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Aug 13, 2020

Trump's 'Prez Bid' Solar Eclipse 17 South conj Scheat

August 13, 2020: Below is another look at the Horoscope of the 17 South Summer Solstice 2015 Solar Eclipse which was Trump's 'Prez Bid' Prenatal Eclipse ('PE'). To me it remains informative in light of Trumpian actions since January 20, 2017 when, in his inaugural address, he forecasted "American Carnage" as we now see via events described by cosmic factors such as the difficult fixed star activated by the 17 South eclipse on that day: Scheat.

Considering the Scheat-ish conditions and catastrophes we're experiencing during Trump's first term playing POTUS (as if the presidency is merely a reality show - in a sense it is but he's not the 'great' thespian he pretends to be!), major warnings would have been possible had we only known on the morning that he and Melania descended upon the Trump Tower escalator in NYC to the paid audience of acting extras below. Some astrologers warned about him as did NY residents who knew him and his crooked ways all to well but monied powers were determined to shove him into the White House to 'lead' the sabotage of America.

So in the 2015 eclipse horoscope, below, you see the position of his 'Prez Bid' New Moon (25Gem07) in the 4th house highlighted in an appropriate shade of orange and conjunct the discovery degree of erratic planet of chaos, Uranus (March 13, 1781 NS), and near enough to Trump's natal 10th house Gemini trio of Sun-North-Node-Uranus for him to grasp and use as his 'new cycle of activity/seeding plans' timer:

Now as you know, fixed stars work through eclipses and their potentials can be activated by eclipses. Of course, other planetary factors affect outcomes as well but considering the course of things since Trump coup'd the White House, we've seen him gleefully set about hollowing out the US government, mismanaging a major health crisis, and causing mayhem as he followed the script set for him (along with acting on his rash Uranian notions), deceiving, and insulting and undermining anyone who disagrees with him. Therefore, I must assert that star of misfortune Scheat was been activated at Summer Solstice 2015 and is still holding sway in America, if not across the entire globe.

(Beta Pegasus) Scheat @29Pis34, a critical-crisis 29th degree (conjunct the Aries Point of global events): "unlucky; murder; suicide; drowning; being condemned to death or imprisonment; malevolence of sublime scope; suffering; extreme misfortune" (A. Louis).

Other sources: "if you can successfully navigate the mortal accident that awaits you, Scheat offers a great flow of mental creativity; love of intellect, independent thinking, the challenge of logic" (Brady); "turbulence, unpredictable nature, losing and gaining friends rapidly, and being inclined to fantasize" (Rigor).

Plus, let's add three sympatico natal factors to this tragically malevolent cosmic picture starting with Trump's natal midpoint picture of Mars-Saturn = Pluto (in his natal 12th house; Mars-Saturn is the 'death axis') which we've discussed in multiple SO'W posts: "brutality, the rage or fury of destruction. Intervening of a higher power, bodily injury or harm (murder, death of many people)" (Ebertin).

Meanwhile, here's one rather simple factor: Trump's natal Mars rising opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius - We The People. So although he often uses the tactic of projection and engages in childish name-calling, he is the one who is the enemy of the people. And yes, Mars vs Moon is yet another indication of his rage, fury, aggression, and combativeness - targeting the American people.

And another indication? How about Trump's natal Midheaven @24Tau18 with 'nasty' star Algol twinkling upon the Goal Point ('MC') of his chart? As you know, destructive Algol of Medusa fame screams with rage and so does tyrant Trump! And apparently Algol and Medusa inspire his multiple uses of the word "nasty" to describe any woman (Medusa!) who questions him too closely or gives him a difficult time in any way. His fragile ego hates being what he perceives as emasculated so do you think perhaps his mother once played the Medusa role in his life? Well, he does have deep problems with 'blood streaming from feminine eyes'!

Now in closing, let's add a disturbing yet appropriate cosmic factor that I've mentioned in previous posts: that in Chinese Astrology, Algol's most tragic potential is 'piled up corpses', a current condition that many Americans may now correctly attribute to the actions and the malign neglect of the malevolent Donald Trump and his hand maidens in the Republican Party.

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