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Aug 30, 2020

August 30, 2020 Current Conditions: Saturn-Neptune

An Unsealed Letter Within An Unsealed Letter

Since Stars Over Washington is basically an unsealed letter, and because current conditions in the US are dire, I've decided to copy/paste this morning's reply to a thoughtful reader's comments which were posted in October 2019, pre-Covid. In part my reply concerns which US Horoscope to use and why I must continue to use the US chart with Saturn-Neptune at Midheaven. However, please know that the following words are not for the faint of heart nor for the overly fretful or sensitive so please Do Not Read if this describes you, dear reader:

August 30, 2020, I'm just now replying, and we're embroiled in the covid pandemic, as you know zeebling. Depopulation and 'purification' of humanity are well underway and the 'reset economic agenda' is being implemented (with most of us out of the way). Meanwhile the Davos Forum has been rescheduled from January 2021 to Summer 2021 - allegedly due to covid concerns - and this places the 'reset' Forum under the prophetic 5 North Solar eclipse of 2021 rather than the difficult 4 South of December 2020. And as you say, the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope is aggressive and destructive with the Mars-Uranus conjunction rising. Riots and upheavals in US streets show the success of social tinkering efforts to ignite a race war and with a religious war simmering on the back burner. All that I'd fretted over these last several years of SO'W fusses is appearing in front of our eyes.

Meanwhile, I've gone back and forth over which US Horoscope to use but considering current events, I'm sticking with the July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia chart with its Saturn-Neptune = MC (00Libra) for the planetary pair's potentials for 'illness, suffering, renunciation, distrust, sacrifice, methodical execution of plans, tormenting emotional inhibitions, neuroses or diseases with causes difficult to ascertain' plus 'socialism' and other -isms since most now seem to apply. Oh and there's 10th house Saturn's well known "fall from grace" potential if Saturnian demands have not been answered. As they have not. DC and the Pentagon had their chance at global leadership and imho botched it badly. And as usual it's 'the little guy and gal' who must pay. And all this with our US Pluto Return/s almost exact. I continue to see 1776 Pluto as foreign involvement and of course we know which entities this describes in our era.

Yes, it's a dreary picture of course (playing out now!) but as a Saturnian astrologer I've said before - and realistic people know - that we must face our monsters to have any hope of vanquishing them. And with US Mars Rx by progression since 2006, its energies turned inward, it's going to be a long battle.


11:35 AM, August 30, 2020 #

Note: Saturn-Neptune potentials: Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.


Anonymous said...

I’ve recently started reading your articles from your website.
A question, considering your awareness of the danger & who is playing mind games:

Why, why, why are you on Facebook?

Why not encourage people to leave FB—a huge easy tool for mind-f*ckery?

Many use FB to promote their businesses, but so often I’ve heard people say they need it to keep up with friends and family for that—EXCEPT people can use group texts on their own phones for that.

We still have free will. But we need to take actions that protect us from psych ops.

Twitter seems a bit safer But getting off social media completely and creating your own group texts might be a better idea.

Again, if you love the promise of a govt. by the people and for the people—all of the people—use your brain—keep it away from contamination.

Facebook is contaminated. Keep your distance—even if you are aware that you are being bombarded w/bulls it, it might be best to remove yourself from where is it being sprayed.

Fighting for the promise of a govt. that is for everyone is a spiritual battle. If you see the divine in this world, sclose Pandora’s box and make effort to connect with people in real life.

Again: we have free will. Don’t forget that!

Jude Cowell said...

TY Anonymous for your thoughtful input. Yes, most if not all of my astrologer FB friends are aware of your concerns and most of them share your views as do I. Actually my current involvement w/ FB began after 4 years of absence when turned my back on using it. At that time my primary reason for leaving was that I'd read that Russia wanted to buy into FB. I don't now how that played out (other than Russian ads, etc) but considering our current conditions it's no surprise if the Kremlin got a hoof in the door. Yet we know that No Site online is safe or unsurveilled.

So! Besides critiquing, if you have an alternative suggestion that can replace FB for astrologers do let me know. But no 'mewe' because I've checked that out and do not like it at all. Jude