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Oct 30, 2019

Exposing Republican's Malicious-- Christmas Plans?

October 30, 2019: Here's a segment from today's Thom Hartmann broadcast in which Thom reiterates his famous Two Santa Claus theory because he sees Republicans beginning to use it yet again:

And you know that to distract from his impeachment woes, Trump would just as soon pull another government shutdown as mismanage the US economy in some other way, or endanger our national security for the benefit of his pal Putin, right?

Plus, speaking of Christmas 2019 reminds me of our previous discussion concerning the December 26th Solar Eclipse that ends 2019 with Jupiter-Pluto issues, and how the Jupiter-Pluto duo relates to plutocrats, to the Federal Reserve, to other domestic and global banking and investment matters, and to large-scale project managers, contractors, and wheeler dealers of all kinds.

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