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Feb 3, 2020

Trump may face Michael Bloomberg in the 2020 race

February 3, 2020: First, in case you missed it, Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot has posted a very interesting reading on Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, media mogul, billionaire, and 2020 Democratic candidate for the presidency who really wants Trump out of the White House. Perhaps you've seen Mr. Bloomberg's hard-to-miss campaign ads because they're blanketing the land, and he promises to continue spending against Trump even if he (Bloomberg) is not the Democratic nominee. Now I must say that that's the right spirit!

But then again I'm one of those anyone but Trump kind of American patriots and I suspect that my Revolutionary ancestors wouldn't have it any other way. Trump has no Revolutionary ancestors that I can find and I continue to assert that it shows in his lack of preference for America's founding principles. Disagree if you must but there it is.

Then there's this morning's Morning Joe (MSNBC) with a segment about how Trump attacked Bloomberg and Bloomberg Hit Back and it appears that Trump is concerned about having to run against the much wealthier Mr. Bloomberg who, in his days as NYC mayor, must have run across quite a few of Trump's unsavory secrets!

And speaking of campaign promises, here's a sample of Bloomberg News from February 1, 2020 which has a promising ring to it: Bloomberg Proposes Tax Plan to Raise $5 Trillion for Policies.

So for a peek at the natal horoscope of Michael Bloomberg, son of a bookkeeper, here's a previous post from June 2007 which was updated in 2019 before his announced presidential run (2020). You'll see his double Aquarian Sun-Moon blend with its Image for Integration--interesting considering that so far, large-boned Trump has made their potential 2020 match-up about Bloomberg's physical size--the Image is "The Jolly Green Giant"! Well, "jolly" is one of moneybags Jupiter's words and along with "green" refers to the much larger fortune enjoyed by Michael Bloomberg, larger than the mysterious wealth (sources unknown) of money-laundering con man Donald Trump who refuses to show his tax returns.

You'll also see that Mike Bloomberg's natal Sun @25AQ30 conjoins US natal Moon (We The People), a traditional indicator of a US president which makes me wonder: is the Democratic nomination his if he wants it?

Meanwhile, we should also note that Mike Bloomberg's natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Taurus sits upon the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Trump, causing his nibs a measure of nervousness perhaps, and denoting Bloomberg's potentials for a powder-keg temper and yet the conjunction positively supplies "tremendous latent power which can be used for progressive social movements if the ability is present to work progressive ideas into the existing social order" (A. Oken).

This sounds to me like Bloomberg's proposal for a 'tax plan to raise $5 trillion for policies'! What do you think?


Jude Cowell said...

Neglected to add 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Charles and Suzi Harvey as my source for "The Jolly Green Giant"! jc

PavaniGanga said...

Dear God--I hate to say this, having been a socialist since fifth grade--but I think Bloomberg has a shot.

As you know, the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is a key factor in political/mundane astrology. It is a 20- year cycle completing and re-starting December 21, 2020. And, so far as I've checked, Bloomberg and Buttigieg are the only candidates who would have natal planets near to the recently conjoined Jupiter and Saturn.

We have a reliable birth time for Bloomberg; so I pulled three bi-wheels--including outer planets and Ceres. 
1. Democratic Convention (July 13, 2020 4 pm, Milwaukee) 
2. Sunrise Election Day (November 3, 2020, 6:38am, Washington DC) 
3. Inauguration (January 20, 2021, 12 pm, Washington DC)  

First of all, there’s the interaction of the transiting stellium of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto with Bloomberg’s natal stellium of Mars-Saturn-Uranus. Other candidates have comparable interactions with the transiting stellium. However, in addition:  

Democratic Convention:
The degree of natal Jupiter gets stimulus from transiting Mars at the Midheaven, plus transiting Uranus, Venus, and Ceres.  

This is one month past the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.  Transiting Jupiter is less than 30 minutes from exact conjunction with Bloomberg’s natal Venus. Transiting Saturn is three degrees from conjunction with natal Venus. Transiting Mars-Uranus is near exact square to natal Venus. Transiting Sun is six degrees from natal Venus. So, I doubt it’s an ordinary day, even for a multibillionaire.

PavaniGanga said...

Fascinating reading by Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot. I believe the repeated uncertainty of the cards is an accurate reflection on Bloomberg vs. Trump. This is the collision of two notorious sexists.

As I see it, the major obstacle for Bloomberg is the notorious sexism of his personal history and corporate culture, which has eventuated in numerous law suits. (Easy google; lots to see.) This is the “Me Too” era. Even in their current distress, I’m wondering how much the Democrats can forgive their would-be savior. Who admittedly has much to commend him. Plus, y’know, they also have to swallow stop and frisk. Popcorn.

Jude Cowell said...

PavaniGanga, agreed and yet Bloomberg has admitted his faults and mistakes which Trump can never do so Bloomberg has at least a chance of behaving better in the future. And as you know, the scrutiny of a presidential spotlight is like no other - except for a predator like Trump who knows no shame and "never makes mistakes." Therefore Trump's mistakes can never be corrected, his lewd behavior never improved.

Thanks for commenting! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

PavaniGanga, yes Bloomberg has a chance! Thanks for your input! jc

Heather Buen said...

God forbid Bloomberg become the nominee. His racist stop and frisk policies, the numerous sexual harassment lawsuits, his basic war on the poor should make any Democrat cringe that we have become our own enemy. We should not be electing oligarchs. Bloomberg is an oligarch just like Trump. This country will be lost if we do so.

Jude Cowell said...

Heather, after Bloomberg's wimpy debate performance last night he may not be a contender at all. Unless Wall Street toffs and DNC funny business shoves him in to avert a Sanders or Warren nomination. :( jc

Jude Cowell said...