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Jan 24, 2021

Guest Post: The Uranus Return of the Republican Party

January 24, 2021: Today Stars Over Washington is happy to share with readers a Guest Post authored by astrologer Zeebling Monroe concerning certain challenging April 2021 planetary transits to the party's 1854 planets including its radical Uranus in Taurus, the US horoscope, the planets of the now-departed yet active Trump, Don Jr, and those of a few other Republican politicians on the national stage.

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The Republican Party Uranus Return

by Zeebling Monroe

I wanted to peek into where the capital riot of January 6th and Biden’s inauguration left the Trump clique and Republican devoted so I looked at the Republican party chart (1854), Trump's, and his most devoted Republican party acolytes to discover what most of us already know - the Republican party is in for the crisis of its life.

It's All About April

With Trump still being the Sun to which Republican players rotate, his transits at a time of crisis in the party are worth noting. For much of the madness of 2020, Pluto was conjunct the Republican party Jupiter, now as it starts to move on, it hits Trump's desperate to be loved Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer which moved into opposition only a couple days after inauguration. Although I genuinely think Pluto will have him feeling quite unloved, Pluto in Capricorn opposite his Venus-Saturn conjunction sounds very much like a fear of being investigated for financial fraud or could it be the many many sexual assault allegations finally catching up with him now that he no longer has the presidential shield of protection?

Either way betrayal looms big in 2021 for Trump as the deceptive planet of fake news, conspiracies, and spin, Neptune begins squaring Trump's Sun (and Moon) from his 7th house, becoming exact in April 2021. It's hard to imagine the way out fantasy world that Trump might create with Neptune square his Sun and Moon. Could we be anymore beyond post truth? Neptune squaring from his 7th house of relationships and open enemies does sound like betrayal, especially as April appears to be crunch time for Republican and Trumpian loyalties.

April is also when Uranus square Saturn opposes Trump's Pluto in the 12th house. Trump's Pluto might be a bigger player than we may first suspect. Astrologer Liz Greene sights Trump’s unaspected Pluto in the 12th as the planet that connects his dark destructive unconscious forces with that of the collective, so when Trump's 12th house Pluto is aspected, it will have a ripple effect through the masses of Trumpian devotees.

For the Republican party April is the beginning of their Uranus Return and to add to the Republican party's woes, Neptune will be squaring the Republican party Sagittarius Moon. With the Moon representing the party's supporters (the people) and their simultaneous Uranus Return Saturn square, the party could be freaking out about alienating their base as they split between disciples and the no longer Trump crew.

The last Uranus Return for the Republican party was in 1937. When I researched the events of that time there were many strange similarities. Although it was the Great Depression the Republican party was staunchly opposed to the aid packages of Roosevelt's and particularly the New Deal. In 1937 the Republican party formed a new ultra-right-wing faction called "the old right" devoted entirely to their opposition of the New Deal. Although no stretch of the imagination is needed to see the Republicans behaving exactly the same way with Covid and economic relief, the big Uranian, and indeed Saturnian, difference this time around is the cult of Trump.

With the Republican party’s Uranus Return there is of course also the Saturn square from Aquarius (USA 10th house), suggesting authority, legitimacy, and, no doubt, legality playing into this Uranian battle. Not surprisingly it seems all of Trump's most devoted have planets in the early Taurus, Scorpio, Leo axis (Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, the list goes on). Neptune’s square to Trump's Sun and Moon at this time suggests some close allies might indeed switch teams but some loyalists it appears will fight against the odds and indeed reality to defend their master. Senator Ted Cruz who absolutely hated Trump back in 2016 only to become one of his most devoted disciples is getting ready for the fight of his life as revolutionary Uranus moves into opposition with his dirty fighting Mars in Scorpio. Indeed with Saturn square Uranus opposed to Ted Cruz’s Mars in Scorpio in April one can only expect him to go into a full Mars in Scorpio style fight-to-the-death drama, I mean Ted’s dug himself in pretty deep and like Giuliani it's hard to believe there’s any coming back from their level of red-scare paranoid and delusional world view.

None the less, with Uranus on board I guess unexpected alliances could be considered. Of course with Rudy Giuliani like Cruz, it's all about the Mars. When Giuliani delivered his infamous "trial by combat" pre-insurrection speech, Jupiter was exactly opposite his self-obsessed Leo Mars-Pluto conjunction. By April, Uranus square Saturn opposite. The ultra ambitious Donald Jr, also a Mars in Leo "me me" soldier, will have Uranus exactly square Saturn opposing his Leo Mars in April too, suggesting that this Uranian battle isn't contained to the Republican party.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is already being hit hard by the Uranus-Saturn-Jupiter combo will have his Venus-Mercury at the centre of this April astro showdown but unlike most of his party or the Trump family his planets are in Aquarius and will therefore be conjunct by Saturn as opposed to most of the rest of the party’s Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio planets. Could Moscow Mitch actually be the Saturnian voice of reason in a party being torn apart by the very conspiracy theories, bullying, and out right lies he helped promote? Difficult to imagine but possible.

Although this April Uranus-Saturn showdown clearly reflects a break down in the Republican party which will be going on for some time, the fact that so many of this clique are being hit at the same time would suggest a concrete event as opposed to the continual crumbling of the party, especially since the Trump clique seem so particularly "Marsy."

The USA Chart

Come April, Jupiter will be conjunct the USA’s Aquarius Moon (last time 2009) and transit Neptune finally begins the USA’s Neptune opposition. Previous Neptune Returns and oppositions tend to be quite patriotic affairs and for the USA it is a cultural reassessment of the American dream. Clearly the ideological divide this time around has created some very very different American dreams vying for collective dominance and clearly this is a challenging opposition not a return.

In April Uranus squares the USA nodal axis with Saturn sitting on the Aquarian South Node. With the South Node in the USA 2nd house and the fact that so much of this chaos is coming from monetary Taurus, economic factors could be in play (note New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and Dow Jones all have planets in this Uranian Taurus path). While in office, Trump's pushing the Federal Reserve to keep the market CEO’s happy while the masses starve won't continue and maybe a powerful event, as is often the case, could scare the markets into a freak out? Even though the USA’s 2nd house Pluto Return will not be exact until 2022, it's worth noting that Pluto climbs to only one degree away by April. Also worth noting but somewhat scary is the USA’s Mars Return in April. Although a USA Mars Return by itself is not so important, this time transit Neptune will be exactly square and it's arriving at a time of increased Mars energy in politics. And as the aspect suggests, Trump's Sun is on the USA Mars. Also troubling is that Mars-Neptune aspects have a reputation for violence (including presidential assassination attempts). We as astrologers already know the inauguration chart suggests conflict or violence and I fear Neptune square the USA Mars could also signify ideological violence.

The astrology for 2021, but especially April, shows that the Trumpian influence remains dangerous. The false assertion that the election was stolen will define a faction of the Republican party and possibly become the Republican party's future stance depending on which faction wins. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail but the combination of the Republican party, Trump, and Uranus should have us all concerned.

Thank You, Zeebling! Jude

Above image: an 1800s depiction of the US Capitol Building

Nov 6, 2020

Republican Party: Uranus Returns 2020-2021

Will There Still Be a Republican Party?

by Jude Cowell

As you know, the Republican Party recently experienced its Neptune Return/s (5x) while its name morphed into "Conspiracy Party" and other such Neptunian labels (by pundits and others, not just by yours truly). Many people questioned the Party's viability under the Trump regime and we may well continue to wonder into 2021.

Meanwhile, with this post it's equal time for the Party's Uranus in Taurus, I say, so below is a dual image of the third of three Uranus Returns of the Republican Party, plus, the founding horoscope of the Party (lower left) that I used to create the April 22, 2021 Return chart. (Yes, there are multiple horoscopes for the Party's inception, most in 1854 but one set for 1853 - and those are only the ones I have in my files, there could be others! Confusion about the Party's true identity, how very Neptunian of them!)

Now for a human being, the Uranus Return around age 84 tends to be a time when the past no longer matters as much if at all to the native (and may have been mostly forgotten!), plus, much separation has occurred as one may have outlived family members and friends. So if these potentials can apply to a group of people or an entity, perhaps this 'new' condition is proving to be the case for the GOP these days. Trump has liked inserting the idea that we've "turned a corner" when it comes to the pandemic, hasn't he?

And so with Uranus we must also consider that with the Uranus Cycle of approximately 84 years, the Party experienced an earlier Uranus Return - another 'three-fer' - which perfected 3x on: May 10, 1937, December 14, 1937, and February 20, 1938 during the FDR presidency. If you can, check out those 1930s horoscopes which are chocked full of interesting features. For one example, the February 20, 1938 Return chart (#3 0f 3, not shown here) occurred during a Saturn-Uranus square which suggests the 'new order replaces old' concerns of those difficult years, supported by Nazi zealots, and in America by FDR's New Deal programs that saved the American people's bacon (and would continue to do so if the greedy GOP would leave them alone; you may disagree but there it is).

Meanwhile, the April 22, 2021 Return chart shown below reveals a Jupiter-Uranus square denoting that goals and group projects will require independent actions that must then be coordinated for best results. Sudden turns in destiny are possible under a Jupiter-Uranus influence as well as various sorts of breakthroughs. Discontent with political conditions are also suggested by the square. Yet I must wonder, considering the effect on the Party by Trump over the last four or five years: will the square indicate a break-up?

As for the basic indications of Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus, a money and growth sign, potentials are suggested for: people who seek out-of-the-ordinary sources of money or income; those who use individual methods of finance; speculation; risking all in one go; and/or premature action that leads to failure (Ebertin). Any or all may apply to the Republican Party's basic nature and suggest to me, if not to you, that some of their financial sources could be illegitimate, or at the very least, unorthodox. Whatever they are, they are probably well hidden from prying eyes.

So based on all the 1853-1854 founding dates and horoscopes of the Republican Party, Uranus was in Taurus in each one so the above indications of Uranus in Taurus apply, plus, any that you, dear reader, care to think of. And that's not even counting the revolutionary, reactive, disruptive, separative qualities of erratic Uranus the rebellious anarchist with *Utopian ideas that go against civilization!

Please note that my study notes are penned on the charts for anyone who may wish to read.

*Utopian ideas such as 'man is in no need of laws' or government which we see with current day scofflaws.

Nov 2, 2018

The Department of Justice's Uranus Return 2018-19

DC Horoscope: Department of Justice Building Dedication October 25, 1934, FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony, 3:00 pm (Ovason).

It seems an eon ago, but on November 22, 2017 we discussed planetary returns to the DOJ horoscope circa 2017--2018 which include the department's current Uranus Return, a 'three-fer' to its natal degree of 29Ari21 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury (its three exact return dates are listed). Here I'm republishing the 1934 chart in case you'd like a gander.

Of course, 29 degrees of any sign is considered a critical or crisis degree and with political and legal events as they are, it seems significant to me that the DOJ's Uranus Return period is in process on into 2019--a drawn out period of time due to the retrograde of Uranus. Now as you know, it takes approximately 84 years for quirky Uranus to complete an orbit and few folk can say precisely what a Uranus Return means (which actually tallies with the planet's well known reputation for unpredictability). The little I know about Uranus returning to natal degree may be found in the above-linked post if you're curious. Disruption, separation, unorthodox methods, a break from the past? Who can say?

Well, one thing we know: with any planetary return, natal aspects may be repeated, activated, triggered. And on October 25, 1934, Uranus opposed the Sun (restless, independent, taking uncharacteristic actions), Venus (unconventional relationships, reversed legal decisions), and Jupiter (new knowledge, searching for values, economic instability, fortune-hunters), trined Mars (progressive projects, unusual actions, unstable conditions), and squared Pluto (untapped energy, elevated consciousness, inventiveness, shift in political power, control of resources). These potentials and more are now activated or stimulated in matters related to the Justice Department thanks to the return/s of erratic, shocking, electric Uranus to its 1934 position, but just how is the question going forward. My advice? Check out the news! For Mr. Trump's 10th house Uranus in Gemini is his 'guiding planet' of chaos, quirky notions, and disruption.

Now also in the 'planetary returns' post, a daring reader will discover a link to another SO'W entry concerning the esoteric (Uranian?) bas relief of symbols carved on the DOJ building, symbols which are daily activated by sunlight. Weird stuff. Especially considering that Uranus in Aries, as it is again on November 6, 2018 (Midterm Elections), suggests blind zealots, fanatics, and/or Utopian reformers and radicals (Ebertin) who'll be 'doing their thing' at least until Uranus moves into staid, conservative Taurus again on or about March 7, 2019.

Nov 22, 2017

2017--2018 Planetary Returns to the DOJ natal chart

November 22, 2017: today I've been messing about with the Department of Justice (DOJ) natal chart which is displayed in a previous post of 2016 titled, Shadow into Light: an Esoteric Department of Justice. DOJ Jupiter, the planet associated with justice, is @3Sco10 (closely conjoining US SP Saturn Rx, our nation's progressed Saturn position these days since 1996--US Saturn no longer in balancing Libra, now in Big Business Scorpio) and since transit Jupiter has now entered Scorpio, I peeked to see when another Jupiter Return would occur for the DOJ (the last was on November 9, 2005 with a Jupiter-Uranus trine 3A41). The current Jupiter Return occurred on October 25, 2017--synchronicity! since October 25th is the DOJ's 'birthday' (1934, with FDR presiding in Masonic ceremony--follow link, above to view its natal or or founding chart). Now the DOJ's Solar Return 2017 occurred the evening before--October 24th, to be precise, as Solar Returns will sometimes do.

In the DOJ Jupiter Return chart, justice-seeker Jupiter is sandwiched between the Sun @1Sco57 (as in the natal chart) and Mercury @12Sco30 with the planetary trio in Return 4th house. With 6Leo55 rising, Sun is chart-ruler and applies once--to a conjunction with Jupiter so the whole shebang is a very Sun-Jupiter affair. So from late 2017 and for approximately the next 12 years the DOJ will express its Sun-Jupiter tendencies for good or worse. Potentials indicated by Sun-Jupiter are long distance travel, cultural and social events, intellectual pursuits, courageous actions, self-confidence (maybe too much!), and generally, busy activities within the judicial system. However, Mercury in Scorpio is apex of a midpoint picture (Mars-Saturn) denoting bad news, as in bereavement.

Another stand-out feature of the DOJ Jupiter Return 2017 chart is disruptive rebel Uranus @26Ari18 Rx conjunct Return Midheaven (MC), a marker for potentials such as dramatic reforms and adjustments in career and/or public status (the US is trending down already), sudden reforms that affect every department, geographic relocation for someone, and/or change of profession. These events we have already seen via firings and resignations, a familiar theme of the Trump and GOP agenda as they 'slim down' government until it starves (or can be drowned in a bath tub a la Grover Norquist).

Then in May 2018, a series of three Uranus Returns begin to manifest for the DOJ, a time when the past no longer holds sway and there's no telling what the current crop of Uranian Utopian anarchists (Uranus in Aries) have in mind for our judicial system--apparently a new direction or an unorthodox goal. (Nothing good to my way of thinking.) Because once a country's court system is corrupted to the core, it's down hill from then on, I'm very sad to say. Not that the US Judicial System was ever perfect, of course, but we'll know what we really had once it's completely gone--undermined and perverted by infiltrators of the betraying kind.

Now here are the three dates of the DOJ Uranus Return/s to natal position of 29Ari21, a critical, impatient 29th degree which points toward May 15, 2018 when transit Uranus bursts into Taurus (horoscope shown):

1. May 3, 2018

2. November 24, 2018

3. February 18, 2019

Above image: the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building; {public domain; Wikimedia Commons}; Constitution Avenue.

Jan 22, 2017

Mr. Trump and the Trails of Jupiter and Uranus

The Current Jupiter-Uranus Opposition Imprints Upon the Trump Presidency

by Jude Cowell

Since the Electoral College's selection of Donald J. Trump to play the role of US president has occurred under the auspices of a Jupiter-Uranus opposition--which usually forms a BOWL shape of planets with CEO-financier Jupiter in the lead--let's consider the trails and conditions of Jupiter and Uranus during Mr. Trump's first term with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition as the cosmic imprint upon his entire presidency.

Now as you know, when planets meet by degree in conjunction, it is the beginning of a new cycle and with Jupiter and Uranus, that new cycle started in 2010 and spread into 2011 with three Great Conjunctions: June 8th @00Ari18 (a World Point of Manifestation), September 19th @28Pis43, and on January 4, 2011 @27Pis02. The Jupiter-Uranus pair represent multiple potentials, some of which are: protests, strikes, unrest, revolution, change for the sake of change, reforms inspired by religious ideals, legal methods utilized against breakdowns in order, legal or religious stifling of justice for the common people, growth following periods of reform, exaggerated disruptions, accepted contrariness, peculiarities, the need to give opinions where little skill or expertise exists, freedom and independence issues, zealous representation of one-sided views, group organizing, magnifying or exaggerating everything, philosophical and political conflicts, fortune hunting, speculation, discoveries, inventions, and/or a sudden release of tension or strain.

Prudence, far-sightedness, and lucky breaks can be part of the Jupiter-Uranus picture as well and concerning events of 2010 and 2011, 'Arab Spring' uprisings in the East and, in the West, the 'Tea Party' formation and its congressmen come to mind. Under consideration now on Capitol Hill for Mr. Trump's Cabinet is Tea Partisan Representative Tom Price, a Republican from my home state of Georgia.

Now here is a chronological listing of recent and current Jupiter and Uranus Stations Direct and Rx--four turning points--across the Aries-Libra axis in 2016--2017:

1. Jupiter Direct Station @13Virgo15 May 9, 2016;

2. Uranus Direct Station @20Ari33 December 2016 (conjunct US natal Chiron);

3. Jupiter Rx Station @23Lib08 February 6, 2017;

4. Uranus Rx Station @28Ari31 August 3, 2017.

A Cosmic Impact on Donald Trump?

One reason I believe the current 'dance' of Jupiter and Uranus is pertinent for our nation in these uncertain days is that the newly-presidented Mr. Trump was born with natal Jupiter @17Lib27 Stationary Direct in his 2nd house of Money, Possessions, and Values (with deceptive Neptune and Chiron) and Jupiter is engaged in a 12-year cycle, a Jupiter Return, to natal position in his chart, usually a fortunate period. We may wish to credit his political 'lucky win' to Jupiter's magic wand. Yet his Jupiter Return 2016/2017 is a three-fer becoming exact on: 1. December 4, 2016; 2. April 13, 2017; and August 4, 2017.

But it's not all Jupiterian roses for the grabber-in-chief since the transiting Cardinal square between radical Uranus and wealthy gold-hoarding Pluto is involved off-and-on: tr Uranus opposes natal Jupiter (misplaced optimism, results of professional expansion are unpredictable and possibly unfavorable, circumstances and people are difficult to manipulate to advantage) and tr Pluto squares his natal Jupiter (exaggerated self-importance and taking himself too seriously can be stymied by those with more power and influence). The Million Woman March across America and the globe on January 21st (the day after Trump's inauguration and his bleak inaugural address) displayed People Power and emphasized the fact that Mr. Trump has No Mandate from We the People.

Let's note that at the age of 70, he may be privileged to experience an upcoming Uranus Return to its natal sign and degree. Natal Uranus @17Gem53 (in 10th house with North Node and natal Sun--a radical reformer and tradition-breaker is he) returns on: 1. August 14, 2029; 2. November 2, 2029; and 3. May 27, 2030 when tr SN conjoins natal Uranus, a very separative condition.

As for the current BOWL pattern formed with the Jupiter-Uranus opposition as its 'lip', we've discussed the pattern in prior posts but let's review since it describes a new presidency. According to Marc Edmund Jones, a BOWL 'holds things' and in a horoscope creates a hemispheric emphasis depending on its tilt. Since this is a transiting BOWL, the tilt varies but we can say that the occupied segment shows activity and organization (from Uranus in Aries to Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Scorpio) and the unoccupied segment (from Jupiter in Libra to Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus) 'becomes a challenge to existence' and denotes where needs exist and are influenced 'constructively or vindictively' by an orientation that arises from division.

Yet there are available planets in the unoccupied signs which have opportunities to fulfill the mission or promote the advocacy of a cause implied by a BOWL shape for in the empty segments (signs) not contained by the BOWL we find Mr. Trump's Sun-NN-Uranus trio in Gemini (he airs dilemmas but can or will he improve them?), his Venus and Saturn in Cancer, and his natal Pluto in Leo and Mars rising at Ascendant in Leo with royal Regulus.

Also in the empty segments of the BOWL we find US natal planets: Venus-Jupiter-Sun and Mercury-Rx in Cancer and US natal Neptune in Virgo. Other planets may also aid in the mission of the Trump presidency and the Republican objectives that lurk behind the new president's populist curtain of campaign promises.

In closing, here are the dates that the ongoing Jupiter-Uranus opposition has and will become exact: 1. December 26, 2016 @20Ari/Lib33 with Uranus Rx; 2. March 2, 2017 @22Ari/Lib11 with Jupiter Rx; and 3. September 28, 2017 @27Ari/Lib22 with Uranus Rx, and Jupiter Direct and headed for the ruthless corporatist sign of Scorpio which moneybags Jupiter enters in October 2017.


Jupiter-Uranus info based primarily on the works of R. Ebertin and M. Munkasey.

Natal data: Donald J. Trump June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Queens, NY, BC/BR; USA July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA with expansive Jupiter in patriotic Cancer as chart-ruler and Cardinal Points at MC (00Libra) and IC (Aries Point).