

Naturally, Mr. Pence's natal planets were transits in 1959 for the almost-13-year-old Donald Trump.

DT = Donald Trump; MP = Mike Pence; MP's natal Moon ranged from 23Gemini to 6Cancer over the 24-hour period of his birth day.

The links that pop out at me (and are not dependent upon an accurate birth hour for Mr. Pence) are:

DT's late Leo Mars and Ascendant are conjoined by MP's natal Pluto @1Virgo. All three conjoin royal star and 'kingmaker' Regulus (success if revenge is avoided); this creates midpoint pictures with potentials, one of which is penned, lower right: DT Mars/MP Pluto = DT ASC: daring (Ebertin); coercive measures; intimidation (Munkasey); also: DT Mars-ASC = MP Pluto: violence; a love of quarreling; desire to rule others; premature action; forcible adjustment to new circumstances and conditions (Ebertin). As always, any, all, or none may apply.

Together they concentrate Mars-Pluto force with its potentials for chaos, aggression, suppression, and/or oppression.

MP Sun @16Gemini conjunct DT Uranus @17Gemini: quirky, rebellious Uranus which not only leads all of Mr. Trump's natal planets but is oriental (rising just before his Sun) has MP's natal Sun shining upon it which suggests that pride may interfere with group endeavors and cause separation or disruption, and loyalty issues may ensue. This connection shows DT inviting MP to take a leadership role and hints that MP was selected for his traits and abilities that DT lacks (obviously!). Yes, they are a team yet trouble may develop unless MP accepts DT's non-traditional ways of doing things, and/or if their egocentric personalities cause too many quarrels over authority issues--especially with DT's planet of authority and responsibility (Saturn) in Cancer opposed by MP's natal Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn. Plus, MP's Saturn widely opposes DT's Mercury which suggests MP's need for DT to become more sober in his communications--if not, then restriction, criticism, or resentment may occur.

Perhaps Mr. Pence's Solar Return in June 2017 will reveal their Sun-Uranus link either positively or negatively, and it will be a Sun-to-natal-Uranus transit for Mr. Trump.

MP Mercury @21Gemini conjoins DT Sun and North Node of public contact and future direction. This connection suggests the ideas and goals of DT which are in sync with MP's thoughts and expression of them to the public via the media or via speeches, meetings, and/or pressers. It also indicates the more aggressive and dramatic forum that MP has now thanks to DT; Mr. Pence may add his input to DT's ideas and plans but this must be done gingerly by MP or the super-sensitive DT may take offence (or perhaps MP will manage to turn DT's ideas and plans into something totally different than what DT intended. This is perhaps not a good idea.

An interesting link is formed on MP's Nodal Axis in DT's 2nd house of Money and Values which holds Trump's Jupiter-Neptune 'speculator' pair (and which rule DT's natal 8th house of Corporatism and Debt via its shady Pisces cusp). DT's Juno (a political asteroid) is there are well along with guru Chiron, the blind spot. This picture is fraught with complexity beyond the scope of this meager post but with MP's North Node conjoining DT's 2nd house trio, Mr. Pence may find himself dealing with such monetary themes in his public contacts before their first term ends. The presence of wounded/wounding Chiron between DT's Jupiter and Neptune seems to be a sign of Mr. Trump's many bankruptcies and over-extensions of credit to the point of massive debt to foreign banks. DT's chronic non-payment of workers he hires may be pictured here as well along with his over-inflated boasts of his wealth.

Now there are other chart factors between them that are worth considering such as MP's Jupiter Rx conjunct DT's IC--opulent surroundings, gain via real estate?) but these are the primary ones I see. You may see others, of course, and a study of their progressions and return charts will yield more information about their association (and make for a much longer post).

There is one more thing I want to mention: Mr. Pence's natal Chiron Rx @27AQ38. As you know, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, priest, guru, mentor, and blind spot--and signifies the Christ archetype in a horoscope. Here we find that MP's natal Chiron conjoins US natal Moon (We The People) of July 4, 1776. This conjunction suggests the religious aspect of Mr. Pence but perhaps also a kind of wounding which may occur due to Theocracy being brought into the US government where it doesn't belong. I say this as a Christian myself and as a Child of the Revolution--one who demands that church and state remain as separate as possible in America for the sake of religious freedom. For it is my belief that morality cannot be legislated but must come from within each individual. Externally enforced morality is a false morality and only serves to enslave not free!

Disagree if you must but there it is. And if I've missed a link between their natal planets that you consider important or you have info to add to the above assessment please let me know in a comment or at judecowell at gmail dot com.

Related posts: The Asteroids and Dreams of Mike Pence; The Oriental Planet of Donald Trump; Horoscope: Inauguration 2017; and Horoscope: The Great American Eclipse of August 2017--the 'splitting' energies of which will imprint upon the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Or should I say, the Trump-Pence presidency?

Dec 16, 2016

Will The Trump Administration Bring On the New Crusades? (w/ Guest: Jeff Sharlet) video

On my book shelf is The Family, the book by Jeff Sharlet, Thom's guest discussing here the threat of the Christian Right fomenting within the Trump administration. Religious zealots in the Oval Office in spite of America's traditional separation of church and state? Thanks, Trump voters, but you've been had in so many ways and will take our nation hostage to an incompetent who will delegate the boring tasks of governing to VP Pence, the theocrat:

Hasn't the US military been used for years as 'crusaders' to proselytize the Middle East?

Well, just for the sake of curiosity, where was asteroid Cupido (The Family; The Syndicate;Corporatism) when the non-religious, delusional never-asked-forgiveness-because-I've-never-sinned Mr. Trump was born? In quite a pile-up with his natal Moon, South Node (of the Moon), asteroid Lilith, and Hopi Prophecy star, Ras Alhague @22Sagittarius.

VP-elect Mike Pence was born with Cupido (which can also signify romance similar to asteroid Eros) retrograde @26Lib11. Curiosity mildly satisfied. Concern unmitigated. Wonder how soon Sunday worship will be regimented into effect?

If you wish, 'look inside' Jeff's book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. Apparently, if this is a secret, it's about to spread all over us. And I type this as a Protestant Christian - because Theocracy is about as unAmerican as you can get, but most of all, because you cannot legislate morality!

Nov 22, 2016

A Question about American Utopianism

Of Rosy Glows, Dragons Fought, and Thomas Jefferson

by Jude Cowell

St george

St. George and the red cross are emblems used by many countries, regions, organizations, and entities through the centuries, including medieval times. Today the modern 'Red Cross' organization is a well known example of its use as a symbol or logo and the 'rosy cross' of 'Rosicrucianism' represents a secret organization that favors a mythical beast that is seldom if ever glimpsed by non-members. More details here.

Yes, the Banner of St. George was notable (and one supposes inspiring) at the Battle of Agincourt and yet my current fuss is this: precisely why is a flag or banner with a red cross on a white field prominently displayed in the following painting of a tableaux of Thomas Jefferson's presentation to Congress of the completed Declaration of Independence? You see the red cross floating over Jefferson's head so is this a wordless message revealed via symbol? For one thing, Jefferson's effects after his death (on July 4, 1826) included a Rosicrucian decoder intended to read and write secret messages. And yet it was Great Britain where Rosicrucianism became uppermost, with Templar Freemasonry sprouting and growing wildly in the New World of America (though some say the two brotherhoods united at some point).

Here are details on John Trumbull's famous painting, above, of the moment Thomas Jefferson presented the first draft of the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock, president of the Second Continental Congress, on June 28, 1776. Last I heard, the 12' x 18' masterpiece hangs in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. Standing with Mr. Jefferson are John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, and Benjamin Franklin.

Now as you know, Mr. Jefferson was a quiet man who whispered and stuttered when he spoke, and keeping secrets was a natural inclination for such a man particularly when involvement in certain activities could forfeit you your fortune and your life. Perhaps wisely, Jefferson never admitted actual membership in any secret society that I know of but we can surmise his knowledge of principles, plus, Monticello sported paintings of the three men whose intellect he admired most: Bacon, Newton, and Locke.

So I confess that there are times when the idea of an alleged "Book of Secrets" that's said to be for very few eyes suggests to me that whatever American secrets there be are totally different from what we've been propagandized through the centuries to believe about our Platonian, Utopian nation, the only country ever founded upon an ideal. From capstones, hollowed out crevices in cornerstones, and whatever is secreted under DC's Ellipse, to that infamous "Book", We the People surely must have stunning revelations ahead of us if Bacon's Vision is ever fully revealed. We may not like it but there it is.

Now with the recently denied potential of electing the first woman president, I had speculated that if such a thing happened, it could be symbolized by flipping over America's Great Seal in order to bring the more esoteric, unconscious symbols on the reverse more fully into our conscious minds. You know--the 13-step 'pyramid of power' which relates symbolically to the Midheaven degree and sign (on or about 26 Capricorn these days) in America's inaugural horoscopes (January 20th noon Capitol Building) -- the area of the Zodiac where Pluto in Capricorn now creeps. Plus, a late Capricorn MC places US natal Pluto Rx there as well along with America's progressed Pluto at 29 Capricorn, a critical or crisis 29th degree (as is 26 Cap). On Inauguration Day/s, our opposing Mercury Rx at IC echoes, along with sneaky Pluto at MC, the whisper of a nation of secrets, spies, hidden rulers, and a veiled mission.

And since Pluto was discovered in 1930, let's go ahead and say that when Freemason President Franklin Roosevelt had Inauguration Day changed from early March to January 20th (March 1933 to January 1937), he knew exactly what he was doing and what would eventually happen: transit Pluto in Capricorn ('the dictator') would hit the highest, most visible spot in US inaugural horoscopes, the Midheaven, the point of Goals and Aspirations...the pinnacle of worldly power, we might call it...and this would symbolically signify a display (MC) of might and Empire (Pluto in Cap) meant to be seen worldwide across the globe and denote Saturnian control (Capricorn) of the Earth itself.

How quirky that someone has selected a braggart nationalist like Mr. Trump to implement the final stages of Global Government when that's just the kind of thing he campaigned against! Perhaps he's only intended to corral Americans into place while continuing the destruction of the US Constitution that stands in the way of open borders and worldwide corporatism...they've already dispensed with the Constitution in the realms of habeas corpus, preemptive war, and brutal suppression of peaceful protest.

So here is another question: wonder if the Utopian society the Founding Fathers envisioned bares any resemblance at all to the crap government that anarchists have been busy downgrading America to? Because with Trump losing the popular vote on November 8th, consent of the governed is totally missing as is 'a mandate' for president-elect Trump and his austere sidekick, the boo-worthy Mr. Pence of Indiana.

Wikimedia page of the top image {Public domain} of St. George on his steed surrounded by 'rosy crosses'.

Nov 16, 2016

December 2016 into 2017: Karmic Planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump

Reviewing the December 2016 and January 2017 planetary transits to the natal chart of president-elect Donald Trump, it may be handy to list the primary aspects that affect Mr. Trump's natal planets as he and his team continue their attempt to populate his cabinet and fill other positions soon to be available in the Trump administration.

Tr = transit; n = natal; assumed is your familiarity with basic astrological principles.

Active transits include karmic Saturn, Jupiter, and karmic Pluto, and in order of occurrence they are:

Dec 2, 2016: Tr Saturn opposite n Uranus (n 10th house): a generational phase but as president (and representative of the Collective), this transit affects the American people with potentials for passage of legislation that imposes restrictions of some kind, plus, there may be a collapse of institutions that tend to benefit the Uranus-in-Gemini generation; groups, associations, and alliances may also be affected via limitations or calls for accountability.

Dec 4, 2016 Mr. Trump's Jupiter Return/s (17Libra27): the first of three conjunctions of tr Jupiter to n Jupiter (2. Apr 13, 2017 Rx; 3. August 4, 2017). This is the 12-year reward cycle of expansive Jupiter which imprints upon the Trump presidency for good or ill--hopefully Jupiter can mitigate other more difficult transits of December 2016 into 2017 which will set the tone of his White House tenure. His natal Jupiter is stationary direct and thus, strong in his chart although his 10th house Uranus actually leads the planetary throng which makes both planets prominent in his natal horoscope and psyche. Mundane Jupiter also represents politicians, corporatists, bankers, financiers, gurus/priests, broadcasters (tweeters?!), and Generals and under this fortunate influence, Trump's social status rises and growth of a commercial enterprise (the presidency? book sales? ruling the world?) is possible, even likely, if negative factors don't interfere. (Remember that Mr. Trump is a Gemini who wants very much to be taken seriously.)

Dec 26, 2016 Tr Saturn conjoins n South Node of the Moon, a karmic point: this double-karmic transit indicates past actions and behaviors that must be faced and expunged now for circumstances demand that they be dealt with in order for progress to be made; consequences must be accepted and there are dues to be paid; this is a separative condition of limitations he last faced in the late 1980s timed by Saturn's 28-year cycle and family issues may be involved.

Dec 30, 2016 tr Saturn conjuncts n Moon (21Sag12): the first of three hits to his n Moon whose sign describes a 'reigning need' (Tyl)--his relates to The Seeker, Sagittarius the freedom-lover, and his quiver full of arrows (2. August 20, 2017 Rx; 3. August 30, 2017). This is a depressive period for Mr. Trump who may feel emotional deprivation keenly as his personal freedom gives way to dutiful presidential requirements. Health and/or family issues are potentials as well, burdens are heavy, worry or anxiety weigh him down, goals are elusive, and financial gains are not favored; even tummy aches may interfere with carrying out his Saturnian duties which increase as he plays president.

Jan 14, 2017 tr Saturn opposes n Sun (22Gem55 in 10th house): stalemates may abound as he attempts legislation and other projects and (solar) goals; this is a testing time of maturity and experience when a willingness to correct mistakes (which he never makes, he says) will determine the ability to move forward into the future. Little will satisfy Mr. Trump's pride and self-image and he may become disappointed, resentful, and/or aggressive toward those who block him; rules and regulations burden him as he chafes under restrictions and the curtailment of his personal freedom--this is similar to the effects of the Saturn-to-Moon transit, above, but with his natal Sun-Moon opposition (a Full Moon), that's the way it goes--whatever planet hits one hits them all in rapid succession, with the Nodal Axis tossed in for more karmic implications as whatever troubles come his way are open to public scrutiny. And the very next day...

Jan 15, 2017 tr Pluto squares n Jupiter (17Libra27 in n 2nd house): this transit can interfere with his Jupiter Return/s in a significant way as plutocrats with more power and influence (the invisible government behind the scenes?) block or delay Mr. Trump's goals for growth and power expansion. Of course, how he copes with such frustration determines the eventual outcome and the areas most affected include: politics, diplomacy, higher education, religion, publishing-advertising-propaganda campaigns, and cultural pursuits. With his natal Jupiter in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, we can expect many ups-and-downs in that department as wealthy manipulator Pluto utilizes his clout toward (or against) the Trump administration. Plus, Libra's Scales of Justice are up for grabs with a Trump Department of Justice with its conservative leanings that are determined to shove our nation back into the 1850s.

Well, that's my brief look at the December 2016 into 2017 transits to the natal planets of Donald J. Trump (progressions will be considered in a later post) and naturally, you may know of other significant transits to his chart. Personally I wish him well as White House representative of all the American people but fear that it will actually be the politically savvy VP Mike Pence of Indiana who will do most if not all of the heavy lifting and will determine the Republican agenda and its implementation which is almost certain to err grievously on the draconian alt-right side of Klansmen and white supremacists.

What in the world were you thinking on November 8th, America?

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Oct 5, 2016

The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Hillary Clinton

Part 2: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Well, my joy at finally having an accurate birth time for Hillary Clinton is now squashed since The Mountain Astrologer has published a joy-squashing article disagreeing with Marc Penfield's 2:18 am chart with a Virgo Ascendant for Hillary. However, for the purposes of this post, any birth time will do as long as the date is correct so let's continue with our consideration of the two 2016 candidates--yesterday Donald Trump (follow the link, below) and today Hillary Clinton who was born with an unaspected Jupiter in its own sign of sagittarius and quirky Uranus out-of-bounds (OOBs) in late Gemini.

For a general view of out-of-bounds and unaspected planets please see Part 1: The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump.

Here's a view of both Clinton's and Trump's natal charts as shown in yesterday's post:

Hillary Rodham Clinton October 26, 1947:

There are two natal planets to consider for Mrs. Clinton--an unaspected Jupiter @00Sag27 in the 3rd house of Communications (ex: unavailable emails!), and an out-of-bounds Uranus @25Gem56 Rx in the 10th house of Career and Public Status. Or course, Jupiter-Uranus are the 'lucky break' duo but here we'll consider them separately.

When Jupiter, planet of expansion and corporatism is unaspected its functions that would moderate other facets (planets) of her psyche are lacking or perhaps we can say, unconscious. As you know, an unaspected planet is strong yet has a detached, mentally remote quality and Jupiter's usual breadth of outreach and sociability are limited here unless other chart factors supply spontaneity and judgment to the personality. There may be noticed a tendency toward erratic bursts of enthusiasm which quickly fade--perhaps you've seen it.

And without Jupiter to influence and uplift her other planets via major aspects, she may feel weighed down by the gravity of life and retreats to an 'ivory tower' (supported by her me-time Pisces Moon in the 7th house of Partnerships with its 7th house cusp in Jupiter-ruled Pisces; as Dane Rudhyar observed: "Marriage, and other kinds of partnerships as well, can be a field of unresolvable tensions." Obviously, with a Pisces Moon, compassion is a reigning need and the loner position may be an emotional necessity from time to time in order to recharge her energy level and organize her thoughts).

Now since astrological Jupiter has to do with morality, ideology, philosophy, and how one responds to others (here, like a Sagittarian), an unaspected Jupiter denotes one who feels disconnected from current religious and ethical standards of behavior, and is detached from cultural norms.Self-containment and an unique vision may be evident with improvements to be found in the house where Jupiter is posited (3rd). This condition of Jupiter may account for some of her opponents' "above the law" accusations against Mrs. Clinton. However, other charges of "neocon warhawk" and similar charges against her resonate with the Sabian Symbol for Jupiter's degree of 1Sag: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire."

Hillary's OOBs Uranus

Naturally, things become quirkier with the planet of genius, reform, and disruption, Uranus, in the sign of communications and sales, in the 10th house where everyone in the world can see its behavior which in Hillary's case is Geminian. Already on the wacky side, Uranus when out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and out of touch with other natal planets denotes an out of control quality to her public status and she certainly has risen above the crowd. And this may support her 'loner' tendency noted with Jupiter unaspected. Apparently she's lacking the electric stimulation that Uranus when affecting another planet can provide (in those with enough self-awareness to handle transpersonal energies). Plus, you've probably heard the criticism of Mrs. Clinton for not being 'exciting' enough during Campaign 2016, right?

Another tendency resonating with her Jupiter via OOBs Uranus is the above-the-law accusation her opponents are always quick to level. That is, she may think she's above the law (to the point of criminality) yet it seems that most if not all politicians think the same and this is one reason they enter politics in the first place (money being the other).

So we find that spontaneity, humor, and zaniness are expressed occasionally by Hillary Clinton in short bursts of hilarity that quickly fade and she is not known for telling jokes well. But maybe voters will turn out on November 8th and show appreciation for the serious, studious, sober, policy-wonk Mercury-Saturn square of politician Hillary Rodham Clinton rather than voting for the reality-challenged Mercury-Neptune square of Mr. Trump. It amazes me how many of us forget that campaign rhetoric seldom brings policies to fruition yet we fall for politicians' empty promises election after election.

And what about Hillary's VP pick Tim Kaine? Oh, he has an out-of-bounds Mars which the American people will have to deal with if he ever becomes president! Perhaps we observed his OOBs Mars last evening during the VP debate with Mike Pence as aggressive Mars interrupted Pence wa-a-a-y too many times, thus making a garbled mess of the proceedings.

For more on unaspected planets, you may wish to see Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Aug 18, 2016

The Asteroids and Dreams of Republican VP pick Mike Pence

On July 15/16, 2016 or thereabouts, 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump tweeted his VP choice of Mike Pence, the pro-life, pro-gun, megachurch member and governor of Indiana. Considering the odds of Trump dropping out of the race or a subsequent de facto Pence presidency with Donald doing most of the talking, it behooves those of us who appreciate the information Astrology provides to investigate Governor Pence under the lens of the ancient art.

Those who notice cosmic synchronicities may also benefit from a consideration of asteroids including personal name asteroids and few there be who glean more from this method of investigation than astrologer Alex Miller who has long written columns for the excellent Daykeeper Journal.

Using personal name asteroid 'Penza' as a signifcator for Mike Pence, an assessment has been made and I highly recommend Alex Miller's linked-below article on Trump's selection of Pence (which places a theocrat a hair's breath from the presidency: the GOP plan all along?), the very descriptive asteroids involved, and an interesting Penza-Neptune conjunction in Pisces exact on November 8, 2016 which suggests the possibility of Neptunian disappointment for Pence.

Or (I must ask), will it bring to the masses Pence's theocratic dream come true?

In case you missed it, here is a direct link to The Veepstakes Winner: An Astrological Profile of Mike Pence by Alex Miller.


A note on yours truly's opposition to a theocratic presidency: as a Christian believer in the Spiritual Church of Christ, I believe that morality comes from within and cannot be externally forced or imposed by government edict or any other sort of edict or law. Religious freedom is one of our nation's founding principles, so we've been told, and a theocracy is totally unacceptable to this American.

Yes, society's morals are degraded but that is a purposeful part of the plan to dissolve the sovereignty and cohension of this country and its people for the sake of establishing a one world government which aspires to destroy religion and other institutions of civilization. Disagree as you may, placing religion in the claws of government is the wrong path and will cause a great migration away from true faith because it will be false and it will cause religion to be used as a tool against the people. And oddly enough, theocracy in America would be only a stone's throw away from establishing Sharia Law which Republican politicians and others purport to be against. As usual, the ruling class will continue to consider themselves above all laws, no matter the president.

For if you've read a few of my articles here and elsewhere, you may have noticed that to me, the profession of Politics primarily attracts fakers, liars, embezzlers, and crooks determined to gain and keep their cushy positions. You know, like "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests," the Sabian Symbol of US natal Jupiter (6 Cancer) of July 4, 1776? jc

Image of Jupiter {public domain}

Jul 21, 2016

Video: Trump Failed Air Kiss Most Awkward Convention Moment?

Here's David Pakman with what may be the most awkward moment at the RNC so far. But wait! Donald Trump's acceptance speech is tonight and you never know with Trump whose quirky Uranus in Gemini leads all the rest of his planets:

Jul 20, 2016

July 21, 2016 Trump RNC Acceptance Speech under US Moon's Aquarian Rays

In Campaign 2016 Cosmic Synchronicity Abounds!

by Jude Cowell

Besides the fact that Election Day 2016 sports a US Moon Return to We the People's natal degree (27AQ09 5:09 pm LMT in 1776) we also have a Moon (or, Lunar) Return this Thursday evening (7/21/16) when newly coronated GOP nominee Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver his big speech of acceptance with bluster and brag.

And as you know, last evening (7/19/16) when Mr. Trump was officially nominated to run for the presidency, a Full Moon over Cleveland, Ohio perfected upon US natal Pluto (27Capricorn). Fear, paranoia, propaganda, and contagion spread stealthily as creepy Pluto took control of the proceedings and military-style police stood at the ready inside and out in case Pluto inspired an act of violence to burst out.

Astrologically, Full Moon phases denote complete awareness, polarity in relationships, culmination, and/or fulfillment of something begun in the dark of the previous seedling New Moon. July's last New Moon @13Cancer conjoined US natal Sun (the president) on Independence Day 2016 indicating the beginning of a new cycle of activity. This New Moon's degree in Trump's Sun-NN-Uranus sign of Gemini (the Messenger, Trickster, Magician, and Deal-Maker) temporarily winked at bright Sirius, the Egyptian goddess star (aka, The Scorcher) and the dramatic scene plays under the patronage of the Political Theater now being acted onstage--this week in Cleveland, next week in Philadelphia, PA, where the New American Masonic project claims its roots on this continent.

Then of course, the spectacular Donald Trump Plays President production of promotion and big promises (that can't or won't be delivered) actually began on cue under a different New Moon (25Gemini) over a year ago on June 16, 2015 in NYC's Tower of Trump and since then I have typed aloud wondering if last evening's Pluto-infused Full Moon in Capricorn was on some mystic level a fulfillment of the June 2015 New Moon of Trump's announced intention to grab the presidency. Donald hankers for a new job to conquer, you see, a job where he has more...control of a plutocratic variety. Can he fill the power elite's bill? Or, if elected, will Trump only act as a less-than-four-year place holder for the guy the Bilderbergers and their hidden enablers the Rothschild bankers really want in the White House: VP Mike Pence, the theocrat?

Okay, maybe not. But if Mr. Trump does finagle a stint in the Oval Office it will be quite a bit of cosmic synchronicity for one hefty circus barker to carry upon his shoulders even though born with energetic Mars and royal Regulus rising. But I think that most people suspect that the skim-the-surface, superficial Mr. Trump primarily desires to possess the look and status of the US presidency rather than do any heavy lifting (that's what underlings are for.) Isn't Shortcut his middle name?

Yet we mustn't leave out Washington's traditional *pocket-lining from the job description! After all, the Trump campaign is said to be empty pockets heading into the General Election (ask his offspring where the money went) but the fellow does know a lucrative deal when he sees one. Plus, with the Oval Office position best described as America's mouthpiece (TR's bully pulpit), Mr. Trump the Mercurial, short-attention-span Gemini will do quite well at that as long as they let him make it up as he goes along, pay less than contracted, and stop all that fact-checking on his reality-distorting Mercury-Neptune square.

However, if the Selected One turns out to be neoconish Hillary Rodham Clinton, at least we'd get a deeper thinking, realistic if traditional, Mercury-Saturn square!

*'traditional pocket-lining' refers to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter @6Cancer: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

Jul 18, 2016

The Parting Shot w/ Bill Press - July 18, 2016 clip (helping elect Hillary!)

With his final remarks on today's broadcast, veteran journalist Bill Press sums up Donald Trump's choice of VP running mate Mike Pence (a conservative's conservative--look out, ladies!) in just a few words, what Bill calls his 'Parting Shot':