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Jan 15, 2021

How Nixon's Southern Strategy Lead us Straight to Donald Trump - Thom Hartmann


Astrology Weighs In: Aggravating the Original Wound

by Jude Cowell

Tiresomely, the GOP and its wealthy enablers continue to use the fatal flaw (wound) of racism against the American people as a wedge issue to divide, conquer, and sway sentiments and votes in the direction of Republicans, so it may be interesting to have a look at the Solar Eclipse which heralded Nixon's Southern Strategy of August 5, 1968. The eclipse fell into the 6 North Saros Series and manifested on March 28, 1968 @8Aries19.

Listed below the horoscope image are the 6N eclipse themes that were operative at the time, plus, we know that when a solar eclipse occurs in Mars-ruled Aries we can expect a militant flavoring to events along with a competitive spirit that boldly confronts circumstances through leadership that sees problems as challenges; for karmic progress to result, negative Arian traits of belligerance, arrogance, and foolhardiness must be avoided - but as we know, it wasn't and has not been through the years. And since 1968, the Southern Strategy has made the use of huge amounts of propaganda and deceit possible and effective along with the GOP's regular employment of Goebbels' technique of The Big Lie. Because for Republicans, it's success at any cost and might makes right! Or as Trump has asserted, either you're a k*ller or you're not.

So below for your consideration is the Solar Eclipse Horoscope of Nixon's Southern Strategy of March 28, 1968 @8Ari19 in the 6 North Saros Series; you'll notice multiple chart factors but here I'm emphasizing a significant midpoint picture - powerful Saturn-Pluto which conjuncts Midheaven ('MC'), the Goal Point, which brings to mind the January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 (conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters); you'll also note that corporate Cupido (The Syndicate; The Family) conjuncts MC opposite doom-dealer Atlantis at IC, the Basis of the Matter; a few of 22-year-old Trump's natal placements are penned on--his natal trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter rises (SN conjunct his Jupiter!), and eclipse Jupiter Rx @26Leo42 conjuncts and expands his natal Mars rising with royal Regulus:

6 North Themes: 'relationships to father figures, authority figures, or, the need to take control and responsibility; time to accept commitments that occur due to another person's illness or unreliability' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

Since 1968, eclipses in the 6 North family have occurred on April 9, 1986 @19Aries (Reagan), April 19, 2004 @30Aries (Bush-Cheney), and - just so ya know - a 6N eclipse repeats on April 30, 2022 @10Taurus.

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