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Jan 4, 2020

Warrior Mars to Sagittarius and Trump's Baghdad Kill

January 4, 2020: By now pretty much anyone with an interest in such things is aware that 2020 is a watershed year of titanic planetary conjunctions timing new cycles of activity, keying massive power struggles, and forcing new vs old order imperatives beginning with the harshly karmic Saturn-Pluto Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters as I keep mentioning in my posts).

Now it turns out that in the wee hours of January 3, 2020, Donald Trump, with his incendiary Mars Rising in egotistical Leo, ordered the assassination in Baghdad by drone strike of Iranian General Suleimani which may prove to be the match that lights the World War III fuse, the 'Clash of Civilizations' that certain entities are reputed to have long planned. (This must be the 'religion vs religion' phase of their agenda with atheists favored to win.)

So in view of the current upsetting turn of events, we may wish to consider that a certain cosmic shift also occurred on January 3, 2020: warrior planet Mars entered Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (Jupiter the General) and once Mars marched over the 00Sag00:00 line, he activated the "1 Sag" degree so that its Sabian Symbol comes into play: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (Jones). Now for what I assume are obvious reasons, this is the version of "1 Sag" that I tend to use especially when studying Historical Horoscopes of past eras in US history and military events.

However, Dane Rudhyar gives a related yet different word picture (symbol) for this degree: "Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories."

He continues, "The symbol should be understood in its widest and most basic meaning, not merely as the reunion of old comrades, but as referring to the very power implied in the process of civilization as opposed to culture--thus to the PERPETUATION of the spirit of the struggle for power." Please note that it's Rudhyar's word "comrades," not mine. Still, his use of the word "comrades" suggests that Trump's act of war against the Middle East, knowing full well of the hornet's nest the assassination would stir up, may be filed under "distraction from his impeachment woes" and "interference on the path to Trump's Senate trial" - and may have been taken under orders from Trump's pal Putin. Meanwhile, political pundits are asking, Why now? As if they don't know a thing about it!

However, you and I know that Trump's drone strike seriously re-shuffles the cards in the Middle East and in ways that remain to be revealed, but which will give Putin more of an upper hand with all actors. Yes, retaliation against Americans across the globe is threatened by Iran (an endless cycle of revenge has been triggered--Saturn-Pluto--Trump's cup o'tea with Regulus Rising), but why would Putin care? Apparently Trump doesn't care either (he thinks he'll always be protected!!). Well, perhaps Trump's latest method of death-dealing is another example of the natal midpoint picture lurking in his 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'brutality, the fury of destruction, death of many people, and/or intervention of a higher power' (Ebertin). Yes with one drone strike, Mr. Ego certainly managed to intervene in a major way. And of course America's natal Mars-Neptune square, as always, complicates, obfuscates, and confuses issues of war while our national Mars remains retrograde by progression--impaired and weakened since 2006. Does it seem curious that US Progressed Mars turned Rx upon the natal degree of Trump's Stationary Jupiter (18lib27)?

Then if we look to the combination of Mars and Jupiter energies (expansive actions, war, and the costs of waging war) we find entities like government officials, civil servants, jurists and lawyers, plus, someone with a tendency toward rebellion against tutelage such as when Trump makes a (reckless) decision without consulting Congress and thereby purposefully turns his back once again on rules, regulations--and our government's traditional checks and balances intended to keep the American ship of state sailing on an even keel. Instead, over-extension of executive power is achieved once again and our ship is listing badly.

Now another reason the Mars-Jupiter combination seems significant in this dire situation, besides Jupiter's rule of Sagittarius and his current dispositorship of Mars while The Warrior planet travels through Sagittarius, is that transit Jupiter (the General, politician, guru, priest, propagandist and/or broadcaster) entered his own sign in November 2018, a cosmic event which also activated the "1 Sag" symbol and its implications.

For more details on Jupiter in Sag see a previous post November 8, 2018 Jupiter Enters Sagittarius if you wish. And you know that trouble in the Middle East has been in a simmering phase, at least since 2018 or before with Trump's grasping of the Oval Office reins. Not a positive pairing, that--a bunch of hotheads rumbling together.

There's another cosmic factor influencing current events of turmoil and strife and being aggravated by Washington and the Pentagon, for we know that eclipses often act as Uranian 'wild cards' that often trigger sudden, disruptive events such as war and aggressive actions taken rashly and it is my reluctant conclusion that the December 26, 2019 3 South Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 is in process of doing just that (see the Sabian Symbol for "5 Capricorn")--and disturbingly, eclipse Jupiter in early Capricorn is opposing US natal Jupiter in Cancer suggesting an unfavorable time for The General (or a Commander-in-Chief) to act with aggression or wage war. Yet tragically, it seems now that 3 South's primary theme of "traumatic transformation" has been given a grand yet ill-considered push by you-know-who who likes to pretend that he never makes mistakes. What a distorted self-image he worships!

Above image: Planet Mars as seen by Hubble; NASA.

Cited: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar; Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones; The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.

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