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Apr 4, 2020

The YOD in America's Solar Return 2020 Horoscope

Is America's Great Seal Reversed?

by Jude Cowell

April 3, 2020: After writing Stars Over Washington for nearly 15 years, it turns out that I'm quite an expert at assuming that any reader who bravely ventures herein possesses a measure of astrological knowledge. And once upon a time I tended to assure those who didn't 'speak astrologese' not to fret for my posts were written in English so they had only to ignore the astrology parts.

Now I see that such a work-around probably didn't work for many readers. In fact, a reader recently tasked me with providing a key for those who don't understand all the terms and abbreviations. She may think I've forgotten but no! It's only that events have been overly time consuming, as for us all. So this I hope to write and publish here before much longer in a post all its own.

But tonight I want to mention a factor of concern - or at least it's a factor that may help explain in general terms using Astrology some of our current conditions including health matters and our enforced circumstances of 'isolation and 'social distancing'. And this is where a basic knowledge of astrological terms and principles would come in handy - if only so that this post could be on the briefer, less cumbersome side rather than blossoming into e-book form. Oh well, let's give it a go and see where we land, shall we?

US Solar Return 2020 and a YOD of crisis

Special task, crossroads, turning point, karmic opportunity--all describe potentials that may be shown by a YOD pattern when it turns up in a horoscope. But another connotation of a YOD (which visually favors a squished triangle, aka, a Finger of God) is that it can symbolize a health indicator suggesting crisis conditions which must be handled with care when the time comes. (As you know, timing is everything! And our SR 2020 chart is 'good for' one year until America's next Solar Return in 2021.)

And so a YOD (of sorts) has turned up in America's Solar Return 2020 Horoscope, our 'birthday' chart. Please note that 'SR' stands for 'Solar Return' calculated for the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree, minute, and seconds (if known) when a person or entity is born or founded--in this case, America (July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT is the chart I use, Philadelphia, Pa) with 12Sag08 Rising, Cardinal World Point 00Libr47 at Midheaven, and Moon @27AQ09 (We The People) in SR 3rd house. And if you're familiar with the US natal horoscope, you know that it contains a Thor's Hammer pattern (or, Fist of God) with a Sun-Saturn square at its base pointing toward We The People's Moon. This pattern shows that our country has had health issues (Sun-Saturn) from the start, particularly for women (Moon) aggravated or blocked by men (Sun square Saturn), plus, a midpoint picture is formed of Sun-Saturn = Moon denoting 'emotional depression due to organic troubles; fear' (which leaders use against us to direct our behavior en masse - as they do now--we're "at war" once again), and/or 'bereavement' (Ebertin). This, we've got.

So the Ascendant rising in our SR 2020 Horoscope (@27Scorpio, a health sign with regenerative power) is part of the YOD pattern and thus this is not a traditional YOD pattern for there should be planets in all three points. Plus, the apex of the 'YOD' is the North Node of the Moon at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Gemini. Why, this is not a YOD at all, exclaims astrologers! Okay, but what I'm actually trying to get at is the midpoint picture formed by the trio of Saturn-ASC-North-Node. For as a pair in the biological sphere, Saturn-ASCendant indicates potentials for certain health conditions (exs: 'skin troubles; middle ear inflammation; defective connective tissues or organs; myopia'), but also 'suffering caused by the environment; disadvantages through others; segregation or separation from others; feeling hindered or depressed; suffering from limiting or poor conditions; hindered or inhibited development; a wrong outlook on life' - or some combination which we're feeling already. Add the directional North Node and we have:

Saturn-ASC = North Node: 'secluding oneself from others; being placed in unpleasant family circumstances' (Ebertin).

'Unpleasant circumstances' is seconded by Noel Tyl.

Now let's close this dreary post (intended to inform not worsen!) with Michael Munkasey's evaluation of the difficult Saturn-ASC duo in Hegelian Dialectic form and note that you'll find the Trump 'administration' of purposefully inept kleptocrats and his dreary mishandling of our current health crisis somewhere within the following potentials--if not within them all:

Thesis: Difficulty for others to understand internal leadership or direction; policy or authority dictated or restricted by external demands; inflexibility or an inability to adapt to necessary change.

Antithesis: A replacement or a lowering in status of advisers or leaders; curtailment of programs for the disadvantaged; a disregard for checks and balances within an enterprise; repression as a function of policy.

Well, I don't know about you, dear reader, but I think Mr. Munkasey has described our tragic health calamity all too well based on astrological principles and translated into English.

A closely related post: Independence Day 2020 and a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which will 'eclipse' our national Sun (13Can19), the leaders/s of the US government such as they have devolved.

Here's America's SR 2020 Horoscope:


Unknown said...

Any chance of getting a chart image for this post?

Jude Cowell said...

Yes! I'll add the SR 2020 Horoscope as an edit to the post and place its link in a new comment under this one. This version of our US Solar Return 2020 Horoscope issues from the July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pa chart with lots of study notes smooshed on. Hope you can read it. I haven't coordinated these notes with the original post's text/notes so some factoids may differ between the two.

Note that the Sabian Symbol of the SR Moon ('10Capricorn') is: "An Albatross Feeding From the Hand of a Sailor" which comports with the general tenor of the 2020 Return in the financial realms in particular, plus, SR Moon is afflicted by a square from feverish Mars (4th house of Domestic scene) suggesting potentials for anger, danger and illness (already in progress by July 4th); chart-ruler Mars makes no major applying aspects so his sign (strong in his own sign of Aries) and house (domestic troubles, turmoil, activities and illness at home) are emphasized.

The intense 2/8 polarity is the focus (Taurus/Scorpio); SR Sun is in 8th house of corporatism, shared resources, debt/credit, death, the occult, and conjunct Vesta in Cancer an asteroid often present or active at times of endings (such as death) and this supports the almost-full Moon that in a SR chart suggests a stage of completion or endings. Conjunct the Sun (the leader) Vesta denotes potentials for tunnel vision, martyrdom (ex: being someone's doormat--Putin's?), FIRE, purification (exs: depopulation bwo 'herd immunity'), extremism (exs: alt-right, Klannism) zealotry (for Israeli Zionism?), spiders, austere conditions, and/or Freemasons and Rosicrucians (E. B. Donnath). Uranus aids the Moon (Earth trine with both at 9 degrees = karmic or fated--with 2nd hou$e Moon and Uranus in Tauru$, a money sign: 'new' money from an unusual source such as the 'CARE act' but not everyone benefits with a 2nd house Moon suggesting financial fluctuations); as you see, Luna leads the tilt of a BOWL shape of planets denoting advocacy of a cause or mission--perhaps the critical need for financial support for the populace (albatross!). 8th cusp '28Gemini' = BANKRUPTCY which in some measure is supported by the SR Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn--see lower right for indications of this SR Moon sign.

Thanks mysterious Unknown personage for asking! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Just in case of a flub: Blogger has updated posting stuff and it's on the crazy (annoying) side. Here's a link to the updated US SR 2020 Horoscope and post.