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Jan 24, 2021

Guest Post: The Uranus Return of the Republican Party

January 24, 2021: Today Stars Over Washington is happy to share with readers a Guest Post authored by astrologer Zeebling Monroe concerning certain challenging April 2021 planetary transits to the party's 1854 planets including its radical Uranus in Taurus, the US horoscope, the planets of the now-departed yet active Trump, Don Jr, and those of a few other Republican politicians on the national stage.

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The Republican Party Uranus Return

by Zeebling Monroe

I wanted to peek into where the capital riot of January 6th and Biden’s inauguration left the Trump clique and Republican devoted so I looked at the Republican party chart (1854), Trump's, and his most devoted Republican party acolytes to discover what most of us already know - the Republican party is in for the crisis of its life.

It's All About April

With Trump still being the Sun to which Republican players rotate, his transits at a time of crisis in the party are worth noting. For much of the madness of 2020, Pluto was conjunct the Republican party Jupiter, now as it starts to move on, it hits Trump's desperate to be loved Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer which moved into opposition only a couple days after inauguration. Although I genuinely think Pluto will have him feeling quite unloved, Pluto in Capricorn opposite his Venus-Saturn conjunction sounds very much like a fear of being investigated for financial fraud or could it be the many many sexual assault allegations finally catching up with him now that he no longer has the presidential shield of protection?

Either way betrayal looms big in 2021 for Trump as the deceptive planet of fake news, conspiracies, and spin, Neptune begins squaring Trump's Sun (and Moon) from his 7th house, becoming exact in April 2021. It's hard to imagine the way out fantasy world that Trump might create with Neptune square his Sun and Moon. Could we be anymore beyond post truth? Neptune squaring from his 7th house of relationships and open enemies does sound like betrayal, especially as April appears to be crunch time for Republican and Trumpian loyalties.

April is also when Uranus square Saturn opposes Trump's Pluto in the 12th house. Trump's Pluto might be a bigger player than we may first suspect. Astrologer Liz Greene sights Trump’s unaspected Pluto in the 12th as the planet that connects his dark destructive unconscious forces with that of the collective, so when Trump's 12th house Pluto is aspected, it will have a ripple effect through the masses of Trumpian devotees.

For the Republican party April is the beginning of their Uranus Return and to add to the Republican party's woes, Neptune will be squaring the Republican party Sagittarius Moon. With the Moon representing the party's supporters (the people) and their simultaneous Uranus Return Saturn square, the party could be freaking out about alienating their base as they split between disciples and the no longer Trump crew.

The last Uranus Return for the Republican party was in 1937. When I researched the events of that time there were many strange similarities. Although it was the Great Depression the Republican party was staunchly opposed to the aid packages of Roosevelt's and particularly the New Deal. In 1937 the Republican party formed a new ultra-right-wing faction called "the old right" devoted entirely to their opposition of the New Deal. Although no stretch of the imagination is needed to see the Republicans behaving exactly the same way with Covid and economic relief, the big Uranian, and indeed Saturnian, difference this time around is the cult of Trump.

With the Republican party’s Uranus Return there is of course also the Saturn square from Aquarius (USA 10th house), suggesting authority, legitimacy, and, no doubt, legality playing into this Uranian battle. Not surprisingly it seems all of Trump's most devoted have planets in the early Taurus, Scorpio, Leo axis (Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, the list goes on). Neptune’s square to Trump's Sun and Moon at this time suggests some close allies might indeed switch teams but some loyalists it appears will fight against the odds and indeed reality to defend their master. Senator Ted Cruz who absolutely hated Trump back in 2016 only to become one of his most devoted disciples is getting ready for the fight of his life as revolutionary Uranus moves into opposition with his dirty fighting Mars in Scorpio. Indeed with Saturn square Uranus opposed to Ted Cruz’s Mars in Scorpio in April one can only expect him to go into a full Mars in Scorpio style fight-to-the-death drama, I mean Ted’s dug himself in pretty deep and like Giuliani it's hard to believe there’s any coming back from their level of red-scare paranoid and delusional world view.

None the less, with Uranus on board I guess unexpected alliances could be considered. Of course with Rudy Giuliani like Cruz, it's all about the Mars. When Giuliani delivered his infamous "trial by combat" pre-insurrection speech, Jupiter was exactly opposite his self-obsessed Leo Mars-Pluto conjunction. By April, Uranus square Saturn opposite. The ultra ambitious Donald Jr, also a Mars in Leo "me me" soldier, will have Uranus exactly square Saturn opposing his Leo Mars in April too, suggesting that this Uranian battle isn't contained to the Republican party.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is already being hit hard by the Uranus-Saturn-Jupiter combo will have his Venus-Mercury at the centre of this April astro showdown but unlike most of his party or the Trump family his planets are in Aquarius and will therefore be conjunct by Saturn as opposed to most of the rest of the party’s Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio planets. Could Moscow Mitch actually be the Saturnian voice of reason in a party being torn apart by the very conspiracy theories, bullying, and out right lies he helped promote? Difficult to imagine but possible.

Although this April Uranus-Saturn showdown clearly reflects a break down in the Republican party which will be going on for some time, the fact that so many of this clique are being hit at the same time would suggest a concrete event as opposed to the continual crumbling of the party, especially since the Trump clique seem so particularly "Marsy."

The USA Chart

Come April, Jupiter will be conjunct the USA’s Aquarius Moon (last time 2009) and transit Neptune finally begins the USA’s Neptune opposition. Previous Neptune Returns and oppositions tend to be quite patriotic affairs and for the USA it is a cultural reassessment of the American dream. Clearly the ideological divide this time around has created some very very different American dreams vying for collective dominance and clearly this is a challenging opposition not a return.

In April Uranus squares the USA nodal axis with Saturn sitting on the Aquarian South Node. With the South Node in the USA 2nd house and the fact that so much of this chaos is coming from monetary Taurus, economic factors could be in play (note New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones all have planets in this Uranian Taurus path). While in office, Trump's pushing the Federal Reserve to keep the market CEO’s happy while the masses starve won't continue and maybe a powerful event, as is often the case, could scare the markets into a freak out? Even though the USA’s 2nd house Pluto Return will not be exact until 2022, it's worth noting that Pluto climbs to only one degree away by April. Also worth noting but somewhat scary is the USA’s Mars Return in April. Although a USA Mars Return by itself is not so important, this time transit Neptune will be exactly square and it's arriving at a time of increased Mars energy in politics. And as the aspect suggests, Trump's Sun is on the USA Mars. Also troubling is that Mars-Neptune aspects have a reputation for violence (including presidential assassination attempts). We as astrologers already know the inauguration chart suggests conflict or violence and I fear Neptune square the USA Mars could also signify ideological violence.

The astrology for 2021, but especially April, shows that the Trumpian influence remains dangerous. The false assertion that the election was stolen will define a faction of the Republican party and possibly become the Republican party's future stance depending on which faction wins. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail but the combination of the Republican party, Trump, and Uranus should have us all concerned.

Thank You, Zeebling! Jude

Above image: an 1800s depiction of the US Capitol Building


Carmon said...

Many of the astrological aspects you reference are occurring in April, including the Uranus return for the GOP. The Senate's Impeachment trial is in early February. that's several weeks before April. Can you cite stuff in February that can show the evidence will be such an outrageous spectacle that the GOP leaders feel pressured into voting for conviction. I know McConnell wants Trump convicted, but lack the balls while Trump's base remains so strong. Just maybe, those April aspects are referring to Trump's criminal indictments.

Carmon said...

Hhhmmm...the poet Thomas said, "April is the cruelest month".April, April,April...The Impeachment Trial is starting in early February. That is several intense weeks before April. Can your prescience tell us something of the preface to April, namely, February and March. Are there any indications that the televised Senate Trial will change Trump's popularity amongst Republicans?? Or will Mercury's retrograde prolong his follower's delusions the the election was rigged?

Jude Cowell said...

Dear Readers! Zeebling has informed me that his above post on the Uranus Return of the Republican Party is based on the Party's founding horoscope of March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT (I assume Ripon, WI but it could be Jackson, Michigan) with Uranus @10Tau12:06 so the Party's upcoming Uranus Return is the 3rd of 3 and perfects on April 22, 2021 with 3Gem10 rising if the Return chart is set for Washington DC.

#1 Uranus Return was July 11, 2020 and #2 on September 19, 2020 Rx.

If Uranus Returns suggests a time when the past no longer matters much to the present and this can be so for an organization such as the GOP, their morphing into the Trump Party of lies, conspiracies, violence, and white nationalism with all its non-conservative, anti-democratic trappings could certainly be an expression of an identity change and seems to have marked a time of behaving out-of-character.


Jude Cowell said...

Carmon, am not certain if you direct your questions to me or to the author of the Uranus Return post Zeebling who focused on April since the third Return occurs April 22, 2021, plus other prominent transits. As for me not much is posted here as of yet concerning February and March other than the Impeachment Trial (which I doubt will change many GOP minds about Trump - if any - and who knows what evidence will be suppressed, even with much of the proceedings so obviously on video) and my post on 'Spring Equinox 2021' for March and the rest of the year. Typing terms into the sidebar Search field will yield results.

Here's an article from TMA on Mercury Rx which may interest you and Thanks for commenting! Jude

Mercury Rx 2021