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Aug 26, 2020

October Surprise 2020: a Reichstag Fire event?

In the wake of the Weimar Republic, austerity measures were implemented in Germany which aided the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis with their deformed spirits. For details, see fiscal austerity and the rise of the Nazis.

In a previous post (2017) I published the Reichstag Fire Horoscope but erroneously set it for London, UK (not that that's a bad thing it just isn't what I'd intended to do). Today, for future reference, I'm publishing the event's horoscope set for Berlin, Germany (below). Because if a desperate, mean-as-a-snake Trump pulls an October Surprise in an attempt to pervert or prevent Election 2020, you know that a new horoscope set for the location of the Trumpian event would then be necessary. Even so, the 1933 chart could be useful for an astrologer or two.

Now hopefully, the Reichstag Fire 'false flag op' won't turn out to be the original event that Trump copies in some vicious, destructive way in order to force his will upon the American people. Yet we know that his nibs holds grudges and he does like to retaliate. But since his maliciously scheming mind (natal Mercury-Neptune square) is constantly occupied with taking revenge on others, he can most likely think of several possible actions to take that don't involve setting a fire - if he should hear, You're Fired!

As for the Reichstag Fire of 1933, here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning this topic:

"Three days after the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse occurred, Hitler and his co-conspirators burned down the Reichstag Building of Parliament to give cover to his rise to power; eight days later, FDR was sworn in as US President for the first of his three full terms, the 4th term being uncompleted, 1933 to 1945."

Of course, there are contrasts as well as comparisons between conditions, events, and people of 1933 and those of 2020, but the primary theme of 'rising to power no matter the cost' (which falls within life's fallacious 'ends justify the means' category) applies to both power-craving, emotionally stunted despots. (And to FDR, too, depending on your p.o.v; Hoover was supposed to win according to the Venus Cycle!) Thing is, 'the cost' of their overbearing actions most often falls upon someone besides the perpetrators, yes? Plus, Trump has even more to obsess over for if he loses the 2020 Election, criminal indictments could very well be in Bunker Boy's future.

Well, now that I think of it, Adolf was something of a bunker boy, too, wasn't he?

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Crystal D said...

Bunker Boys, the lot of 'em!

Letitia James, the AG of New York, seems like she really, really would like to get "Bunker Boy" and probably the Traitor Tots too, on some kind of charges, and since most of his criming took place in New York, she's ideally situated. There is no birth time I can find for her but her birthday is October 18, 1958. Which makes her a Libra sun, Capricorn moon. (Also her Sun and Venus and North Node are all conjunct in Libra - I think she can bring formidable charm and powers of persuasion to bear if needs be.) There's that Capricorn again! Cap women and Trump are drawn like filings to a magnet (Melania: Cap moon, Marla Maples, Cap Sun, first wife Ivana, Cap Jupiter). Only THIS Cappie Moon is...shall we say, drawn to INVESTIGATING his ill gotten gains, rather than marrying into them!

Jude Cowell said...

Crystal D, Agreed! The fate of our nation is riding on Tish James and her staff. Glenn Kirschner too. I don't envy any of them their positions but pray that they can affect a major change in our Trump affliction.


zoidion said...

In the list of Trump Cap females, add Kellyanne Conway: b. 20 Jan. 1967 (hmmm. 20 Jan. . . . ) with Sun last degree Cap opposite Jupiter last degree Cancer, with Mars making a T from 23 Libra.

Roderick said...

Trump's October Surprise is happening every day with his undermining faith in our electoral system by claiming that there will be wide-spread fraud if there is extensive voting by mail and the results won't be know for weeks if ever. *sigh*
When will this episode of the Twilight Zone end?

Jude Cowell said...

Roderick, agreed!

His entire campaign in 2016, "election", and stint in the WH is one giant October Surprise full of shocks. But being aware that a big event may be planned pre-Election 2020 is no bad thing. As you know, voting Mercury turns direct on November 3rd and reaches its shadow degree on November 19th. Soon afterwards if not before I hope that results will be known - and America's 'twilight' fate sealed if Herr Spanky manages to cheat his way in. Again. (Strong-arming electors may be part of his gangsta plan.) If Biden wins: rejoicing in the streets! Along with the violence that Trump has threatened if he loses. Criminal syndicates don't let go of territory easily.

Thanks a bunch for your thoughtful comment! Jude

Jude Cowell said...

Anonymous, Pete is great but has little national experience for such an elevated position. It's difficult for me to see him stepping in unless no one else with more experience would or could do it!

Thanks for your comments! Jude