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Feb 3, 2020

SOTU 2020 and Trump's SOTUs since 2017

February 3, 2020: Well friends, another State of the Union Address is upon us for on Tuesday evening February 4th Trump is to deliver SOTU 2020 to a Joint Session of Congress while taking plenty of time for gloating, boasting, and complaining.

This annual oration is scheduled for 9:00 pm est last I heard although he could begin his utterances a few minutes after the hour, of course, or even a bit before the hour with unpredictable Uranus in Gemini as his guiding planet.

Now Trump's first natal planet to rise during SOTU 2020 will be his 2nd hou$e Neptune @5libra which always brings along natal Chiron (which conjuncts US natal Saturn in mid-Libra: his Jupiter-Neptune = US Saturn: combining the real with the unreal; false hopes) and Trump's stationary Jupiter @17lib27 which turned Direct 3 hours 11 minutes after his 10:54 am edt birth (June 14, 1946 Queens, NY) = the boundary breaker. And as you know, a frequent refrain of folks born under the influence of a Libran Jupiter is, It's not fair! so he may be induced to whine about being impeached and about the ongoing trial in the Senate (Acquittal Vote scheduled for February 5, 2020 at 4:00 pm)--plus, bubbly Jupiter-Neptune's fantasy, grand schemes, speculation, and political conflict qualities will be on display. Also on tap for SOTU 2020 is contentious fighter Mars, the warrior and fire-starter planet, @22Sagittarius conjunct his natal Moon so Trump's anger is in the house. And whenever a planet conjoins his natal Moon, it opposes natal Sun which suggests his bruised ego from recent events and opinions and actions of others not supporting his leadership. Plus, karma is involved for his Nodal axis is activated by Mars which may include a measure of violence or violent reactions via Mars-South-Node. Certainly his grudges are on the scene!

So! Astro-notes concerning Trump's previous SOTU Addresses have been previously published here on SO'W if you care to compare them or to read my previous snarky comments. (I fuss because I care. And as a Capricorn, I happen to be fond of the word fuss.)

SOTUs 2017, 2018, 2019 and more on SOTU 2020:

First we were battered by Trump's Pseudo-SOTU of February 28, 2017, so freakishly memorable for he assailed us about 39 days after the 2017 Inauguration which you'll remember he and Sean Spicer tried to palm off as well-attended. In comparison to other presidential inaugurations prior, it was not. What a fantasist. And hothead when things don't go his way. Pouty and broody. Endlessly needy. One reason is his Moon-South-Node conjunction--a bottomless emotional pit that he can fall into and soon instigate a pity party. But then his opposing Sun-North-Node in the public 10th house boosts him forward, at least when he's in public view and a camera is on.

Then SOTU 2018 careened onto the world stage, it fell into the 1 North Saros Series of The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo which landed upon Trump's natal Ascendant and his Mars Rising with royal Regulus, the kingmaker star. (As you know, the year 2024 contains another Great American Eclipse but more on that later. This post is trying to be all about Trump SOTUs.) Additionally, I posted a follow-up fuss about SOTU 2018's aftermath and the necessary abundance of fact-checking that went on just to deal with what we as a nation had been through from listening to him. Reagan was The Gipper. Jack was the Ripper. Trump is The Riffer. But sometimes garbling occurs when too many syllables get in a speedy tongue's way.

Anyway, by the time SOTU 2019 rolled around, I had grown weary publishing Herr Spanky's SOTU horoscopes (and tired of listening to his insufferable voice) so I fussed here by text only last year. And for some reason the post is entitled SOTU 2019: Trump Cries Wolf! and you'll soon see why.

So if you're one of those hardy Americans we sometimes hear about who plans to sit through his oration tomorrow night, I salute you. But I can tell you that with 28Vir06 rising (asteroid Nemesis Rx @26Vir15 just having risen), orating Mercury is chart-ruler and Midheaven ruler (MC @27Gem51--'28Gemini' = "Bankruptcy": money matters?), is in confused and secretive Pisces (2:27), and makes only one Ptolemaic aspect to a planet in the chart, a sextile to erratic Uranus (0A28), which denotes some rapid speech (tongue tripping over dentures?) with Uranus @2Taurus in SOTU's corporate 8th hou$e, criticism of others will be on his menu (as always--nothing is ever his fault), and he may express heretical views that create controversy.

So what else is new, am I right?


patricia neild said...

It's about time he grew up but with never ha ing to take much responsibility he couldn't palm off onto some one else with use if his wealth I doubt it will ever happen.

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed Patricia, I think the rattle left the play pen along time ago on that one. :( jc