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Oct 30, 2019

Is Election 2020's New Moon Prior Predictive?

Attempting a Realistic Look at Election Day 2020 via its Prior New Moon in Libra

by Jude Cowell

As you know, the Electoral College Votes on December 14, 2020 after the popular votes are cast (and possibly 'flipped' or somehow tossed into File 13) on November 3, 2020.

One predictive method for determining the outcome of an election's popular vote is a consideration of the New Moon Prior to the election--in this case, it's the New Moon of October 16, 2020 @23lib53 which perfects at 3:30:54 pm edt (Washington DC) with 15AQ26 rising and 3Sag29 at Midheaven (The Goal and Career Point). And as the Cosmos would have it, the October 16, 2020 New Moon Horoscope's Midheaven sports the natal Ascendant of Joe Biden but before Democrats grow too giddy, Election 2020's North Node @21Gemini points directly toward Trump's natal North-Node-Sun conjunction in his 10th house, his natal Uranus @17Gem53 chaotically guiding the throng.

(Note that the 2020 New Moon Prior culminates @8Tau38 with a Boo! at the Full Moon of October 31, 2020.)

Now there are several predictive techniques for reading a New Moon Prior to Election Horoscope and for an overview of them I direct you to E. Alan Meece's new book Horoscope for the New Age for full details including both favorable and unfavorable aspects for getting oneself elected.

But briefly for this post, it's a negative for a candidate if the election is held contemporaneously with her/his Saturn Return, and, disruptive Uranus near the Nadir of the New Moon Prior chart denotes upset for the incumbent party. My preliminary study of the New Moon Prior chart, plus natal charts of the top candidates, shows that changeable Uranus Rx @9Tau17 is in 3rd house (Washington DC) near the Nadir (and the IC) but is closer to Nadir when the Equal House system is employed. (I tend to use Placidus which gives 3Gem29 at IC, Biden's natal Descendant degree.)

Therefore, can unpredictable Uranus end the residency of the current occupant of the White House based on New Moon Prior Horoscope indications?

If so, it must be in spite of Election 2020's North Node conjunct Trump's natal Sun and what is basically a Nodal Return for him (public contacts, new alliances). This, plus Election Day's Moon-North-Node conjunction (which can denote union or estrangement!) may indicate that the public (North Node) and America's future direction (North Node) favor Trump (public Moon to his Sun-NN) yet more study is needed to make an assessment--and even then a definitive answer may not result. Because, besides the fact that Astrology can't tell us everything, my personal feeling is that too much election cheating and gerrymandering of districts occur these days to have confidence in election outcome predictions via Astrology. Plus, there are difficulties awaiting us in Election 2020's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Horoscope (4 North) with its themes of, "restriction, illusions, restraints, separation, and obstacles; strengths or the situation are prone to misjudgment; best advice: wait until the eclipse passes before taking any real action." (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Well, we can't wait because November 3, 2020 is Election Day in the US assuming that all goes as planned. And the fact that voting planet Mercury @25Lib53 at station begins the day in retrograde motion but turns Direct at 12:49:33 pm edt is significant of such potentials as minds being changed, results delayed, and/or votes being mysteriously 'flipped' by partisan cheaters, paid operatives, and/or foreign hackers. Additionally, the sign of Venus, her cycle associated with the US Election Cycle, is in Libra (8:27--8:40) which predicts victory for the incumbent party. Sorry to type this indicator but there it is. If Venus were in Sagittarius in November 2020 as in November 2016, this would indicate an upset by an outsider, aka, victory for the rival candidate.

Now again I ask myself, is Uranus in conservative Taurus at Nadir enough to upset the outcome of the 2020 Election according to the New Moon Prior Horoscope and in conflict with Venus in Libra? Several cosmic factors go against the 'sky god' planet's interference on November 3, 2020 but the planet's shocking, electrical qualities may suddenly surprise us all especially since Donald Trump must first navigate the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 conjunct his natal Vertex (of fated encounters and changing work conditions) which times a peak in the cycles of karmic Saturn and Pluto as they oppose and balefully scrutinize Trump's natal 11th house Saturn in watery Cancer.

So with both Saturn and Pluto opposing his natal Saturn--already within orb (and later, opposing natal Venus affecting relationships, finances, and legal matters)--a negative period arrives when Trump may feel regret over his past actions and crimes--if only because (hopefully!) he's being held accountable for them for the first time in his life. Restrictions and a lack of freedom will chafe, structures or systems he's depended on will be significantly altered (will his network of mobster supporters jump ship?), his authority will be successfully challenged by higher powers (powerful Pluto 'trumps' Saturn!), and he must accept whatever losses, failures, and disappointments come his way.

Of course, negative karma must eventually have its way, but what I most dislike about this negative period for Trump is that its portents and conditions relate to our nation as well. Yes, he's a rubbish POTUS, I agree, but he's the one who's been playing the role unless and until he resigns from office, is somehow removed, or goes belly up in a natural sort of way. Then our nation would fall under the yoke of theocrat Pence, a hideous possibility for those of us who prefer America's principle of a Wall of Separation between Church and State a la President Thomas Jefferson's letter of January 1, 1802 to the Danbury Baptist Association. Yes, I am a Protestant Christian--one who prefers to worship and follow my faith when and how my conscience pleases--with no orders from the White House, theocrat or secular. No matter any American's faith or lack of it, we're all accustomed to religious freedom and will tragically long for it if political theocrats and dominionists manage to toss it into the dust bin of history. Yet you can't legislate morality but tell that to the GOP.

So! However things turn out in November and December 2020 (via popular and electoral votes), this particular Child of the Revolution is eager for We The People to begin rebuilding our nation as soon as possible in reaction to the damage that predatory Trump and his decrepit gaggle of oligarchs and mobsters have visited upon America through their obsessive need for power, control, and the plundered wealth of others.


Blog note: either one of the links to two Astrology books, above, may qualify as an #ad - jc


William said... A reminder though I doubt you have forgotten it. The Star Antares also rises close to this degree of Sagittarius for better or worse

William said...

Interpretation of the 4° Libra symbolic degree
"As he tries to help a young woman climb a mountainous path, a man falls from the top of a rock into the lake which is further down." (Janduz version)
Reckless and undiscerning character lacking practical good sense. Relationships are not selected carefully enough, and confidence is granted too easily. The top of the rock symbolises a high social status, and the question is whether one is able to retain it or not. Females encountered in both the private and the professional spheres are most likely to be the cause of recurrent failures. Several marriages, including an illegal one, are possible. This degree warns against water and accidents in the mountain.
Saw this and thought you might be interested.

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you William, yes warring Antares is always worth consideration being a royal star of Persia! Are you relating 4 Libra's symbolism to Trump (sounds like him)! To his natal Neptune @5libra with 4 Libra its karmic confrontation degree? Not certain Please advise! Jude