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Dec 8, 2019

Impeachment Should Include Every Trump Crime! - Thom Hartmann

If this were the fair world Trump's *Jupiter in Libra always cries out for then the following ideas and comments by Thom Hartmann would gain instant appeal to everyone who prefers the rule of law to Trump's despotic lawlessness, ties to global criminal syndicates, neglect of his Oath of Office, and crass disregard for the principles of the US Constitution:

*Astro-Note: Those born with Jupiter in Libra, the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice, may often be heard to cry out, "That's not fair!" Plus, Trump was born with a strong Jupiter at station which turned direct 3 hours 11 minutes after his first squall--and he's been plowing through boundaries and breaking taboos ever since. Weird that he's said his watery Saturn in Cancer wants to 'build' a (Saturnian) 'wall' of concrete (Saturn) which in effect would wall in the American people. That would be as if we're all inmates in the same asylum with him playing crazy clown director!

And if scofflaw Trump gets off without being removed from office as he apparently will via a (kangaroo) Senate impeachment trial, I have to wonder what further draconian restrictions he and his handlers have planned. We should all wonder. Meanwhile, you know that the wealthy class that is engineering America's conversion to a fascist dictatorship think that they and their families will be protected within their ivory towers once the vicious trap is sprung. But if I were them, I wouldn't be too certain about that!

Dec 3, 2019

American Turmoil December 2019: A Fist of God forms

December 2019: America's Evolution into Turmoil

by Jude Cowell

Astrologer Alice Portman has worked with the volatile and dynamic pattern called a Thor's Hammer, aka, a Fist of God, and here is a discussion of the pattern for those who are curious. As you see in the upper right horoscope pictured here, a Thor's Hammer pattern has formed in America's Secondary Progressions ('SP') with a Moon-Mars square at its base pointing toward our national progressed Midheaven, the Career-Public-Reputation-Social-Status Point (2Gem25).

As you see, America's totem planet of war and revolution, Uranus (SP @7Gem07), will be taken across our SP Midheaven in 2024 but that topic is beyond the scope of this post. Suffice to say that dramatic adjustments will be needed and major changes of direction should be expected via disruptive, chaos-loving Uranus to MC. (Note that this December 3, 2019 SP chart is based on America's July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA horoscope; a different hour will give slightly different timing.)

On the left of the chart are a few of the December 3, 2019 transits (2:00 pm est) to our SP planets (same date, same hour) including transit Uranus opposite SP Saturn, Saturn square SP Mars and conjunct SP Moon (legal eagle Saturn aggravating the Hammer), and Neptune still 'covering for' the SP Sun (the leader) with brief indications for each. You'll discover more factors, I suspect. Yet, as we know, Astrology adds the element of timing and assures us that this situation is only temporary!

But for now, we're in a pickle, but I won't mention the conditions and situations of turmoil we find ourselves in these days for you know all too well what they are. And if you look on the right center of the chart, you'll see a few general notes about the Moon-Mars square and you may agree with me that Donald Trump's selfish, nitpicking nature is described ("Offense-Defense" - Alan Oken). My observation is that a Moon-Mars square denotes someone who thinks they're the only ones who deserve to become furious!

Thing is, the Thor's Hammer (with royal Regulus and Apollo rising, he probably thinks of himself as a godlike "Thor"--and as a "hammer') pattern does a pretty good job of describing Big T as well: volatile, willful and hard to discipline as a child (plus, he still behaves like a toddler so --), and continues to act out stressful feelings by rebelling against society from which he receives severe criticism. Plus, there's no third planet to act as an outlet for the blocked, bottled up energies--only the Midheaven as noted, above, which represents the World Stage on which Trump regularly makes a dumblehead of himself while embarrassing America, lowering our national reputation even further, and subjugating our nation to pipsqueak Russia.

And so, my fellow Americans, as the Trump impeachment inquiry grinds on, we as a collective have progressed or evolved to a state described in part by a Thor's Hammer pattern and by the cosmic midpoint picture of Moon-Mars = MC: "self-promotion" and/or, "getting things off the ground" (Tyl) but also, on a lighter note, of "a woman with strong principles" (Ebertin)! Now that sounds better, doesn't it?

Recommended for more information on progressions is Lynn Holt's Secondary progressions as an indicator of inner growth.

Dual charts shown above: America July 4 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia PA (lower left) and US Secondary Progressions to December 3, 2019 2:00 pm est Philadelphia, PA (upper right).

Dec 2, 2019

Do Republicans Want To Be Ruled By a King? - Thom Hartmann

December 2, 2019: With the House Judiciary Committee's phase two of the Impeachment Inquiry of Donald Trump looming over the country beginning Wednesday December 4th at 10:00 am est (rising Saturn-Pluto = Ascendant @20Capricorn: being placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation--Ebertin), here's a belated Thom Hartmann segment from Thom's program posted November 14th which asks a very good question, Do Republicans Want To Be Ruled By a King?

Nov 29, 2019

The RICO Act, Little Caesar, and Donald Trump

November 29, 2019: A 10-minute explanatory video R.I.C.O. and the Decline of the Mafia provides several points of interest concerning the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act that Richard Nixon signed into law on October 15, 1970.

Its nickname inspired by the main character 'Rico' in the 1931 film Little Caesar (4m clip), played by Edward G. Robinson, the RICO Act made it possible to indict not just mobsters but mob bosses as well, to seize assets, use 'guilt by association', and later to go after street gangs. RICO was first used on September 18, 1979 (US vs Scotto), and in the 'Decline of the Mafia' video you'll find references to its use by the SDNY office and Rudy Giuiliani who played for the lawful side as a prosecutor (one assumed at the time!) but is now aligned with the very mob-like Trump, a "Little Caesar" of our day, artistically pictured here.

As landmark legislation, prosecutions via the RICO Act made "rat or rot" a popular slogan of the day as 'snitches' turned on their mob bosses to avoid or lessen their own prison sentences, something Trump probably loses sleep over every night. Being snitched on has to be one of the primary reasons Big T obstructs his minions' testimonies, first in the Mueller investigation, now in the Impeachment Inquiry.

How could scofflaw Trump not suffer from consciousness of guilt with so much to hide?

See New Trump Probe Looks a Lot Like a RICO Investigation (The Daily Beast February 8, 2019) and Trump Investigations and the RICO Conspiracy Puzzle. Apparently, conspiracy is easier to prove. But would a racketeering indictment of a corrupt, impeached, faithless, mobbed-up politician be more satisfying for the American people?

So being curious, I checked for any planetary contacts of note between Trump's natal planets (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY) and those of October 15, 1970 and September 18, 1979 ('noon'). Of course, in 1970 he was 24, in 1979 the New York 'playboy' as he styled himself, was 33. What I found was inconclusive in both cases since there are a number of contacts both positive and negative, but the September 18, 1979 planets made the most contacts (including squares from Sun and Moon to natal Sun-Moon and a Neptune-conjunct-natal-Mercury contact which echoes his natal Mercury-Neptune square of fantasy, deceit, and indiscretion). An exact aspect on October 15, 1970 is Saturn quincunx natal Moon (0S00) suggesting emotional turmoil (caused by legal eagle Saturn?) and an undercurrent of guilt.

However, these results indicate to me that the RICO Act probably will not be used against Donald Trump with his decades-long links to global and domestic organized crime but if it ever is, odds are he has a chance of 'beating the rap' in spite of any rats ratting him out.

UPDATE Dec 23, 2021: Things aren't looking as rosy these days for mobster Tr*mp so maybe RICO will be used after all! jc

Nov 17, 2019

August 12, 2019 Messenger Mercury whistles at Trump

When a CIA analyst became alarmed at Trump's shadow foreign policy after hours of going over records, he compiled his concerns into a report and hit the 'Send' button on August 12, 2019 thus blowing the whistle on scofflaw Trump and thereby triggering the current impeachment inquiry chaired by Rep. Adam Schiff.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I finally got around to setting up an August 12, 2019 horoscope (exact hour of the 'Send' unknown so noon was used) and found Mercury, planet of communications and messages, @00Leo59 - and triggering potentials of the January 21, 2019 Lunar Eclipse that 'eclipsed' US Inaugural Sun; this was previously posted upon as significant for Donald Trump and the office of the presidency in 2019 with the lunar Eclipse reflecting and revealing all manner of unsavory things. This also means that during that time message-sender Mercury conjoined a couple of Trump's natal midpoints that surround his natal 12th cusp which thresholds the house of Self-undoing, Karma, the Unconscious, behind-the-scenes activities, Secret Enemies, and...Politics.

And in the Lunar Eclipse chart the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square of dream worlds and rude awakenings formed the base of a Fist of God, or Thor's Hammer pattern pointing toward August 12th Mercury and the eclipse Moon 00Leo52 (and Sun opposite--instability, deception, risk-taking, grand schemes) so a cosmic imperative was at play for the CIA analyst as he defended the rule of law against a lawless president and his syncophant cronies. Even governmental planet Saturn chimed in for transit Saturn @13Capricorn opposed US POTUS Sun, a time of delays, frustrations, criticism if responsibilities are not lived up to, and authority, integrity, and leadership are challenged by law-abiding legal eagle Saturn!

And hence we have Impeachment Inquiry 2019 into Donald Trump, the current thespian appearing in the POTUS role which always comes with a limited engagement.

NASA photo: Mercury

Nov 15, 2019

Eclipse Spotlights Eclipse: The Truth on Trial

A Solar Eclipse Activated by Degree: 1331 vs 2020

by Jude Cowell

With the first public impeachment inquiry into Trump and his machinations in Ukraine now in process on Capitol Hill and, as usual, truth being on trial via Trump, it seems interesting that the eclipse themes of "realism; coming down to earth and seeing a situation for what it really is; a good time for tackling the truth" (Brady) continue to closely apply to and influence the misguided, misbegotten administration of Donald Trump who acts on behalf of Russia and other foreign entities while such themes continue as a mission--an imperative--of the United States government attempting to root out Trump's style of organized crime and corruption.

So because the 19 North Solar Eclipse which manifested on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo (opposed and gummed up by transit Neptune, planet of deception and confusion) influenced both the 2016 Election and Inauguration 2017, it may be significant that 19 North's initial eclipse occurred on July 5, 1331 (OS) @20Cancer, a critical degree and a Solar Eclipse that will be activated, triggered, and/or spotlighted by the Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020 @20Cancer (DC horoscope shown).

So will another 'wild card of the Universe' eclipse uncover inconvenient facts for the guilty and disrupt any or all proceedings? Why of course!

Plus historically, in 1331 the Battle of Plowce was fought between Poland's army and the German army of Teutonic Knights--which reminds me of Teuton Donald Trump and his Germanic roots! Wonder if Cadet Bone Spurs plays such a "knight" in his fondest fantasies?