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Feb 6, 2020

Will Trump's next acts of revenge seal his destiny?

February 6, 2020: Only a question or two for today's post: Will Trump's next acts of revenge bring his downfall? As you've heard, he's said to be plotting against those who dared impeach him and attempted to remove him from the Oval Office and his vengeful character is well known. Besides, establishing a dictatorship requires abject loyalty and submission on the part of your subjects. Not your loyalty or submission, only theirs.

Born an eclipse child (meaning a person with an eventful life), Donald Trump has many irons in many fires but even he is subject to the natural law of karma. It just may take longer for his karma to become evident in a public way. Of course, impeachment is part of that process yet he's still standing, at least for now. Yet the old adage that 'the bigger they are the harder they fall' may soon apply. Please note that I personally take no glee from this because as Trump goes so goes America--and I suspect that even a fake POTUS qualifies.

Never a pristine snowflake and possessing a destructive temperament, Mr. Mars Rising is reportedly Compiling a Nixonian 'Enemies List' as He Seeks Revenge for Impeachment with John Bolton said to be Trump's top target. Are Rep. Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi his numbers two and three? Where on the list is Mitt Romney, the Republican who upheld his conscience and voted him?

Meanwhile, for now it's true that Trump enjoys major success and benefits in large part due to royal star Regulus rising with his contentious Mars (a malevolent pairing for Regulus), yet the star's caution is very clear--and resonates with karma's decree that he will reap what he sows.

And so my primary question continues unanswered, at least for the moment:

Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump?


zeebling said...

I think Mitt is high up on the list , trump expects (but detests) that democrats are not loyal to him but a Republican not being loyal makes him extra vengeful. ..Jupiter as it catches to Pluto will square his judge appointing Jupiter ..beginning this month .maybe more legal entanglements (nothing new) maybe his moment of extreme vengeance ? but hopefully something bigger to thwart him since it is moving in with Pluto for a hot minute as they all drift into opposition with his Cancer venus saturn . Neptune transiting his 7th house will exactly square his nodes (and pretty tight on that moon)later in the year ..sounds like a karmic betrayal ..interesting coming from the 7th ..I guess transiting Neptune here has helped him charm the Republicans (the Republican party have a natal Neptune in pisces & had their Neptune return in 2016 ) Anyway with the never ending transits we can only hope some mud finally sticks seems like the universe will keep throwing until eventually it happens ha ha

Jude Cowell said...


Kat said...

Agree on trump’s karma circling his wagon-his Regulus believes he is a real king-and kings are eventually pushed off their thrones or worse. I see saturn/pluto transits in Cap grinding down his sat/venus in Can in 12thH by oppo—neptune will sq both his natal sun/moon—ouch! Trump is completing an accumulation of ‘power’ incarnations (IMO) and is self-sabotaging in real
time—he is drunk on delusions that he is untouchable-thus, he will be put down by his own hand or others.

Jude Cowell said...

Good insights Kat thanks! How do you see Trump's plan for his kids to rule after him, a political dynasty? Do you think Herr Spanky's well deserved downfall can stop them from assuming power? Jude