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May 27, 2022

Global Depopulation Carved in Stone?

Today I ran across a Truthsteam Media video concerning the fact that way back in 2017 Bill Gates Warned a New Bioweapon Will Wipe Out 30 Million. Now perhaps we can agree that such a bioweapon has indeed been unleashed upon humanity and, as I type, is busy reducing the global population much as was promoted in the carvings on the Georgia Guidestones which recommended a global depopulation agenda. A devilish "guide" if you ask me but then again I am, admittedly, a suspicious gal particularly when it comes to governments and world class social meddlers, many if not all of whom, are acolytes and servants of Sata*. Perhaps recent Davos Summit attendees enjoyed some good chortles over how their depopulation agenda is going (but that's only a fanciful imagining of mine, right?).

So check out the video if you dare, and note mentions of new threats to humankind such as genetic engineering and synthetic viruses. Meanwhile, shown below is my version of the March 1980 unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones near Elberton, Georgia, a few miles from my hometown of Athens, Georgia. For the sake of comparison, the March 22, 1980 unveiling horoscope set for the speculative hour of 11:00 am ("in the morning," sources say) with Mercury (sight, unveiling) at Midheaven, the WHY? Point, while a delusional Moon-Neptune opposition rises and sets. As you see, the Guidestones chart surrounds what some astrologers use as a founding chart for America with Sagittarius rising, but of course you can place the 1980 chart around any horoscope you prefer, or none if you like. Added below the image is a link to my original post concerning the unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones - caution: a hint of prophecy may be involved:

Astrology of the Georgia Guidestones.

Extra Astro-Notes: Such a karmic time we're living in, my friends! The Guidestones' 1980 Chiron @10Taurus in now eclipsed since April 30, 2022 by a 6 North Solar Eclipse with its themes of 'relationship to authority figures' and 'commitments due to another person being unable to carry on' (paraphrasing B. Brady). Plus, 1980 Venus @17Taurus will be eclipsed in November 2022 by a Lunar Eclipse @16Taurus, what I've termed the Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse conjunct the planet of radical zealotry, Uranus. And of course, all eclipses are 'wild cards of the Universe' and may also be called 'cosmic blinks' from Above. Disruption, fated events, and changes of direction are always involved.

For further information, check out the Georgia Guidestones' Wikipedia page.

Oct 5, 2021

"Reign Of Terror" and the Fixed Grand Cross Eclipse

by Jude Cowell

October 5, 2021: If you're a reader with 18 minutes to spare, you could spend your time much worse than watching 'Reign Of Terror' author Spencer Ackerman interviewed on the Amanpour & Co channel: How the 9/11 Era Destablized America and Produced Trump (#ad). Mr. Ackerman's book is based on his years of national security journalism and reporting on such topics as the victimization across the globe by the so-called 'American Imperialism' tyranny and the loss of our civil liberties in the US since 9/11. The book details events from the Oklahoma City Bombing (horoscope shown) to the Mob Attack of January 6, 2021 ('1/6') with what I'll call 'red hats tips' to demagogue Tr*mp, racism, and the white supremacy movement he spearheaded into the mainstream as if it belongs there.

Speaking as an American who has never been certain that the 9/11/01 WTC attack/s were not inside jobs, 'Reign Of Terror' has been published none too soon. And speaking astrologically, I continue to feel that the 1 North King of Terror Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (the problematic eclipse that Nostradmus pointed toward so long ago - see chart, below) holds many dark clues with its rigid Fixed Grand Cross of Sun-Moon-Mars-Saturn-Uranus, and, if you prefer to count it, the Nodal Axis of destiny, manifesting at or very near mid-degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus-Scorpio/oxen-eagle points, Leo-Aquarius/lion-angel points) - with the four signs' associated animals mentioned in The Book of Revelation.

So now in 2021, in spite of the earth changes now afflicting the globe which are promised to be worsening, you, dear reader, may choose to disagree that humanity is in 'the last days'. Well, of course it's your right to disagree as you wish. Not that I give up hope for mankind at all but simply to face reality if such a difficult reality is soon to be upon us. (Remember I'm a Saturnian astrologer who sees DNA and genetics in horoscopes - the only 'past lives' I find in charts are generational and ancestral!)

So below you see the August 11, 1999 King of Alarm Horoscope with its Fixed Grand Cross and note that Mars-Saturn is the 'death axis' according to Reinhold Ebertin - squaring erratic Uranus (shocks and sudden events) = 'applying brute force; loud, brash disruptions; separation; death' (M. Munkasey; R. Ebertin):

Now the 1999 King of Terror (or, ' of Alarm') Eclipse is member of the 1 North Saros Series with themes of: 'unexpected events place great pressure on personal relationships and groups; issues loom large so make no hasty decisions until influences pass; information is distorted or possibly false; fatigue and/or health problems' (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady #ad). To me this sounds much like events within the 'New Millennium'. And as you know, the 1 North family is also called, The Mother Of All Eclipses because it's number one and this makes it particularly prominent and influential upon earthly events whenever it appears in the 18.6-year eclipse cycle. Additional information can be gleaned from the fact that the initial eclipse in the 1 North family began on January 4, 1639 @13Cap38 (opposite US Sun on July 4, 1776) which means that all 1 North eclipses can be viewed through a Saturnian/Capricornian lens.

Meanwhile, forming a cosmic time link into the second decade of the New Millennium, is the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo, also a member of the 1 North family - and it 'eclipsed' the natal Ascendant of one Donald Tr*mp (who infamously removed safety glasses and looked directly at the total eclipse - are his squinting eyes affected by this now?).

So! As a follow-through we might think to wonder when is the next 1 North Solar Eclipse? That solar eclipse will arrive on September 2, 2035 @9Virgo, a degree eclipsed before and which, if I typed about it here, would turn this brief post into an e-book and neither of us want that, am I right?

Jan 28, 2021

Depopulation Foretold: the Georgia Guidestones

Is Pandemic Depopulation Following the Advice of the Georgia Guidestones?

by Jude Cowell

January 28, 2021: During Election Year 2016, a post and horoscope were published to my Two Hours blog entitled A Georgia Guidestones Horoscope and the Hopi Prophecy of a New Age. The ceremonial unveiling of the Guidestones was held in the morning of March 20, 1980. In lieu of an exact hour, the horoscope is set for 11:00 am est with Moon @21Gem48 rising opposite transit Neptune @22Sag40. This suggests that the proceedings were tinged with Moon-Neptune vibrations, a mystical, delusional influence which can deeply stir feelings and disturbances from within the Collective Unconscious. Additionlly, the Gemini Moon conjuncts US natal Mars in Gemini while Neptune @22Sag40 squares US natal Neptune (22Vir25), opposes US natal Mars, and receives a visit from 1980 Saturn Rx @22Vir58.

Read the carved inscription on the Stones here.

Now as you know, Saturn-to-Neptune is the grim face of reality transit that can also bring disillusionment, a sense of unreality, and/or financial troubles with it. Such conditions can be recognized in the "trickle down" "supply side" Reaganomics policies which began implementation during his presidency (Inauguration January 20, 1981 - by trickery).

Why, there's even a 1 North Reaganomics Eclipse to mark the GOP's delusional, corrupt policies under which we continue to struggle! And you'll remember that a nation-splitting solar eclipse in the 1 North Saros Series repeated on August 21, 2017 (Tr*mp's first year) as The Great American Eclipse, with the word "great" a part of the main Tr*mp campaign slogan. So basically, America's natal Mars-Neptune square, famous for its tendency toward misdirected motivations/activities and 'fog of war' potentials, was activated by the transits we see in the Georgia Guidestones Horoscope. There are other important contacts between the 1776 and 1980 charts, of course, and if inspired, I hope you'll find them and leave your on-topic observations with this post:

Now it's only my personal opinion but you'll see penned at the bottom of the chart a notation that the 11:00 am Midheaven @5Pis35 on March 22, 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia points toward the Fascism Rising Solar Eclipse of 1933 (@5Pis28) in the 7 North Saros Series. And readers of SO'W may as well know that this post will likely reappear as a feature in a series of posts I'm planning that concern America's current struggle with authoritarian influences and entities now attempting to break down our democracy and toss America into the dust bin of History.

But please take heart, my friends, because A Fascist Plot in America Has Failed Before!

Now here is recent commentary by progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann on How To Stop Fascism.

Aug 25, 2020

Visions of 2021: Who Can Identify the Antichrist?

August 25, 2020: Less than a week ago a post appeared here asking, Dear Astrology: Is Donald Trump "the chosen one"? noting that natal Sun-Neptune squares can identify a grand self-image of being "a vessel". Yet upon further reflection, I believe things are much more serious and complex than astrological aspects can fully reveal.

Yes, I would dearly love it if end times weren't crowding in upon us - upon my family, too - but as I've posted before, it's late days. Many signs appear on Earth and in the heavens (As Above So Below!) and although Stars Over Washington may not seem the best place for such topics, and I take the risk of offending the overly sensitive reader, I'm sharing here two links to the same subject matter, one in video form and one text, presented by Rev. Dr. Benjamin I. Corey. Why, these days even secular sources are saying that America is under an "existential threat" so take the content or leave it as you wish, dear reader. However, my advice for you is to take it and at least consider its timely message.

This information was provided by my dear, long-time friend libramoon whose blog Year of Prophecies you may be familiar with. And so I wish to Thank Her for leaving this message as a comment for SO'W. It took me a few days to discover the link but finally I did!

Now just below is the recommended content in either video or text form. Does this well organized presentation pertain to politics? Oh yes, actually it does. Much more so than I wish it did. For what and who manipulates the masses better than a demagoguing politician who adores the sound of his own voice, thrives on outrage, and possesses absolutely not the first shred of a conscience?

What the Bible Predicts About the Antichrist: Do You know What the Bible Actually Says? (28m19s video). And here's the text which imho is perfect for those who may wish to jot down a note or two for Dr. Corey combines Scripture and verse with actual news footage of events as they occurred in real time.

So why "Visions of 2021"? Because themes of the 5 North Solar Eclipse which manifests on June 10, 2021 @20Gemini include "visions and prophetic dreams" and "sudden flashes of psychic ideas that can be acted upon" (Brady). And if you watch or read to the end of Dr. Corey's presentation, you'll know why such themes apply!

Above illustration: 'Cosmic Path and Beyond'; pencil on paper by Jude Cowell.

Mar 22, 2018

The Washington Monument: Center of Political Power?

Image: the Washington Monument which was built in the form of an obelisk, an Illuminati symbol of power. In fact, the Monument marks the spot on earth where the power of these legends-in-their-own-minds is centered and politically that's Washington DC (for the moment, at least). Of course, obelisks also stand in various places across the globe such as London and New York where they mark the secretive organization's centers of financial power.

Now these mystical tidbits and many more were well known to America's Founding Freemasons, some of whom were also Rosicrucians and/or Illuminatists, and some were members of whatever other knowledge-is-power esoteric, satanic, and/or Utopian groups were around during the 18th century for occultism didn't wear the stain upon it then that it wears today. Yet the groups still exist in one form or another and perhaps you've noticed that in the last few years we've seen a preponderance of their machinations speeding up via infiltration as attacks from within and without American society become more brazen--especially since transit Uranus left mystical Pisces in late May 2010 and entered Mars-ruled Aries (crossing Cardinal World Point 00Aries00) and bringing along disruptive Uranian tendencies that inspire actions by anarchists, fanatics, blind zealots, dream enthusiasts, radical reformers, Utopianians--as the great Reinhold Ebertin informs us about Uranus in Aries in his book The Combination of Stellar Influences (I'm not making this stuff up, y'know!).

Actually, we discussed such topics in early 2015 concerning New York City's three obelisks and the prophetic Belt Stars of Orion. This was back when Scott Wolter's America Unearthed was airing on TV. Of course, that post was written prior to the political elevation of amateur Donald Trump, Uranian extraordinaire and a man on a mission. That his aims differ from Illuminati goals is not proven to me though some folk may feel differently especially if they fell for Mr. Trump's 'drain the swamp' rhetoric. Personally, I see Trump's disruptive, chaotic way of doing things part of 'the big picture', the 'Grand Plan' that's been Washington DC's blueprint all along, thanks to Utopians like Bacon and others who envisioned America as the New Atlantis.

For as you know, the whimsical if Freemasonic Mr. Trump's 10th house Uranus in Gemini is his oriental planet (last to rise before natal Sun) and as such, the planet of chaos and sudden shocks is his guiding planet. It seems tragically chilling, doesn't it? Especially for those of us who prefer a sovereign America with much less satanism, thank you very much. Still, Trump has his marching orders with his quixotic notions, lack of political knowledge and skill, and poor behavior as cover for what he's instructed to perpetrate. Tattered cover, if you ask me, but there that's the set-up for their 'great design'.

In The Cycle with Trump's Purposefully Chaotic Leadership (Even If He Is a Big Dummy)

So this is as good a time as any to remind you that transit Pluto, planet of destruction, the Criminal Underworld, hidden wealth, and transformation, has been activating 1993's Great Conjunction degree of the Illuminati-Enlightenment pair of planets, Uranus and Neptune (18Capricorn) and thereby creating a disturbing midpoint picture--activated under the quirky, bigoted leadership of Uranian Donald Trump...the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl). Yes, bribery, threats, intimidation, and blackmail are only some of the tactics used to keep politicians and others in line and marching forward. Maybe we should ask Trump and Putin about the effectiveness of such draconian tactics some time.

Well, it's a tiresome reminder, I know, but to yours truly, the Uranus-Neptune-Pluto midpoint picture and the timing thereof makes Trump's 'election' and his odd behavior and fawning toward Putin and other totalitarian dictators easier to understand--as orders from on high. After all, Pluto in Capricorn is 'the dictator' and the element of timing is extremely pivotal to the plans of transnational social tinkerers who think they know best how to rule the world. These are obviously the sort of reptile-brained degenerates the world is oppressed by as their control grid tightens upon us all. In Politics and Business we can even say that the reptiles act under the guise of Pluto-Chiron plutocrats and use dividing tactics such as primal violence, racism, Capitalism, Socialism, corporatism, and other anti-societal -isms too numerous to mention here. By their lousy anti-democratic fruits we know them. And it certainly isn't written in stone that America necessarily has to provide the top leader of the global government-new order the chaos-creators are in process of setting up (1776--2025 or so?). (Though Trump probably assumes the top dog position will be his--at his age!!)

And although orbiting centaur Chiron has since bustled ahead of slower moving dwarf planet Pluto, we remain ensnared within the current Pluto-Chiron cycle which began at their Great Conjunction of December 30, 1999 @12Sagittarius (rounded up). For those who use a late afternoon natal chart for America (July 4, 1776) this conjunction (11Sag22) perfected upon US natal Ascendant...'12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows." And no one has to guess which nation the 'eagle' represents in our day or which national flag is depicted in the well-timed symbol of the plutonian conjunction which helped usher in the much-touted New Millennium. Of course the 'crowing' is, in part, the illegal, preemptive, unconstitutional 2003 invasion of the Middle East with the WTC attacks of 9/11 as pretext. How threadbare Washington's alleged justifications have become! How craftily they stirred the hornet's nest! How the blow back of violence affects the entire world now! Yet oppressive Pluto-Chiron approves on behalf of the so-called New World Order (its October 24, 1993 horoscope shown).

And though Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023, passing over US natal Pluto Rx along the way, soon a new energy shift within the Pluto-Chiron relationship begins with Chiron to Aries Point for the first exact conjunction occurs April 17, 2018. And soon a different shift occurs when quirky Uranus enters Taurus May 15, 2018. Post shows Trump natal chart with May 15, 2018 transits--and a New Moon @24Taurus36 conjunct Trump's natal Midheaven which holds asteroid Phaethon within the turbulent stars of the Pleiades--including nasty Algol. Also see: Uranus to Taurus 2018, Pluto to Aquarius 2023.

Back to Washington DC's Starry Significance

Now speaking of stars and the founding of the District of Columbia (an archetypal Venusian goddess), we've also discussed previously L'Enfant's original plan for the Federal Triangle and how our three primary buildings represent on earth three particular stars overhead--the Capitol Building = Regulus, the White House = Arcturus, and the Washington Monument = Spica, the Spike. Plus, DC's obelisk (George's phallic Monument) points upwards toward another star that we seldom hear about these days--Porrima, a star of fertility and prophecy (George is said to have had a visionary mystical streak himself). Yet the obelisk's spotlight on Porrima has always struck me as somewhat odd since Freemason George Washington could father no natural children (due to a case of smallpox as a teen?) yet his public image has been carefully crafted through the years as The Father of Our Country. Okay, on a symbolic level he was. And perhaps the more prominent role of Porrima in our 'future' times of Now is prophecy, particularly that found in Scripture: Signs in the Sky: Prophecy and Israel's Fig Tree Prophecy. Trump scooted things along by announcing the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, an announcement which further stirred up turmoil in the Middle East. He is, after all, the announcer-in-chief with starry Alhena (to have a mission) conjunct his natal Mercury, planet of announcements, messages, deals, commerce, and magic tricks.

For Donald Trump is the announcer in the White House now just in time to aid and abet Israel's Scriptural Fig Tree Prophecy (linked above).

Okay, I'll hush for now and send congrats to anyone who has read this far for you are mighty. Here are three links to previous posts concerning similar topics:

Washington DC's Secret Symbolism, The Founding of the Federal City (horoscope shown), and Trump, Venus, a Pagan Egg, and the 2020 Election Cycle.

May 6, 2017

2018 Lunar and Solar Eclipses with Themes

Re: Cosmic Blinks! 'Wild Card' Eclipses Affect History

For better viewing, please enlarge the image of the 2018 list of Solar Eclipses (with themes) and Lunar Eclipses.

Occurring after what's being called The Great American Eclipse of August 2017 which 'splits' our nation from coast to coast, the 2018 Solar Eclipses fall into the 1 South, 2 (New) North, and 2 Old North Saros Series and, based on the Nodal cycle of 18.6 years, are repeats of the eclipses of year 2000 in the same signs (AQ, Cancer, Leo) but at different degrees. In addition, the year 2000 brought a fourth Solar Eclipse in the 2 South Series which manifested on Christmas Day @4Capricorn. This go-round, 2 South will repeat on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn with themes of suddenly finding a new group to join and expecting great gains from such group involvement (Brady).

Since history tends to rhyme if not repeat, deeper insights into the 2018 Solar Eclipses may be attained by considering the historical events that occurred in the years that their initial eclipses began:

1 South occurred @1Vir15 on August 24, 1729 (ends September 22, 2973); 2 (Old) North began @5Can49 on June 24, 792 (OS) (ends July 23, 2036); 2 New North began June 17, 1928 @26Gem21 (ends July 16, 3172) and not only relates to the NYSE and finances but through the influence of its theme of collapse is understandably called, The Tower. Of course, the WTC Twin Towers were already brought down on September 11, 2001 but we now have NYC's Trump Tower (and various other Trumpish structures across the globe) to concern us in more ways than one. Significantly, 2 Old North is the Prenatal Eclipse series of Mr. Donald Trump and in 1946, his year of birth, eclipsed America's natal Uranus @9Gemini--our totem planet of war and revolt.

However, please note that "The Tower" Solar Eclipse of July 31, 2000 (which repeats on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41) was actually not the Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of the 9/11 attacks as we might expect. The PE of 9/11/01 was the 3 North which manifested prominently at Summer Solstice 2001 (June 21) upon the Cardinal World Point of 00Cancer, the stargate degree. And with glaring synchronicity as humanity entered the New Millennium, the winds of war and strife had already been let loose as described by the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse in the 1 North series, the 'Mother of All Eclipses' that Nostradamus warned us about so many moons ago with its Fixed Grand Cross of Oxen-Lion-Eagle-Angel (mid-degrees of Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius) which may be found prophetically described in the Book of Revelation.

Related: Signs in the Sky: Opening the Stargate, an intriguing book by Adrian Gilbert.

And speaking of Mr. Trump, US Uranus, and wild cards, here's a related not-to-miss 10-minute video Anonymous: The Truth About Donald Trump for those who dare.

Sep 9, 2015

Dr. Don K Preston: False Prophets, Jonathan Cahn and the Shemitah - video

This video was helpfully posted on YouTube by Rob McConnell, host of The 'X' Zone Radio Show. The pastor asserts that, "The world will not end on September 15, 2015" which is great since the September 13, 2015 Solar Eclipse only contains themes of a high stress level and an overtaxing of strength' according to Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive Astrology.

But soon we have the prominent-in-the-news 'blood moon' and tetrad moon--the September 27, 2015 Lunar Eclipse @4Aries40 to add to the fretful flavor that some have attached to the month of September 2015. Tap or click the link if you wish to view horoscopes of the two September 2015 eclipses set for our goddess-idolizing capital of Washington DC, where so many of the cauldrons of tragedy are brewed.

Apr 1, 2015

Did the BIBLE predict the next 72 hours? Sky to turn BLOOD RED across WORLD this Easter

Perhaps this deserves consideration:
Read the article here.

Did the BIBLE predict the next 72 hours? Sky to turn BLOOD RED across WORLD this Easter
THE SKY will turn a deep blood red across the planet this Easter as a rare celestial event 'foretold in the Bible' unfolds.

Feb 23, 2015

Saturn-North Node and The Mystery of the 3 Days

Number 3, Saturn, and the North Node of Encounters with Destiny

by Jude Cowell

There are many associations for the number three. Number 3 is known as "the Light" and is considered a holy number according to many sources and in the 3rd verse of Genesis chapter 1, God said, Let there be light and there was. It is the number of perfection, harmony, and Higher Wisdom and, being Jupiterian, is often thought to be 'lucky'. Plus, on the cosmic level, the Holy Spirit is naturally linked to the number 3 in our solar system which is based upon numbers.

Triangles and pyramids have 3 points and in occult symbols, 3 is linked with goddess Isis Urania, Venus Urania, Horus, the Virgin Diana, and The Empress card in Tarot in which she is shown holding the 'orb of the world'. (Kozminsky.)

One superstitious connection to number 3 is from *Kozminsky who cites Medieval Myths (published February 1869): "There is said to be a tradition of Norman-Monkish origin that the number three is stamped upon the Royal Line of England so that there shall not be more than 3 princes in succession without a revolution..." (his italics). He then provides a list of kings, revolutions, and crown-passings in order to elucidate the point.

Add to all this that in ancient Astrology, the 3rd day after a New Moon was considered the first fortunate day of the month.

Saturn-NN in Astrology

In Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences the pairing of Saturn and the Moon's North Node (NN) relates to isolation, inhibition in associations, lack of adaptability, depression, grief, death of kindred, funerals, contact with elderly persons, the organism affected by shock events or an electric shock, disadvantages through others, teamwork that steadily becomes more difficult, and separation from the astral body (my italics).

In addition, Ebertin gives another potential for the Saturn-NN combo which some may label as occult (hidden): the mystery of the three days.

For those of us in particular who study cycles and days via Astrology, there is an interesting page concerning a very special day in history when the Sun set at noon thus creating 'a day within a day' which turned two days into three and fulfilled prophecy.

And whether you're an astrologer or not, dear reader, you may wish more information concerning The Mystery of the 3 Days and 3 Nights.


*Thanks to a helpful reader, this post cites Isodore Kozminsky's work, The Symbols and Meaning of Numbers.

May 17, 2012

Will Greece leave EU as Venus Transits Sun?

Of Venus Transits and Unions with Feet of Iron and Clay

by Jude Cowell

When Venus transits or occults (like a little black speck) our solar system's Sun, associations and alliances which aren't quite normal or usual tend to be formed as has been noted since Venus Transits were recorded. Thirty-one years ago, on January 1, 1981, Greece joined the EU and Constantine Karamanlis stated that Greeks were being "called to build the new Europe."

He believed, or propagandized that he believed, that "the unification of Europe will be the greatest political event in the history of our continent. For it will stabilise relations between the powers of the world, it will guarantee Europe's independence and contribute to the strengthening of world order and peace." (My italics.)

Wow! There was a lot riding on Greece's entry into the EU though the part about "world order" kind of gives the game away, doesn't it? Tsk on these eternal Utopians and their Great Plan for Global Domination! The EU has been a 'new world order' experiment on a grand scale but cracks are showing.

Plus, if you believe in Bible prophecy such as that found in Daniel and Revelation, you may remember King Nebuchadezzar's dream which Daniel, through God's inspiration, interpreted for him as being "a great image" with a head of fine gold, breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet part of iron and of clay. (Daniel 2:31-33.)

My studies indicate that the image's feet of iron and clay represent the kingdoms of the European continent after the break-up of the Roman Empire, and to the King Daniel declared, "They shall not cleave to one another, even as iron is not mixed with clay."

Yet for centuries powerful men such as Charlemagne, Charles V, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler--and the EU boys--have attempted to overthrow Daniel's prophecy by uniting Europe. And in recent decades they've pretended--or convinced themselves--that the feat had been accomplished.

We who now live may not see the break-up of iron and clay--the European Union--or, Greece and perhaps other member nations may fall away right before our very eyes as an expectable result of the current 'European debt crisis' and the vexing, cruel austerity measures which powerful men, who lack for nothing but consciences and compasssion, have now put in place to weed out the populations of Europe.

So this reluctant astrologer is keeping a close watch on the June 5/6, 2012 Venus Transit as a timing mechanism relating to an unusual forming or break-up of association since the 2012 Transit is the 8-years-later companion to that of June 2004, a Venus Transit which also occurred during a much-touted world-leader summit (Sea Island, Georgia) as will this one. And since astrological Venus relates to valuations, money, relationship, and the attraction principle, we shall see if Greece stays in or leaves the EU, their mutual attraction dissolved.

There may be hope for the EU, however, later in the year since the November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse has a "joy through commitment" flavor which may portend the above-mentioned "strengthening" of the Union, a temporary circumstance at best, no matter how gloriously their and our politicians choose to spin it for their own world order purposes.

Oct 18, 2011

When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

Perhaps the calendar of when Earth's Moon is out of bounds of the earthly plane (a condition which some assert has astrological significance) is more of a schedule than a calendar. Or even a formula. Either way, I shall herein attempt to decipher old notes penned soon after I began my Astrology apprenticeship (a novice condition which I expect never to move beyond) in 1996, and let me tell ya: my handwriting isn't always perfectly legible when I'm in a hurry.

In fact, the folder I scribbled the notes on is rather dusty but I'll give it my best try just for you.

Now you may feel that the Moon's schedule is a smidgen on the circuitous side though really it isn't so much...well, see what you think (Mercury) and how it makes you feel (Moon); Mercury/Moon = mind/body connection. And please pardon that I neglected to make note of author, researcher, article, and/or book by or in which most of the following information was discovered by yours truly, a reluctant astrologer at your service, if there ever was one. It was years ago and I'd give credit if I knew where it belonged!

But first, some general on-topic considerations:

Luna's Basic Tenor in Astrology

Astrological Moon = feelings, emotions, intuition, the spiritual plane; physical body, sensitivities, presentiments, psychism, Mother and the nurturing function, home and domestic scene, environmentalism, the past, the unconscious mind, The People, the public, the populace, publicity, daily rounds, mood of the people, or, popular mood relating also to fads and trends--you can probably think of a few more...

Wafting Out of Bounds and Totawwy Awone...

To describe a parameter, when the Moon is the only celestial body OOBs in a horoscope, there is faultiness within the nurturing function through an incomplete or disappointing relationship with the mother--feelings of insecurity and inferiority are key themes; loss of the mother (ex: orphaning) is an extreme potential. When other planets in a horoscope are OOBs of the earthly plane as well it can make such emotional difficulties and lacks somewhat easier to manage for there's less of a sense of isolation, of being emotionally 'alone against the world.'

Blah blah blah, so...When Is the Moon Out of Bounds?

For a few days every 2 weeks during a period of ten years, Earth's Moon is OOBs. In collective life we may notice a deep sense of insecurity in the air during out of bounds stints which will then show up in natal horoscopes and psyches of those born during a particular OOBs period.

In Mundane Astrology, I've noted a correlation between Moon OOBs and the public being kept 'out of the loop' in some way on some topic or issue/s, or simply being apathetic, disengaged from events, or otherwise 'out there'--even locked out or 'kept in the dark'. Current topics or events may not get the publicity they deserve, or are ignored by the public--and/or much whining may ensue!

For after all, everyone knows that when the people's cat is away, the politicians will play, steal, take bribes, and stir up trouble as some of them so often will.

And then? Then for nine years the Moon is not OOBs which is precisely where we float now.

Ten Years = 2001 -- 2011

Earth's Moon completed the most recent OOBs period of approximately ten years in mid-February 2011 and had begun her wandering far afield in or about September 2001. Yes! That September 2001.

This may describe a paradigm shift of the public mood, emotion, and sentiment which occurs gradually, don't you feel? The multi-nation Arab Spring Movement comes to mind as well as the Occupy Wall Street Movement, aka, We Are The 99%-ers, all of which are providing the world with amazing expressions of generational conflicts (Uranus square Pluto = progress v power) by more balanced individuals among us--or by those demanding more balance within societal institutions--who don't feel emotionally threatened by shysters, banksters, fraudsters--in a phrase, by the criminal network surrounding the globe like a NYPD police net meant to capture human sardines who dissent against societal ills--and believe me, they are ills.

The "fed up" quality of the current social movements and campaigns of 2011 have an OOBs-back-in-bounds tinge to them with the sustainability of the Moon's nurturing-feeding function as the motive for demanding improvements between haves v have-nots. Food shortages and starvation have become critical issues for more and more people across the globe as children go to bed hungry with their lives, health, and futures blighted and stunted by risk-taking chaos-creators usually known as the 'power elite'.

Morally deformed as the majority of plutocrats are. (Many are inbred, you know.)

And prisoners being released back into society today, the 'one for one thousand' swap between Palestine and Israel?

Welcome back into the fold for all! For you're back in bounds.

Uranus Square Pluto: Cycles of Revolution

It's very refreshing for this Flower Power genner who attended a Beatles concert beneath the rays of the revolutionary Uranus/Pluto Conjunction of the mid-1960s (plus, a Mystic Rectangle of planets like a magic wand!) to observe the steadied emotional natures of most of the Occupy Wall Street (and other streets, cities, and nations now occupied!) participants who are Reflections (Moon) upon humanity's Screen (Neptune) of Awareness (Uranus) spotlighting a better way of envisioning The Future of Mankind than that of a quixotic, totalitarianism brand of neoliberalism (where Corporatism is all), a vicious plan long-desired by a bunch of self-exalted psychopaths of a Rand-esque persuasion who gravitate to Uranian-Neptunian illuminism and purport to use 'reason', a thinly veiled excuse for selfish, hard-hearted cruelty toward all of mankind.

Is this the old survival of the fittest/eugenics crowd of powerful white men intent upon using any means of seizing power and retaining control over the 99%? As you know, Rule by the Few mimics monarchy, hence the Occupy Movement's mention of feudalism being forced upon the 99%. Talk about gray around the muzzle! This is a mighty ancient paradigm the plutocrats are pushing while trying to disguise it as a "new" order. Puh!

It's an old and decrepit system full of shriveled minds and missing hearts.

Yes, throughout human history we have experienced men and women imbued with this devouring spirit--through many cycles, in fact. And we don't have to dog paddle ourselves haplessly into the waters of a deep, murky plutonian cave to find out where the monster lies.

How long can the tolerant tolerate the intolerant?

People of the Earth are down to a stalemate between those who prefer Life and harmony v those who prefer Death and destruction. It's up to each of us to choose an ultimate direction within the old Piscean paradox: up or down. Plus, there is the question inherent within Gemini's eternal dilemma: light v dark.

As Luna sails within bounds of the earthly plane and connects off and on with the other planetary energies in any chart in a more engaged way, her monthly cycle by sign and aspect relates directly to the collective's personal, earthly, and cosmic environments, and to our feelings about society's present conditions which affect us personally and those we love.

So! Now we've now begun a period of nine years with no OOBs Moon which stretches from February 2011 to some time in 2021.

After that? You tell me.


Speaking of our silvery Moon, did you know there's something called The Moon Society? It's not my cuppa tea but you may wish a sip...


Nov 18, 2009

Fireball over western US turns night to day 11.18.09

Space Weather News for Nov 18, 2009

FIREBALLS AND METEORS: As forecasters predicted, the Leonid meteor shower peaked during the late hours of Nov 17, favoring sky watchers in Asia with an outburst of 100+ meteors per hour. Just as the outburst was dying down, an even bigger event took place over the western USA. Something hit Earth's atmosphere and exploded with an energy equivalent of 0.5 to 1 kiloton of TNT.

Witnesses in Colorado, Utah, Idaho and elsewhere say the fireball "turned night into day" and "shook the ground" when it exploded just after midnight Mountain Standard Time. Researchers who are analyzing infrasound recordings of the blast say the fireball was not a Leonid. It was probably a small asteroid, now scattered in fragments across the countryside.

Efforts are underway to measure the trajectory of the asteroid and guide meteorite recovery efforts. Please visit SpaceWeather News for images and updates. #


Hmmm....there were fireballs sighted over Colorado in 2008...they can sometimes indicate experiments taking place. Or perhaps...going awry.

Then again it could be actual 'signs in the heavens' couldn't it?

Jan 20, 2008

'King of Alarm' Eclipse of August, 1999

The Aug 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, aka the 'King of Alarm' (or 'King of Terror') Eclipse was predicted by Nostradamus many moons ago and is published tonight by yours truly, your reluctant astrologer for this evening.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse, which ushered in the New Millenium, is from the 1 North Series, given by Bernadette Brady in her Predictive Astrology as:

fatigue or health problems; unexpected events involving groups or friends place massive pressures on personal relationships; issues loom large but avoid hasty decisions because info is distorted or possibly false.

I'll say! Some call it the Mother of All Eclipses...anyway, check out the chart if you've never seen it--it's quite a doozy.

As I signed in to post this entry I belatedly noticed that Blogger can now publish in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew--very kewl, Blogger!

Well no, I can't read or write any of them, but I did once practice writing backwards and upside down simultaneously in my salad days of yore...and created my own alphabet to keep a nosey brother out of my diary's business. Funny that I keep 'personal' weblogs all over the place now. Hmmm.

Anway, if this new facility introduces and encourages new bloggers to the Blogger format, I say, Welcome and Well-met!