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Feb 10, 2020

2020 Win For Progressives, Means Disrupting Trump - Thom Hartmann

February 10, 2020: Here's a segment from progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann discussing what we need to win against Trump in November 2020 and how disruption is a part of America's DNA:

Astrologically, on at least one level this makes sense since Trump's 10th house Uranus in Gemini is his guiding planet of chaos and disruption--conjunct his North Node = radical politics--and, as the Cosmos would have it, America's natal Uranus (planet of revolution, revolt, radical politics, and anarchy) is also in Gemini. Fight fire with fire!

Feb 3, 2020

Trump may face Michael Bloomberg in the 2020 race

February 3, 2020: First, in case you missed it, Mary Ann of Revealing Light Tarot has posted a very interesting reading on Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, media mogul, billionaire, and 2020 Democratic candidate for the presidency who really wants Trump out of the White House. Perhaps you've seen Mr. Bloomberg's hard-to-miss campaign ads because they're blanketing the land, and he promises to continue spending against Trump even if he (Bloomberg) is not the Democratic nominee. Now I must say that that's the right spirit!

But then again I'm one of those anyone but Trump kind of American patriots and I suspect that my Revolutionary ancestors wouldn't have it any other way. Trump has no Revolutionary ancestors that I can find and I continue to assert that it shows in his lack of preference for America's founding principles. Disagree if you must but there it is.

Then there's this morning's Morning Joe (MSNBC) with a segment about how Trump attacked Bloomberg and Bloomberg Hit Back and it appears that Trump is concerned about having to run against the much wealthier Mr. Bloomberg who, in his days as NYC mayor, must have run across quite a few of Trump's unsavory secrets!

And speaking of campaign promises, here's a sample of Bloomberg News from February 1, 2020 which has a promising ring to it: Bloomberg Proposes Tax Plan to Raise $5 Trillion for Policies.

So for a peek at the natal horoscope of Michael Bloomberg, son of a bookkeeper, here's a previous post from June 2007 which was updated in 2019 before his announced presidential run (2020). You'll see his double Aquarian Sun-Moon blend with its Image for Integration--interesting considering that so far, large-boned Trump has made their potential 2020 match-up about Bloomberg's physical size--the Image is "The Jolly Green Giant"! Well, "jolly" is one of moneybags Jupiter's words and along with "green" refers to the much larger fortune enjoyed by Michael Bloomberg, larger than the mysterious wealth (sources unknown) of money-laundering con man Donald Trump who refuses to show his tax returns.

You'll also see that Mike Bloomberg's natal Sun @25AQ30 conjoins US natal Moon (We The People), a traditional indicator of a US president which makes me wonder: is the Democratic nomination his if he wants it?

Meanwhile, we should also note that Mike Bloomberg's natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Taurus sits upon the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Trump, causing his nibs a measure of nervousness perhaps, and denoting Bloomberg's potentials for a powder-keg temper and yet the conjunction positively supplies "tremendous latent power which can be used for progressive social movements if the ability is present to work progressive ideas into the existing social order" (A. Oken).

This sounds to me like Bloomberg's proposal for a 'tax plan to raise $5 trillion for policies'! What do you think?

Sep 8, 2008

1898 speech echoes 2008 campaign issues

One-hundred-ten years ago, on Dec 5, 1898 William Jennings Bryan delivered a message which reverberates into the 2008 presidential campaign - its issues, jingoisms, and propaganda-touting.

As you know, orators of the past were expected to speak for quite some time - a speech resembling today's 'sound bites' would have been considered a complete flop and a huge disappointment to entertainment-starved audiences everywhere.

The speech I've dug up for you, 'Imperialism', touches upon many topics of current value, not the least of which is a Republican house of representatives who complied with President McKinley's request for the authority to increase our standing army to 100,000.

Bryan called a large standing army, "not only a pecuniary burden to the people," but much more: "it is ever a menace to a Republican form of government."

Today we should recognize these things by well-worn experience, and yet the GOP still has its way in the realm of war profiteering and expansionist policies a la 2008.

Bryan paraphrases Abe Lincoln in his speech, "In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the man and the dollar, but that in case of a conflict it believed in the man before the dollar."

My, some things have changed, haven't they? Unless you're one of the elect few, that is - the cream of the one-world-government crop.

1898 (the decade when the Robber Baron class got its claws into every pie) and Bryan almost wholly could have been speaking of the 2008 presidential campaign when he said:

"Against us are arrayed a comparatively small but politically and powerful number who really profit by Republican policies; but with them are associated a large number who, because of their attachment to their party name, are giving their support to doctrines antagonistic to the former teachings of their own party."

Bryan goes on to discuss, among other things: the gold standard, the greenback, imperialism in the Philippines and Cuba, the paralyzing influence of imperialism, and then gives the four principle arguments advanced by those who enter upon a defense of imperialism.

He then identifies to whom each argument is addressed ('addresst'):

1. the nation's pride
2. the nation's pocketbook
3. the church member
4. the partisan

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because they're using the same tactics in the 21st century! If it works, why change, right?

So is America caught in a loop of self-destruction she can't break out of? Is she too dizzy to see she's being duped yet again?

Now I know that a vote in November may bring little improvement if you vote for the Dems. But if you vote for the Republicans you can be certain of encouraging the cynical imperialists who have been misdirecting our nation for a over a century.

What's it to be?

Change? Hope? Or simply the audacity and hubris of nation-rotting, Republic-destroying imperialism?


Thanks go to a great resource, American Rhetoric!

Aug 6, 2008

Obama - McCain: two peas in a global pod

Here's what I've been trying to say for years concerning the course America is on: no matter who inhabits the White House come January 20, 2009, it's all of a Trilateral Commission piece.

Let The August Review connect the global elitist dots better than my blog-as-blog-can approach ever could:

Obama and McCain: pawns of the global elite

As stated previously using astrologese, America's natal Neptune 22Vir+ conjunct *Barack Obama's natal Mars (rockstar illusions) will have old man Saturn for a visit whether Obama is ensconced within the Oval Office or not. And McCain's natal planets aren't doing much better these days, so the fix is in for whoever the global elite select to do their bidding.

Do I like being so negative about the campaign and our "hopes" for America? Nope. Actually I'm not sure it should be called a 'campaign' at all unless it's a campaign to see which shill can make the one-word-government medicine go down our gobs with the least amount of gagging and fuss.

Our strength in numbers is the only thing they fear, you know...part of the reason they've engineered us into such dire straits financially with loss of homes, scrounging for supper, and so forth - because you see...

A hungry man is not a free man...I've forgotten who said it but he told the truth at least once in his life, didn't he?

Back on New Years Day 2006, I posted a blurb with a telling excerpt from FDR's Jan 20, 1937 Inauguration speech on the test of our progress which contrasted with what I perceived to be the class warfare stance of George W. Bush.

In 2006, some readers thought I was overstating this issue, but they can't and don't say that now - their tunes have changed key.

Ans when the elite Rockefellers and their ilk put FDR in the White House they were fooled in thinking he was 'one of them.'

Quelle surprise! The New Deal aided America out of the dumps, with its programs only now being handidly and finally dismantled 2008. FDR's presidency was not what they bargained for at all!

Still, as a class, they've done okay for themselves through the years, haven't they? Much of their success through fraud is due to Congress' collusion, of course, and Senator McCain has been in the game for 26 years...he has much more "experience" than Senator Obama (at pocket-lining.)

And the McCain campaign wants us to think that that's 'a positive!'

So why not stay home on election day, you ask, if you feel this grumpy about it all?

Because that's one of the few days of the year politicians actually notice that I - that WE - exist. No matter how long and drawn out the vote tallying may be, I'll be in the booth with bells on, they just won't be ringing a decent tune for America as I'd prefer.

So as Walter Cronkite used to say, m'peops: and that's the way it is.

Not how it should be in "democracy spreading" America but sadly, the way it really is and we, in our apathy, have many elitists to thank for it - along with our uninvolved selves.

Now where's that soup line Washington politicians are stirring up for our din din? Because I think I smell what they're cookin'. Do you?

May 21, 2008

Hillary hearts the NWO

Dost Thou Harken to Hillary? is a just-published post at Jude's Threshold which comes as close to summing up my political laments for America's sake as any I have previously written.

Some of my blab is based on misgivings about a Hillary Clinton presidency which are laid out, in large measure, by an article in The Nation from Oct-Nov, 2007. You've probably read it, but if not, here's its link:

Hillary's Mystery Money Men which concerns Harken chairman Alan Quasha who "helped make Bush" and now lurks within the Clinton camp.

If you're planning to vote for a global elitist (and that's all we have available), you may as well meet some of their shadowy financial backers skulking behind the scenes and tinkering with America.