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Aug 12, 2020

VP Debate October 7, 2020: Jupiter vs Jupiter!

Astrological Jupiter: Planet of Politics, Finances, Ideology, and Expansion

by Jude Cowell

August 12, 2020: Now that 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden has named Senator Kamala Harris as his VP choice and running mate, we can be reasonably assured that the October 7, 2020 VP Debate in Salt Lake City, Utah will be between Senator Harris and current VP Pence. If this debate is held, and if these are the two combatants, an interesting cosmic event is forecast: the natal Jupiters of Harris and Pence (1964 vs 1959) precisely oppose one another in the Zodiac - hers @24Tau00 Rx (Earth), his @24Sco40 Rx (Water). And as you undoubtedly realize, their Jupiters conjunct the natal MC-IC axis (24+ Taurus/Scorpio) of Donald Trump whose name and antics are likely to come up during the first, and perhaps the only, VP debate of 2020. Not that we need Astrology to inform us of this!

So during their Jupiterian stand-off we may notice hints of Harris' Jupiter in Taurus ('Venus') traits such as 'liberality, generosity, an urge for financial security' (hopefully extended to the American people!), but also possible are 'streaks of wastefulness and overindulgence in the finer things'. Generally, Jupiter in Taurus is trustworthy and as you know, steady, practical Taurus is a sign of preservation, growth, increase, building, and development.

Meanwhile, traits of Pence's Jupiter in Scorpio ('Mars-Pluto') include 'ruthless striving for possessions, materialism, a tendency to overrate oneself, optimism, a craving for pleasure, and an overly pronounced sexual life (oops! does Mother know? It would seem so since he can't be trusted alone with women). And as you know, sexy Scorpio is a brooding, deep thinking sign of such things as Big Business and occult study.

Please note that these Jupiter in Taurus-and-Scorpio indications are from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences.

(To me the Harris-Pence-Jupiter situation seems a curious cosmic echo of the fact that the natal Jupiters of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump also precisely oppose one another across the Aries-Libra axis. So actually, with both Jupiter pairs (Aries-Libra and Taurus-Scorpio), the degree and its Sabian Symbol for each planet is the Illumination Point of the other!)

Previous posts concerning the two politicians have been published on SO'W if you care to take a look:

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Above NASA image: Jupiter


zoidion said...

Good stuff here on Jupiter. I also note that Harris’ natal full moon (Sun in airy Libra, Moon in fiery Aries) strongly echoes Trump’s natal full moon eclipse (Sun in airy Gemini, Moon in fiery Sagittarius), though the two modes will be increasingly evident: Harris’ cardinality (initiating a new direction) contrasting with Trump’s mutability (reactivity). In addition, the houses are reversed: Harris’ Sun in fifth / Moon in eleventh contrasted with Trump’s Sun in eleventh / Moon in fifth. (I use whole-sign houses.)
Much more could be said about this . . .

Jude Cowell said...

TY zoidion Yes much more could be said about this! Your insights are much appreciated so I must ask, Do you ever write guest posts for anyone? Gmail me if you'd want to - judecowell at gmail dot com

Don't know what you see on your screen under this post but the ad I see says 'Stand against Kamala Harris'! Puh!


zoidion said...

Well, you're the first to ask, so I'd entertain the possibility. I'll send you a direct message.
Hmmm, don't see any ads. I suppose it means, Stand again KH to see how you measure up. She does have a feisty Aries Moon right where Mars will station a month from now. Should be quite interesting, even revelatory, eh?