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Jan 6, 2023

J6 coup's Solar Return 2023

Castor vs Rukbat: Stalemate of Sedition 2023

by Jude Cowell

As Republican seditionists in the House continue holding the US Congress hostage and paralyzed, thus crippling lawmakers from doing "the people's business", you see below, lower left, a Horoscope of the January 6, 2021 'Mob Attack' (Trump's coup attempt: Capitol Building breached at 2:15 pm est) and the coup attempt's Solar Return 2023 Horoscope, upper right.

My study notes are penned messily on the charts; please enlarge or print the image for easier reading, if you're curious.

Oh and keywords for Castor? Crippling of limbs, and mental illness (how about neurosis: the irrationality of repeating actions over and over and expecting different results? Yet the House logjam has to break at some point, right?). Here we find that Castor opposes (challenges) Rukbat, star of steadiness and strength, in governmental Capricorn:

Aug 25, 2021

January 6, 2021 Planets link to US 1776 Horoscope

Some Call This a Revolution

by Jude Cowell with Chart Data by Gary Lorentzen

If google would cooperate by uploading the image, below you could view a quick posting of America's 'Powell Horoscope' of July 1, 1776 (inner) with the 2:15 pm est 'Trump Mob Attack' horoscope of January 6, 2021 in bi-wheel form and showing the amazing number of planetary contacts between them which are listed below the image. However, as a work-around the bi-wheel image has been posted to my general astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology so I hope you'll check out the bi-wheel there.

Meanwhile, here's a list of the several planetary contacts between the January 6, 2021 planets and America's Powell Horoscope and naturally you may discover even more! Of course, we might also wish to call these cosmic synchronicities (via the 1/6 transits) 'Tr*mp vs America':

Beginning with the 1776 Ascendant (6Cap07) and first house and moving counter-clockwise:

Sun conjuncts Moon; Pluto opposes Mercury; Mercury conjuncts Pluto (emphasizing an intense double Mercury-Pluto situation); Neptune opposes Neptune; warrior Mars conjunct IC (plus Uranus the zealous anarchist now in 4th house of Homeland and Domestic Scene: a violent pairing); Ascendant conjunct Uranus; North Node conjunct Mars (and points toward the visionary 5 North Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021 - now of influence; Moon opposes Chiron; Venus opposes Venus.

The amazing abundance of cosmic time links between the January 2021 and July 1776 planets makes me wonder if the 1/6 violent insurrectionists and saboteurs sent by Donald Tr*mp to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden were acting under the influence of astrological guidance. Your thoughts?

A related post: Horoscope: US Syzygy Moon @10Cap11 which perfected on the morning of July 1, 1776.

Aug 5, 2021

Horoscopes: January 6th Rally plus Mo Brooks

by Jude Cowell

Thursday August 5, 2021: Having intended for some time to post a bi-wheel of the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" Rally of Tr*mp that began at 9:00 am est along with the natal horoscope of Rep. Mo (Morris) Brooks (R-AL) who began the rally with a rousing speech at 9:00 am, you see below a quick posting of the charts in bi-wheel form.

Circled and listed on the image are contacts between Mo's speculative 9:00 am natal chart (with no accurate birth time for Mo, I'm using that hour to "sync" his psyche with the prominent event in which he participated on January 6, 2021, obligatory as it may have been - see North Node square Moon, lower left), we find that a major influence created a double Moon-Neptune affair ('delusion about the popular support of current policies' - Munksey; 'strange influences' - Ebertin). And we see that the rally's Sun @16Cap28 spotlights Rep. Brook' natal North Node of public contact while opposing his natal Uranus-South-Node conjunction (war, revolution).

And do check out the midpoint picture notated in the center of the bi-wheel and a note penned in the upper right corner highlighted in blue for deceptive Neptune-MC and subversive, deathly Pluto implications that include Utopian-adventurous enterprises-criminal offences:

Several other contacts are circled and certainly an astro-sleuth will find more. Note that the rally of January 6, 2021 falls within the difficult 4 South Solar Eclipse season which manifested @23Sag08 on December 14, 2020, the day of the Electoral College Vote as previously discussed, which is, as you know, the anti-Tr*mp vote which forms the basis for his illusory "stop the steal" rally and subsequent terrorist attack on the US Congress intended to salvage his fragile ego by disrupting America's traditionally peaceful transfer of power in order to re-install the former guy to the White House while tossing out the votes of millions of Americans in a most undemocratic, criminal way.

And if you need a refresher of his madness, here's what Tr*mp told his audience at his "Stop the Steal" Rally (ABC News).

Mar 15, 2021

DC Horoscopes: April 2021 New and Full Moons

March 15, 2021: Below is a dual chart with both the New (lower left) and Full (upper right) Moons of April 2021 set for Washington, DC:

As you know, New Moon phases are for seeding ideas and plans while the following Full Moon is a time of culmination and fulfillment and may also reveal something about full awareness and relationships. In Politics, the 'full awareness' quality of a Full Moon (which can act in similar, Uranian fashion to Lunar Eclipses, disrupting events and redirecting goals) tends to uncover revelations of secrets better kept hidden, or they may possibly inspire leaks of inconvenient information with scandals soon following. Additionally, we might expect the same from New Moons which can act in similar fashion to Solar Eclipses.

Now in April 2021, potentials involve the sign polarities of the lunations which are: Mars-ruled Aries with health asteroid Panacea Rx opposing the New Moon of April 11th (chart is incorrectly titled "April 12th"), plus, the opposite sign of Libra is included, then at the April 26th Full Moon the Taurus-Scorpio polarity (plenty of secrets therein!) is the star of April's cosmic show, curtain raised, spotlight on. Plus, the Full Moon (7Sco06) leads a Locomotive shape of planets suggesting people with a ruthless determination to achieve success (this may describe more than one group of people). A Taurus-Scorpio-themed tussle or stalemate could ensue as it typically does whenever Politics and politicians are involved - and everybody wants to rule the world.

And yes, until late May 2021, we remain under the auspices of the 4 South Solar Eclipse which manifested on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 with its difficult themes of 'strong emotions over money and/or relationships; a sense of karma or fate; and 'an urge to suddenly end relationships' (Brady). As you see by the date, this is the 'Electoral College Vote Eclipse' so political matters and "the former guy" are obviously involved, including his 'big lie' and the subsequent violence of January 6, 2021, plus, other societal, financial, legal, and political difficulties caused by - or for - bad faith actors, many who are now under arrest or are being investigated.

Then as you see in the New Moon chart of April 11, 2021, transit Mars @23Gem06 (basically a US Mars Return!) opposes and thus activates the themes of the 4 South Solar Eclipse (23Sag08) while speedy messenger Mercury @14Ari57 is apex planet of the ('nwo') Uranus-Neptune midpoint which suggests that someone Mercurial (journalists? authors? orators? young folk? someone in trade or commerce?) is making plans that have little or no chance of being fulfilled (R. Ebertin).

At the April 26th Full Moon (7Sco06) we should note that powerful plutocrat Pluto is at Station Direct and turns Rx in 16 Hours 30 Minutes @26Cap48:29 which is, of course, the Midheaven (The Goal Point) in our Inauguration 2021 Horoscopes of recent years. And with 'unbeatable foe' asteroid Nemesis Rx in both charts conjunct the South Node, past enemies could be itching to affect current events, or may represent a factor that bad faith actors will rely on (SN) to force their way in to where they don't belong.

First thought? Criminal underworld figures slipping in to the country over the US-Mexico border. Yet we must also think of the fighters and agitators who brazenly breached the Capitol Building and the US Congress on January 6th with the misguided goal of stopping the certification of the 2020 Votes for Joe Biden.

(btw: Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio is the natal personality blend of President Harry Truman, and is the polar opposite of President Biden's natal personality blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus.)

Now to close this post on a somewhat different note, here's my pencil-on-paper depiction of the Sabian Symbol for the April 2021 New Moon's rounded-up degree of "8 Scorpio": The Moon Shining Across a Lake:

Feb 5, 2021

February 9, 2021: US Senate vs Donald Trump

February 5, 2021: According to The Independent, the US Senate convenes for Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial "around midday" on Tuesday February 9, 2021. Whether senators will convict and/or vote to deny the insurrectionist the ability to run for office in future is anyone's guess at this point. However, a peek at a 12:00 noon est horoscope set for Capitol Hill, February 9, 2021 may be of interest to some while annoying to others who favored Trump's authoritarian coup attempt against the US government on January 6, 2021. Basic chart notes are penned on:

As you see, chart-ruler Mercury @18AQ39 is retrograde which hopefully only shows that this is the US Senate's second go-round trying to hold Trump accountable for his actions but if we look ahead to Mercury's movements in relation to this chart, we find The Messenger planet turning Direct on February 20th @11AQ01 so Jupiter @12AQ07 will again be conjoined suggesting an expansion of discussions or plans, news about legal issues, and/or the involvement of religious figures in the situation. However, Jupiter is also the broadcaster, politician, General, guru, big banker, and corporatist or CEO. Obviously, the roles of journalists, reporters, and talking heads will be on display (MC) through the entire process, plus, Mercury's Rx condition as chart-ruler can also denote delays and other obstacles gumming up the works - and results may not turn out as expected (see Uranus rising, below).

For clues about how things will proceed, let's consider the three applying aspects of Mercury:

1. Square Mars (1A23) suggests incorrect information or directions, frustration, provoked anger, strong opinions or quarrels. 2. Conjunct Jupiter (6A32) is noted, above; 3. Conjunct Venus (8A29) suggests that advice or ideas concerning legal matters, joint ventures, and cooperation, plus, contract negotiations, and/or discussions about common goals with allies are apt to occur. Gossip is also a possibility.

Now here are a few more chart factors of note:

ASC 8Gem28 = US natal Uranus (unexpected or unusual events, disruptions, chaos, and/or coping ability - our totem planet of rebellion and anarchy, here representing the January 6th upheaval), and the Moon-Pluto Conjunction @25Cap16/29 in the 9th house of Legal Affairs. Therefore, a consideration of the potentials of the intense Moon-Pluto duo is in order:

"Thesis: The people's opinion about subjects like crime, war, or internal secrecy; the role of women in controlling self-destructive impulses; popular promises in appeals to the people.

Antithesis: Encourages violence or crime; people become doubtful about how to exert the proper controls on criminal or terrorist elements; obsessions which bring a misuse of the resources available for country or business." (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey). #ad

Reinhold Ebertin adds, "The pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and with subsequent attainment without regard for other people; violent outbursts of feeling, inner shocks or emotional upheavals." Noel Tyl seconds the potential for "zeal" and adds, "One-sided emotional intensity and exaggerated new plans." The zealous energies are further emphasized by Moon-Pluto conjunct the Inauguration 2021 Midheaven; add the energies of US natal Pluto and we have "the need to fight whatever evils there are" (Munkasey).

Now besides the fact that the asteroid of Justice Astraea @20Sag43 conjuncts Trump's natal Moon-SN conjunction (7th house; justice for past actions?), we may also wish to consider a few midpoint pictures which may or may not apply to February 9th conditions (I'll leave it up to you to decide, dear reader); for these only Tyl is consulted for the sake of brevity:

Mercury-Jupiter = MC ('The Goal'): "successful planning; looking for the best side of things to come about."

Neptune-Pluto = Sun: "rationalization reigns over realism."

Mercury-Pluto = Saturn: "insistence on point of view; driven by fear of failure; needing control; unrelenting demands."

Pluto-MC = Saturn: "potential scandal; major business reversal; the conspicuous threat of loss; hard, hard work; circumstances of death, bereavement."

Mercury-Saturn = Jupiter: "logic and reasoning."

Moon-Mercury = Saturn: "solving problems to grow in wisdom; depression if the tide has turned."

Note that any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions.

And so as always, dear reader, your on-topic comments, insights, and Shares are much appreciated! Jude

UPDATE February 7, 2021: A new wrinkle to the proceedings has been added by Trump attorney Schoen who wrote a letter to Senate leaders requesting that the Trump Impeachment trial be "suspended at 5:24 pm on Friday if it had not yet concluded" because he, being Jewish, observes the Sabbath. As long as the trial begins as noted, above, such a suspension only gives the Astrology of the matter a second horoscope, a bookend in time even if only temporary, to investigate! And of course Trump always loves any delay he can get. And curiously, advancing the chart to February 12, 2021 Capitol Hill to 5:24 pm est shows Mars and Uranus in Taurus bracketing the Midheaven (14Tau38). Mars-Uranus = MC: "Taking drastic measures; getting one's way; the sense of 'either/or'; putting a gun to someone's head" (Tyl). jc

UPDATE February 9, 2021: now available the Senate rules for the trial.

Feb 4, 2021

2021 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Repeat from 1931

February 4, 2021: During his Live broadcast today, and speaking of the 'Republican Party', Thom Hartmann stated that,"--what we're seeing, much as in Germany in 1931, is a major political party turning fascist."

In relation to the rise of fascist militias under figurehead Tr*mp and their goal of seizing power, seen by all on January 6, 2021, the following are lists of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 1931 (top) and those of 2021 (bottom) in the 5 North and 5 South families of eclipses with basic themes of the Solar Eclipses added (top):

Now it's true that the themes of 5 North and 5 South sound quite mild but they are still disruptive 'wild cards of the Universe' in that Uranian way of all eclipses, with the power to reveal inconvenient secrets or facts that change directions of events and contain the possibility of scandal and disgrace.

Solar Eclipses in both the 5 North and 5 South Saros Series also occurred in the years 1913 (@16Ari/6Lib), 1949 (@8Tau/28Lib), 1967 (@18Tau/9Sco), 1985 (@29Tau/20Sco), 2003 (@9Gem/1Sag), (2021), and 2029 (@00Can/23Sag).

Jupiter-Pluto: The Plutocrat Pair

Historical events during these '5 North/5 South' years may serve as clues for potential events of 2021 into 2022. Also note that year 2021 holds no Great Conjunctions but 1931 was the year of a mighty Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction on May 27, 1931 @19Can16 (goosed by the Total Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2021?) as was year 2020 when Jupiter met Pluto three times: April 5, June 30, and November 12 in the sensitized degree range of 22 to 25 Capricorn and therefore conjunct US Inaugural Midheaven ('MC' @26/27Cap).

Jupiter to MC says that good fortune without accountability can be easily lost; Pluto to MC suggests the attainment of power but with regret if others are allowed to make decisions (which to me is a hint that wealthy manipulators, domestic and foreign, must not be allowed to take over and direct the presidential agenda. A vain hope?).

Related: Historical Events of 1931.

Also see Thom Hartmann's segment How To Stop Fascism.

Update 5:26 pm est: Nazi Rise to Power Eclipse will soon repeat.

Jan 28, 2021

How To Stop Fascism - Thom Hartmann

January 28, 2021: Authoritarianism rises when societies are under stress and in crisis mode. Here's a brilliant segment from yesterday's Thom Hartmann broadcast (6M 13S). No comment, just Thom:

June 30, 2021 edit: Thomas Carl Hartmann was born May 7, 1951 in Grand Rapids, Michigan (hour unknown) with Sun @16/17Taurus and Moon either in late Taurus or, as late as 10Gem33 (at 11:59 pm). Given Thom's career as a communicator, author, orator, broadcaster, etc, it seems safe to assume that Thom's natal Moon is in the Mercury-ruled sign of The Writer, Gemini. Notable is his natal Mercury @28Aries+, strong and opinionated at Retrograde Station! Additionally, a Locomotive shape of planets denotes a high-powered executive determined on success - and Thom's natal Jupiter @3Ari29 leads a Locomotive! Plus, his chart shows two interlaced YODs with the Nodal axis involved with both, and full of special purpose, turning points, dealing with crises, and karmic opportunities.

Jan 24, 2021

Guest Post: The Uranus Return of the Republican Party

January 24, 2021: Today Stars Over Washington is happy to share with readers a Guest Post authored by astrologer Zeebling Monroe concerning certain challenging April 2021 planetary transits to the party's 1854 planets including its radical Uranus in Taurus, the US horoscope, the planets of the now-departed yet active Trump, Don Jr, and those of a few other Republican politicians on the national stage.

Then if you wish, why not look for Zeebling on Facebook!

The Republican Party Uranus Return

by Zeebling Monroe

I wanted to peek into where the capital riot of January 6th and Biden’s inauguration left the Trump clique and Republican devoted so I looked at the Republican party chart (1854), Trump's, and his most devoted Republican party acolytes to discover what most of us already know - the Republican party is in for the crisis of its life.

It's All About April

With Trump still being the Sun to which Republican players rotate, his transits at a time of crisis in the party are worth noting. For much of the madness of 2020, Pluto was conjunct the Republican party Jupiter, now as it starts to move on, it hits Trump's desperate to be loved Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer which moved into opposition only a couple days after inauguration. Although I genuinely think Pluto will have him feeling quite unloved, Pluto in Capricorn opposite his Venus-Saturn conjunction sounds very much like a fear of being investigated for financial fraud or could it be the many many sexual assault allegations finally catching up with him now that he no longer has the presidential shield of protection?

Either way betrayal looms big in 2021 for Trump as the deceptive planet of fake news, conspiracies, and spin, Neptune begins squaring Trump's Sun (and Moon) from his 7th house, becoming exact in April 2021. It's hard to imagine the way out fantasy world that Trump might create with Neptune square his Sun and Moon. Could we be anymore beyond post truth? Neptune squaring from his 7th house of relationships and open enemies does sound like betrayal, especially as April appears to be crunch time for Republican and Trumpian loyalties.

April is also when Uranus square Saturn opposes Trump's Pluto in the 12th house. Trump's Pluto might be a bigger player than we may first suspect. Astrologer Liz Greene sights Trump’s unaspected Pluto in the 12th as the planet that connects his dark destructive unconscious forces with that of the collective, so when Trump's 12th house Pluto is aspected, it will have a ripple effect through the masses of Trumpian devotees.

For the Republican party April is the beginning of their Uranus Return and to add to the Republican party's woes, Neptune will be squaring the Republican party Sagittarius Moon. With the Moon representing the party's supporters (the people) and their simultaneous Uranus Return Saturn square, the party could be freaking out about alienating their base as they split between disciples and the no longer Trump crew.

The last Uranus Return for the Republican party was in 1937. When I researched the events of that time there were many strange similarities. Although it was the Great Depression the Republican party was staunchly opposed to the aid packages of Roosevelt's and particularly the New Deal. In 1937 the Republican party formed a new ultra-right-wing faction called "the old right" devoted entirely to their opposition of the New Deal. Although no stretch of the imagination is needed to see the Republicans behaving exactly the same way with Covid and economic relief, the big Uranian, and indeed Saturnian, difference this time around is the cult of Trump.

With the Republican party’s Uranus Return there is of course also the Saturn square from Aquarius (USA 10th house), suggesting authority, legitimacy, and, no doubt, legality playing into this Uranian battle. Not surprisingly it seems all of Trump's most devoted have planets in the early Taurus, Scorpio, Leo axis (Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, the list goes on). Neptune’s square to Trump's Sun and Moon at this time suggests some close allies might indeed switch teams but some loyalists it appears will fight against the odds and indeed reality to defend their master. Senator Ted Cruz who absolutely hated Trump back in 2016 only to become one of his most devoted disciples is getting ready for the fight of his life as revolutionary Uranus moves into opposition with his dirty fighting Mars in Scorpio. Indeed with Saturn square Uranus opposed to Ted Cruz’s Mars in Scorpio in April one can only expect him to go into a full Mars in Scorpio style fight-to-the-death drama, I mean Ted’s dug himself in pretty deep and like Giuliani it's hard to believe there’s any coming back from their level of red-scare paranoid and delusional world view.

None the less, with Uranus on board I guess unexpected alliances could be considered. Of course with Rudy Giuliani like Cruz, it's all about the Mars. When Giuliani delivered his infamous "trial by combat" pre-insurrection speech, Jupiter was exactly opposite his self-obsessed Leo Mars-Pluto conjunction. By April, Uranus square Saturn opposite. The ultra ambitious Donald Jr, also a Mars in Leo "me me" soldier, will have Uranus exactly square Saturn opposing his Leo Mars in April too, suggesting that this Uranian battle isn't contained to the Republican party.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is already being hit hard by the Uranus-Saturn-Jupiter combo will have his Venus-Mercury at the centre of this April astro showdown but unlike most of his party or the Trump family his planets are in Aquarius and will therefore be conjunct by Saturn as opposed to most of the rest of the party’s Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio planets. Could Moscow Mitch actually be the Saturnian voice of reason in a party being torn apart by the very conspiracy theories, bullying, and out right lies he helped promote? Difficult to imagine but possible.

Although this April Uranus-Saturn showdown clearly reflects a break down in the Republican party which will be going on for some time, the fact that so many of this clique are being hit at the same time would suggest a concrete event as opposed to the continual crumbling of the party, especially since the Trump clique seem so particularly "Marsy."

The USA Chart

Come April, Jupiter will be conjunct the USA’s Aquarius Moon (last time 2009) and transit Neptune finally begins the USA’s Neptune opposition. Previous Neptune Returns and oppositions tend to be quite patriotic affairs and for the USA it is a cultural reassessment of the American dream. Clearly the ideological divide this time around has created some very very different American dreams vying for collective dominance and clearly this is a challenging opposition not a return.

In April Uranus squares the USA nodal axis with Saturn sitting on the Aquarian South Node. With the South Node in the USA 2nd house and the fact that so much of this chaos is coming from monetary Taurus, economic factors could be in play (note New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones all have planets in this Uranian Taurus path). While in office, Trump's pushing the Federal Reserve to keep the market CEO’s happy while the masses starve won't continue and maybe a powerful event, as is often the case, could scare the markets into a freak out? Even though the USA’s 2nd house Pluto Return will not be exact until 2022, it's worth noting that Pluto climbs to only one degree away by April. Also worth noting but somewhat scary is the USA’s Mars Return in April. Although a USA Mars Return by itself is not so important, this time transit Neptune will be exactly square and it's arriving at a time of increased Mars energy in politics. And as the aspect suggests, Trump's Sun is on the USA Mars. Also troubling is that Mars-Neptune aspects have a reputation for violence (including presidential assassination attempts). We as astrologers already know the inauguration chart suggests conflict or violence and I fear Neptune square the USA Mars could also signify ideological violence.

The astrology for 2021, but especially April, shows that the Trumpian influence remains dangerous. The false assertion that the election was stolen will define a faction of the Republican party and possibly become the Republican party's future stance depending on which faction wins. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail but the combination of the Republican party, Trump, and Uranus should have us all concerned.

Thank You, Zeebling! Jude

Above image: an 1800s depiction of the US Capitol Building