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Sep 1, 2020

September-November 2020: Mars in Aries to and fro

Two DC Horoscopes September and November 2020: Trolling the Path of Mars

by Jude Cowell

Lower left: September 9, 2020 Mars Direct Station @28Ari08 2nd house 6:22:12 pm edt Washington DC; Hour of Mars which squares 12th house Saturn (delays; resistance; stop'n'go energy); ASC 24AQ38 (US natal Moon rising) conjunct Uranus-MC suggests excitability, irritability, possible upsets; Uranus unaspected = spurts of activity; warlike Antares conjunct MC; at IC are Moon @12Gemini and Midas (fluctuating campaign finances?); Neptune and Pisces intercepted in 1st house suggests large events possibly water related and/or contagion/toxins; also, the media, the masses, deception, loss, theft, disappointment, conspiracy; voting planet Mercury 6Lib27 in 8th house and nearing Nemesis (the unbeatable foe).

Chart-ruler Saturn makes one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a conjunction with powerful manipulator Pluto (see lower left) which is, of course, a continuation of their conjunction's harsh, constraining energies of January 2020, and of course the Capricorn trio continues its heavy influence. Meanwhile, the revolutionary pair of Mars and Uranus will blend their energies on Election Day November 3, 2020 @6Tau44 with a disturbing potential for conflicts and destruction.

On Election Day 2020, Mars Rx 16Ari01 is opposing US natal Saturn (14lib48) off and on which denotes a period of potentials such as: attempts to circumvent rules and/or laws, anger flare ups, delays that lead to cancellations, organizational difficulties, resentment, and/or resistance to the authority of others. Obviously with Trump involved, court cases and legal decisions may be involved as well as ballot counting issues.

Upper right: November 13, 2020 Mars Rx Station @15Ari13 10th house 7:35:36 pm est Washington DC; Hour of Venus 20Lib42 5th house but leading a ruthless Locomotive shape into 4th house (condition of Venus in Libra relates to 2020 Election results: incumbent wins unless something miraculous occurs - ex: Blue Tsunami).

Both of Mars' changes of direction fall within the 4 North Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse Saros Series (restraint, restriction, separation, illusion) and as you see, the November 13th chart has US natal Jupiter rising just after the 4 North Solar Eclipse pops up over the horizon. And when Mars shifts to direct motion on November 13, 2020 'he' opposes Venus (ruthless as a Locomotive engine) which, among other things, suggests sore losers. However, by November 22nd, transit Venus will scoot on into Scorpio, leaving Mars to continue simmering in fiery Aries until early January 2021.

And with Cancer rising on November 13th, Moon is chart-ruler indicating emotions vs intellect, excitement, and potential conditions of instability, as seen in the Scorpio Moon's applying opposition to quirky Uranus Rx in money sign Taurus where finances tend to be uncertain and/or fluctuating and unusual sources of revenue are sought.

October 2020:Of course, more information (aka, inconvenient facts or secrets) are sure to be revealed by the light of the Halloween 2020 Full Moon @8Tau38 which casts its illuminating rays upon disruptive Uranus - the Witness and the Awakener!

Wild Cards of the Universe, Uranian Eclipses Disrupt Earthly Events

So will it be shock, awe, or a little of both when Uranus stars in a cosmic spotlight once again and closes the month of November 2020 with a Lunar Eclipse 8Gem38 conjunct US natal Uranus and simultaneously activates Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 Old North Saros Series (8Gem48: 'unfortunate news; separation; but fast action can bring good results' - Brady).

Related and also in October 2020: Trump's Nodal Return.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight, this is interesting, after reading this, I'm confused. I've looked at other charts (sidereal and vedic) and they're calling it for Biden/Harris, though like your chart advised,there will be push back. Are these charts on same course as yours? Or is it a matter of how they're read by the Querent?

Thoughts on this?

Jude Cowell said...

TY Anonymous! Yes it's typical that discrepancies depend on who reads a horoscope and whether conclusions gained are supported - or not - by intervening events between when the post was published and further events that influence the post topic. A reader's level comprehension and personal biases (such as my common-good p.o.v. on behalf of We The People) have much to do with conclusions and with any perceived discrepancies as well, plus, things are not always a question of either/or but of and and along with. The more sources you read, the more discrepancies you'll discover, no doubt, and planetary and societal trends do not always express how we assumed they will. One example is erratic Uranus, the disrupter, plus direction-changing eclipses. And you know that people do have free wills and can change their minds at the last minute so that cosmic influences are expressed in an unexpected way. "The best laid plans often go astray" etc.

Another factor, a very basic one, is that Astrology, grand as it is as a system of analysis of earthly events - whether used as a micro or a macro lens - simply cannot tell our finite brains everything no matter how wide a view of broader issues we possess.

And yet we astrologers persist! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

P.S. I meant to add to my previous reply that the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2020 leans toward the Democrats! So there are cosmic opportunities for results to go either way toward the light or the darkness. jc

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, Jude. I appreciate it. As a friend of mine who studies the charts said to me, you study astrology until you're dead, and you still won't get all the knowledge you're given. LOL! Fortunately he's alive and well, and still at it.