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Jan 25, 2021

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunctions of 2009 and 2022

Tricky Legalisms, Political Conflicts, Grand Schemes, and Bubbles

by Jude Cowell

January 25, 2021: Here's a lightly edited (for clarity) excerpt written in 2016 which concerns the frothy planetary pair of Jupiter and Neptune and their Great Conjunction/s of 2009:

"Now those readers who were reading Stars Over Washington in 2009 and before know that I have typed a large amount of words concerning Jupiter and Neptune as a pair of energies that represent potentials for 'the grand spirit, visions, big promises, flowery religious sentiments, subversion, surveillance, get-rich-quick schemes, fraud, waste, speculation, hypocrisy (Ebertin)--and irresponsible, abusive, or reckless financial mismanagement. Political conflicts are also within the realms of Jupiter-Neptune (ex: Republicans vowing failure for President Obama since Day One). Such readers may be familiar with astrological principles and if so, they have not missed the significant synchronicity of the three 2009 conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune perfecting upon the US Moon in late Aquarius as seen on July 4, 1776: mundane US Moon = We the People.

The blend of this grand influence of the societal planet of expansion (Jupiter) and urge-to-merge Neptune (often a leader in fraud, falsehood, deception, smoke screens, masks, veils, loss, failure, theft, dissolution, contagion, mysticism, crime, and planet of The Masses, The Media, and propaganda) induced us in 2009+ to be exploited by our dreaminess, by falling into a swoon, having little sense of reality, becoming involved in speculation and fraud, losing ourselves in plans which brought waste, loss, and instability for a majority of the public (ex: the housing crisis). That America's natal Neptune @22Virgo conjunct fixed star Denebola (to go against society) obscures Barack Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo allowed the effective use of Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon; meanwhile, those who were aware of the significance of such cosmic occurrences noticed that they timed and chimed with our newly elected "rock star" president (Mars-Neptune). This also relates to McConnell casting Neptunian shade over President Obama's natal Mars (motive, energy, action) to undermine him as every opportunity."

And with nebulous Neptune, as with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, the seductive, deceptive influences were karmic or fated for the American people (US Moon). And actually, those same influences have been operative through the hypnotic appeal of Donald Trump - for those who have been susceptible to his "charms." He's a real pied piper, y'know? However, the fumes of 2009's Jupiter-Neptune = Moon energies will dissipate by the next Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 yet some effects may linger in the breeze since the 2022 conjunction perfects in mystical, shady, secretive, and perhaps compassionate Pisces, ruled, and some would say, co-ruled, by Neptune.

So below you see a dual chart of the third of three conjunctions of 2009 (lower left) along with the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction @23Pis58 (upper right) which occurs under the Biden-Harris administration. Study notes are squished upon both charts if you care to enlarge the image and make them out; Solar Eclipses are penned on as well: 11 South (2009) and 5 New South (2022):

Any thoughts?


Casual Observer said...

Slightly O/T :

I watched the House delivering their Articles of Impeachment early this evening and followed along with updated charts.

I thought that it was curious and interesting that they entered the Senate Chamber at 7:04 PM, Washington DC time, and requested leave at 7:13 PM.

When they entered, the local AC was 27° Leo and when they finished and left, it was 29°16 (+/-).

The MC was 24° Taurus.

That's exactly traitortrump's AC and MC, (isn't it?), so I thought "Hmmm ... wonder what Jude would make of this?"

Unfortunately, that's about as far as I can take it, Ms Cowell, unless you'd care to comment.

Cheers, Jude

Curious Bystander.

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you Curious Bystander how interesting! First thought is that the action was focused on agent orange who was most probably watching the proceedings as well! And fuming with rage. Jude