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Dec 8, 2019

Impeachment Should Include Every Trump Crime! - Thom Hartmann

If this were the fair world Trump's *Jupiter in Libra always cries out for then the following ideas and comments by Thom Hartmann would gain instant appeal to everyone who prefers the rule of law to Trump's despotic lawlessness, ties to global criminal syndicates, neglect of his Oath of Office, and crass disregard for the principles of the US Constitution:

*Astro-Note: Those born with Jupiter in Libra, the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice, may often be heard to cry out, "That's not fair!" Plus, Trump was born with a strong Jupiter at station which turned direct 3 hours 11 minutes after his first squall--and he's been plowing through boundaries and breaking taboos ever since. Weird that he's said his watery Saturn in Cancer wants to 'build' a (Saturnian) 'wall' of concrete (Saturn) which in effect would wall in the American people. That would be as if we're all inmates in the same asylum with him playing crazy clown director!

And if scofflaw Trump gets off without being removed from office as he apparently will via a (kangaroo) Senate impeachment trial, I have to wonder what further draconian restrictions he and his handlers have planned. We should all wonder. Meanwhile, you know that the wealthy class that is engineering America's conversion to a fascist dictatorship think that they and their families will be protected within their ivory towers once the vicious trap is sprung. But if I were them, I wouldn't be too certain about that!

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