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Aug 25, 2020

Visions of 2021: Who Can Identify the Antichrist?

August 25, 2020: Less than a week ago a post appeared here asking, Dear Astrology: Is Donald Trump "the chosen one"? noting that natal Sun-Neptune squares can identify a grand self-image of being "a vessel". Yet upon further reflection, I believe things are much more serious and complex than astrological aspects can fully reveal.

Yes, I would dearly love it if end times weren't crowding in upon us - upon my family, too - but as I've posted before, it's late days. Many signs appear on Earth and in the heavens (As Above So Below!) and although Stars Over Washington may not seem the best place for such topics, and I take the risk of offending the overly sensitive reader, I'm sharing here two links to the same subject matter, one in video form and one text, presented by Rev. Dr. Benjamin I. Corey. Why, these days even secular sources are saying that America is under an "existential threat" so take the content or leave it as you wish, dear reader. However, my advice for you is to take it and at least consider its timely message.

This information was provided by my dear, long-time friend libramoon whose blog Year of Prophecies you may be familiar with. And so I wish to Thank Her for leaving this message as a comment for SO'W. It took me a few days to discover the link but finally I did!

Now just below is the recommended content in either video or text form. Does this well organized presentation pertain to politics? Oh yes, actually it does. Much more so than I wish it did. For what and who manipulates the masses better than a demagoguing politician who adores the sound of his own voice, thrives on outrage, and possesses absolutely not the first shred of a conscience?

What the Bible Predicts About the Antichrist: Do You know What the Bible Actually Says? (28m19s video). And here's the text which imho is perfect for those who may wish to jot down a note or two for Dr. Corey combines Scripture and verse with actual news footage of events as they occurred in real time.

So why "Visions of 2021"? Because themes of the 5 North Solar Eclipse which manifests on June 10, 2021 @20Gemini include "visions and prophetic dreams" and "sudden flashes of psychic ideas that can be acted upon" (Brady). And if you watch or read to the end of Dr. Corey's presentation, you'll know why such themes apply!

Above illustration: 'Cosmic Path and Beyond'; pencil on paper by Jude Cowell.


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that this was a reputable astrological site, but apparently not. What is it about Americans and credulity? Snake oil seems to be the national beverage.

Crystal D said...

I recall the whole idea of the Antichrist was that he was going to fool BELIEVERS. Not atheists or pagans or Buddhists or even Christians who don't buy into the Antichrist stuff. And the fundie/evangelicals have fallen for him hook, line, and sinker.

Hilariously (if you are an astrologer) Jerry Falwell Jr., he of the "Family Values" who apparently liked to watch his wife getting it on with the pool boy, is a Gemini, like another "family values" promoter who likes to grab women by the you know where.

zeebling said...

wow I'm so creeped out after reading the text ... i have to read it all again ...For fun me and a friend had done a little new testament revelation hunt for trump when he first got in (which disturbed us a bit)but this is so much more thorough and i repeat "creepy "

Jude Cowell said...

Crystal D Yes! if memory serves he'll fool 'even the very elect'. Lately I'm toying with the distinct possibility that Trump *heralds* the antichrist, sets up conditions, weakens as much of people's resolve as he can, etc. This resonates with talking heads who now say - or wonder aloud - that a worse Trump-style 'president' is to come.


Jude Cowell said...

zeebling, Agreed! I was impressed with how thorough Rev. Dr. Corey's research and presentation are and his blending of Scriptural text with video evidence is stark and chilling. It's saddening how few people will even consider this information but would rather pretend that it isn't reality when our 'modern world' has been packaged and sold to us as 'reality'.

So far I've received only one comment - from an 'Anonymous' troll of course - criticizing me for posting such content as if it somehow besmirches the astrology of SO'W. Which tells me I'm on the right track! ;) Jude